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I've been putting off doing this for a while, but unfortunately, I can't put it off any longer. Tight finances mean I have to cancel my remaining subscriptions.

Thank you for all the great products. I'll be back as soon as I can.

I've decided to get the Curse of the Crimson Throne Limited Edition Hardcover and have placed the preorder. Can you please cancel the regular hardcover preorder (order #4022156) I have?


Unfortunately, times are hard and money is becoming scarce, so I need to cancel some of my subscriptions. Please cancel my RPG, Player Companion, and Modules subscriptions, effective immediately. I'll keep the Adventure Path and Campaign Setting subscriptions for now.


I got my subscription notification for this month, but the Strategy Guide is not part of it, even though I preordered it ages ago. I noticed it's also not in my sidecart anymore. With some searching, I found that it's been attached to this order, which I made in the fall and then completely forgot about. Can that order be added to this month's?



I received my shipment e-mail and went to download the pdf's, but they're not there.

News here.


Chapter 1: There is No Honour

Corentyn, the City of Nine Forts. There are actually considerably more than nine forts, but the nine referred to are the most prominent. Fifty-foot-high, grey-brown limestone walls surround the city with only a few breaks along the waterside to allow ships passage. The city's numerous forts dot the city, mostly along the outer walls, but a few within the walls as well, along the remains of older walls displaced as the city has grown over the years. One of the most prominent forts is Dhoffram Keep, once the abode of the city's lord in the days before the rise of the House of Thrune, now a stronghold of the Church of Asmodeus. Dhoffram Keep sits almost dead-centre in the city, partway up the hillside that rises from the shore.

But while Dhoffram Keep is an imposing sight, far more imposing and spectacular is the Arch of Aroden, the massive bridge that connects Avistan to Garund. Standing on top of it at the Corentyn end is the castle Obrand's Stand, the largest, most heavily fortified building in Corentyn. No invader has ever breached this fort.

Despite its imposing exterior, Corentyn is a quiet, taciturn city. People go about their business without saying any more than is necessary to accomplish their tasks. Even the markets are quiet compared to other large cities--and the sprawling docks. The people work with efficiency, but often dourly with only a rare bit of laughter to be heard.

And the docks truly are sprawling, stretching from the Jut in the east to the West Drenches in the west. Most of the city districts have at least a little land along the seaside and a hand in the mass of sea trade that passes through the city. Even the Slave Quarters in the far west are technically by the sea, albeit along a cliff edge with no piers to walk along.

It's a warm day today, the 3rd of Desnus, 4713. A warm, salty breeze is blowing over the docks of Mercanto district near the West Drenches. The docks to the south are jammed with ships of all kinds. While most of the ships are Chelish, there are also numerous ships from places all across the Inner Sea, from Rahadoum to Taldor to Qadira and beyond. Sailors go about their business, loading or off-loading, with the typical efficiency of Corentyn. It seems that even non-natives quickly adopt the Corentyner style while in the city. To the north, the waterfront shops of Mercanto advertise gems and jewellery, fine clothes and furniture, and all kinds of rich luxuries.

It is in this area of the city that each of you has found yourself, each for your own reasons, either passing through or on specific business. A squad of Hellknights has chosen this moment to pass through as well and the locals swiftly move aside to let them pass, falling almost silent in the process. The clanking of their armour can still be heard for several moments after they've vanished from sight, heading east in the direction of the slave markets and the East Drenches. As soon as the Hellknights are out of sight, everyone returns right back to what they were doing, and the noise level of the area returns to the quiet roar it was before the Hellknights passed.

It is only a minute or so after the Hellknights' passing that the sound of raised, angry voices comes from the one of the nearby ships. It's hard to make out exactly what is being said, but one of the voices seems to be that of a girl and the other a much, deeper, heavier male voice. A moment later, several people appear at the edge of the boarding ramp of the ship (the name painted on the side of the ship is Blue Nixie). One is a teenage girl, about fourteen or fifteen, dressed in a rich noble's dress and clutching a pile of papers to her chest. She is backing away from the others, a group of sailors lead by a tall, tanned man with a shaved head. The girl is protesting, but the sailors are laughing. As she backs onto the boarding ramp, the man with the shaved head shoves her roughly and she stumbles off the side and splashes into the water, her bundle of papers spraying out from her grasp and landing scattered in the water with her. "And don't come back until you have the money!" the man who shoved her yells after her. Then with a laugh, he and his fellow sailors turn aside.

Some distance away, a city guard looks over to see what the commotion is, but evidently decides it's all over as she continues on her way. Alas, despite the rigid efficiency of the Hellknights in maintaining law and order in the city, minor disturbances and petty crimes tend to be overlooked as the Hellknights consider them beneath their notice and the city guard is just plain lazy.

The girl in the water, however, begins to splash around and call for help.

Okay, so character creation.

As I said, this is a heavily sea-based campaign, although it doesn't start at sea immediately. You will eventually gain your own ship. You should create characters who have a reason or desire to go to sea. The campaign will be based in Corentyn, but once you go to sea, you will spend a lot of time sailing along the west coast of Garund (or around the Eye of Abendego). Of course, even though much of the AP is spent at sea, you will also spend time on land (as you arrive at new locations to explore, for example).

Given the sea-based nature of the campaign, heavily armoured or mounted characters are probably not the best choices. There really won't be much opportunity to ride into battle, but there certainly will be opportunities to be swept overboard and drown in your plate armour. :)

Animal companions, on the other hand, will work quite well in the campaign, especially smaller ones. Birds will make particularly good choices for familiars and animal companions.

Pretty much any class can fit into the campaign well (but no summoners please--I just don't like the class). Given the lack of mounted options, cavaliers are probably the only exception, although the huntmaster archetype from Animal Archive could work as could other archetypes that remove the mount feature. All other classes shouldn't have a problem. Swashbuckling style characters will work very well.

Good god choices for clerics would be Desna, Cayden Cailena, and Gozreh, although lots of other gods could work too. No evil gods though please, even if your character is neutral. For favoured enemy choices for rangers, there are lots of humans and other humanoids. Aquatic humanoids might be a good choice. There are also a lot of demons later in the campaign.

Any race should work fine.

My usual rules for character creation will be in place. 20-point buy. Max hp at first level. Roll each level after that. If you get a roll you don't like, you may ask me for a reroll, but you must take the result of the reroll, even if it's lower. Roll for starting gold as per your class. Everyone gets two traits as usual, but as Savage Tide came out well before the creation of traits, there are no campaign traits.

Although the starting point and homebase for the campaign will be in Corentyn, which is in Cheliax, this isn't an "Oppose the House of Thrune" campaign. You won't really be getting involved in local politics or anything like that.

Anyway, that's a good spot to leave things for the moment and open the floor up to comments and discussion. Who here has access to Cities of Golarion for information on Corentyn?


My Inner Sea Bestiary from order #2308127 has not arrived yet. The NPC Codex and Beyond the Doomsday door showed up a few weeks ago. The length of time it takes for items to show up often varies, but they rarely take more than a couple of weeks. I think this is the first time that a full month has gone by without something arriving, so I thought I'd mention it. (Of course, now that I've done so, knowing my luck, it'll show up in tomorrow's mail.)



I received an e-mail saying that authorization had been declined on my credit card for order #2354055. It would seem that when I moved a couple months ago, I forgot to update my billing address for the card. I've updated that now, so everything should be fine. Thanks!

A couple days ago, I received one of the two shipments for this order. It contained AP57 Tempest Rising. I was a bit surprised since the e-mail confirmation for the order said that the Skull & Shackles Map Folio had been sent by itself, but I thought little of it and waited for the rest of the order to show up.

Today, the rest arrived, containing the Advanced Race Guide, Lost Kingdoms, and another copy of Tempest Rising. So I now have two copies of Tempest Rising and no Map Folio. What should I do?

Thanks in advance!

Jenna-Louise Coleman joins Doctor Who.

Sandpoint is a quiet little town... No, scratch that. Sandpoint wants to be a quiet little town. Goblins have always been a problem and the Sandpoint Devil used to terrorize the countryside, but the real trouble has come in the last decade. First, there was the Late Unpleasantness, in which a killer known as Chopper claimed 25 victims and a terrible fire ravaged the town, claiming the life of the town’s beloved priest Ezakien Tobyn.

Then, in 4707 at the Swallowtail Festival and dedication of the new church which had been built to replace the one that had burnt down in the fire, goblins attacked Sandpoint, attempting to burn it. It was primarily only through the efforts of a band of heroes that Sandpoint was not overrun by the goblins and burnt to the ground. These heroes ended the goblin threat for the time being, but also discovered other strange goings-on. There are many rumours as to what exactly went down, but during it all, Lonjiku Kaijitsu, one of Sandpoint’s founders died, apparently at the hands of his son Tsuto, who was then killed by the Sandpoint Heroes.

The heroes went on to do work for Magnimar and other places away from Sandpoint, but they were there again the following year, at the next Swallowtail Festival. They had been invited for a feast in their honour. They ended up defending the town from attack yet again. But this time, it wasn’t goblins attacking. It was a dragon! And giants! The Heroes lived up to their reputation and beat back the invasion. They went on to find the source of the invasion, a journey that took them north away from Sandpoint, and Sandpoint once again returned to a semblance of normality.

For the last couple of years, the town has managed to hold on to the “quiet” descriptor it so desperately wants. Sheriff Belor Hemlock has built up the town’s defences considerably and the people live in relative security. However, goblin activity is on the rise again. The Licktoad goblins of the Brinestump marsh have become unusually aggressive. The reason for this uncharacteristic bravery is quite clear: Somehow they have armed themselves with a considerable supply of fireworks. Several merchant caravans and travellers have been attacked so far. According to the victims, the damage caused by the horses panicking at the sight and sound of the fireworks has been almost as bad as the goblin attacks themselves. With the last few attacks resulting in severe injuries to three travellers, the problem has escalated from an annoyance to a threat. The attacks have not yet inconvenienced Magnimar, and so the City of Monuments has not done anything to help.

Sheriff Hemlock has restored Sandpoint’s old “goblin bounty” after years of inactivity to try to encourage adventurer types to seek out and kill goblins. The town of Sandpoint will pay 10 gp for every relatively fresh pair of goblin ears delivered to the town hall. An additional reward of 300 gp will be given to the group who can bring in the head of the Licktoads’ leader, Chief Gutwad.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of adventuring types around these days. Once upon a time, the countryside was full of them, helping to keep goblins at bay. But the removal of the goblin bounty years ago and recent rumours that an ancient Thassilonian city has been discovered have caused adventurers to head to the northern mountains and beyond. Many Sandpoint residents have begun to worry that another Late Unpleasantness may be on its way and that the Sandpoint Heroes won’t be here to defend them this time.

It an old cliché that every story starts in a tavern, but in Sandpoint, the Rusty Dragon is one of the most popular places, so it’s unsurprising that some stories might start there. It is the oldest inn in town, notable for the impressive (and quite rusty) iron dragon that sits on its roof, gazing out over the town. Its proprietor, Ameiko Kaijitsu, last surviving member of the founding Kaijitsu family, is one of the most popular and beloved personalities in Sandpoint. Many seek out the Rusy Dragon just to hear her music or to eat the spicy and exotic food she serves.

And so, cliché or not, on this morning, the 4th of Rova, 4711, six people whose destinies are about to entwine, find themselves, each for reasons of his or her own, in the Rusy Dragon at the same time...

You are goblins of the Licktoad tribe, who live deep in Brinestump Marsh, south of the hated man-town called Sandpoint. Once, other goblins tried to burn Sandpoint down, and they would have been legends if they had succeeded. But they didn’t bring enough fire, and got themselves killed as a result.

Yesterday, your tribe discovered that one of your own had been using forbidden arts and was engaged in one of the greatest of taboos--writing things down. In fact, rumor holds that what he was writing was a history of your tribe! There’s no swifter way to bring about bad luck than stealing words out of your mind by writing them down, and so your tribe had no choice. You branded the goblin’s face with letters to punish him, which is why everyone calls him Scribbleface now, and then you ran him out of town, took all of his stuff, and burned down his hut.

That’s where things got interesting, because before you all burned down his hut, Chief Gutwad found a weird box within the building. Inside was a map and a lot of fireworks--fireworks that immediately came to use in burning the hut down. Then, this morning, Gutwad announced that tonight there would be a feast in order to drive out any lingering bad luck from Scribbleface’s poor decisions. But perhaps even more exciting, all of you have been secretly invited to meet at Chief Gutwad’s Moot House. Why would the chief want to speak to you? It can only mean that he’s got an important mission for you all... one that the other goblins of the tribe couldn’t pull off. This could be your chance to go down in Licktoad history!

The chief ’s Moot House lies at the centre of the village. It is a veritable museum of Licktoad heroics--crammed with trophies such as stolen weapons, shiny bits of treasure, and the brine-pickled bodies of dozens of brutally slaughtered small furry animals (mostly dogs). His Mighty Girthness Chief Rendwattle Gutwad rules Licktoad Village from atop the great Teeter Chair, which is 6 feet high. By tradition, Chief Gutwad does not speak directly to his subjects. Instead, he employs an advisor through whom he whispers instructions, for Chief Gutwad claims that the words that come out of his mouth are so mighty that they might frighten away all the words in the heads of lesser goblins. Only his duly appointed advisor, an overdressed, pompous goblin named Slorb, can handle the might of the chief’s words without fainting from fear.

Currently, the six of you are standing outside the Moot House, waiting to be summoned inside. Numerous other goblins of the tribe peer at you from discreet distances or around the corners of other huts. They always look away if you look at them and try to pretend they weren't looking. No doubt they are jealous of you.

This is the thread for ooc discussion regarding Jade Regent and its prequel, We Be Goblins. The players are Dax Thura, Javell DeLeon, Joana, Lorekeeper, Nazard, and Wander Weir.

We'll start with character creation for We Be Goblins.

There are 4 premade characters in the adventure. A couple of you have already expressed interest in some of them. Since there are six players total, however, at least 2 of you will need to design your own characters. The pregens are all made with the standard ability array of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 (before racial adjustments), so new characters should use the same array (it's the equivalent of a 15-pt buy).

Goblin racial traits can be pound in the Bestiary or the prd, but for ease of reference, here they are:

–2 Strength, +4 Dexterity, –2 Charisma: Goblins are fast, but weak and unpleasant to be around.
Small: Goblins are Small creatures and gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty to their CMB and CMD, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.
Fast: Goblins are fast for their size, and have a base speed of 30 feet.
Darkvision: Goblins can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Skilled: +4 racial bonus on Ride and Stealth checks.
Languages: Goblins begin play speaking Goblin. Goblins with high Intelligence scores can choose any of these bonus languages: Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Gnoll, Gnome, Halfling, Orc.

The pregenerated characters are:
Reta Bigbad -- female goblin fighter 1
Chuffy Lickwound -- male goblin rogue 1
Poog of Zarongel -- male goblin cleric 1
Mogmurch -- male goblin alchemist 1

Lorekeeper has expressed interest in playing Poog (although he rolled randomly for that one, so I'm not sure how serious he is), and Javell has expressed interest in playing Reta. I'll let the rest of you what characters you'd like to play. :)

We Be Goblins has a very comical tone to it, particularly the opening, so feel free to play up the silliness. All characters start knowing each other already as you are all part of the same tribe: the Licktoads. Those designing their own characters should take this into account when developing backgrounds. Otherwise, go wild! :)

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You have all, for various reasons, found yourselves on board the Jenivere, a large Wyvern-class merchant vessel bound for Eleder in Sargavo. It left Magnimar on the 15th day of Pharast, 4710, and has made many stops along the way. It is now the 28th of Sarenith, the 104th day of the journey, and the end is finally drawing near. Another day or two at most, the captain says, and you will arrive at your destination.
The journey has seen a mixture of excitement and long, dull expanses of nothing happening. Some of the more noteworthy events include the relatively recent arrival of passenger Aerys Mavato in Port Peril. She immediately got into a fight with one of the ship’s crewmen who made an ill-advised pass at her. She soundly humiliated him in the resulting scrap and has since remained secluded most of the time.
Another event was the discovery of a stowaway. Surprisingly, Captain Kovack did not throw this individual off. Instead, the smiling Vudrani has ended up being something of an entertainer, and is particularly popular with the crew.

You should remind yourselves of the descriptions of the key NPCs on board the Jenivere found in the Player’s Guide. I’ve also placed these descriptions on the website in the “Supporting Cast” section along with pictures of some of them.
In addition to that basic information, here’s a bit more for some of you, as indicated by the spoiler tags:

Gelik Aberwhinge came aboard in Magnimar, where you also boarded. He came running aboard at the last moment, and declared his intentions to pay whatever price the captain wanted for passage “as far as the ship was going”. He was very happy to discover another gnome on board and has made a point of speaking to you on several occasions. He is quick-witted and a good speaker, but he has something of a mean streak when it comes to others’ misfortunes. He often makes a snide comment or a scathing remark at other people’s expense.

When you boarded in Corentyn, the prisoner Jask Derindi was brought on board at the same time. He apparently noticed you and has asked to speak to you on several occasions. Crew members guarding him delivered his requests to you. It’s up to you whether you have gone to visit him or not.

The fiery redhead, Sasha Nevah boarded at the same time as you did. Although she has been boisterous and has mixed with most others on board the Jenivere, she has made a point of avoiding you.

First officer Devers has taken a particular interest in you and frequently questions you about your skills, where you come from, and similar things.

Makoa and Urza:
In the last couple of days, the ship has made some unusual course changes. The official word is that these changes are short cuts. Captain Kovack is anxious to reach Eleder as soon as possible. However, some of the more experience crewmembers say that these changes will take the ship away from Eleder and not cut off any time at all. Captain Kovack has been seen more and more with Ieana, the Varisian woman who has mostly kept to herself since boarding in Magnimar. The captain and first officer have also been seen to argue on a few occasions.

It’s a bright, sunny day today. A brisk wind plays off the waters of Desperation Bay. This evening there is to be a feast commemorating the upcoming end of the long voyage. Until then, this is a good time to enjoy the weather.

Okay, first up will be character generation. I won't be able to start the actual adventure for a few days yet, but once the characters are ready, we can start with a bit of roleplay getting-to-know-one-another stuff.

Character creation rules:
Level 1
20-point buy.
Roll starting wealth as per the core rules using the board's dice roller.
Max hp at first level. Roll future levels. If you are unhappy with roll, you can reroll, but if you do so, you must take the results of the second roll.

For maps and handouts and such things, for my other game, I've been using a website set up through Google sites, and that has been working out really well. So I'll set up a similar site for this game. I'll need to give each of you access to the site through e-mail. Rather than have everyone post the e-mail addresses on here and risk everyone getting spammed, please send me an e-mail to the address in the spoiler below. Let me know which character you are in the e-mail.

Navior's e-mail:
mrayjohnson at gmail dot com

I probably won't have the site up until Monday or so, but I'll send out the invites as soon as it's ready.

For examples of how I handle combat and pretty much everything else, please check out my Age of Worms game.

Just trying this a second time as my first try seems to have created an empty post. If I've ended up double-posting, please disregard this second post.

I received a shipment notification for the first part of this order several days ago (containing the Advanced Player's Guide, Adventure Path 37, and Orcs of Golarion) and received my downloads without any problem. Yesterday, I received notice of the shipment of the second part containing just Adventure Path 36. Everything fine there too.

However, I've just received a second notice of the shipment of the first part (containing the same three). I just wanted to make sure that I'm not being accidentally shipped two copies of each or charged twice. Thanks.



I received a shipment notification for the first part of this order several days ago (containing the Advanced Player's Guide, Adventure Path 37, and Orcs of Golarion) and received my downloads without any problem. Yesterday, I received notice of the shipment of the second part containing just Adventure Path 36. Everything fine there too.

However, I've just received a second notice of the shipment of the first part (containing the same three). I just wanted to make sure that I'm not being accidentally shipped two copies of each or charged twice. Thanks.


I won't be able to post much more today, as I have a busy day coming up (guest coming over in the afternoon and then a tabletop game in the evening). But this is your chance to have fun with a bit of roleplay amongst yourselves. Tomorrow, we'll start into the action.

I will be uploading a map of Baslwief to the campaign site as well, but probably won't get that up till tomorrow.

This is the OOC Thread. I'll post a link to the pbp thread once we're ready to start.

I'm still waiting for my subscriptions to ship. I suspect it's the Queen Ileosa mini hold things up again (it happened last time, too). Can I get that put aside again for now and get the subscription items sent as soon as possible?



I just thought I'd let you know that my subscriptions for this month are still pending. Lisa said in this thread that anyone still waiting should contact customer service, as she believes that all subscriptions should have already been sent.



Just a friendly little bump... :)

Does this ability have a duration? It's a standard action to activate, which suggests it's not always active, but there's no duration mentioned.