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I was reading some threads today, and I realized something about my play history. To the best of my knowledge, I've played almost no games with magical macguffins. I'm not sure if my GMs just chose to go a different way, or if the macguffin was hidden well enough that i didn't realize it, but that leads me to my question. Do you have any memorable experiences to share involving campaigns or adventures that had a macguffin of some kind as a central plot element?
For those in need of an explanation, a macguffin is an object that is important mostly because the plot says so. If you could swap it for a different object with no more effort than a find-replace on the text of the story in question, and have exactly zero impact on that story, then you have a macguffin. The macguffin can have powers, but they should have no relevance to the plot. (Note: the one ring from LotR is not a macguffin, because the ring's corrupting influence is central to its nature and important to the plot. The arkenstone from the Hobbit is a macguffin, because we could have replaced it with a necklace or crown or statuette and had the same plot.)
So with that out of the way, who's up for story time?

I am putting this in General Discussion because we do not have a Starfinder Campaign Setting area, but I will understand if the mods move this to advice instead. Having got that out of the way, on to the actual post!

I am trying to come up with a name for my character in a Starfinder Campaign our group is running. I have an overall idea for what I want to do as a character, but I am REALLY stuck on coming up with an actual name. I am putting together a Vesk soldier with the Sharpshooter style. I know that I am going with "<First Name> Long-gunner" as the name, because it fits with the overall theme, but I have no clue what to do for the first name. I have plenty of references for coming up with names for most fantasy races, but how the heck do I approach this for someone from the scaly proud-warrior-race people?

Do I just suck it up and pick one of the sample names from the CRB, or can anyone help me?

I am playing a barbarian, and I am trying to build him into a CAGM barbarian. The problem I have is that, due to the stat generation method we used, my dex is currently 14 I am trying to figure out how I can increase the number of attacks of opportunity. Here's the list I have right now, but can other people think of other ways I have missed?

  • Combat Reflexes feat
  • Incease dexterity (requires Combat Refelxes)
  • Quick Reflexes rage power

Are those my only options?

Is there a way to call your animal companion to you from a long way away? As in across a city. I don't mean summon it. I mean contact it so I can tell it to come to me. Spells or magic items only.

First off, I apologize if this has already been answered. I tried searching for an older thread on it, but Google fu was not strong enough to locate it. If you have a link to an old thread that answered this, please post the link.

So, the subject says what I want to do. To be more specific, I have a mount that will almost certainly have spider climb or ape walk applied to it on occasion, and I could use suggestions on how to stay in the saddle when the wolf goes sideways or upside down.

Do I just use rope and tie myself into the saddle? Is there a saddle that is designed specifically for this situation?

So the subject kind of says it all, but I feel I should clarify before this one explodes in my face. When a wolf animal companion receives the 7th level advancement, does it turn into a dire wolf, at least from an aesthetics point of view? Let me make one thing clear.

I know the wolf AC always follows the AC rules and stat block. I'm not talking about this from a stats perspective.

All I am talking about is what it would look like. Especially from a color perspective, but also in terms of dimensions like length and weight.

I was trying to name a new animal companion for my ranger in our Rise of the Runelords campaign, and I hit an all-too-familiar problem: what would an appropriate name be for him?

I am sure many of us have been there. I found a site that will generate random generic fantasy names for various things, including for pets and animal companions, but they were definitely generic. That meant I went from having a ... actually that would be a slight spoiler, so check the spoiler tag below for the original.

It was a horse named Shadowmist, which was in the goblin fortress. And that I assume my GM did not just add because I was playing a ranger and was about to get a mount anyway.

So I went from the name in the above to a rather generic sounding Maximus the wolf. Granted, he is a large wolf and has possibly the second highest HP total in the party (thank you boon companion feat), but I still have until Friday to come up with a better name, and I assume other people could use ideas for their animals, too.

So, how does everyone else go about naming their animal companions? Any suggestions on appropriate names, possibly with some kind of influence based on region? Did Paizo release any books that cover animal companion name suggestions?

Hey folks. I am looking to add a non-bard spell to the bard spell list, and I'm hoping you can help.

Specifically I am trying to add Reloading Hands, which is a second level spell for the magus, ranger, and the sorcerer/wizard list. The goal is to enable my bard to have that spell as a second level spell. So far, I have not found a feat or magic item to do so, but I'm hoping I just missed something.

So, any suggestions, or do I have to resign myself to move action reloads or alchemical cartridges for free action reloads?

I am hoping someone can help me out, because I suspect my Google fu is weak. I am looking for a guide of some kind that covers the ranger's spell list. And before anyone starts hollering at me about it, I know about Treantmonk's guide, as well as Lastoth's archer guide and STR Ranger's TWF ranger guide. The problem is that Treantmonk covered core only, and the other two only covered a small selection of spells and choices that are good for the build they discuss in their guides. I have not seen a guide that covers all the spells a ranger has access to at this point, nor have I seen a guide that examines all the options a ranger has now that archetypes, new fighting styles, new feats, and new spells have been thrown into the mix.

So, what have we got?

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Hi everyone!

I have a slight problem. Back in the Overheard thread, Cosmo said that he built a singing cowboy using a combination of the Mysterious Stranger gunslinger archetype and the Arcane Duelist bard archetype.

Now, I know that trying to do anything Cosmo approves of is dangerous to both my mental and physical well-being, but the concept is just that little bit too hilarious and awesome to pass-up. The problem is that since I typically do not multi-class, I have no idea what balance to strike between the two classes, or at what point I should even start taking the second class.

So, Advice board goers, advise me!
Except for advice saying that I should not do this since it was Cosmo's idea. It's advice I am going to ignore, so don't waste your time.

I have been trying to figure out how members of the Pathfinder Society identify themselves to each other in-universe. I have so far been unsuccessful. I turn now to you all in my time of need and request your aid in my quest.

Also, if you happen to know which book I could find your answer in, I would appreciate it. I am trying to make sure I have said book available for my GM's approval.

Hello folks,

I'm creating character for a kingmaker campaign. The character is a male human paladin from northern Brevoy. He has the traits Issian (ie: from northern brevoy) and Bully (which makes sense for the a character from northern brevoy, and creates a paladin that can defuse a situation quickly without resorting to violence). I've chosen the first name of Alexander because that name apparently sounds the same in pretty much all of the European languages, and I kind of like it. What I'm trying to figure out is the rest of his name, and possibly the names/occupations of his parents. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My opinion is in the spoiler tag, as well as why I'm so open to suggestions.

For my money, I'm considering using Russian "middle" name and family name. The thing is, I have no particular attachment to deriving the names of the Brevoy people from Russia. I will accept any reasonable suggestions. And possibly an unreasonable one if I like the alternative middle and/or last name suggestion.

So bring on the suggestions, folks!

First off, sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I did not know where to post this.

Does anyone know what I need to do if I find something on the d20pfsrd website that appears to directly contradict both what is in Paizo's PRD and what Paizo employee's have said about it?

Notably, I am talking about d20pfsrd's section on magic item creation. I noticed this because someone on the forums directly copied from the d20pfsrd's section on magic item creation. When I compared that to what has been said by SKR in a different thread about roughly the same topic and to what is in Paizo's PRD, they both said the same thing and contradicted the d20pfsrd.

So as someone that frequently uses the d20pfsrd (better organization than the PRD and usually the same content), I would like it to be as accurate as possible.

Had a thought for a character today. I'm gonna lay out the idea that started it, then layout the initial pieces of the character design along with my reasonings. I'd appreciate feedback from people. (Note: Any locations I use are unimportant except to set the scene. Also, in this example, YOU are the this character concept. Makes my life easier as I try to write this out.)

Your adventuring party is walking down the street of Almas when you notice that someone is definitely shadowing your group. Deciding to resolve the problem, you discretely suggest the party turn onto the next street. As you round the corner and fall out of sight of the person stalking the group, you blend in with the crowd (IE: roll stealth with the buildings and crowd as cover). You spot your stalking the group, and he hasn't notice you. Knowing it won't take long for him to realize you're missing, sneak up on him, then grapple him right there in the street. Ignoring the crowd's reactions, your draw your sword, lay it against his throat, glare angrily right in his eyes, and demand to know why he's tailing your friends.

So I tried to ask myself how to create a character that would be likely to do something like this. I immediately scrapped all the arcane casters (including the alchemist), since this was a brute force solution and the arcane classes would have found a more elegant solution. Same thing applies to the druid. I also immediately said no to the paladin because, while the class is technically capable of this, a properly roleplayed paladin would almost never do something like this because of the danger such a move might put others in. Using some combination of both, I ruled out the cleric and oracle. Next, I pitched the cavalier. That one is because I have little interest in the playing the class, and I couldn't quite convince myself that the class would do such an act.

Looking at who's left, we have (in alphabetical order): Barbarian, Fighter, Inquisitor, Monk, Ranger, and Rogue. Now it starts to get intersting. I could make the case for any of these classes pulling such a move, but the real question is would they. In the case of the Rogue, Ranger, and Inquisitor, I'd say not exactly. All of those classes would definitely pull a stealthy disappearance, then sneak up on the stalker and make him talk; however, I believe that those classes would try and pick a better spot than the middle of the street for the confrontation. Additionally, all of them would most likely realize that threatening someone with death in an apparently unprovoked manner might be a bad idea for legal reasons. A monk would also recognize the legal problems that such actions could cause, and might seek a resolution that causes he and his companions less problems.

That brings me to the fighter and barbarian. Now of these two, neither appears equipped for the situation. But it takes one trait and one feat to solve that. The regional trait Highlander adds stealth as a class skill, and the feat Intimidating Prowess lets you add your str mod to intimidate. So stat wise, either class can mechanically meet the need. But of the two classes, the Barbarian is most likely to pull something like this. Plus, it would be interesting to play a barbarian that pulls something like this because he/she either doesn't realize or doesn't care that such an act might be illegal.

So, what do people think?