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15 is the standard for AP balances, but a lot of people run with 20 in order to enable MAD characters

It also depends on how many players you have and on how mutch you would be willing to adjust encounters for the party

@edit: you could try and search the forum section for the AP!

slow movement is ok... -2 to char for a bard is not too hot

Just imagine a gundam, or the Ironman armor... pretty badass, huh?

The main classe feature of the summoner, the eidolon, becomes one with you (being your armor), and you get to fight with HIS body instead of yours... and it's fairly easy to bump his stat/size to make that body a perfect leaping (yeah, we like full attacks on charge!) meat-grinding machine.

15 stats are pretty low, and your character is doomed to have a weakness... Not a lot of HP due to CON, or a lower CA due to DEX... and as a multiclass melee specialist your will save will always be pretty low... You might not have a way of reaching an enemy and so on

WIth the summoner is easyer to cover for this things, to get wings and everything else... and you get to use the summoner spell list, wich is AWESOME

Power attack is always a must. If you use a 2 handed weapon, that is.

Look into the mutant fighter, so you may not need to get an alchemist level...

Also you might want to sit down and study the Synthesist Summoner...

The BEST MELEE BUILD with 15 stats point! And you might want to play a gnome :P

That is actually a very neat idea...!

I'm totally using that!

I would like to ask a question...

How do you handle a PC death in this AP/book?

Like, if a PC dies (or wants to reroll his carachter) how should I introduce the new one?

No, they didn't read that and probably wont for a couple of reasons (most of them does not speak english very well... or at all... and I have only the english version of that)

They do not know wich AP we are going to play and I'm changing the names of every NPC and Location in game (one of them has the bad habit of spoiling this kind of stuff for himself and the rest of the party)

I told them countless time it's going to be a horror campaing, with the classic "european" kind of horror

We are playing pathfinder since the first book was translated in Italian, so quite a bit of time (except the bard, my girlfriend) but I wouldn't say it's a strong group of people... not on the rules of the game at least (but they are a fun bunch to play with). I usually help them make their character (so they usually still end up quite optimized)

On the carriage thing: how should i justify it? Like, why are they on that carriage, instead of trying to reach the Ravengro on their own? Who paid the carriage? why did they meet in another town? Who introduced them? >_<

Hello fellow DMs!

I was wondering: should I tell my players that we are going to play against quite a lot of undeads in the first book of CC?

One side of me wants them to know, so they can better prepare themselves to face the horrors of Harrowstone

The other side doesn't want to spoil what could be a nice surprise...!

My group is going to be (we will start CC mid March):

Half Orc Fighter
Human Bard
Half Elf (drow descendant) Arcanist
Dwarf Cleric

The most affected by undeads would be the Bard and the Arcanist, but I could try to warn them telling them we are going to face Swarms (not really a lie), Elementals (that's a lie) and other creatures usualy not targeted by mind-affecting spells...

What would/did you do?

Thanks a lot!

An early entry MT? Like a Wizard/Oracle?

Not the stronget choice, but indeed a fun one

Maybe go dual cursed and misfortune enemies that saves against your SoS...

Syntethist anyone?

5 gs 5 (GS 9+) against a level 4 suboptimal party

Seems a bit odd that you didn't lose at least one party member. The nature Oracle could heal for 2d8+4 (average 13 point), with the trolls doing an average of 9.5 dmg on the bite and 8.5 per claw, with rend (10.5 dmg bonus) and 9 on intimidate (they could just demoralize everyone in your party on round 1)

I may be missing something

I can totally see how an heaven oracle could have won that fight on his own, stunning 1 to 3 trolls every round with colorspry (6HD - at least 4 of CHA = 2 HD or less: The creature is unconscious, blinded, and stunned for 2d4 rounds, then blinded and stunned for 1d4 rounds, and then stunned for 1 round.)

Yes, it does

Ranger with Giants as favored enemy?

With Favored Defense as a feat maybe?

That's +6 by level 10, never fear Giants anymore! (+3 to AC)

And you could get an animal companion to ride... Or give to your ally your favored enemy bonus

Ploppy wrote:
So, when you wield two Shields +5 you also get the bonus from one shield only? The source of the bonus is the same spell...

Yes. If you had 4 Arms and 4 +5 heavy shield, your shield bonus to AC would still be +7

Yeah, I know that my spellcasters will have an easy time against lot's of things, but that does not make the character any more useful in combat

I'm going unarmed for three main reasons:

1 - The idea of a goblin punching someone so hard he fails unconcious (I find the idea really amusing)

2 - Not being weapon dependant (disarm, sunder, getting my weapon stolen in the night, rust monsters and so on)

3 - Helps a lot with high DR if foes are not immune to nonlethal

Still, elementals would be a HUGE problem, probably going to take a bane weapon against them...

I don't think i'll be able to have a bane weapon against Oozes though

Against Barbarian and monks feinting is usually golden, but FEATS (argh!)

Hello everyone.

I'm making a goblin Ranger1(guide-trapper)/Ninja8 for a Homebrew game

I'm making him unarmed, with sap adept and knocout artist (maybe i'm going to pick sap master as well, but I'm not sure about it)

Let's get down to the problem (yeah, i know a lot of things are immune to nonlethal, but he does not enjoy killing)

How do you deal with: Swarms(non alchemical options?), Elementals, Oozes, Monks, Barbarians, Rogue, high DR monsters and such?

Just how weak can the Sneak attack be? Do I have other combat options?

Probably going to max out UMD and use some 1st lvl wands (grease, fairy fire and CLW probably)

Should i just help with flanking, aid another?

The party should be (I do not know about races yet)

My ninja (yeah, I know, six people are a lot)

Also, how should I power up my amulet of mighty fists?

We can use CRB, APG, UM, UC, ARG and UE

I'm sorry if my english is hard to understand >____<

A monster will probably know the direction the sound came from, but point out the square is pretty hard to do (if you are not too close, obv)

Also i would give monsters a bonus on their perception since you are speaking out loud (-5 on the DC, probably)

The Archer Bard is usually the most effective, imho.

All the World’s a Stage, and You the Stage Director: A Guide to the Pathfinder Bard

Can you explain yourself a little better?

How do you make a stealth check while casting a spell with verbal component?

Being invisible indirectly makes you more silent (bonus on stealth), but your spells are not "silent".

"Verbal (V): A verbal component is a spoken incantation. To provide a verbal component, you must be able to speak in a strong voice."

Usually you TWF with the same weapon because it lets you use feats with more efficiency (Weapon focus, for example)

edit, 3 times ninja'd :PPP

Zwordsman wrote:

Springing off this.. arent there bolts that do other stuff? Like element bilta that say 1d6. Does thay just add on?

Also I dont remember seeing a thrown bolt, you sure your not confusing dart s? I only remember bolts under ammo. Opin the books and on the paizo site. Then various magic bolts

Oh, sorry, they happen to be translated with the same word in my language :P

I'm quite embarassed >____<

They should be "Quadrello" for the crossbow and "dardo" (as dart), but many books just call them the same >_>

The "Bolt" is not the Crossbow ammunition. It's a bolt you can throw at your enemies with your hand (a thrown weapon)

Blunt Arrows deal bludgeoning damange (Skeletons)

If you see a zombie... Just run? :P

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Good Job man! Awesome!

Claxon wrote:
JoeJ wrote:

It seems that not using point buys will help equalize things as well. Starting all PCs with the same scores (but arranged in whatever fashion they like) would be, in effect, a mechanic that makes SAD classes more MAD.

This is something that I do. I offer a stat array, 16/16/15/14/13/11 or 20 point buy. Obiously you still add racials. Now, what this does is penalize players who absolutely demand to start with 20 in a single stat compared to those who will take the generous stat array I've given. It helps MAD characters be playable, without raising the over-all power level. In fact, by taking the array it actually lowers the power level as players are starting with scores of 18 instead of 20 in their relevant stats.

36 Point buy against 20 seems quite a lot >_____<

This is probably my fault for not being able to explain myself in english.

As I stated before I'm not saying fighters are stronger than barbarians. I'm not even saying they are in the same League. If a barbarian wants to build like a "tank", he will be a better tank then the fighter.

You guys can just read "Oh, that 9 point difference!" from my posts?

A CRB Fighter will usually have a better AC than a CRB Barbarian. Am I so wrong?

For the third time I will repeat myself. A fighter will usually have 5 more AC than a Raging Barbarian.

Your answer is just silly. I was just pointing how big the difference could get.

Also, as I said before, we are probably looking at 5 point diffenrece in AC (+3 from armor, -2 from raging)

Not every barbarian is going to use the beast totem tree, and reckess abandon is a pretty solid "to hit" boost. The fighter will also have 4 more feat.

It's also true that if the barbarian was an Armored Hulk, Urban Barbarian with the beast totem... well.

The difference is that while every fighter in full plate has a fairly good amount of AC (again, with the same bonuses the difference is 3), not every barbarian will have the same build... So we will probably be looking at a difference of 5 points (25% it quite a lot)

I'm not saying that fighters are better, or even comparable to barbarians, don't get me wrong.

Well, if the Barbarian was raging, did not take the Beast Totem and was using Reckess Abandon, a Full plate fighter with dodge and iron hide would have 9 more AC (If they have the same Dex Bonus... 3 From Armor, 1 From dodge, 1 from Iron hide and a -4 for the barbarian)

Yeah, thought so. Thanks!

I had this doubt because it's not the VA that gives me more attacks but the "natural weapon" was labled as a natural attack. Gaining a "natural weapon" such as claws, bite and so on ususally gives you extra attacks. :P That was a silly question, I'm sorry guys <3

Hello gentlemen! I have a question for you :P

Although vestigial arm does not garant me extra attacks, if I were to take the discovery 2 times, and using feral mutagen while raging with the beast totem (Beast totem 2 claws attack, feral mutagen 2 claws and a bite attack) would I be able to use all my natural attack? (that's 5 of them)

Thanks! >_<

Yeah, pretty mutch this.

Also fighters are the worst class againsts ambushes. (A good ambush can be a pain for a full spellcaster)

Monks, Barbarians and Rogues get Uncanny Dodge and Perception as class skills, what do fighters get? Tower shield proficency?

PossibleCabbage wrote:

I can't think of a good reason why this would ever be anything other than GM malpractice.

I mean, how does "assassin kills a character (by accident) when they can't defend themselves" advance the plot? Who (other than maybe the GM) would ever find that scenario fun or interesting?

I mean, how is this really different than "a meteor falls on your tent while you are sleeping, you are killed instantly?"

You can't seek revenge on a meteor :P

Your character will just die, no matter the build. Punch your GM IRL (in real life), he is being (I'm sorry for the harsh word) a jerk.

That would be against the policy "Fighters can't have nice things" :P

Combat Patrol as an immediate action would be pretty awesome!

Karyounigami: Fighters have no way of doing that. If this was some MMORPG we could have a fairly easy "Aggro" system, but in Pathfinder you have no ways of making moster fight you instead of someone else.

Yeah, you could build an awesome Polearm master, high dex, Combat Reflexes, Stand Still and In Harm's Way, but you would still be nowhere near the idea of "protecting the spellcasters".

Also, spellcasters can usually protect themselves quite well from mid to high levels

I think that the assassin mistook his Character for his target and killed him in his sleep...

How many times did the others die?

IMHO the fighter (as the rogue) lacks built in magic.

Even the barbarian would not look so good if he didn't have any SU powers (like totems)

A Rogue7/Sorcerer1/Fighter1/Dragon Disciple3 who was just always all over the place. Not a caster, not usefull in melee, couldn't get to SA against anything...

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How old are you guys? And how old is your DM?

The same things happened a lot to me when i was 10 years old and my DM was my 11 years old cousin...

You can build whatever you like, but if your DM is just going to kill you in your sleep, making your Char disappear in a forest or whatever the problem will never be solved.

When you say "all materials" are you saying that 3.E is allowed as well?

Btw I'm sorry for my english >___<