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Hi guys

I post this post because I'm going to start the "Way of the wicked" campaign and I wanted to ask what you think of my group of players, or if you have any advice for them.

First of all, I gave my group 25pts for the creation of the character and the feat weapon focus free.

His group is a human Ranger specializing in killing humans and goes with shield and sword but wants to go to TWF style with the shield, a human monk, a human cleric/wizard focused on the undead and who wants to do the prestigious class of Mystic Theurge and ,finally ,a rogue of indeterminate race between hafling and gnome who wants to make the prestige class Assassin.

My concern is that I think that in the first levels are not going to have almost magical damage and I do not see that they have ranged damage. Are they just my worries or should I tell them to think about the group well?

I appreciate your opinion.

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Your first option is to tell them that they should optimize as a team a bit more. The second option would be to offer them the use of the retraining rules in Ultimate Campaign. This would fit in the campaign. (I've already played through the first two books.)

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You just check if they can scape from jail. You an add items in the veil to help them.

Later during the training adrastus can give them items to support the group lackness.

For campaign flavor i suggest the gnome/halfling being a human "deformed" like game of thrones Tyrion (but stats of gnome or halfling)

When they being trained with the others knoths they could get retrain free and advices from each character (you can help throught npcs)

Posible Items to help...

Healing wand? Maybe infernal healing?

Wand of magic missile (cl1 at start, cl3 from adrastus?) Not full of charges maybe 20+1d10?

Consumables, scrolls or potions utility?

First of all, thank you for your opinions.

I have spoken with my players and I have commented to them how I see the situation. The cleric has decided to become a cleric only without multiclassing. Even so they still have the problem of not having ranged or magical damage, since the cleric is not that he has the damage of a wizard.

I have also been watching the UC monk to know if it is okay to allow the player who wants to wear a normal monk. Do you think that the class is level or is it a bit OP?

For the rest I will wait to see how the game goes and how they develop their characters. The subject of healing is supplied with objects and with some other spell of the cleric.

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The core rulebook monk is underpowered. I strongly recommend the unchained version.

You might want to tell the player of the rogue/assassin about the slayer class in the Advanced Class Guide.

UC Monk is not OP. It has a lower “floor” so you don’t have to do as much work making it work well.

I recommend the Rogue be UC as well, but I agree that Slayer works better for any character going into assassin.

One house-rule I’ve seen is allowing negative channeled energy to heal any player character that prays aloud (not whispered) to the Cleric’s patron deity. (This doesn’t apply when the negative energy is channeled to damage, nor does it protect them in that case.)

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I recently finished running the game, I had 5 optimised PC's (Sorceror,Swash/bard, Oracle,Antipaladin, Hunter) for them I had to upgrade all the encounters so your less optimised group may have less issues than you worry about.
There is an archetype for Cleric (Fiendish Vessel) which allows channel energy to Heal evil characters and damage good characters at the same time which may be useful.
I echo the suggestion that Unchained Rogue is really a necessary upgrade for any rogue.
One way you could if you feel it necessary to increase the flexibilty of the party is to give them free cohorts in book 2 , I did this but I also then gave them a lot of sidequests so that at anytime only 1 of the cohorts was available to the main party. The sidequests also helped ensure the party was busy during the book 2 downtime.
Another factor which can increase the power of pc's is making archetypes available to them. Baked into the AP are opportunities to become a vampire , lich or grave knight. If you use book 7 the players may aquire Lycanthropy in book 2 (or at least some minions may) I allowed them to mess around with the lycanthropy via ritual sacrifice of celestials and the Hunter ended up as a Weretiger.

There are not any encounters which require ranged combat but you will miss not having an arcane caster

My players have decided to go with UC Rogue, UC Monk, Cleric and a wizard.

Do you think that with this team they can do it well or will they have a problem with the lack of a tank? I've never played with a UC monk and I do not know how to play the role of frontlane.

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Uc monk, with 25 points buy and a bit of help from wizard (mage armor) can be nice frontliner, and not forget they can take minions like grumblejack to dirty job

UC Monks frontline fine. Their only problem will be the fortress they have to take over so the army can get through—it seemed really hard for the level we were, though that might just be because my party was somewhat careless. If they can do that, they’ll be alright.

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There is a lot of discussion and advice in the various product threads which you may find useful.
That party should be ok, there is really no such thing as a tank in Pathfinder (no aggro). A monk should be able to handle fighting fairly well. Grumblejack can also add to fighting power . For the initial escape the Monk should be excellent as he is actually quite good without equipment. The Wizard and Cleric should probably take crafting feats at higher level to make sure the party has proper equipment as it is difficult to buy unholy weapons and such like.

The Watchtower:

The watchtower can be very difficult but it depends on the group mine found it not to hard because they were clever and eliminated 3 of the captains, and the wizard before the attack used the wizards wand to fireball the barracks and took the paladin on without backup before trying to storm and hold the tower. I have heard of other groups who just attacked as a frontal assault and got wiped out.
It may be useful if you do not have it to get book 7 , it includes a full gazetteer of Balantyne as well as a few other useful things, it helped me a lot

Yeah, our two wizards were ducking morons and decided to try using huge aoe spells that were super weak to deal with the chaff, prompting all the bosses to hole up together and forcing us to fight them all at once. We only succeeded because my gunslinger kept literally a hundred pounds of black powder on her and was willing to drop it and light a tindertwig in the middle of everyone. She died, and in the process killed everything but the paladin, who immediately died when the golem exploded next to him. Also two party members who were down but not dead got wiped, but when the alternative was a tpk...

You do what ya gotta.

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Wizard lured into town and murdered in his sleep.
Scout captain ambushed murdered and eaten with his patrol
2 More captains tricked into a duel and either dead or in jail
Paladin ambushed in his quarters after party sneaked in via secret tunnel killed in hard fight
2/3 of garrison killed in their barracks by fireball attack
Cleric and Captain with surviving soldiers killed in drawn out battle as the party held and defended the gatehouse against the garrison.
There is no way they could have held the gatehouse if the Wizard or Paladin had been there to join the attack and I suspect any one of the captains would have been the straw that broke the camels back

Don't tell them how it ends, or they will all quit now. ;)

The true way of the wicked was the friends you made along the way. Also, it was their sled.

One of my players is going to create a dhampiro wizard and his background is that some random noble vampire (he does not know anything about the vampires that appear in the module) left his mother pregnant and well, basically he had to live on his own and blah blah blah ...

My doubt is, given that his background is that he is a dhampiro and is looking for his father, his father could have found him without knowing it, recognized as his son and having bitten him to give him power ... and that he is now watching over him to see how vampirism develops.

At the level of rules with what he puts in the module, I know what I can do, but how would that affect the PJ? Would it give him too much power compared to the others? Will it become too strong too fast to control it?

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I did not use the feat progression in the AP so I can't comment on the balancing effects of that it will use up a lot of feats and that may hurt the wizard enough.
If you enforce all the limits of the vampire it can be annoying for players(need an invite to enter a home, can't crush running water etc). However the power of being a vampire is large, although it does not totally synergise with a wizard (charisma is very important for vampires not so much for wizards.) Vampires make absolutely lethal sorcerors, antipaladins and Bards.
Personally if giving 1 PC a shot at a template I Would give all the pc's a template and balance that way instead (thats what I did)

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