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I liked the scenario. The bad thing is preparing for random group cause only will run half of quest.

But if you will know what quest will be played is nice.

Some quest are very nice but others are mid or even low.

Exchange one is really special and cinematic.

Libertys, court and silver crusade are nices also for me (a bit rp and sandbox)

Lodge, archive and scarabs are more like minidungeon

The rp in the absalom political event is a bit overwhealm im think but give lore and chance to a bit of fun for the players in partys.

I like the scenario. Dont give 5 star cause complexity to prepare and cause some quest are low than others.

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Very nice special. Easy to prepare and fun to play :)

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This is a not standard scenario and should be warned about it.

I read sipnopsis and understand it:

The PCs travel to the magnificent Opaline Vault as the Society’s first envoys, but in doing so they must survive the otherworldly threats that lurk in both this strange environment and within their own ranks.

This is long away the sense of scenario. If you enjoy full metal jacket and Ironheaet Ridge, you can enjoy this game. But if you want magnificient city opaline vault and survive otherworldly threats (not mundane harassment), then this is not your scenario.

Also terrible all the limitations extra in the scenario, isnt for casters or companion dependants. But that is secundary.

The worst part is the harassment unwarned.

I played and suffer the game session, not enjoy. If i was were warned i should enjoy or choice another scenario to join.

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Fun and Fast ! ! !


¡¡¡Spoiler Alert!!!

The game is divided into several parts:

It begins with games and storytelling in the village (the green goblin king, my favorite), which is pretty funny, but the systems are not particularly good (too simple, but all with fun).

After an assault a few humans, where the goblins can try, and abuse, their own special abilities.

In search of truffles there is a place for comic relief (horse poop) and two more or less heavy fighting, one of them, it seems the final battle ...

Which makes the last meeting, it is even more surprising. A Vorka rebuilt, with improved capacity to cannibalize, firing rockets like crazy, running over the goblins heads and trying to cook within herself ...

GREAT ending to this sequel of our favorite goblins.

Chronic sheet is as fun as interesting and very cohesive with previous.

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Pure Gold


The funniest scene I have played so far.

I've seen players proposing crazy games goblins to keep them in line.

I have seen goblins scaring players with their own crazy games.

It's fun when the GM asks each player put a name to each goblin, and develops the personality of being from the name ...

And the mayor of Harverst End?

For me, this scenario is pure gold.