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Libraries for fun and (PC) profit


This was a neat supplement. I love libraries (even got a library degree), so this was a must-grab supplement for me. I very much enjoyed the different library examples, expanding on the rules and examples in Ultimate Intrigue to create a variety of different libraries for the PCs to visit.

I also liked the addition of the Fluency language rules, and might have to implement them in my next campaign. (Putting a rank in Linguistics and suddenly being fluent in a language has always seemed a bit off to me.)

It also includes a Library subdomain for clerics and a Words mystery for oracles, both of which I can foresee providing some character inspiration for me very soon. The various abilities of the Words mystery are especially neat.

I will say that it's a bit odd how the supplement mixes real-world information with fantastical settings; the real-world history was quite interesting, but the space might have been better used for more class options, library-based spells, or other game content. I can see a lot more potential material for this topic, so I hope this is the first Library issue of several. :-)

Formatting-wise, the issue is clear and easy to read, with lovely art/photos. There are a few minor typos here and there, but nothing that renders it difficult to understand.

All in all, a fun supplement and one I'll definitely be making use of!

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Fun adventure with some interesting characters


I picked up this module because the plot looked pretty interesting. The party I'm running the game for is about 2/3 of the way through the module so far, and we've been having a lot of fun with it.

I definitely like the plot, which has a lot of interesting goings-on. I enjoyed the relationship mechanic in Jade Regent, so it was neat to see it make a return here (although I've found it works better a bit more loosely-knit in practice). It does require a little bit of extra prep to fill in the gaps for the town of Arwyll Stead and its inhabitants, so this might not be for you if that isn't your thing. I personally like the extra flexibility it gives the GM that way.

The adventure might go off the rails a bit if the party doesn't take to Vegazi right away (mine did, so I didn't have that problem), but that could be remedied with extra rewards/personalized hooks depending on your players.

All in all, we've been enjoying it a lot.