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When I was going through the details and noted that both of these symbols of rule have no stats or rules in place.

I was wondering what would be a good way to design these? Should Xanderghul's be a mythic tier weapon? What abilities would make sense for them?

I think it would be potentially interesting some time down the line to see Alaznist revisited in some fashion, and I may do that in a homebrew campaign of some sort for an evil type or something similar.

Help the most evil Runelord of Wrath reclaim portions of her soul from all the creatures she bargained portions of it with, finalizing with stealing the largest component from Yamasoth itself, and watch in horror / awe as she ascends to become a powerful demon lord in the Abyss, making an even more horrific empire of brutality and violence than she had previously in Thassilon.

I would say it depends entirely on the robot. The more humanoid the robot, the more likely it has many of it's core processor units in it's head you could reason.

You could also say that another technological vorpal quality is a weapon similar to the Null Blade. It acts as maybe a Vorpal type weapon only when it is activated or something similar.

If the Theocracy of the Fist is not mentioned, I will be let down.

But really, I like anything that can offer possible explanation to the strangeness of Magnimar's faiths.

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This can only be a good thing, with further information forthcoming hopefully.
I'm excited about this for a number of reasons, but firstly because it will hopefully lead to a way to resolve the standoff at the border between glorious Taldor and the vile Qadira.

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Wow, the ex-paladin archtype looks really damn interesting. Half Orc, family was wiped out. Used to worship Ragathiel but fell to your rage far too often, with horrific side effects. Now, exiled from your order, you are masterless and sell your sword (or as an ex-paladin merc fall to something more appropriate like Gorum), Good tie in.

There are no best parties. I've played this AP and loved every minute of it with my Half orc redeemer paladin.

I'd suggest something that can make use of intelligence. Possibly a wizard would be a good choice. But it'd up to you.

The whole of it is a combination of dungeon slog and learning of Thassilon. Awesome experience either way.

Will you be doing a section specifically for Racial Feats?
I ask because half-orcs get a metric TON of racial feats which are usable for all sorts of combat related stuff.
2 examples: resilient brute (limited use per day) and Grudge Fighter.

I don't see as big an issue with Chaotic Evil and Good Deities being worshipped as part of a pantheon, but I do agree that there has to be a reason for that pantheon.

The best reason I can think of really when it comes down to it is battle and violence. Perhaps the underlying theme is for freedom, or conquest, or whatever other reason, but violence would probably be the thing that binds the pantheon and their worshippers.

Gorum, Rovagug, and Cayden Cailean are all fair play in that aspect. Each has warriors and followers with different goals, but they are drawn together ultimately through battle.

Calistria is also fair play, when using vengeance as the focus. How many wars have left orphans behind who swear they will avenge their families and their tribes? Even if it was their kin thay started it in the first place.

To top it off you have one space for a 5 deity pantheon of Chaos. However 2 gods I can think of are equally good choices fluff wise: Lamashtu and Desna. Desnans would certainly fit into a war cult, or some sort fo Chaos Pantheon if the pantheon has a freedom fighter based theme. However Lamashtu also works for a more barbaric pantheon because she represents fertility, strength of the mother, and in some cultures aspects of family. Those are all reasons to be part of a pantheon brought together by violence. You seek to protect what is yours, or your family needs room to grow, so you need to take what others have.

That final aspect could certainly tie in with Calistrian desire for vengeance: your family was slaughtered. And as well with the rough beast: You will tear down their walls and battlements and slaughter their kin in front of them so they can understand your fury and pain, and then you will obliterate them.

All in all, as long as you have someone to fight you have a way of focusing this pantheon. Otherwise get ready for internal pissing contests.

Hmm, overall I loved the flavor of the book, but at the same time, I thought some things, specifically the feats and abilities, weren't as good as those found in Monster Codex.

My Half-Orc Vanguard Slayer LIVES to cause terror on the battlefield using the feats found in the Bugbear section of the Monster Codex.

Packrager is an insane archetype for a Barbarian.

And Chain Challenge plus Order of the Flame are absolute MUSTS for any Cavalier who is gonna be a combat monster.

The same goes for the stuff out of the Orc section.

Right now, I'm going thru the Villain Codex, and I don't think it's as useful to the PCs though I'm loving the atmosphere the groups create.
In that sense, the book is absolutely awesome.

I sooooo want to see an Orc weapon that requires a minimum strength requirement in order to wield it properly and hits like a large bastard sword.

And I gotta wait to mid Nov for my pdf.

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I'm genuinely excited for this book and can't wait til the pdf comes out. Let me ask is any group defined as particularly mercenary?

I'm curious about that because if so, could have a PC have a background as part of that group. Could lead to interesting role play options and encounters for the rest of the group.

I was looking at this class, and it's SUCH an awesome idea, but I feel like it's not giving enough of a benefit to justify loss of damage with rage, since many powers are somewhat dependant upon the morale bonuses.

I was thinking about adding a few fighter abilities to the class, to emphasize it's more controlled, martial and disciplined aspects, specifically Bravery, Armor Training 1&2 and one rank of Weapon training. And I'd say that his barbarian level counts as 1/2 his fighter level for feat purposes.

I'd suggest giving up a few rage powers, trap sense for bravery, and he gains heavy armor proficiency for free. In this way, the class can be made into a kind of controlled, focused warrior who can slaughter without questioning his orders. What do you guys think?

As a guy who played this AP, I can tell you it is my favorite, followed by Iron Gods for its Korgoth of Barbaria feel.

One note: some of the so-called villains in this AP are really quite tragic, so if you GM this, try to emphasize that aspect. It made my half orc redeemer paladin work all the harder to save them. Even the ones that seemed beyond redemtpion.

So I was just thinking about this as a possibility, but what about using a slayer as the basis for your Aldori Swordlord rather than fighter or even duelist?

Thematically in some respects, a slayer Swordlord studies his targets, while the ranger combat styles, feats, etc. allow for the character to add take advantage of many different options and fighting styles. Plus, those bonuses to demoralize will definitely help a slayer get off more sneak attacks, etc.


So, how worth it is circling mongoose for a non sneak attack class? This type of mobile build is fairly interesting to me, but I'm wondering if this chain would be too feat intensive to make worthwhile.

Anyone have any opinions on the matter?

I hope we can get examples of Gorumite mercs, NPCs, and class options or something similar for them.

This will be cool.

Can't wait for the PDF.

Hmmm. How do you guys think this character would work in a River Kingdom / Razmiran campaign?

I figure a lot of arcanists in Razmiran, plus a few mesmerists, etc. working for him.

Sure, it's in Horror Adventures. Here's a link: ayer-archetypes/witch-killer-slayer-archetype

lemeres wrote:

Yeah, but warpriest can grab arsenal chaplain.

You don't lose too much (sure, choice of blessings, but we are comparing it to a specific domain choice anyway, so you aren't free in that sense either for this comparison to work). Sacred armor is lost, but it was a rather C grade ability when you consider the swift action problem above. You lose sacred weapon damage dice... but if you grab a greatsword like anyone else worried about damage dice, then you are fine.

So the general end result is more attack/damage overall. The rage domain doesn't carry the +6 or +8 versions of rage, while the arsenal chaplain gets the full +4 of weapon training. And it can also grab gloves of dueling for an extra +2.

So overall, you can't...

Arsenal Chaplain is my favorite archetype for Warpriest. Definitely amazing. Any devotee to any god is ultimately made a badass with this one, and you're right about the attack damage etc. I just really like the flavor of a Gorumite so out of his mind with bloodlust he just goes berserk. It's why I've always chosen those rage based domains/inquisitions. They're badass like that.

Granted you could go with VMC of a barbarian or something, or a cleric and get the Rage subdomain. Still, I prefer a class to get that ability some other way than VMC.

So, I was wondering if anyone has used the Witch Killer Slayer and what they think of it.

I prefer to play martials, and I really enjoy classes and archetypes with a lot of flavor to them over other sorts of abilities, and in truth I've lately been partial to melee based Slayers.

So when I saw this archetype, I was thinking it sounds interesting on paper, but how does it play normally?

A lot of the rage based slayer abilities this class gains are pretty awesome, since there are a TON of arcane casters in most games, allowing you to pretty much go up against just about any Runelord or whatever without issue. Though I think the archetype would suffer tremendously against any campaign or game where the enemy is a divine caster instead.

One thing does bother me about this character: Studied Witch ability, which modifies Studied Target. Flavor-wise, it's interesting, but I don't like that you can't increase the number of studied targets simultaneously. That does bug me a bit.

What does everyone else think of the archetype? Are the abilities useful enough to warrant an investment into the class?

The one thing that does bug me with Wapriest vs. Inquisitor of Gorum (he's my go to god) is that the Warpriest lacks the ability to get rage, whereas the Cleric and Inquisitor can both easily get it.

You know, I really enjoyed the Rise of the Runelords anniversary edition, with all the after the adventure stuff that was added in, etc.

I'd love to see what is readily available here in this book. I'm definitely gonna purchase it when it comes out on pdf.

Barbarians can shut down arcanists fairly well. I don't see why they shouldn't be able to do the same with magical beasts and the like with a few rage powers in this book.

Bought it. Really enjoy a LOT of what this book has to offer. It allows for a ton of flavor and the game play options are very viable from what I've seen.

I'm experimenting right now with a half orc divine paragon of Gorum concept. With a VMC Fighter this guy can really be a nasty combatant.

Also looking at viking fighter. With deific observance, hurtful, haste, and Gorum's sentinel options, he can get 7 (!!!!) attacks on the charge. With an impacting greatsword while enlarged and Gorum's swordsmanship, that's utterly insane damage!

Who says fighters can't have fun?

Divine paragon:
Benefits: automatically gain deific obedience and get powers at 5th, 11th, and 14th of whichever group (evangelist, exalted, sentinel).
Choose 2 domains, 1 progresses normally. The other exchanges your domain powers for the above obedience benefits but you still get bonus spells.

And you get a sacred brand that makes you more obvious and your aura stronger.

This modifies domain and your aura.

Is it just me or is this archetype capable of some real insanity, especially if you decide to couple it with a vmc.

I was looking at this class, and thinking if I wanted a pure damage dealer, I could go half-orc divine paragon of Gorum vmc Fighter.

Taking the Rage subdomain as my main and the dueling subdomain as my secondary domain that gets replaced, I can get some great spells, abilities, and good consistent damage.

Choosing the Sentinel powers of gorum, while raging I get an additional +2 to attk and dmg by level 14.

Couple in the morale bonus from Grudge Fighter when damaged, using a courageous weapon and reckless abandon, plus the weapon training and duelist gloves, you could potentially get a +10 to attack and damage rolls from that alone.

Edit: That +10 does not include reckless abandon either.

Overall I sense a truly offensive monster when built a certain way, plus full spell casting from both domaina. The dueling subdomain grants dance of a thousand cuts, another great boost to the cleric.

What does everyone else think?

This is quite interesting to me.

Well, I would rather paizo give the opportunity to play as hobgobs in an AP due to Molthune recruiting them like crazy (along with lycanthropes, centaurs, and any other monstrous race that can take orders).

In home game fluff, we've even set up hobgoblin orphanages in Braganza, in part so that city's population grows in size, and in part because hobgoblins aren't big into parenting.

A green dragon who runs the mage college also experiments with the hobgoblin bloodline in an effort to create varied species or even more suitable soldiers. As a result, my personal character is a vanguard slayer hobgoblin who is of alchemical altered blood, a mix of bugbear and hobgoblin. Makes him stronger (+2 to strength instead of dex) but he was so unruly as a child he was placed in the infamous Redwall Reformatory for Troubled Youths.

Because of this stuff our group has done, I'm taking such an interest in this particular AP.

I look forward to this adventure. The location (Nirmathas & Molthune) appeals to me greatly, plus the fact that this adventure features Hobgoblins, who were said to be a major threat to the inner sea region, all makes it interesting.

Hobgoblins have been said to be a major threat to the region, but so far they've never really posed an issue.

Is there anything on the Orc deities? Varg, or any of the others?

So, let me ask. Is there anything in particular that is specific towards Gorum or other gods of battle and destruction? Rovagug, Szuriel, any of the others?

dotting for later

I am very excited about this to say the least. I'm wondering if there will be any faith based fighter or barbarian archetypes that my devout Gorumites can make use of.

I just saw this and I'm pumped for it. I really enjoyed the Monster Codex a lot and hope paizo puts that level of detail and flavor into this.

I like feinting, but at the same time I'm less enthused about it vs something akin to an intimidation based build via Vanguard Slayer (my favorite archtype) or even using ranger combat styles to get Shattered Defenses, etc.

Why not go straight destined? Why crossblood with fey? Does it offer anything you could use?

I was wondering if this guide was going to get updated at all with the latest options for slayers and the like.
Lots of stuff came out from ultimate intrigue and the related books, and slayers can definitely make use of armor and weapon master's handbooks.

Yeah but summoner spells are limited in both per day casting and how many you can choose from. As a melee summoner you may want to focus more on self buffing rather than other spells that are situational based upon campaign.

For a melee summoner, would taking a few levels of Bloodrager to get things like blooded arcane strike and mad magic be considered a viable option?

I was just thinking about this idea, and while I liked the Blood God Disciple it gives up good stuff for not that good stuff. So I'm thinking maybe a few levels of Bloodrager to regular summoner can make up the difference.

What do you guys think about it? Also, would bloodline even matter in this case?

You could definitely work out some different bloodrager archetypes without many issues because you're not going to stay in bloodrager that long. I'd say 4 levels max.

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The Yojimbo class would be awesome if it was more like Toshiro Mifune from the original movie.

Actually that would be pretty cool.
Could detail a number of groups and organizations that have been mentioned previously in the past once or twice and go into further detail on them.

Whatever class Zatoichi is, you should pick that.

Charisma based martials, of them my favs are Daring Champion Cav (even regular Cav is pretty damn good as a Charisma martial) & Bloodrager.

However, Fighter can also be a good choice provided you pick the right archetype and feat combination.

Hmm, I wonder how well some things like from the Weapon's Master's Handbook work with this class.

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So, any chance this guide will be updated for the latest archetypes and builds out there?

Hey, I'm working on a character that is built specifically for a River Kingdoms / Tymon / Razmir campaign.
He's a half-orc, Drill Sergeant and Mutation Warrior being the archetypes used.

Weapon Masters Handbook is in full use for this campaign, as are a number of others, some stuff from the occult as well.

I'm looking for something flavorful and still effective in a campaign, and I'm wondering specifically about that fighting style in the weapon master's handbook, Orc Fury Style.

Being that we're going up against Razmiran and the armies of Razmir, I can imagine all sorts of Arcane casters masquerading as holy men will be available to fight. As well as other stuff.

Do people find Orc Fury style useful for both intimidating as well as getting a bonus against mages or anything shaken with an SLA? Would Orc Fury style still considered to be in effect if you use Dazzling Display as well? If so, that might make a group of spellcasters that less powerful against my big guy (actually, he's not that big, strong but more of a runt of the litter in size, hence the reliance on mutagens).

It's an awesome flavorful style, but it's an investment, even for a fighter.

About Mordriac

Pool of Prey:
Baris seems interested in the words you say but keeps quite absorbing what he can and trying to find food as you walk.

Tristan stands 15 feet back watching for threats, not interested at all in the newcomer or your interactions.

Another Nagakin bursts forth from the vegetation, Tristan gets five arrows I need it before I take gets to Baris who shreds it in a flurry of blows. Baris collects the arrows, the scale, and the red shard. He pockets the other two and returns the arrows. He quietly says, "Nice shots Tristan." Tristan responds I need kind, "Nice finishing move."

In code:

I can see it as an open source of info.

Identify Loarim: Protective Enclave Inner Fortress

scroll points of interest, confirm location: 3,456 locations found

Set Ownership of Abandoned Building on Corner of Sword Street and Downton Street in Loarim to Jeffrey Flynn: Access denied

Identify Mordriac: Master of the Hunt, 67th, 9th member of the Winter Court, swing vote position, impartial vote.

scroll stat block: Access Denied

scroll backstory: 238 years ago he traveled from the Fae home lands and encountered Loarim. He was a master of the twin Fae blades back then and a bloodlust that likely got him exiled. Here in the wild woods he could hunt to his hearts' content. The 66th Master willingly gave the title over after the ritual duel. Thalkin retired to groom trees in the Heartland. Mordriac has been the Master of the Hunt and performed in his ballads for 78 years to present.

Identify King of Winter Court: Access Denied

, scroll stat block: access Denied

, scroll backstory. Access denied

Identify Vellcrax: Legend, evil, spirit naga

Scroll Backstory, error

mark Vellcrax lair on map: error

. Looking Glass Doorway: present access

, lock doorway upon closure keyed to a stack of pancakes: insufficient rights, access denied

, set spawn location Upper Floor back closet Flynn Building on Corner of Sword Street and Downton Street in Loarim.: insufficient rights, access denied