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So when can we expect to see you in San Antonio?

Tony Lindman wrote:
Phillip Reed wrote:
John Compton wrote:
Gamin can activate guidance at his own direction, which means the character need not use an action to command him. The guidance aspect is only possible when a PC wields Gamin, which is to say hold him in a hand. That was a development choice to keep someone from saying that Gamin just casts guidance every round of every hour of every day. My intention is not to weigh in on the definition of wield in other discussions, but this is how our friendly, flawed sword is intended to operate.
Good to know, that makes sense. The question about "holding" vs. "wielding" came up because my wife is thinking about buying Gamin for her monk/paladin; in combat she would always be holding the sword, but not necessarily wielding it (going by the Defending usage of the term) if she's flurrying with her unarmed strikes on that round.
That's exactly what I'm doing. I'm just amused at the thought of my monk running up to the enemy wielding this cracked sword, and then holding it behind him, keeping it safe. ;-)

(I'm Phillip's aforementioned wife playing a monk/paladin.) That is exactly what I said when I got the chronicle sheet, Tony... "I can't wait to see the look on an Aspis agent's face when I run up to him with a shiny silver cracked sword and he thinks he's about to be run through, and instead I punch him in the nose."

You don't even have to host a full convention to get boons. Paizo requires an event to have a minimum 15 tables to receive official support, including boons. So if you could set up a 3-day gameday weekend with 5 slots (1 Friday night, 2 each on Saturday and Sunday) and 3 tables per slot, you can request boons for it. Talk to your local Venture Captain/Lieutenant for help setting something like this up (they also have to make the official request for support.)

Not all boons are racial boons, though, and Mike Brock makes the final decision as to what boons he will make available to your event. At Chimaeracon two weeks ago, we had 4 nice boons but none of them were racial boons. Also, Mike has said that he does not want to do any more boons of evil races, so don't expect kobolds, hobgoblins, etc.

It may be a standard action but keep in mind that for every 5 you beat the DC by, the target is demoralized for an extra round. With a roll like Farak's (which isn't all that hard to achieve with the right feats and such) even high-level foes will be shaken for several rounds. Plus, if you are paired with...say...a caster with save or suck spells, it can be a pretty deadly combo. Demoralizing a foe before something like Sleep, Hideous Laughter, Suggestion, etc. can end a fight pretty fast.

Is this for a home-group, or for Pathfinder Society organized play? If it's for PFS, there are probably some groups that are already in existence that you could either join or look for members for your group. Try contacting your regional coordinator for the local schedule.

Per the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play, page 25:

"All potions, scrolls, wands, and other consumables are made by clerics, druids, or wizards in Pathfinder Society Organized Play. The only exceptions are spells that are not on the cleric, druid, or wizard spell list."

The example they give even says that a scroll of lesser restoration is always going to be made as a 2nd level cleric spell.

Wooo! Congratulations, Kyle!

I don't believe that Catfolk are currently available as a boon.

There are a couple ways to get boons at cons...the first is to GM. Every con I've been to has had a GM boon that all GMs get (sometimes multiple times, one for each game they run.) There are also player boons that are usually won in some random fashion, like drawing names or rolling a d20. The way player boons are handed out is usually determined by the folks running the con so it varies at each event.

Awesome news! Congrats Matt!

Mamushi wrote:

There are no mechanics in place in most of the high traffic areas to address this so while he ran amuck most of the party couldn't get past the first hallway; The perception DC was too high to go to the courtyard, and they sure as hell didn't want to go into the room with all the dignitaries (they would be able to make the checks anyways).

Just to note, for that particular check (the perception check in A5 North Gallery), only one character needs to make the check. In fact, only one character CAN make the check; the scenario reads, "Only one PC can time the break (make the perception check), but she can attempt her perception check as many times as she wants." The way I read (and ran) this was that one person was watching the hallway, and as soon as they saw an opening, they lead the rest of the party to their destination.

Anyway, I ran this on Saturday and our group had fun with it, for the most part. I did advise them before we started that it was role-play and skill heavy, so a few people switched which characters they played, including one player switching from a witch to a rogue, which was a good move since he ended up doing a lot of sleight of hand checks that no one else could make, since SoH can't be made untrained. One of the players was playing an Osirion and was pretty upset that his faction mission required a SoH check; the rogue was able to make it for him, but he still thought it was stupid that it was required in the first place. I can understand this (especially since there's really no in-game reason for why the check was required; it's not like they were searched on their way out), but on the other hand, characters are only supposed to gain an average of 1.5 prestige per scenario. So sometimes, you will fail.

The fight against the chair in the records room was actually pretty tough for them. It does have hardness 5, and by using grab and constrict it managed to knock the rogue out (and probably would have knocked more than one person out if our oracle hadn't blown all of his spells on CLW to keep the rogue conscious while he was being grappled.)

One thing I did was print pictures of all of the images that are in the vents (crown, spear, centaur, etc.) and then show them to the party when they encountered them, rather than just saying "you find an image of a crown to the left and a spear to the right, which way do you want to go?" I thought it made it a little less obvious what they were supposed to do, although my group still got it easily. They actually had the most trouble actually figuring out that they needed to go into the vent in the first place; they thought that the capital/bolded letters on Zarta's note corresponded somehow to the seal codes note. I had to read the description of the room again, with an emphasis at the end that there was a vent in the corner, after they had read Zarta's note, and then they got it.

I had a lot of fun with this one, myself. Can't wait to actually play it, and run it again.

Here's the thread that asks the exact same question.

Here's the specific post where Mike Brock says Wildblooded/Crossblooded can't be combined.

Phillip and I will be running a couple of modules the day after Christmas at the Dragon's Lair in San Antonio, TX. We are hoping to complete them in one day so we will be running all day, from 10am-10pm (with a couple of breaks for lunch and dinner.)

We will be running Masks of the Living God (lvl 2-4) and Carrion Hill (lvl 4-6.) Here is our Warhorn sign-up site if anyone wants to join in. Also feel free to email us at sanantoniopfs (at) gmail (dot) com if you have any questions!

Welcome! Hope to meet you at one of the upcoming cons in 2013!

Hello and welcome! Glad to have you on board!

First of all, Continual Flame has always been a 3rd level Cleric spell, 2nd level Wizard/Sorcerer spell. Yes, even in 3.5: Check the SRD. Not that it matters, because this is PFS, not LFR or another 3.5 equivalent.

Second, the rule about the same level spells canceling each other out ONLY applies to the spell Daylight, as it's specifically in the spell description:

"Daylight brought into an area of magical darkness (or vice versa) is temporarily negated, so that the otherwise prevailing light conditions exist in the overlapping areas of effect."

This is not a universal rule for light/darkness spells. It is specific to the Daylight spell. So a Continual Flame spell cast by a Wizard would not cancel out a Darkness spell since they are the same level, and Darkness specifically states that a light spell needs to be higher level to negate it. Continual Flame cast by a Cleric would negate Darkness since it is a Cleric 3 spell.

I do not think this is an oversight.

light was 1st level, darkness 2nd, CF 3rd, and DD 4th, so each new spell was always a higher level than the others before it.

Except Light is (and always has been) a 0 level spell, Continual Flame is (and always has been) a 2nd level Wizard/3rd level Cleric spell, and Deeper Darkness is (and always has been) a 3rd level Cleric spell. Plus you have Daylight as a 3rd level Cleric AND Wizard spell if you are really looking for a spell to take the place of Continual Flame in the spell progression you outlined.

Kimera757 wrote:
Needless to say, that means you would lose the ability to cast those spells. Any character so reliant on such an item needs a backup. Prepare Owl's Wisdom daily!

Since Owl's Wisdom does not grant a permanent ability bonus, it would not allow you to cast extra spells, either higher level ones, or additional lower level ones. The text for the spell even points this out:

"Clerics, druids, and rangers (and other Wisdom-based spellcasters) who receive owl's wisdom do not gain any additional bonus spells for the increased Wisdom, but the save DCs for their spells increase."

Even if it did allow you to cast higher level spells, you would likely not have time to prepare them; Owl's Wisdom lasts for minute/level, whereas spells typically take at least 15 minutes to prepare individually (or 1 hour to prepare all of your daily spells.)

Keep in mind that with the Free RPG Day Modules (including Dawn of the Scarlet Sun), players and GMs only receive 1 Prestige Point.

Dragnmoon wrote:
Jen Sweet wrote:
I'm still interested in peoples' opinions on this, since this is what my husband and I would have to do if we ever played at a large convention like GenCon.

You guys own the PDFs don't you? Mike has said it is fine for faimly members to share a PDF... That said bring... Wait... you know what I have never asked this...

Are you 2 married? ;)

LOL are you still being opposite? :) Yes, despite having different last names, we are in fact married. And I was more referring to if we had to photocopy a Ultimate Equipment, which we have the hardcopy of, but not the PDF, and if we're playing at different tables. Some GMs, like Chris, said they may not accept photocopies from books, so I am glad that he would make an exception in the case of family members.

Paz wrote:
Chris Mortika wrote:
bring the books
What if this hypothetical player with photocopies of all the info they need from Additional Resources says that their spouse has all the books in the other PFS room at the convention, and shows you this thread where Mike Brock said it was OK?

I'm still interested in peoples' opinions on this, since this is what my husband and I would have to do if we ever played at a large convention like GenCon.

Just for reference, the Additional Resources page will list everything that is legal and whether you need a boon to gain access to it.

Tien is used in a lot of the Season 3 scenarios and Thassilonian is being featured a lot in the Season 4 scenarios.

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I play a Deaf Oracle (who was born deaf, so she also can't speak) who carries around chalk and a chalkboard in-game. Out of game, I bring a white board/pens/erasers to communicate. She also has a rank in Linguistics for lipreading so understanding others usually isn't a problem for her. It's especially hilarious because she has a fairly high Diplomacy and often ends up making Diplomacy checks, and when so, I write out a message on the board and surround it with hearts, flowers, smiley faces, etc. based on how well I rolled.

Is there a con hotel? Or, a hotel near the con that you would recommend?

There is an archetype of Bard called Archeologist, which is probably what you were looking at. You would still be considered a Bard, would get Skill points/Spells/etc. as a Bard, as well as any class abilities that aren't replaced by the Archeologist abilities (such as Bardic Knowledge.) The flavor text referring to "roguelike characters" is just, well, flavor, meaning that if you wanted to play a character that was like a Rogue but without Sneak Attack and with more skill points, etc. the Archeologist is a good option for that.

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I am reading through the scenario tonight getting ready to run it for tomorrow. The image provided in earlier posts in this thread is very helpful; I was having trouble visualizing how the side rooms D and E were supposed to look.

I did notice something that I think is a mistake, however:

In the statblock for Queen Lareecan, it says the Scroll of Wall of Stone requires a UMD check of 25 to activate. However, the DC for activating a scroll is 20 + caster level. Wall of Stone is a 5th level Cleric/Oracle/Wizard/Sorcerer spell, so assuming it was made with the minimum caster level, the UMD check would be 29 instead of 25.

Scott Young wrote:
Note: captivated creatures are NOT helpless, so there is no coup de gras possible. They can take no action "except to defend themself". (Presumably they even retain Dex and Dodge bonuses to AC due to this.)

...except, as already noted, when the target has moved next to the harpy.

A victim within 5 feet of the harpy simply stands and offers no resistance to the harpy's attacks.

Edit: ninja'd

The walk-ins probably won't be playing in the 7-11 games, though, unless they want to try playing the 7th level pre-gens. :)

If there is a group from Houston who wants to come down to Austin and play in a 7-11 game on Sunday, we may be able to arrange that. Minneyar and I are going to try to head up to Austin for at least one slot on Sunday and I'd be willing to run a 7-11 game if we have the players and if DL has a spare table for us.

I believe thequickhoof is the organizer for the Monday night DL game. Her email address is if you want to contact her to find out how soon she posts their schedules.

With a growing number of people in San Antonio joining Pathfinder Society, we are expanding to a second day and location! Dragon's Lair of San Antonio wants to host some PFS games on Thursday afternoons. Our first game will be next Thursday, September 20, starting at 4pm. I will be running We Be Goblins! We will be using the same Obsidian Portal and Warhorn pages as our other San Antonio games for sign-ups. I am planning on running one table a month right now, but if we have enough interest, I may run a table every other week instead, so please keep an eye on the schedules for details! The schedule for the next game can be found here.

The address for this event is:
Dragon’s Lair
7959 Fredericksburg Rd Suite #129
San Antonio TX 78229

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me at

15 tables and 6 weeks notice (given to Mike Brock) is required to get prizes/boons from Paizo. But you can still run PFS at conventions no matter how few tables you have. The prizes and boons are a nice incentive to draw players in, but not necessary to run scenarios.

And since people are talking about furry-themed characters, there's also the Agathion-Blooded Aasimar (Idyllkin) from Blood of Angels. The text says, they "often possess bestial qualities such as dragon scales, fish scales, fur, manes or talons. Slit pupils, pronounced canines, and furry ears are all common ..."

For reference, here is the Additional Resources page which lists everything from non-core books that is legal. Most deities that I'm familiar with are legal, but be sure to check the Additional Resources if there's a specific deity you're interested in.

Also keep in mind that clerics have to be one step away from their deity's alignment (and not evil.) So, for example, you can have a cleric that worships a chaotic evil deity, but the cleric must be chaotic neutral.

I find there is a lot of crossover interest in similar genres. It's not at all uncommon to find PFS games at anime, sci-fi, steampunk, and comic cons, so I wouldn't think bringing it to a furry con/community would be that far of a stretch. Pathfinder can be played by anyone, but it's up to the local players/coordinators/convention chairmen to set it up. If there is a local furry con (or any con) in your area that you want to bring Pathfinder to, talk to the con organizers and find out if they are willing and able to host some tables. Or, find out who your local venture officer is and ask what cons near you they already play Pathfinder at and if they can help you coordinate PFS at whatever con you're interested in.

Just to clarify, is this on Saturday the 22nd or Sunday the 23rd? You said the 22nd in your OP, but the sign-up says the 23rd. San Antonio is having a similar event on the 22nd at our Dragon's Lair, so it would be good to know just in case anyone happens to want to go to both.

The 4th level Bard spell, Virtuoso Performance, allows a Bard to maintain two Bardic performances at once. Is there any other way to achieve this? The last line of the spell says, "Virtuoso performance does not stack with any other method of maintaining simultaneous bardic performances." which suggests that there are other ways to do this, but I haven't been able to find any yet. 3rd party or 3.5 sources are (generally) legal in my game, if that helps.

MurphysParadox wrote:

There are bracers of armor, which give an armor bonus (does not stack with any other armor, including mage armor, and cannot be otherwise enchanted)

Bracers of Armor can, in fact, be enchanted:

"Alternatively, bracers of armor can be enchanted with armor special abilities. See Table: Armor Special Qualities for a list of abilities. Special abilities usually count as Additional bonuses for determining the market value of an item, but do not improve AC. Bracers of armor cannot have a modified bonus (armor bonus plus armor special ability bonus equivalents) higher than +8. Bracers of armor must have at least a +1 armor bonus to grant an armor special ability. Bracers of armor cannot have any armor special abilities that add a flat gp amount to their cost."

So, you could have +1 Bracers of Armor Spell Resistance 13, which would cost 9000gp (equivalent of a +3 bonus.) You could not have +1 Shadow Bracers of Armor, since the Shadow ability costs a flat gp amount to add.

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Mostly ninja'd, but here goes:

1) Magus prepares spells just like Wizards. They have a spellbook and each day, they have to pick which spells they want to prepare. They spells they want to prepare have to be in their spellbook, and they have to have their spellbook available when they prepare spells each day.

At 2nd level, Magus will have both Spell Combat and Spellstrike, which effectively allows them to attack twice on their turn during a full-round action when they're casting a touch spell. Spell Combat allows them to cast a spell and make an attack with a weapon in the same turn with a -2 penalty on attack rolls; Spellstrike allows them to delivery touch spells through their weapon. Since touch spells like Shocking Grasp allow the caster to make a free attack against the target during the same turn that the spell is cast, the Magus can use Spellstrike to cast Shocking Grasp through his weapon and make an attack roll with his weapon to delivery the spell, and Spell Combat allows him to make a regular attack with his weapon in the same turn. Both attacks take a -2 penalty on the attack roll.

If you take the Dervish Dance feat, you just get to use your DEX modifier instead of STR on attack and damage rolls as long as you are using a scimitar. (not any light melee weapon, it must be a scimitar.)

2) Stats for Eastern equipment is in Ultimate Combat. You can also find them on the PRD.

3) In the Inner Sea (where most of the Pathfinder material takes place), most people speak Common's the common language. It would be like going to Europe, where a lot of people speak English but also speak their local language; in the Inner Sea, most people speak Common but also speak the language of their country, or race (Chelish in Cheliax, Elven for Elves, etc.) If most of your players are from the Dragon Empire, they will all likely speak Tien, as that is the "common" language in the East.

4) Bracers of Armor. Similar, custom items can be allowed, per the GMs discretion, which aren't bracers, such as a Vest of Armor, which would serve the same purpose.

5) Correct. Regular (non-composite) long/short bows and crossbows do not do extra damage based on STR.

6) I've never found it to be overpowered. There are lots of ways for a GM to get around it. It can only be used once per round (so if the party is fighting a group of archers, only the first one's arrow would be deflected), any smart NPC that is using a bow against a Monk will quickly figure out that he is ineffective and will change targets, and NPCs can rush up to the Monk instead to engage him in melee.

According to Sean Reynolds, prestige classes do not advance alternate class abilities that are replaced by archetypes. In other words, Master Chymist does not advance Sneak Attack.

I have to disagree with the notion that a skills/social specialist is going to be useless. There are a lot of faction missions, especially in season 3, that require skills to complete, and if you can aid party members with those, they will love you for it.

I would probably think about switching out one of your spells for a better combat spell, though. You won't be able to talk your way through every encounter and you don't want to be ineffective once the fighting starts. However, I will also admit that I have a half-orc sorceress who was far more effective with her great axe at lower levels than with any of her damage dealing spells. Also don't forget that once you get 2 Prestige, you can pick up any first level Magic Missile. I know it doesn't sound like much, but being able to hit (almost) anything (including incorporeal creatures, creatures with DR, and creatures with high AC) with no miss chance is more effective than a lot of people realize.

Yes. I have had alchemists make multiple mutagens in a day (usually no more than 2, I think maybe once someone has made 3 in a day.)

I have run and enjoyed running 7 person tables. I do find I am in the minority there, and it is a challenge to keep things going. I have to really reign my players in to keep them focused so the scenario, especially combats, don't drag out too long. I enjoy it though and it makes for some great role playing opportunities, with so many people at the table, especially if most of them are of different alignments/factions. Combat is almost never going to be challenging with 7 people no matter what tier you play in (this may change in Season 4 when scenarios are designed for 6 players) so as someone else said, really try to play up the role playing aspects instead.

In all honestly, I felt pretty similar to the OP when I first started playing PFS. It felt almost like an MMORPG to me, with the whole restricting how much equipment you can buy/use (based on prestige) even if you have the gold for it and having to play by a very strict set of rules.

I've been playing for a bit over a year now and I love it. Yes, it is different and in some ways, more restrictive than a home game, but I have found I like that for this kind of campaign. It needs to have some restrictions in order to be played the way it is. I have played at tables with completely strangers out of town and at conventions, and we have all had fun because we all play by the rules. If the rules weren't there, I'm sure there would be people who would be so powergame-y it just wouldn't be fun.

I also play/GM in a couple of non-PFS home games, so I can still have fun with houseruling and homebrewing stuff. I would encourage anyone to give PFS a try before they knock it. If you play in a few scenarios and you don't like it, no harm, no foul. There's no obligation or commitment to return if you don't want to. If you do like it, hey, now you have another campaign to play in when you have time to.

As far as the traits go, I am not sure about Finding Haleen. It is from the Legacy of Fire Player's Guide, and the Pathfinder Society Additional Resources Page says that all traits on pages 7-9 from that book are legal. So, assuming the trait is within those pages, it seems legal. (in which case it's kinda broken; +1 HP and skill point on top of your normal choice when you gain a level in your favored class? Pretty nice.) But I don't own the book, so I can't look to be sure.

Animal Affinity and Dilettante Artist are definitely legal, though. Animal Affinity would give you another +2 bonus on your Handle Animal skill above what I had calculated in my previous post (and a +2 on Ride skill checks, as well.)

BigNorseWolf wrote:

Your deity is within one step of you (not that that really matters for druids)

Just a small clarification here: Characters who worship a deity do have to be within one alignment step of their deity, regardless of their class. From the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play, page 7, under Religion:

"Characters may elect to worship an evil god, but must always be within one alignment step of their chosen deity."

Characters can be atheists and not worship any deity, as long as they are not a Cleric.

To the OP:

For age, the +10d6 means you roll 10 d6s, add them together, then add that total to 110. So the range for an elf's age would be 120-170 years.

The way that skills work (the long version) is that you get a number of skill points per level based on your class. For Druids, it is 4. You always add your Intelligence modifier (in this case, +1 -- but just for reference, if you have a low Intelligence, you would get less skill points.) So you get 5 skill points per level. You can also get an extra skill point if Druid is your favored class and you decide to take +1 skill point as your favored class bonus. Every character gets 1 favored class, and every time they level, they can pick either +1 skill point or +1 HP so long as they take a level in their favored class (there are also alternate favored class bonuses you can pick based on your class and race combination, but the +1 HP or skill point is available to everyone.)

You can assign your skill points however you wish. Your class skills, which are listed under your class description, just give you a +3 bonus in that skill as long as you have at least 1 rank in that skill. You also always add the affiliated stat modifier to your final skill total.

So, for example. As a Druid, some important/common skills would be Handle Animal, Knowledge Nature, Survival, Perception, and Heal. At level 1, you have 5 skill points (4 from being a Druid, +1 for having 12 Int) so you put 1 rank into each of those skills. Since they are all class skills, you automatically get a +3 bonus. Then add the appropriate stat modifier to each. Respectively, they are Charisma, Intelligence, Wisdom, Wisdom, Wisdom, so you would get +0, +1, +3, +3, +3 from your stat modifiers. So your final totals would be +4, +5, +7, +7, +7. When you need to make a skill check, you roll a d20 and add your total in that skill to whatever you roll. So, if you are making a Perception check and you roll a 10, your total would be 17.

An important note is that you can't have more ranks in a skill than you have levels. So at level 1, you can't put all of your skill points into one skill.

I have not played a Witch in PFS but I did in a homegame and I loved her. She was probably my favorite character that I've played to date (but part of that was also thanks to the campaign and personality behind the character.)

Witches can be very useful to the party, but do not expect to be the one dropping enemies. Most of their spells and abilities are focused at crowd control and buffing/debuffing. So you will be great at debilitating enemies so your party members can take them out, but won't be doing much actual damage yourself. Witches do suffer a bit when fighting undead, oozes, or constructs, since most of their hexes and a lot of their spells are mind-affecting and will not affect those types of creatures. Make sure you have something you can do in rounds like that, such as buffing the party (the Fortune hex is good here) or even some kind of damage in the form of Burning Hands or Lightning Bolt.

Witches really should not be in melee combat much so weapon shouldn't matter a whole lot. As the above poster said, half-orcs can use Falchions and Great Axes, so one of those is probably your best bet, but with poor BAB and d6HP, a Witch wading into melee will not last long. You should also get a ranged weapon (a light crossbow would be good) to use if you absolutely have to. Since your DEX will be higher than your STR, you will have a slightly better chance at hitting things, plus you can stand back and away from melee action.

Being able to adapt when your players do something you do not expect is an important skill for good GMs. Try not to be too "railroad-y". If the players find an alternate solution to a problem, try to let them use it, unless the scenario absolutely dictates that they can't/shouldn't. For example, I recently GMed a game where the players were supposed to set up an ambush for the villain, then follow her back to her hideout. Well, thanks to some good Diplomacy rolls (that were outlined in the scenario) they were able to find out the location of the villain's hideout before setting up the ambush, so they went there to check it out. Instead of either not letting them find the entrance, or having the villain not be home (which both would have also been acceptable), I just rolled with it and altered the rest of the scenario as needed (not changing stats or encounters at all, just how things were set up and played out.) My players later realized that they didn't "do things by the book" and thanked me for going with it instead of railroading them into what the scenario dictated.

Another example is subtly altering NPC tactics as necessary. Some villains will have morale listed, such as they flee/surrender once below a certain number of HP. If the encounter is going badly for the villain, I will sometimes have them flee/surrender early, even if they have not hit that specific HP mark yet. In a different scenario recently, there were three NPC villains against a group of six PCs. Two of the villains went down, leaving one left with about half his HP left. His morale said he should surrender if he has less than 10HP left, but after seeing his companions go down (quickly and effectively) and taking a few hits himself, I had him surrender early. There was almost nothing he could do to the party, since he was a caster backed into a corner who would force either AOOs or a concentration check to cast and nothing he could do could help him escape, so it seemed logical to have him surrender when he did.

You absolutely do not need to know every rule in every book to GM. I don't think there's a single person who knows everything from every book. What I like to do, and recommend doing, is read over the scenario a couple of times and then look up things you don't know. If an NPC has a spell or feat that you're not familiar with, look it up before you run the scenario. If the scenario requires the PCs to make a skill check, or if it takes place in an environment where they're likely to need to make skill checks (such as on or near a body of water where the PCs may need Swim) familiarize yourself with the DCs and rules for those skills. You don't need to memorize everything about every rule this way, just read over it so you're familiar with it and know where to look for it if you need to during the scenario.

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I play a deaf Oracle in PFS (who is also mute since she was born deaf and never learned to speak.) I have 1 rank in Linguistics to take Read Lips so I can understand what other people are saying, and I bring a small dry-erase board with me to every game to communicate with (in-game, it is a chalk board with chalk.) It is pretty awesome because it really forces you to role play the character; using things like psudodragons and Ghost Sound are all fine, but don't really immerse you in the character as much since you can still communicate "normally" with those means. To get the party's attention I wave my hand or tap on the table so they know I have something to say, and they wait while I write. It also helps that I play with my husband in most games and his character and my character have known each other a long time, so when he sees me writing, he can tell the group, "Hey guys, the Oracle has something to say."

Also, the chalk and chalkboard has come in handy more than once for other reasons in-game, like when the group needs to communicate with each other silently.

I ran that module for Free RPG Day. It was a lot of fun, but it was a bit of a bear since most of the party didn't have a good way to damage her.

If you run that encounter as written, as soon as the succubus is found out, she should teleport a short distance away (it specifies where on the map -- a location where she can get back to the party quickly, but the party wouldn't be able to see her immediately after she teleports so they wouldn't know where she went) and use her summon SLA to summon a demon. Then she sends the demon in after the party, and follows it. If the demon goes in first ahead of her, and she stays back near the end of the hallway they enter from, she should have time to cast Dominate Person. Even if she does get hit, remember that the attack has to do damage to force a concentration check; if the archer doesn't have the correct type of weapon (I think it was Good or Cold Iron?) then he has to get through her DR to even hurt her and force a check. And even if she does have to make a concentration check, her concentration is high, was it a +13? And the DC would be 10 + spell level (5) + damage dealt, so unless the archer 1) has some way to get through her DR or 2) has the correct combination of feats to do a significant amount of damage after her DR, and can still hit her AC of 27ish, she can probably make the concentration check if she needs to.

One thing I was curious about: Are you playing this for Pathfinder Society credit? (I see the Andoran symbol next to your username.) If so, level 7 PCs are not legal for this module. It was written for a 5th level party, and PFS allows modules to be played by characters 1 level up or down of the target level, so in this case, 4-6th level.

Edit: The above poster mentioned that if she does Dominate someone, the target would get a second save (with a bonus) if she tried to compel him to do something that would normally be against his nature, like attack an ally. A good command for the Dominated person would be "Go find the city guards" or "Go get reinforcements." This effectively takes them out of the battle, and doesn't allow their teammates to try and cast Protection from Evil or anything else that would allow a new save.


I love Oracles (and spontaneous casters in general) but they are much more specialized than Clerics since they have a limited spell list, so you will need to decide what "role" you want to fill in the party. Oracles can excel in many ways, they can be battle-oriented, focused on buffs, skill monkeys, or make excellent healers (I have heard multiple times that they are better straight up healers than Clerics if you build them with healing in mind.) So, the first question is, what kind of Oracle do you want to play?

Also, congrats on your first star! :)

Jason S wrote:

Btw, leaving at 2:15am isn't bailing, some people have jobs and/or can't stay up late.

Just to clarify, we weren't playing at 2:15am. I got the email from one of my players at 2:15am that he wasn't coming to the game later that day (which was scheduled for 2pm the same day, so about 12 hours notice.)

Anyway, we played and the side-quest actually went really well. I slipped an NPC in the place of the PC who was supposed to be introduced, which sucks for the PC because it would have been a great way to intro him. But everyone who was there had a blast and said it fit in great with the overall story/theme of the AP we're running. I feel good about it, despite having to wait 4 weeks to run what I'd made.

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