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Time keeps on slipping slipping slipping
Into the future...

Guh. I hate the public. Especially the OLD public

Rotten tips today

Man, all I got was to serve a few drinks before the monkey killed me off ..

The altargirls attempt to keep up with the clubgoers since Acme and Alaina are off battling. Magdalena runs back and forth, filling orders at the bar while Rosie cooks and mixes drinks

Where is Serafina? The young tiefling wonders as she tries to keep up

El-Lina Solareil wrote:

Unless Maggie is protected from Detect Thoughts or a really good listening bonus, El-Lina heads out of the Club, leaving a small potted plant by the door outside. Otherwise she waits for the drama, trusting in her protections from detection.

Neither and neither. Plus a lot of people come in and out, it IS a club after all, 24/7...

Magdalena goes to her rooms to shower and change. She knows tonight will be a busy one, and not because she will be bussing tables

David Fryer wrote:
You sir are an evil, evil man. I tip my hat to you sir.

I will add a tip o' the DM hat as well. Well played! Though I would have done the mopey server Serafina instead.

Magdalena walks back to the club, just in time to see Allura storm out crying with the bikini. She halts and dials a number on her cell

This change in Devlyn frightens Magdalena. She allowed him to lead her away from the main buildings down the rutted ATV track down by the verge of the forest. He pinions her against a tree and leans in for a kiss. She slaps him hard, her slender build disguising a surprising strength. The slap stings 'Devlyn's' cheek, leaving a red mark.

Back off now @zzhole ..The tiefling growls

Magdalena gets uncomfortable

Look, uh, Devlyn, You're nice and all, but I really don't know you all that well. I'm sure if maybe we got to know each other a little bit umm... But I am not quite that fast a mover, OK?

She attempts to lead 'Devlyn' back to the club

Magdalena smiles

Sure, why not? Alaina doesn't look like she's coming down for exercises today anyway. Let me get my shirt ..

She dons a baggy white tee reading SigilCon 127

OK, ready when you are!

The young tiefling follows Devlyn

Emperor7 wrote:

Would you be able to help me with something? Once you get a break?

Magdalena looks up. She had been stretching out at the exercise mat, dressed in some bike shorts and a gold bikini top. She smiles

Sure Devlyn! What do you need?

She puts her hands out for 'Devlyn' to give her a hand up.

Magdalena dances among the crowd as the techno heats up. Unlike the other altargirls, she is dressed in party clothes and seems to be off for the evening. A short gold minidess whips around her dark legs as she dances with a tall Aasimar boy in dark linen pants, plaid buttondown and a porkpie hat

The Dalesman wrote:

Smiles and laughs at himself
"Oh gods - I'm sorry I was so much trouble. I guess I owe you and Samanda for not leaving me passed out on the floor, don't I?"

The tiefling girl smiles and tosses her blonde hair.

Just tell Alaina what a great waitress I am and we'll call it even!

She bops off to get LoAI some breadrolls.

The Dalesman wrote:

"Magdalena! Just the lady I wanted to see! Did I make it through those five Dark & Stormys last night, or did they finish me off first?"

The young tiefling girl looks up and smiles, her white teeth a startling contrast to her dusky skin

Hi Devlyn! You actually had six, but the sixth one you spilled when you passed out..

The girl giggles

Me and Samanda had to carry you up to your room. You are really heavy when you're drunk!

The Bard wrote:
*The Bard wakes up after a long night in the arcane forge. With a slight headahce he heads for the Club to get some breakfast. He nods at Dale and orders some pancakes, eggs, and slightly chewy bacon.*

A young tiefling girl bounces up and takes his order. She returns quickly with his breakfast.

There you go sir!

You got it!

The blonde tiefling dances over to the bar, returning with to shots of vodka and a menu

I got you the Winter Queen brand, I hope that works for you!

Lord of All Insects wrote:

Entering the establishment from the guest elevator, LoAI takes a set by himself.

"Waitress," he gestures, "I need something strong to commiserate a lamented love. And some food too."

Magdalena bops over to LoAI

No problem sir, what would you like?

Lord of All Insects wrote:

Entering the establishment from the guest elevator, LoAI takes a set by himself.

"Waitress," he gestures, "I need something strong to commiserate a lamented love. And some food too."

Magdalena bops up to LoAI.

No problem sir! What do you want?

I'll be off and on too ..

Magdalena takes the two's orders and sashays off, hips shaking to the music thumping over the house speakers. She returns and puts their drinks in front of them, and any food they ordered. She flips her blonde locks and chirps

Anything else folks?

She dances off when they assure her they are good

Magdalena smiles and chirps

Sure thing sir! We have roast rothe tonight, also some Kraken calamari rings and a Celestial Chef's salad, with veggies grown in the Halfling power Yondalla's realm!

A young girl walks up to Allura and Devlyn. She is a tiefling, several small horns sticking out of her blonde hair. She has dark skin and longish ears, hinting at a possible drow ancestry as well. She is dressed in the typical waitstaff dress at Club Calistria, black shorts and a yellow-black halter. Her one interesting item is a thick bejeweled ring of gold about her neck. A skinny tail wiggles behind her, tipped with a small arrowhead point. She smiles at the two.

Hi! I'm Magdalena your server. Can I get you two something to drink?