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Examples of feat boost ?

i don't like the arcane style : its too multiclass oriented ...

But the bounty hunter is verry good !
I suggest this modification : remove nunchaku, add Lasso (distance grapple, no damage, but on a critical hit can strangle ...

You can add the Crossbow style (rapid reload, and some archery style) or add rapid reload too archery.
(because in underdark, tunnel ranger will use a crossbow ! )

perhaps it could be a good idea to develope this idea. Each race will gain 2 sort of capacities : racial capacities and cultural capacities.

Racial capacitie concern ability bonus (+2 Con of the dwarf, +2 dex of the elf), physical (ie independant of the culture : all elf have a good sight) skill bonus (+1 Climb of Halfelin, +2 perception of elves), base speed, saves bonus (+2 vs enchantement of elves, +2 vs poison of dwarfs) ...

Cultural capacity concern : weapons profeciencies, cultural skill bonus (knowledges, appraise, spellcraft... ), ...

A half race gain half the racial bonus of his parents, and choose one culture for her cultural capacity.

Human gain +2 somewhere
Elf gain +2 Dex, -2 Con, +2 Int

and half bonus of the elfs.

So, Half-elf gain +2 Dex or Int and can choose human cultural capacity (a feat ?) or elf ones ...

Dwarf gain +2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Cha
Gnome gain -2 Str, +2 Con, +2 Cha, SMALL

so Dworme (half dwarf, half gnome) are smal and gain :

-2 Str, +2 Con, +2 Wis


I will use this modification : a human culture transform an exotic weapons to a martial one.

So, Varisian consider the "star" as a martial weapon
Japense could consider "katana / bastard sword" as a martial weapon
(remember only Samurai can wear katana in medieval japan)

and so on

And what about the svirfnebelin ?
I will pass from 3.5 to Pathfinder, and a friend play a deep gnome :

What do you think about keep the classe but change LA from +3 to +2 ?
Because the Pathfinder races are +1 equivalent ?

It's a good idea to not think about balance but about "design" : -2 Str, +2 Int, +2 Cha seems verry good to me : i prefere a real gnome flavour : smart, charismatic ... than hardy !

More : apply the same think to half orc.
+2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Int

I don't like to see Gnome like fey creatures.
Perhaps because i play Baldur's Gate 2 a lot !

I'm crazy about Lantan Gnome : intelligent, inventor. And work with illusion (Jan Jansen).

I think there is too many class with Cha bonus, and this class are small ! Because small person are kind ? more than everybody ?

There is 7 races avaible. Leaves the humans, that should be study latter.

So 6 Stats and 6 races gives :

Half Orc > Str
Elven > Dex
Dwarf > Con
Gnome > Int
Halfelin > Wis
Half Elf > Cha

I give halfelin Wisdom thinking about Sam and Frodo : they could resist to the Ring... more than humans... they have WILL.
Wisdom in DD it's closer to perception or will than to "philosophy"
I give HalfElf Charism bonus because they are self-assured, sympathic.

Then, we give this races an other bonus (i try to give one stat to one race). I eliminate the halfhuman : it's easier to have the same rules for all halfhumans.

Elven > Int
Dwarf > Wis
Gnome > Con
Halfelin > Dex

Finally, i give a malus

Elven > Con
Dwarf > Cha
Gnome > Str
Halfelin > Str

So :

HalfOrc : +2 Str
Elf : +2 Dex, -2 Con, +2 Int
Dwarf : +2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Cha
Gnome : -2 Str, +2 Con, +2 Int
Halfelin : -2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Cha
Halfelf : +2 Cha

Favourite classes:
Dwarf: Cleric / Fighter
Elf: Wizards / Rogue (different culture : Wizards/Fighter)
Gnome : Illusionist / ?
Half-Orc: Cleric / Barbarian
Halfling: Paladin / Rogue

Does a wolf gain +1 hp / +1 skill by HD because he follow his favored class (animal) ?

Because actually, a wolf only gain 2 skill points at all !

So +1 hp/+1 skill by racial HD for creatures that follow just one class ( animal, construct ... )

I suggest you create a web enhancement with the useful conversion :

> a guid to convert prestige class (transform 0-level to at will, give new domain, needed feat : Tracks ... )
> Monster Manual races : Drow, Svifnerblin, Gnoll, Orcs ...
> Psionic rules : races and classes

In particular, say when NO CONVERSION is necesseray it's a good idea (example : "prestige don't need conversion, but you must change the skills"

I have some question about the 3.5 to Pathfinder conversion.

I start with Wolf.

3.5 wrote:

Skills: Hide +2, Listen +3, Move Silently +3, Spot +3, Survival +1*
Feats: TrackB, Weapon Focus (bite)


Pathfinder wrote:

Skills: Stealth +6 (2+1+3), Perception +5 (1+1+3), Survival +4 (1+0+3 focus)
Feats: Skill focus(Survival) B , Weapon Focus (bite)

Will we see a conversion of monster ? I think about a conversion of monster how have some feat / power missing in Pathfinder ( Track ).

What do you think about the "Track to Skill focus(Survival)" conversion ?

i dont like the prohibited schools rules... The wizard became too powerful.

> no XPs cost for Scroll ( and magic item )
(so only gold limitation for a lot of spell)

> no real prohibited school
> at will power
> lot of spell ...


I think give the sorcerer few spell from their bloodline (add to the "spell known" and not to "spell avaible") and re-introduice the prohibited school will balance the game

I don't really like the Plant Domain first power : Wooden strike.
I'd prefer a power like Animal Domain, a sort of "Animate Plant" (like the spell).

Animated Objet, type : Plant.

level 1 > Small
level 6 > Medium
and so on ...

What do you think ?

Elf gain +2 Dex, -2 Con, +2 Int
Humain gain +2
Half elf gain +2

Orc gain +4 Str, -2 Int, -2 Wis, -2 Cha
Humain gain +2
Half orc gain +2 Str, +2 Wis, -2 Cha ..

I think it's too different. Why not simply give +2 For to the half orc ?
In a way, It's better than the orc, and it's nearest the halelf one ?

I suggest :

Half elf gain +2 Dex or +2 Int
Half orc gain +2 Str
the rules : Half-humain gain +2 in ONE stat favored in the other race

And it's become easier to create half-race :

Halfelin +2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Str
Elf +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Con
> Elfelin (Midnight) +2 Dex, -2 Str (Small), +2 Int or Cha

Dwarf : +2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Cha
Gnome : +2 Con, +2 Cha, -2 Str (small)
1/2Dwarf 1/2 gnome : +2 Con, -2 Str (small), +2 Wis

Ogre : +10 Str, -2 Dex, +4 Con, -4 Int, -4 Cha
Human : +2
Half ogre : +6 For, -2 Dex (Large), +2 Con, -2 Int, -2 Cha

Ogre : +10 Str, -2 Dex, +4 Con, -4 Int, -4 Cha
Orc : +4 Str, -2 Int, -2 Sag, -2 Cha
1/2Ogre-1/2orc : +8 Str, -2 Dex (Large), +2 Con, -2 Int, -2 Sag, -2 Cha

It would be a great idea if Pathfinder have a guid to create characters : how to choose race, wich class, why, wich feat, wich skill...

For new players it's very important to create a nice character in "short" time.

Example :

If you want to be someone how life in forest, use bow and is very skilled, do a Ranger, human or elf. This feat is recomended (....), and this skill...

Does Pathfinder will inclue rules for Alchemical Item ?

I think it's a good idea to create simples rules for alchemical items, inspired by the codex ones.

Flask of element (zone) 1d6 then 1d6 DC25 20 PO
(acid, fire, ...)
Flask of element (one target) 1d8 DC25 20 PO
(acid, fire, ... )

Alchemical boost
+1 Skill / 1 minute / DC 20 / 20 PO
+1 Skill / 1 hour / DC 35 / 50 PO

Alchemical special
Stabilise / 1 use / DC 25 / 25 PO

and so on ...

It's seems Pathfinder will inclue the principals information of the DMG : NPC, XP, level up, creating monster. It will not inclue the MM.
But does the futur Pathfinder will replace the PHB ?
Does it contain all the spell ? all the equipement description ?

I talk for the french speaking player : there is traducted character sheet here :
French Sheet

There is other sheet made by french fan on this forum...

I always ask why a cleric must be a fighter ? it does not matter the worship : every cleric gain the same skill, the same armor, the same weapons (except deity's one)

Why not give them one skill du to their god ? It's sad that a druid of nature doesn't have knowledede (nature) or survival.

Here is my suggestion : add 2 skill at the cleric spell list, at the choice of the DM, or add 1 skill / domain

Air : fly
Animal : handle animal
Charm : bluff
Trickery : Sleight of Hand

I see a problem : Skill Focus (spellcraft) and combat casting have strange effect !
Skill focus (spellcraft) become more usefool : help to cast defensivly, help to identify, to learn ... So it's become a powerful feat.
I remove the combat casting feat .

In the other hand, I like the disparition of Concentration.
Perhaps give "Combat Casting" as a free feat for Cleric and Druid is a good idea.
I like the Druid and the cleric to be efficient in combat, due to their divine power.

The disparition of Concentration give every class a free skill point, and it could be spend in Spellcraft. So i think the rules should stay like this.

Fait un tour sur le scriptorium : il y a une version francaise de l'alpha 3.
On devrait monter un fanclub francais sur ce forum ! C'est cool de voir qu'on est pas seuls !

In english : Go on Le Scriptorium, there is an traduction of Alpha3.
It's nice to see we aren't alone ...
We should create a French Fanclub on this forum !


We have some good word... But we don't use "couteau de brèche". "Couteau de brèche" is a good word for "Coutille" / Glaive ... i think ...
I think the translator want a small word for each term. All the polearms ("armes d'hast") have the same stat (range, 1d10 or 2d4+trip or 2d4+disarm ... ). It's difficult two find the correct term : there is so much !
In wikipedia, there is no link between french terms and english term. In fact, we use the english terms and the french ones. We can use Glaive to talk about the romans sword, the gladius, but it can desgin the spear. We use Morningstar or Etoile du Matin to define the same weapons. But i think it's two weapons different : l'Etoile du matin have a chain, and the Morningstar doesn't.

In english you use Misericorde for la Miséricorde (fr). Miséricorde = Forgivness.

Here is some translation in D&D:

English / French
Glaive = Coutille
Gladius = Glaive

Lance = Lance d'arçon
Spear = Lance
Longlance = Pique
Shortspear = épieu

Ranseur = Corsèque

Falchion = Cimeterre à deux mains, but the translation of Falchion is "Fauchon"
Scimitar = Cimeterre

The terms of the armor are good. Chainmail = cotte de maille.
We use "harnois" for "full plate", but "armure de plaque complète" is also use.

Tower shield is pavois
Shield heavy is Ecu
Shield light is Rondache
Buckler is Targe.

Oups !
i think i miss to translate some term...

Nain = Dwarf ;)
Of course Dawrven axe is " hache de guerre naine"

Yes !

There is strange traduction, but in general, it's very good. It's hard to translate with a word an idea. There isn't always an equivalent.
You can have lot of traduction from the DRS here :

HAve fun finding the correct term !

Nameless wrote:

Cool! Enjoy the adventure! I never got through the entire game, but I enjoyed it immensely. I got stuck in the underdark, though.

I do have one question, though: Is Lanceur de sort polyvalent actually the French translation of Practiced Spellcaster, or did you just call it that?

Je suis curieux!

Yes it is ! It's this official traduction... I didn't know the original version...

And it's not so easy to translate English to french or french to english ... Sometimes there is strange thinks ...

Mobility is Souplesse du serpent = flexibility of the snake
and so on ...

We will play with this characters Saturday, June 7th or 14th.
I ask my friends to choice among the traditionnal npc. I don't want to have a unique hero. So, all of them will start in the Irenicus's Donjon, and all of them could be the son of Bhaal.
The quest will be to discover wich of them is the Son of Bhaal...

I will play a Baldur's gate 2 Pen and Paper, using Pathfinder rules.
Level 4, 25 points with pathfinder method.

Cernd, N
Werewolf afflicted
Human Amn, Druid 1
Str 13
dex 10
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 20
Cha 14
Skills : Control shape, Sense Motive, Knowledge (Nature, Geography), Stealth, Perception
Feat : Skill focus (Control Shape), Improved Trip, and the werewolf ones : Skill focus (Survival) , Iron will, Weapons focus (bite)

Keldorn, LG
Human Amn, Paladin de Torm 4
dex 10
Con 14
Int 10
Cha 18
Skills : Diplomacy, Sense Motive, Knowledge (Nobility, Religion)
Feat : Feat de discernement [??, work as Phylactery of Faithfulness ], Weapons focus (two handed sword) power attack

Korgan, CM
Nain, Fighter 4
Str 18
dex 13
Con 19
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 6
Skills : Climb, Acrobatics
Feat : Weapons focus (Dawrf axe), Power attack, Cleave, Great cleave, Improved destruction

Minsc, CG
Human Rashmen, Barbarian 1, Ranger3,
Str 20
dex 15
Con 16
Int 8
Wis 10
Cha 7
Skills : Perception, Survie, Climb, Acrobatics, Natation, Handle animals
Feat : Power attaque, Cleave, Twohanded sword (S), Endurance (S), Diehard

Nalia, NG
Human, Wizard (Universal) 2 / Rogue2
Str 10
dex 16
Con 14
Int 18
Wis 10
Cha 13
Skills : all !
Feat : Scribe scrool (S), Spellfire wielder (Faerun), Skill focus (Spellcraft), Lanceur de sort polyvalent (???; +4 spellcasting level, useful for multiclass ones)

Viconia, NE
Elfe noire (MM, LA +1) , Cleric de Shar 3, Darkness and Knowledges
dex 16
Con 8
Int 16
Cha 16
middle ages adjustements
Skills : Spellcraft, Knowledge (Arcana, Nature Plans, Religion, Dungeroning), Heal, Sense Motive.
Feat : Adaptation diurne [GdJF], Skill focus (Spellcraft)


change the Tracks feat from the wolf to Skill focus (Survival)
use the MM Drow, ie not the Pathfinder elven ability
regional feat ...


the encounter creation,
the PNJ creations
the calcul of XP,

How can i use the were- template in Pathfinder ?

Level adjustement ?
CR ?

and how work the transformation animal and hybrid ?
I think it's better to use the old spell for this purpose ;..

Hi !
I will play Baldur's Gate 2 with some friends, using Pathfinder rules. I ask here form some opinions about my choice.

The party start level 4, all the NPCs are avaible.

Minsc : Barbarian 4.
I choose Barbarian because Minsc is member of a Lodge (Ice Draconnic?) in Rashmeni. He was linked to a sorceress of Rashmeni, and have the berserker ability.
So i think Minsc is more Barbarian than Ranger (Valygar, Drizzt are Rangers).

Plus, i will use this score for Minsc : 20 15 16 8 10 7 (close to 18/93 16 16 08 06 09, in BG2)
So i think with Int 8 and Wis 10, Minsc isn't a trully ranger ! Even if he protect the Nature (Barbarian does too).

Of course, he got his miniature giant space hamster : Boo !

Cernd : Druid 4. But ...
How can i transform Cernd to the Werewolf, without use the werewolf template ? I don't think Cernd is really a werewolf, but he can adopt the power of them.

I think use this :
He will not gain Natural Bond (neither Compagnon nor Domain)
Animal Transformation how allow different power, but one form only.
Werewolf hybrid form
Speed 50 Feet
DR 5/Silver
+4 Natural Armore
+2 Str; +4 Dex; +4 Con
Bite (1d6)
Scent, Low-light vision

At level 12, can transform to Greater Werewolf, 1/day
Werewolf Lord hybrid form
Speed 50 Feet
DR 10/Silver
+5 Natural Armore
+14 Str; +4 Dex; +6 Con
Bite (1d8)
Scent, Low-light vision

He can use his weapons in hybrid form, and cast spell.
His magic item work in hybrid form ( belt, amulet, ring ... but no shoes)

At leat, Jan Jansen will be a Faerun gnome, ie -2 Str +2 Con +2 Int, Wizard and Bard favored class.

Viconia will use the 3.5 Drow template, with an LA +1.
HaerDalis will use 3.5 tieffelin template, with LA +0

Wich character will use Weapons finesse ? A character who is in combat, but without Force : Ranger, Rogue, Bard? ...

Ranger -> can take at first level
Rogue -> can take at second level
Bard -> can take at third level

So, there is no problem !

Pathfinder is a great opportunity to continue to play with 3.5 rules.
But i think about comaptibility.

Could you publish advice to convert characters from 3.5 to Pathfinder ?

I think about poor GM
with iconic NPC : Drow, Tieffelin, Centaur, ... and the races conversion (drow and elfe : what power from elfe avaible for drow )
with non-ogl Domain (Forgotten ones ... )
with non-ogl Feat (regional feat, heritage feat(sorcerer)... )

If Pathfinder will replace the 3.5 rules, it will be very usefool !

Another idea : create a new drs-rules for few language (english, french, spanish, italian, german), such as or (french's one)

I use this feat :

Monk style (Choose a weapon)

Weapons Focus (selected weapon), Proficiency with selected weapon

You can use this weapons with the monk abilities.

A monk can take this feat as a monk feat (level 1, 2, 6)

I think about the ECL of the Pathfinder race, and the ecl of the monsters races.

the Pathfinders race are more powerfull than the traditionnal race. Just a little : they have a +2 in a stat.

So :
the AL of the others class should be reduce by one ?
(think about the tieffelin)

does a monster with racial hit dice gain extra feat ?

does paizo will do a guide for monster : extra feat, extra skill point and so on ?
(think about the fusion of skill, wich allow free skill point for creatures)...

paladin with sneak attack it's not a problem : paladins have to protect the good, and destroy the evil.
So, he will use all his weapons and talents. Sneak is one of this.

There is a prestige class for paladin-rogue in complete divine (??), about such class.

And it can allow cool characters, very fun :

Paladin + Sorcerer (dragon), disciple of Bahamut
Monk + Druid
Monk + Rogue, ninja

Faerun have done such think with the clergy (i think about monk+sorcerer, monk+cleric ou monk+rogue)

Let the DM juge if it's good or not ...

A solution from L5R : change the stat associate with the skill, if it's more appropriate

Acrobatics + Dex for gymanstic action
Acrobatics + For for jump

and Acrobatics + Int to have an idea about the difficulty of the test

Fly + Dex to fly
Fly + For to fly with a very heavy charge

and so on

Perhaps it could be a good idea to add a "guide to the class" for each class, to give some advise to beginner ?

I think advise about :
1) stats (ie : with a 16 14 13 12 10 10 (high fantasy buy-point), barbarian should have F 16 D 13 C 14 I 10 W 12 C 10, fighter F 16 D 12 C 14 I 13 S 10 C 10 ... )
2) skill choice
3) feat
4) equipement

For the equipement, i think it's a good idea to add adventure's kit, with description, price and weight ( for size M and S ).

adventure kit : backpack, torch, flint and steel, rope ...
wizard kit : adventure kit + ink, parchement
cleric kit : adventure kit + holy symbol + cleric's vestement
medic kit : adventure kit + healer's kit

It's a good idea to add more choice for fighting style :

Two weapons
Two handed ( think about Aragorn, ranger of the norh, and Anduril ) ( he can gain the two handed combat feat )
Mounted combat

and so on ...

The first favored class for the half orc is Barbarian. I think halforc are humanoid close to nature and wild. So why Cleric ? I'd prefere druid favored class, like in the eberon/warcraft ... : orc are very close to nature, so they have shaman and so...

Cleric are more for civilised nation
Druid are more for wild nation

Goods things...

I will use this rules : if the check is fail, a strong creatures appaers and attack the wizard ( nishruu, aoa or astirax from midnight are some possibility ).
The creatures could be a verry strong monster immunate to magic, with RD /magic, etheral and so on

perhaps give the choice to the necromancers : skeleton, zombie or ghost.

For ghost, i think minor ghost (a spirit?) ie a ghost animal who not have all the power of the ghost archetype.

And why not a list of familiar for each school of magic ? A familiar that improve ?

The wizard choose a familiar from the original list, but the familiar gain power in fonction of the school ?

Evocator : Familiar transform to kind of elemental ( same apparence, a cat is a cat, but with elemental power : cat becomes cat fire elemental )

Necromancer : familiar transform to undead

Invocator : familiar grows ( cat becomes cougar, tiger ... )


Green Goblin give very good idea to RPG .

You choose ( or roll ) a background that give you favored classe, skill bonus, feat bonus and so on.
I think in this world ( Glen Cook's), there is only human race avaible. With this background, we give a lot of opportunity for player.

We could give each race a list of background.

Example from this pdf: Elfe could have Artistocrat, Hunter
Half orc could have Commoner, Fugitive
Dwarf could have Engineer, Commoner ...

This rules give the opportunity to have different character, different bonus from each race : two dwarf warrior will not be the same.
A forgot the problem of 1 favored class for each race.

Plus : give some race iconic +2 bonus, and the background give the other +2 -2.

Example : elf gain +2 Dex.

Hunter give +2 For -2Int ?
Artisocrat give +2Int -2St ...

I think Pathfinder or 3.75 rules could be more usefull if they suggest such kind of rules. Paizo already done the same think with the xp rules.

They could develop 3 base system : Vance's, Point's system (like Psion or channeler at Midnight) and Skill system.

More than a new game, more than a rules-suggested-book (like Unaerthed Arcana ), Pathfinder could propose few rules to modify and improve 3.5

An idea, a compromise (?) between Vance's system and Skill system.

The spellcaster follow is table progression for spell. He use all his spell for the day, and want to use an other. At this moment, he use the skill system ...

So there isn't problem of adaptation for NPC, and give the PC lot of opportunity.

okay ...

so we can propose creations system different from the DMG, and it can be OGL. Example, 4+4d4, forget the weak.

I have a question about OGL, and the PHB - DMG.
Does Paizo have the right to rules for character creations and character evolution (xp system and so on).
Will paizo build a PHB / DMG for Pathfinder in that way ?

Pathfinder seems to be a good solution for those who want to stay with 3.5. But a RPG must have it's own rules ( PHB DMG creation evolution ) to exist, and 3.5's rules will not be editate anymore ...

Gabriel_XWW wrote:

For me though it isn't just about the stat bonuses. The half Orc has minimal benefits compared to the other races.

Dwarves have their stat block, Slow and Steady, Darkvision, Stone Cunning, Keen Senses, Greed, Hearty, Their Weapon Familiarity, Hatred, Defensive Traning and Stability for example.

Half Orcs have their stat bonus, Dark Vision, their Weapon Familiarity, Orc Ferocity and Orc Blood. That's it.

Gnomes have their stat block, Small, Low-Light Vision, Keen Senses, Obsessive, Illusion Resistant, Gnome Magic, Weapon Familiarity, Hatred and Defensive Training. Again that is more than the Half Orc.

All of the races seem to have more benefits. Give the brutes a break. Let them have cool ablities too.

Why not give them a feat ( restricted to warrior list ) ?

This will give the halforc a very good fighter, like some players wants he to be ...

Half elf could dain the humain skill, half orc the bonus feat ...

But ... it's too powerfull

you talk about give the half orc the advantage of both human and orc ( like half elf ). But witch kind of orc race we will use ?

* +4 Strength, -2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma.
* An orc’s base land speed is 30 feet.
* Darkvision out to 60 feet.
* Light Sensitivity: Orcs are dazzled in bright sunlight or within the radius of a daylight spell.

* +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Con

Half Elf
* +2 on stat

* +2 in one stat
* competence bonus

I like the +2 +2 -2 choice, or the +2 For +2 somewhere.

o do it yourself and don't inflict thinly veiled tribute gods on the rest of us. I like the deities of Golarion as is. More of them is not something I look forward to. The hundreds of indistinguishable gods of Toril and Oerth are appalling to me. Having a well developed and small pantheon that can get depth instead of breadth in their detail is a good thing.

Yes. I hate this hundred god unmemorisable ! The eberoon idea it's good : give an adjective or a common word as a god's name : The Keeper, the shadow, the silver flame ...

The roman and the greek have the same god, with different name.
And i'm sure there is equivalent between egyptian
, babylonian, greek ... gods.

Perhaps change Gygax into Agyx, Xagyg ... I don't like to use the real name. (see Vance and Vecna )

maybe use this rules :

each spell have a recharge times, and you must wait this times between to spell.

Example : teleport wait 4 hour !

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