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Rear Admiral Bÿrdtúrgler wrote:
My kind of ... drill! I'll blitz you all ... from behind.

Now watch it

Field Marshal von Grünmann wrote:
LtCol Smokedraven wrote:
spite is what this thread and it's predecessors were all about
Mobilize your men, Lt Col!

Will do!!

My men need a little incentive, where is your Cousin the 7 leafed one

spite is what this thread and it's predecessors were all about


drop 'em


Mr. Tiggles wrote:
I just want to be held.

you sure do have a pretty mouth

Navy Corpseman wrote:
I pity da fool!

at least you are not the face of the group, we'd have clerics left and right trying to turn us.....speaking of which turn around and drop and give me 20

Locked, Cocked and ready to rock....hard tonight

my rifle is loaded

Lieutenant Taig wrote:
Charlie the Survivor wrote:

Lieutenant, make me a pot of coffee. I'll be over here saving the free world one Powerpoint slide at a time.

<Consults FM 69-77>

There doesn't seem to be anything about making coffee in here...

<skims FM 69-77> Oh there it is. It also states that you must give all higher ranking personnel back massages. It's in the fine print under the heading labeled "Happy endings"

Stiff and Rigid, why yes I do love the 10 inch.....guns on the battle ships yeah that's what I meant

I've got my pen, now someone get me some papers to sign. We have a war to prep for.

Private don't forget to pick up my pants at the dry cleaners.

~Stands up and whacks Sharoth in the head~

I got somding that will tickle you

~Reporting for Duty~

What the hell??!!!!??? Private get the artilary to fire at the dwarf's position