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I'd like to know what kind of societal pressure would lead a society to develop double sided tape so early in their development.

I would hope that there isn't a Pathfinder 2 for at least another decade. Paizo just needs to watch D&D Next crash and burn and be ready to pick up the victims. Making a Pathfinder 2 this early will just chase people away and fracture the industry even more than it currently is.

That book looks so cash.

I want it now damn it >=[

W E Ray wrote:

"metric ton of Asian critters" ....

Damn it!

I was really looking forward to getting it now I have to reconsider. That sucks!

Please tell me you're exaggerating. If 1/3 of the monsters are unusable because of their oriental flavor I may not get it afterall.

All signs point to this from what I've found. Not very impressive tbh.

Polski Ninja wrote:
Some Polish guy with waaay too much spare time wrote a review that goes in detail on what's inside.

Really? Where.

Bow wow

Just wondering it its worth buying. Normally I wouldn't have to ask for Paizo products but this year has just been bleh. What kind of monster spread are we looking at here?

Now keep in mind I don't play Pathfinder (sorry it's based on the s*+*ty 3.5 thanks!) but I generally use their fluff / convert their modules to enhance my 4E campaign.

Name: Burgess Caledon
Race: Dragonborn
Class: Swordmage
Level: 8
Tier/Campain: Heroic, Golarion
Alignment: Good
In my DM's campaign the Dragonborn have replaced the Ulfen so wherever you'd see an Ulfen you'd see a Dragonborn instead.

We played with our campaign for about a year and a half. And he was a pretty cool, bitter, old drunk who hated the Hags of Irrisean.

Hell no. Paizo isn't good with the mechanics aspects of their games. They should just stick to fluff, which they do really good (when they aren't c&ping parts of books into other books like their Human splatbook)

-A book with all kinds of dinosaur statistics, including ones that you can play as.

If you are starting to feel that you are playing with the wii mote (Wizard) and the rest of the classes seem to be playing with an NES controller...

I'd like to know the answer to a lot of these too.

Also are there any dinosaurs?

It's a bit misleading to call the book Ultimate Combat, isn't it? It should be Ultimate Magic 2 or something.

It's in the section about story items. Just items that you can base quests around. No stats, no anything. The item is called simply "Pathfinder"

In Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium there is a passage about a Pathfinder story item and it throws in a bunch of stuff like "torturous passages, bleak, empty expanses" and things like that.

Isn't it enough that we have to read the edition wars online? Now we have to put up with them in our splatbooks!

I got Ultimate Combat a week a go and I've hard no time to read it until last night. The book was really, really good. None of the three new classes really tickled my fancy but flipping through the archetypes was a journey through awesome! I couldn't turn the page without wanting to make a character from one of the archetypes. Bravo Paizo. I'm really impressed by this book. Thank you.

Ævux wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Ævux wrote:



Even after others (of his race) have reached the point that they are too old to perform, the alchemist is always able to easily make little blue pills.

Elves are youthful and viril long after(hundreds of years) the alchemist has gotten old and saggy and needs chemical enhancements. Just saying. So if one measures over a lifetime than elves of any class win.

Edit; except maybe gnomes. I imagine they breed like rabbits.

Alchemists can.. stop.. aging.

Racial wise, Elves are far too stuck up to really do it. IF they wern't, we would have elves everywhere. You'd open up your cabinet and there would be a freeking elf right there. Couldn't even use the bathroom for fear that there would be elves there.

So while the alchemist gets "old and saggy" and needs chemical enhancements, that doesn't stop him from getting the nookie he wants.

After all, he can grow a tentacle..

Or a talking tumor. I hear the girls go wild for those.

I prefer Alchemists to both.

*Casts haste and cure moderate wounds on Trinam*

A lot of these are cool. Hopefully they'll be better than Humans of Golarion.

Joana wrote:
WotC apparently just announced non-randomized minis in themed packs, for those who want such things, along with a diceless minis game. Click here and scroll down to 11:50.

+1 WotC

-1 Paizo.

If WotC can offer nonrandomized miniatures, why can't Paizo?

Curtisin wrote:

While I'm certain that it's all been debated in the previous threads, I do feel the need to voice my two cents.

I find the models themselves to be looking really well done when judging by the pictures, and I'd love to own them.

But not at a price of 4 dollars each. For that, I'll happily substitue HeroClix models, or even MageKnight ones, as they at least come in a package of 4 at a price of 7 dollars for a pack.

Sorry Paizo, but much as I love your products and find that your Adventure Paths and hardcovers are usually worth more than the price you ask, this isn't the case here.

You se this post? This post is something I agree with.

After having a few hours to cool off I still feel betrayed by Paizo. First the insanely horrid Humans of Golarion (cmon the least you could've done is told us on the cover that it was just a C&P job from Inner Sea Guide! Trap-splat books seem like a WotC thing and not a Paizo thing! I've come to expect exciting new material from Paizo and the book was a complete disaster in that regard.) and now this. It seems like everytime a ICV2 report comes out Paizo starts to shift closer and closer to the "Screw the customers, we're getting money!" mentality that WoTC has.

Please just stop it. Nobody wants to buy randomized miniatures and your product isn't enhanced by it one bit. It's just 100% customer screw. I don't care how well-done you think the miniatures are, I'm not buying them randomized.

However, Paizo has served me well in the past and my former claim of not buying future books was uncalled for. As long as Humans of Golarion was a fluke and the rest continue to be grandslams, I'll continue to buy books. Just consider me in "Red Alert" status here folks. Paizo has raised some red flags and I'm not entirely enthused about the direction they seem to be taking.

I fear I will not be able to find space in my budget for Ultimate Combat because of this announcement. I will not be giving anymore money to Paizo until they realize how absolute b!#$!+@~ random miniatures are. Hear that Paizo. That`s a formerly loyal customer talking with his wallet. I had such faith in you and you dashed it upon the rocks.

Vic Wertz wrote:

Just announced! See the Press Release here! (It has some info on follow-up sets, as well as a FAQ you'll want to check out.)

We will be making the black dragon case premium available to those who order cases from, and in other ways as well. Details on that will be announced later.

Wtf. Random miniatures! This was lame when WotC did it and Paizo should have known better. I feel so betrayed. It`s like a friend just led me into a dark alley and is leveraging a dagger into my back. This will affect my decision to buy Paizo products in the future. I am not spending time on a company that is just going WotC us at the first opportunity.

Paizo is stealing words from our heads!

A book full to the bursting of Dinosaurs/Megafauna and a few chapters about running a campaign based around them would be AWESOME.

a.) What are your ten favourite dinosaurs?
b.) Are we ever going to see a Carnotaurus statted up?
c.) Have you ran Souls for Smuggler's Shiv yet? If so any suggestions on what to do if a character dies?
d.) Do you know of any cool stuff for Alchemists coming up?

gigglestick wrote:

So, is PF outselling D&D?

I lost track of the answer in the middle of the other debates...

We don't know yet.

kyrt-ryder wrote:

Maybe you could cut the snark, Lordofkhybr? He's not asking for that kind of unbalanced Katana fanboy stuff, he just has the view (which I share) that a Katana = Japanese Longsword, as opposed to Japanese Bastardsword.

Maerimydra wrote:
The katana dealing 1d10 damage is an old heritage from the 2ndE. It's because a katana ''cuts better'' than a longsword, so it ''have'' to deal more damage. I'm fine with that, but then the katana needs to be an exotic weapon. If it's not, then every longswords in the world will end up in the trash can.
A scimitar cuts better than a longsword too. (Incidentally, I would say the scimitar stats are better for the Katana than bastard sword. It can pierce better than a scimitar, but not well enough that it has to have a piercing damage type to make sense.)

I wasn't being a snark in my post. We really should be able to do that! And yes cutting snarks is possible too. (although maybe only at higher levels)

A katana should be able to ignore hardness/damage reduction. If I am playing a fantasy samurai I want to be able to cut through tanks, trees, and troodons.

I mean come on. This is getting out of hand. Why does Paizo keep hating on large herbivorous dinosaurs? Wasn't it enough that they didn't include the Triceratops in the first Bestiary?

Did we really need a pic of the Allosaurus which is basically just a T-rex variant? That space could've been used on a herbivorous dinosaur of some sort.

Tsk tsk Paizo.