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I am curious about what other stretch goals you may have in the pipeline for us? But of course we have to reach funding first!

Nothing sad about it, i'd say!
You are selling us bags of - honestly - superb gaming goodness...so you can make room for more even more superb gaming goodness. What's not to like? :D

That's cool!

@Joshua: Agreed! (i am getting it in PF)

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Yeah, that was FAST! :D

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OK, failed my Will save finally! Im in for the print+pdf level (Pathfinder!). Yeah! Let's go to the Blight!
ps. I am very happy about the announcement and decision to do a 5e pdf version, and I'm sure we WILL reach a 5e print stretch goal!

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Agreed, let's get some teasers about the swyne and the briny! :)

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Wow, nice size! I like :)
And swyne and briny sounds very interesting!!

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Absolutely true! They have a proven track record - and produce the very best content :) (oh damn, doesn't help my will save....)

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Oh very high DC will saves are required on my part to not back this KS....Oh my... My wallet isn't too eager...But it's my Will save ;)

By the way: I am curious about the approx. SIZE of the city, as in how many inhabitants? (and wether or not that includes undead, golems, mortomaton, and what have you)

66) The idea that anything can destroy the game or the gameworld

Yeah, that's really also my primary end-goal right for this KS!

Yeah that is one of the things I really like about the Lost Lands - that there is PLENTY of room to place your own stuff without "breaking anything", that and well....that FGG just consistently produces gaming material of the very highest quality! (both production AND content wise). And certainly some of the best dungeons and modules ever made :)

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And they are included now :) I am sure this is going to be an awesome, thorough guide on the Borderland Provinces area, and that it will be a great ressource for running, for example, Lost City of Barakus and Rappan Athuk campaigns! And the kickstarter also includes a hardcover book of adventures set in the Borderland Provinces.

I am just about to wrap up and conclude a large sandbox+metaplot campaign that has been running for a good 3 and half years+ (characters are in the level 16-18 range).

Then I am going to begin a new sandbox campaign shortly, that will begin in Endhome and have both Lost City of Barakus and Rappan Athuk as some of it's biggest "campaign tentpole" dungeons. The Borderland Provinces campaign book and Adventures book comes in as REALLY handy ressources for our next campaign I am sure! :D (Together with Cults of the Sundered Kingsdoms, that I am buying as an add-on).
So I couldn't be happier about the timing of this KS!

I am going for the PF version, though I can see the benefit of all three versions! My own second choice would be the S&W version, as if/when we aren't playing PF I think ACKS would be my preferred ruleset.

BTW: I am SO going to be placing a certain Keep on the Borderlands somewhere in the Borderland Provinces... who can resist doing that. Hommlet and the Moathouse will be there too. And a certain Tower of the Stargazer will be put not so far outside Endhome (west of it). Along the Sinnar coast, one or two hexes south of Endhome I will put the Lonely Coast from Raging Swan Press, and I plan to kick-off the campaign running Retribution there (at least it will be one starting hook for the players to go and deliver something to the Curate at Cymer Priory), and then the players will have reasons to go back to Endhome afterwards, and EXPLORE ON! :D

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I still think it can get there!
For anyone interested/on the fence have at look at Endzeitgeist's very thorough and informative review of the original edition of Rogue Glory:

The gods WILL make it though :) !! The deities appendix is stretch goal #4 at 52k, and we are already at 51k with 3 whole days to go. So fear not, we WILL get there - and beyond! :D

Glad to hear you had a good convention and sold a lot of books! :) I am a little envious, I would love to have the possibility of meeting you guys at a convention - and buying a lot (more) of your books!!!

Yes it was! :)
And in fact, as of right now, we are actually only 1229$ from stretch goal nr 3: Perilous Places #1, that contains encounter tables for The Forest of Hope and The Creeping Mire!

So anyone still on the fence, come on in and join the fray!

And... we just breached the second stretch goal! Yeah! :)

Yes, a deities appendix does indeed make for a splendid stretch goal!!

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If any one is (still) on the fence, just (re-)look at the list of contents of the campaign book, it's a real gazetteer of most of the Sinnar coast map, the area of Lost City of Barakus and Rappan Athuk (and lots more):

Table of Contents
Chapter One: Aachen Province
Chapter Two: Amrin Estruary
Chapter Three: Eastreach Province
Chapter Four: Exeter Province
Chapter Five: Gaelon River Valley
Chapter Six: Keston Province
Chapter Seven: The March of the Mountains
Chapter Eight: Duchy of the Rampart
Chapter Nine: Kingdom of Suilley
Chapter Ten: County of Touellen
Chapter Eleven: Unclaimed Lands
Chapter Twelve: County of Vourdon
Chapter Thirteen: Yolbiac Vale
Chapter Fourteen: Points Beyond

Chapter Fifteen: Rogues in Remballo


Appendix A: Personal Names
Appendix B: Place Names in the Borderland Provinces
Appendix C: Encounter Quick Reference (Note from Chuck: “quick reference” includes a list of 108 entries all with sub-entries. This appendix is longer than some chapters)
Appendix D: Flying Encounters
Appendix E: Night Encounters
Appendix F: New Monsters (This appendix will vary depending on the rule set being used)
Appendix G: New Magic Items (This appendix will vary depending on the rule set being used)
Appendix H: Heresies
Alphabetical Index of Places and Pronunciations

Well i would place it some place where you would like your group to go! ...I know obvious answer, and not much help... but that's where i would start myself: asking, where would I as GM really love for my group to go? Personally I would probably put in somewhere interesting in Rappan Athuk!

In my mind you can't spam QUALITY, only well ---crap, so FGG products - and announcements and threads concerning them - will never be "spam" IMO :)

Very interesting concerning the distance/scale of the Lost Lands map, and these Road & Risk encounter tables. Very interesting, I would love to hear and see more of your design/game philosophy! :)

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This is the best RPG news i've heard in a LONG time! :D SO looking forward to this - best news, imo, since the RA kickstarter :D

@silverhair: That is one cool idea from your player there! Wonderful idea in fact :)

VERY exciting! Backing this Borderlands Provinces kickstarter is SO going to be a no-brainer for me :) !

VERY exciting! Back this Borderlands Provinces is going to be a no-brainer for me :) !

Yeah, it really does sound REALLY awesome! :)

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Is this "important low cost book" a Lost Lands Campaign Setting / Gazetteer or what are you talking about?
You can't just hint without throwing us a few more bones, can you? :)

I wrote two of my reviews (Dungeon Dressing and Scions of Evil), both here at Paizo and at DriveThru, will write the other two when i find the (short) time :)
Congrats on an epic month!

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Yeah, I think i will do just that - write reviews of the 4 products :) They will be short I think, but I guess every opinion counts :)
(I will write them at DriveThruRPG, where i bought them)

Happy birthday!
I recently got Dungeon Dressing, Wilderness dressing, Retribution and Scions of Evil in print (+pdf). I love them!
Scions of evil is VERY useful for my current level 16-18 campaign (as it will be equally much for campaigns of any level), and i will be using Retribution for one of the first scenarios for my next campaign.
Together with Frog God Games, Raging Swan Press is now my number one favorite publisher for Pathfinder, bar none!
Continue the great work!

@Joshua: How do you - and your players - like Wizards Amulet and Crucible of Freya? And what is your opinion on running 5th ed vs running Pathfinder? I am curious to know your experiences and thoughts?

Thanks for the swift answers!
That sounds good Greg! :) And now I didn't think to ask about Gary's Necropolis, but I might as well have. That's another favorite of mine! It is just so evocative and nasty! - Mind you, I haven't run it yet, but its on "the list"...

Hi Greg!

I am curious to know if you have any plans to re-publish Morten Braten's Ancient Kingdoms: Mesopotamia? In a Pathfinder version (and maybe SW), maybe to be included in the Lost Lands setting?

Also, now that I'm here: I LOVE the Slumbering Tsar!! :)

Cool, I will!

Your products look really interesting, love me some swords and sorcery :) I will have to look into it!

Btw: Do you have any plans for a PF-updated version of Ancient Kingdoms: Mesopotamia? (through Frog God Games for example)

That is awesome news Greg! :)

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I am also myself planning for our next mega-sandbox to be based primarily on Frog God Games material :)
Much like you it seems, i will be putting everything on my own homebrew map, that will include Endhome and environs and The Lost City of Barakus dungeon, as well as the small hamlet of Zelkors Ferry and of course... The Rappan Athuk :)
I will also include the Tomb of Abyshtor.

I will place Barakus north of Endhome (simply following the maps in the Barakus book). South-southwest of Endhome will be Zelkors Ferry and south of that The Mouth of Doom and the rest of RA. West of Endhome along the road will be Hommlet and the Moathouse (converted to PF), and a little further west-northwest the Tomb of Abyshtor.
Directly south of Endhome will be the Lonely Coast (from Raging Swan Press), that will include the modules Retribution and Road of the Dead, and possibly also Against the Cult of the Bat God.
I also plan to include a few more converted old school dungeons (from Lamentations of the Flame Princess) namely The Tower of the Stargazer, Grinding Gear and Death Frost Doom (losely converted to PF, possibly just "converted" ad-hoc as we play).

I am also done with the setting now, and am starting to create different hooks and rumours for the different starting locations (the main starting locations are Hommlet, Endhome and Swallowfeld on the Lonely Coast)

I might post some more here later on, if that would interest you, possibly maps when they are finished.

Rules wise I will be running the campaign on the Slow XP track as well as giving only 25-50% XP for monsters slain/overcome. They will be getting XP for gold on the other hand, as well as XP from quests completed and for mapping dungeons and for writing session reports (small bonus).

Would you consider shipping the 3 modules to Europe (Denmark)?

Lots of good suggestions from people i think! :)

I can't help but ask, what are his own suggestions?
Maybe suggest him to look/think it through himself a bit, and chose whatever most strikes his fancy? Then support him more concretely with his actual build, if necessary?

I am just getting a few vibes of "im just sitting here, laid back, while you suggest me options" (from the player) and that make ME go "Ok, think about it. You have had a lot of suggestions given to you, now think it over, and see what you come up with!"

Just my perspective, give and take.

Wilderlands (is most probably on its way from Judges guild, as they have just kickstarted CSIO)





Dotted for further reading!

Yes it's and old D&D/AD&D rule.

I have come to the conclusion, though, to keep it out of my house rules. I want the fear of death to be real - me and my players like that, and don't find death to be a barrier to fun! :) I just want to turn down the ease of resurrection somewhat... but i think i can accomplish that be making any raise dead/resurrection equivalent spell more expensive (and also to always have components cost, incl. Breath of Life), and to make the required components hard to come by (it can be very hard to aquire a 5.000 gp diamond for example...).

DungeonmasterCal wrote:

This is all I'm concerned about. I dont' give a fig about redesigned classes... LOL

"Delve into a new system for resolving player actions designed to speed play and dispel confusion."

This x100

Wizard Illusionist School is hard to go wrong with imo, for an illusionist :)

Well... it depends on the new version/edition/revision doesn't it? :)
For me retaining (a very large degree of) backwards compatibility would be important, if it isnt compatible with all the PF stuff i already have, i might a well play a completely different game...

Also if Pathfinder should be changed a lot for me it should be in a much more rules light, less options/bloat way... but hey i got plenty of other systems for that! (i like many of the OSR games, especially ACKS, and also original AD&D and B/X D&D).

All in all...

Im fine with Pathfinder as it is! My next campaign will probably not be with ALL the options - but thats fine too.

Thank you for this EPIC work! :)

137ben wrote:
DaveMage wrote:
I don't think WotC has PDFs of any products it has released in print in the last year. For example none of the reprinted core rulebooks from 1E, 2E, 3E, or 4E are available in PDF.

Uh, what? They are all on DTRPG. Even those that weren't reprinted are available as PDFs from Drivethrurpg.

The 5e PHB isn't available as a PDF, though, which is concerning. Maybe they'll release all three core books as PDFs together, after they are all out in print? I'd be really disappointed if they didn't, since it would mean I probably wouldn't be able to play 5e.

That's incorrect!

It is true that none of the printed/re-printed core rulebooks have been (re-)released as PDFs but WOTC. Thus you can get OD&D books (premium reprint), AD&D 1st, 2nd, 3.5 premium reprints, but NONE of these core books are available as PDFS. Also the AD&D scenarios they have reprinted are noticably absent from their PDF offerings (the A and S series).

And on the other hand: they have released PDFs (thank god!) of the Basic/Expert (Moldvay/Cook) D&D books as well as Rules Cyclopedia... but.... that coincides with these rulebooks being the exact ones they HAVEN'T reprinted....

So it really seems...so far.... that for WOTC it's either print OR pdf, but not both.... strangely....

If i could also buy pdf editions of, say AD&D 1st edition core books, it would only make it more likely that i would start a campaign using those books... leading to further physical books being sold too .... i dont get their strategy at all so far

Well, don't know how helpful, but I agree with your understanding, and thats how i play it (GM it).

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