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Beware the baleful winds that ominously predict the walk of the dead. No living force will stop the march of the Golgothans.

Those that do not join the march will be consumed by it.

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Feel free to post what you would like to see me go over on my stream.

Unfortunately i missed the opportunity to record the epic fight atop Zombie Kitty Mountain. Streamed it, but I wasn't able to make a highlight reel for all the awesome we had going on.

Today's thing: Keywords

or watch me live for the next explanation

I'm thinking tomorrow will be a basic Crafting Explanation.

I also think it would be a great idea to get a big event going, maybe we could get some more groups running escalations and having fun.

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Account # 1
16 Months game time
2 x New Player Pack
Destinys Twin
Daily Deals
Early Enrollment
Memorial of Honor
2 x Alliance Pack
3 x Regional Trait Pack
Shield Mate
Head Start
3 x Class Pack
8 x Adventurer Reward Tier(Comes with 8 accounts to give to friends, have all adventurer reward tier items from KS)
2 x Honorable Title
Character Name Reservation
Twice-Marked of Pharasma

This account also has a settlement attached to it.

Account # 2 & 3
New Player Pack
Destinys Twin
Daily Deals
Early Enrollment
Alliance Pack
4 Month game time
Head Start
Shield Mate
Character Name Reservation

These accounts were part of a guild package.

Additionally, selling several standard EE accounts.

If you are interested in an account please message me with a serious offer.

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First, lets begin by defining the terms:
Semi-Persistent Buffs - Any beneficial effect that is cast once and the duration lasts over 1 hour or until cancelled.
Pet - A spell that conjures, raises, charms, or crafts an NpC(Non-playable character) that follows the PC (Player Character) around and follows basic commands.

Next, the reason for this thread.
The idea here is to brainstorm a solution that allows the play-styles eliminated by the current problems. And then present the format to Idea Scale

1) Game Balance
2) Resource and Time investment
3) Play-Style Bias

Initial Ideas
Game Balance:
1) Power (Daily Resource) Investment - Once cast this expendable will not allow Power to Regen up its cost while the spell is maintained.
Ex: Bob casts the expendable Summon Animal Companion for 50 Power. Bob has a total of 100 Power before casting the spell. After Casting the spell Bob has an effective total of 50 Power until Bob dismisses or cancels the spell.
2) Additional Resource Cost - A Material Component is required in addition to a power expenditure to cast the expendable. This material component should be a RAW (Found in Nature) crafting material or a REFINED (Crafted by players)crafting material.
Ex: Bob's Sister casts the expendable Phantom Steed. Bob's Sister spends the appropriate Power and the appropriate material component (A Horseshoe...?). Bob's Sister now benefits from the Phantom Steed Mount for 1/Hour per level or until dismissed.

-In order to successfully mitigate Game Balance Concerns in regards to Semi-Persistent Buffs and Pets both or either of these methods should be utilized. This makes Semi-Persistent Buffs and Pets:
1) Exclusive: Only those that slot the Expendable can utilize them. In addition in order to slot them you:
A) Need to find the expendable
B) Need to choose this expendable over other expendables
2) Costly: A sacrifice in power that does not regenerate and/or material components will:
A) Greatly reduce the frequency of usage to those who enjoy these play-styles
B) Prevent abuse by making the expendable more than a single cast (Equip it and Forget it Spell)
C) Allow for more player interaction. (Crafting, Trading, Inn travel to regen power, etc..)

Resource and Time Investment
I understand that a programmer will need to devote time and resources into crafting a system that is both balanced and fun to play.
This is not a demand to have these systems in the game NOW. These are merely suggestions to aid with getting these systems into the game EVENTUALLY.

I myself have only a very basic knowledge of coding and therefore cannot contribute heavily in this area. I invite anyone with more experience and knowledge to comment and attempt to alleviate time and resource investments by suggesting specific things to aid the programmers.

Play-Style Bias
This one is present because there are individuals/groups who do not want to see certain play-styles in the game. No one player/group should have any more or less say. With that reasoning, individuals and groups should not be able to revoke access to certain play-styles.

If there is even one individual that wishes to play a certain way then it is the responsibility of the community and the developers to do our best to enable that play-style with the following in mind:
1) Game Balance
2) Resource and Time Investment

If individuals or groups do not want Rangers to have pets, then they can play a ranger that does not utilize a pet, but the individual that wishes to travel and explore next to his faithful hound should have the same opportunity.

Most play-styles have been around since the beginning of Online Gaming, or Gaming in general. And the majority of games offer a way to enjoy that style of play in some way.

-2 Coppers

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After doing some number crunching, I have 8 Destiny Twin OE accounts for sale. They will need to be upgraded to EE if you want to participate in Early Enrollment, but they have all the bells and whistles of OE Kickstarter Accounts.

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Is this happening? It would really be a let down to have purchased add-ons to help in the beginning of an adventurer's career if we weren't able to utilize them until those avatars were sufficiently past the need for them.

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Is it ok to move votes back into Golgotha that had prior obligations due to the restrictions placed on LR1 winners?

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What was this again? I know I purchased it but I don't really recall what it does.

Also: Any update on the 35$ add-on accounts?

Lastly: Any update on tracking our addons on our goblinworks account page?

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I will preface this with: I am not a programmer, I have dabbled and barely created a space invaders game following a guide. In short I have no idea what is possible and what is not.

Spell Schools:
In the Table Top there are a large variety of spells that make up for the inherent weaknesses of the Wizard. Other classes get several bonuses to their class in addition to spells, but generally have a smaller selection of spells to choose from. The exception is the wizard "who accidentally the whole spell list".


So my question to the Devs: Do you foresee any issues implementing spells from all the schools? I have watched the Alpha stream and noticed that everyone is playing the equivalent of an Evoker. (The "weakest" of the wizard types.)

I am particularly interested in Necromancy (As I speak for the majority of Golgothan Necromancers) and fear that the school will not receive its just dues. But that fear is on par with worry for Transmutation.

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Disclaimer: This thread is speaking on behalf of the concentrated grouping of necromancers within Golgotha. I am personally fighting for my preferred play-style.

Unless there has been an update that has escaped notice, Necromancers who command undead will receive the "Heinous" flag that makes them target-able and kill-able for no alignment hit or reputation loss. The flag is considered a major "debuff" that stands in the way of becoming an Undead Master. On the upside, it relates that we will in some way have the ability to command undead on a scale befitting of a necromancer.

There have been arguments for and against persistent undead in the past. I have heard things such as "meaningful player interaction" and meaningful choices leveled at necromancers wishing to pursue the route of Undead Master, or more commonly known as Minionmancy. My counter to this is below:

1) Necromancers will need to band together and protect each other if the "Heinous" flag is still being used in the game. Players will have the ability to fight and kill even high reputation necromancers without taking any penalty due to this flag.

2) Necromancers will be unwelcome in nearly all player settlements that represent the Good alignment axis.

3) Having undead under your control will present a unique and fulfilling play-style with plenty of danger due to increased permanent hostility from non-allied players.

To me, and this represents my personal opinion, it appears that as soon as one chooses the lifestyle of Undead Master they have made a meaningful choice that will affect their entire "career" with that character. It will promote many meaningful player interactions that will result in several of the core values of Pathfinder Online.

So I have proposed this system before, and I reanimate it now in order to polish it and present it anew:

A Multi-tiered system that allows the necromancer to benefit from his chosen play-style in the same way all other roles/classes will benefit.

**Note** All Undead should need to be created from a Corpse within the game. You do not "summon" undead into existence: You create them. the moment you have animated any undead, you should receive your "Heinous" flag. (Feel free to give me a permanent flag)

There will be three tiers of "minions" that can operate at the same time. Tier 3 minions will be weak and be used primarily for DPS and Survivability. Tier 2 minions should buff the other tiers(or debuff enemies, based on choice of minion) as well as offer some sustainability to your minions. The tier 1 minion should be your proudest achievement. It will most define your role within a "party" or encounter. Your tier 1 minion should offer the most benefit to other players as well. While your Tier 3 and 2 minions can provide damage, it is your Tier 1 minion that has the capabilities that other players will want when choosing an adventuring partner.

**NOTE** Unlocking a new Tier of minion should be and feel like an accomplishment. If choosing Undead Master as your play-style, the player will feel the most reward when gaining access to new Tiers. To fill the gap between learning the tiers, an Undead Master could learn priority debuffs (Spectral Hand + Enervate is a mean combo in TT).

Tier 3: Animate Dead: (Should require feats to present variant skeletons or zombies)
The necromancer has the ability to animate 1 to 3 Skeletons(or zombies) that will follow him and perform his wishes until death. The number of undead animated should be based upon your effective "level". The power of the undead animated should be a "Base Build" that is then further influenced by your Personality(Replaced CHA yes?) attribute.(I imagine for Tier 3 minions this would be along the lines of a 1-10% increase without buffs)

Tier 2: Create Undead: (Should require feats or achievements to unlock different undead or variants)
The necromancer has the learned the ability to create more powerful undead. S/he now has the ability to animate 1 to 2 Ghouls(or other medium power undead) that will follow him and perform his wishes until death. The number of undead animated should be based upon your effective "level". The power of the undead animated should be a "Base Build" that is then further influenced by your Personality attribute. This undead will give minor buffs to your other minions, or minor debuffs to your enemies.(Depending on which specific undead is chosen).

Tier 1: Greater Create Undead: (I took the most liberties here)
The necromancer has learned the ability to create the ultimate manifestation of his ability. S/He now has the ability to animate 1 minion that will follow him and perform his wishes until death. The power of the undead animated should be a "Base Build" that is then further influenced by his Personality attribute. This undead will define your role within a given party/encounter.

Tier 1 choices: (Feel free to have fun here, I presented three choices below)
Mummy: A fairly strong minion that has the ability to CC enemies and provide defensive boons to your companions and other minions.

Vampire: A fairly strong minion that has the ability to drain health from your enemies and heal your companions, yourself, or other minions.

Wraith: A fairly strong minion that has the ability stealth and deliver rapid damage and debuff your enemies.

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I will be quick:
1) Settlements have only so much available space and it is impossible to expand this.
2) Settlements can expand their area of influence with POIs.

3) Settlements will be required to "support/train" the skills of the players.

With those facts quickly stated:
If a settlement supports all the classes it can in order to grow population wise, how in the hell is their enough room to fit things like an auction house or a bank?

Will an auction house support some class? Will a bank?

Does Golgotha just need to conquer a settlement in order to split the class training/support so that it can house other types of buildings without worry?

Looks at T

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Ideascale Header wrote:
We want you to help us decide how to prioritize the many potential features we could be creating for Pathfinder Online. To help us decide what areas of the project should be improved and in what order. We want your ideas about cool features and content that could be built for the game. We want you to tell us when something isn't working the way you want it to work and suggest ideas to make it work better.

Bolded Emphasis is mine.

Feel free to discuss why new player races should or should not be added to the game.

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Settlement Name: Golgotha
Kingdom Name: The Empire Of Xeilias
Settlement Alignment: LE
Accepted Alignments: LN, LE, and NE

What is Golgotha:
Golgotha is a bastion of order and law. Born of pragmatic choice, it stands free of the bonds of idealistic thought. Regardless of rank or position, Golgothans march as one, and though the road to peace is paved with sacrifice, these sacrifices pale in comparison to the rewards they reap. Like dark love, the beauty of Golgotha is in the eye of the beholder; a horrifying Necropolis to some, an iron pinnacle of unity to others. Regardless of perspective, one fact holds true - Golgotha is Strength.

Who are the Golgothans:
First and foremost, Golgothans are masters of war. With every skill honed for conquest, from the crafter feeding the machines of war, to the soldier plying his bloody trade, Golgothan expertise assures Golgothan victory. Though some may call its codes too strict and the rigor of its training harsh, when the smoke of battle clears, and the carrion birds descend, it is not Golgothan bodies upon which they feed.

Golgothan Leadership:
For the leadership of Golgotha, the strength and the well being of its people are paramount. For that strength to endure, no Golgothan can be allowed to fall victim to the disorder of chaos. To ensure the rule of law, Golgotha is governed by a Senate consisting of two councils.

The High Council is composed of the Lord Regent and his Ministers who oversee the day to day operations of Golgotha. In addition, the High Council includes Senators from the Sponsored Charter Companies. These may influence the policies of Golgotha, thus helping to shape its future.

The Low Council is composed of Senators from the less influential Sponsored Charter Companies and Private Charter Companies that reside within Golgotha.

Golgotha strives to bring Order to the Chaos of the River Kingdoms. Only through strength can those less capable of defending themselves be protected.

Our Contribution to the River Kingdoms:
Golgotha strives to bring Meaningful Player Interaction to Pathfinder Online. We will position ourselves in a way to promote positive gameplay values while providing content for our friends and foes alike.

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When siege warfare goes live will there be multiple options after capturing the settlement?

Some examples I am specifically referencing:
1: Annexation: Taking Control of the Settlement
2: Enslavement: Taking a portion of the NpC populace as slaves and destroying/looting a portion of the city
3: Razing: Destroying the city and receiving a percentage of the bulk goods used to construct the city as well as goods/bulk goods currently housed in the city.

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What is the ETA of members who bought EE access through the Paizo store instead of goblinworks being able to connect those accounts?

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The Empire of Xeilias needs you!

Are you ready to stand and face the enemies of the empire?

Pax Golgotha
Golgotha is a Lawful Evil city-state in the Empire of Xeilias.

The enemies of the Empire will be crushed beneath the Golgothan War Machine.

We need individuals and groups for:

Gatherers and Harvesters
Refiners, Crafters, and Builders
POI Management and Operation
Settlement Management and Operation

There are soldiers to train, equipment to be made, and armies to crush...

We need individuals and groups for:

Champions (PvE Content)
Companies (Ask about our PCC and SCC programs)

Learn the dark arts of magic and role-play...

We need individuals and groups for:

Cabals (Necromancy included)
Event Management

From the corpses of the Crimson Guard, a dark army resurrects. From the ashes of New Liberthane, a mighty settlement arises. This is Golgotha, and with strength of arms it will bring peace and law to the disorder of the River Kingdoms.

Join Golgotha Today and become a part of something great: Apply


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Golgotha is not just a settlement. Golgotha is Law and Order. "If you wish for peace, prepare for war." -Roman Proverb.

In an act of transparency, The Lord Regent of Golgotha opens this thread for others within the River Kingdoms to ask their questions in regards to Golgotha and the Golgothans. Address your concerns here, for once the Golgothan Armies begin marching, there will be peace.

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So I purchased the guild level package and then in turn purchased several of the 35$ Add-on for another account. When will I be able to give those accounts to people?

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To clarify:
After I received mixed results of trying to motivate the LE and NE community I retreated into lurker status to manage and maintain our records, policies, etc.. on the Pax Forums. But! I kept coming back to these forums to see if new introductions were announced, maintain diplomatic ties in vested groups, and to see new blog posts.

With that quick explanation out of the way let me continue. I fail to understand a subtle movement within these forums. Clarification requested? Granted.

Players requesting mechanics in order to enforce social behavior/norms. I fail to understand why, in a sandbox environment, these mechanics would be requested and even still needed to any degree.

When operating in a sandbox environment, you are treading as closely as modern technology allows into a table-top experience. Players will drive the economy, the player vs player content, and many more aspects of the game. you can be your Hero, your Villain, etc...

And therein lies my problem: Why do we need mechanic benefits/penalties for social norms? Society did not advance throughout the stages as it did with pre-coded "structure" in which to provide benefits and penalties to models of society. And fear not, the game we play is nothing more than a digital model of social and economic growth.

Players will control the aspects of society. Or rather, the winners and successful will control the aspects of society. In a game of survival of the fittest I see players requesting crutches to lean on for they can not fathom the idea of being forced to stand on their own two legs. But! that is not the intended model here. The intent is for players to band together to form their social norms and societies. Those that succeed will set the standard that newer organizations will follow in order to succeed and so on and so forth until only the strongest organizations survive.

So why provide mechanical crutches to individual or group initiatives? If you seek to provide a benefit to something to set it as the standard, then get your groups boots on the ground and make it a benefit. Your example is worth more than any mechanic. Mechanics are rules that will be manipulated and worked around in order to achieve the desired effect, but establishing a societal norm will cause those seeking to get around it to face the brunt of a community. And without a mechanical benefit to manipulate it will force the two communities to conflict and the survivor will enforce its norms.

Just my two-cents:
Lord Regent Deacon Wulf, Golgotha

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Just trying to find out how many more of us are out there in the pre-game community. So basically if you plan on playing evil, just poke your head in.

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What in-game aspect is slavery going to provide?

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Dear Goblins,

I have but a simple question.

Do our lovable Goblins intend to invoke "Necromancy" in the same ways as other MMORPGS.... Or do they plan to stick as closely to the source material as hardware and software limitations allow.

I ask specifically on the issue of: Animate Dead; Create Undead (And their respective spell trees: Lesser Animate, Create lesser undead, etc.)

In the Tabletop, proper planning, resources, and ability allowed much more diverse capabilities than other MMORPGS have thrown out there. AKA:" DoTs...More DoTs.... oh and here is a skeleton pet to make you happy."

Surprisingly, the best system I have seen to date for Undead Mastery, wasn't truly even necromancy. The Mastermind from City of Villains provided Tiered Henchmen and controls to maneuver them separately. The system wasn't perfect, and could be frustrating due to implementation within the game. (BTW: I was a Ghost Pirate with the Zombies and Shadow secondary. Greatest moment was when I got my Grave Knight)

I just ask, that our wonderful Goblin slav*Ahem* friends don't take the easy way out and give us a negative (Heinous Flag) without atleast making the system for Undead worthy of the effort. I would rather have a good product with invested time and ingenuity, than something copied and rushed.

Hatefully yours,

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Does this intrigue anyone else? I believe it offers another avenue of approach to dealing with repeat offenders in community norms.

I would like to see this work as a SAD, but for settlements. Making a demand of tribute, and if the recieving party declines being able to go to war with a minor modifier in the resource cost.

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I, Lord Regent of Golgotha, hereby announce House Karnath's support of the Maelstrom Company. At this time Golgotha welcomes this company to make its home within her borders, and that she flourishes within the Golgothan Empire. They are hereby accepted as citizens of Golgotha, charged with running their company as efficiently as possible according to the Agreement of Sponsorship.

This treaty was signed and endorsed by Lord Regent Wulf and Cyneric Torrin of the Maelstrom Company.

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We are placing a call out to all planned evil settlements/charter companies/individuals to come and discuss these issues and others:

1) Minority: I believe that evil aligent to be the minority when it comes to representation on these forums. How does this effect your planning? Does this make you reconsider your choice? What would you like to see Golgotha do to aid you in being represented more accurately?

2) Logistics: there are currently few CCs planning to operate on the less moral standpoints. Does this present to you worries of training? Does it effect your planning stages on trying to join a CC? I know of only two settlements announcing that they will cater to evil training.

3) Resources: As it stands now Evil will be significantly weakened in terms of resources. But! I ensure you this issue is the easiest to address. The majority of the problem with this issue is the division of resources spread amongst our kin. We prepose a merger of resources. Be a part of project Golgotha and raise an empire the likes of which pathfinder has never seen. Cement our presence within this community.

Let us give the "good guys" something to fear again. Let they're petty arguments persist over "griefing" and from underneath them, we shall erect a community that will stand the test of time.

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Golgotha has defined "Griefing" as so: Any action that would be considered harassment. For a more in-depth definition, you need merely ask. But I'm sure that individuals that frequent this board have a reasonable definition of Harassment.

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Recently we in House Carnath have begun extending our hands in the area of diplomacy. As such it would be in the best interest of those with less than "good" interest to have a thread to meet and discuss how our communities can effect each other and how we can prosper within the pathfinder community and game.

Those that are uninformed, I am the lord of house karnath. We are the organization that seeks to found the LE settlement of Golgotha.

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Should they be possible?

I for one would like to see them in the game. On the longer scale of things it should be feasible.

Templates I am interested in would be the result of hard work.
Other Intelligent undead

The ability to for this to be present in the game would give it something no themepark mmo could ever offer. If instead of spending 2 and 1/2 years a necromancer, they decide they don't want a capstone as a wizard but would like to transcend into lichdom, could spark a whole new level of player interaction/gameplay

Ps. Apologies on typos these past few post were made from my phone

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At Golgotha we are extending a hand of diplomacy to other settlements and charter companies. In this we would like to identify our possible trading/economic partners.

We are wanting to have a meeting of individuals in order to discuss the similarities and differences between our organization and others that wish to treat with us.

We would also like to state that we have opened enrollment to members that wish to be part of our established charter companies. In addition, any charter companies that fit within our alignment spectrum (LE, LN, and NE) are welcome to apply to be sponsored by Golgotha.

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Settlement Name: Golgotha
Settlement Alignment: L/N
Tax Rate: 8.0 - 10.0%
Settlement Votes: Oligarchy
Membership Policy: Approved

Sponsored Charter Companies:
House Karnath (Political)
Keepers of Golgotha (Settlement Administration)
Knights of the Crimson Blade (Formal Military)
Runewalker Cartel (Trade and Crafting)

Role: To provide source content for players as well as to advance the agendas of our citizens.

Internal Leadership Structure:
Lord Regent (Settlement Executive)
Viscount (Charter Company Executive)
Templar (Officer)
Citizen (Member)

What are the goals of the Order of the Crimson Guard:
To provide a role play environment for players seeking to experience alternate methods of play. In addition we wish to establish a sanctuary zone free from grief and judgement of the more noble settlements.

What is Golgotha:
Golgotha is to be our lasting testament for the community of Pathfinder Online, we will establish a strong society that will act as a home for our respective charter companies. We will model the settlement off of the historic city of Constantinople, with a complex system in place to become a cultural focal point, a major trading hub, and a symbol of freedom from persecution throughout Pathfinder Online.

What happened to us:
After much deliberation our gaming community has decided to shift gears into a more fulfilling operation. We will hope to provide an alternative play style to members of the pathfinder community.

Contact Information:

Goblin Squad Member

My organization has been thinking lately on the multiple associations we have made within the pre-game community and on several topics discussed and we think we have thought up something rather unique.

It is well established that we are attempting to evolve our order so that it can encompass all the alignments and roles we wish to fill and in that endeavor we think we have discovered a unique use for our CG.

Without a player guard flag to be established there isn't really a way to enact a fine or smaller punishment for breaking settlement policies or nation policies.

Our unique solution:
The SAD action that can be performed by Brigands.

We're still developing this concept so let us know what you think.

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Many individuals have had questions pertaining to the alignment system and few grievances have been voiced to my knowledge. I come before the boards to address a grievance.

In relation to settlements and Company charters I keep reading this one step alignment rule. As it was so stated, members of a charter company and a charter settlement must be within one step on the alignment path of the company/settlement. This does not make sense to me. It is as if it dictates that a L/G Paladin can not work well with a C/G Ranger or Rogue. Or the mere thought that a L/G settlement would not be able to host a TN merchant. I believe it should be determined by the settlement or company in question on which alignments it wishes to restrict.

My justification is this:
If a L/N settlement were to exist that would mean that both L/G and L/E would be able to cooperate but a L/G settlement member would not be able to cooperate with a C/G character? In addition if a N/G settlement were to exist then L/G and C/G champions would exist within the settlement. This seems more restrictive and counter-intuitive to the social environment that PFO wishes to establish.

I believe the solution to this dilemma is a simple one. Charter heads should be able to dictate what restrictions prevent members from joining their respective companies/settlements.

Your thoughts? I plan on getting on the PFOFAN Teamspeak later to address this issue.

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Topic: The Crimson Elite places the call towards the establishment of New Liberthane.

Government: City Council. The Council is staffed by a representative from each permanent Chartered Company within the city and the Crimson Elite.

Alignment: L/N

System of Law:
1. All Petty Crimes, crimes with no victim or lack of severity, will be presided over by a judge who will rule in favor of reputation unless evidence is provided to sway his opinion. This also includes disputes between citizens.
2. All Major Crimes, crimes with severity, will be presided over by the Tribunal of the Crimson Elite.

*A Note on Guards*
--In Addition to the normal city guards, members of The Bulwark will regularly join their ranks on patrols in order to better protect the citizens and denizens of New Liberthane.--

Goals: To provide a safe haven to all weary travelers and those who seek training. An industrial and trading hub with a safe economy monitored by The Watchtower and empowered by The Union under the protective shield of The Bulwark.

(( We are wishing to establish a city safe from grieving to use as a central hub in our protective duties.))

((We are looking for other like-minded, or reputable, chartered companies to fill necessary roles in support of these operations, so that we as a whole may provide a reputable position of support throughout PFO.))

The Crimson Elite is searching for like-minded Citizens of the River Kingdoms and beyond to establish the city of New Liberthane as a bastion of fortitude against those who would usurp the personal or industrial freedoms of all races of Golarion.

Specific Requirements for Chartered Companies:
An Adventurers Guild/Catalogers of Lore:
The Order of the Crimson Guard recognizes the need for understanding and lore in these dark times and wishes to extend a hand to any company who wishes to aid the individual adventurer, and will provide shelter to any such organization in New Liberthane.

Rogues Coterie:
The Crimson Elite also recognizes the need for heroes of the people, by allowing sanctioned rogues to seek shelter within the walls of New Liberthane we will remain just in our verdict and maintain punishments that fit the crime. It is the best interest of those of the aforementioned coterie to recognize the laws of New Liberthane so that they may maintain a reputation of good standing among the people.

Trader's Union:
The Crimson Elite wish to promote the philosophies of trade and extend a hand towards any trade union that would deal with the Crimson Guard.

Nondescript Chartered Companies:
The Crimson Elite have deemed it acceptable to allow all organizations with a reputation in good standing with the people to seek sanctuary within the walls of New Liberthane. All Organizations that follow the laws of New Liberthane will be permitted to run operations on a probationary visa for one fortnight before seeking permanent acceptance by way of sponsorship from the city council. Once fully accepted, an organization can only be expelled by a vote of 2/3 by the Council of New Liberthane.

Any individuals not affiliated with a preexisting organization may seek refuge or business within the walls of New Liberthane. Individuals who remain unaffiliated with an organization after one fortnight will be granted the same privileges as a rank one Union member.

The gates of New Liberthane remain open for those affiliated with any organization currently at peace with the city.

Registration of a Chartered Company:
Step 1: Have your Guild Leader contact either Crimson Commander: Deacon Wulf or Crimson Elite: Sheherazad. Alternatively you may send a representative to register an account at and post an application for your chartered company for review. And as a final alternative you may reply directly to this thread with your application.
Step 2: Once your application has been reviewed either the Crimson Commander, or one of the Crimson Elite will contact you with the status of your application.
Step 3: If accepted you may select one individual from your your chartered company to be the city council representative. This individual will vote on behalf of your organization in any city matters. In addition all members of your organization will gain citizenship within New Liberthane. Citizens gain all of the privileges of a rank 1 Union Member.

Registration of an Individual:
Step 1: Contact either Crimson Commander: Deacon Wulf or Crimson Elite: Sheherazad. Alternatively you may register an account at and post an application for citizenship or sanctuary. As a final alternative you may reply directly to this thread with your application.
Step 2: Once your application has been reviewed one of the City council members will contact you with the status of your application.
Step 3: If accepted for Sanctuary, you may spend up to 31 days within our city walls under the protection of The Bulwark before submitting a request to the council for extension or action. ((Individuals only qualify for Sanctuary if their organization is at war)) If accepted for citizenship you will gain all privileges of a rank 1 Union Member.

"By Valor and Arms!" - Crimson Commander

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Background: The Order of the Scarlet Mockingbird was founded during Absalom Reckoning, year 4697, in the River Kingdoms. The order began as a grouping of guards, noble paladins, and clerics seeking to protect the roads to and from Liberthane. They earned a meager sum offering protection from banditry and piracy to wealthy traders.

Eventually a large following of the order sought to establish their own bastion of protection against the chaos. Utilizing an in-depth intelligence network they maneuvered their loyal to the Crusader's Road and founded the Order of the Crimson Guard.

Name: Order of the Crimson Guard (Shorthand: Crimson Guard)

Alignment Axis: LG / NG / CG
LN / TN / CN
(Due to the principles of the Order the more lawful and good alignments are heavily favored)

Purpose: (Our OOC purpose is to protect the investments of players within the guild, while simultaneously offering and extending hands of friendship/protection to other guilds and industrial pursuers.)

1. To protect the roads for safe travel and trade
2. To establish a city of fortitude and freedom
3. To militarily disrupt the operations of Evil
4. To offer training and protection to those who aid the Order
(Our Particular Lore will allow us to pursue industry and team-building, while offering recruits/veterans protection for their investments and pursuits)

Structure:(We want to allow as much player customization as possible while still allowing the principles of the guild to improve.)

Order members can focus on their association with the order or they can leave to pursue industrial pursuits, joining any association they must. Those who do associate exclusively with the Order are encouraged, but not required, to join one of the three branches of the order, which each specialize on one means in order to improve the overall effectiveness of the order. These branches represent the differing philosophies of the Order.

The Branches are as follows:
1. The Bulwark - The Militaristic Arm of the order. This branch provides protection to the other branches and is the branch responsible for fulfilling contracts in relation to protection. Members of the Bulwark are referred to as Knights.
2. The Watchtower - The eyes and ears of the order. This branch provides the necessary intelligence to the other branches and is responsible for gathering lore and maintaining diplomatic ties to other organizations, in addition this branch is also responsible for fulfilling bounty contracts. Members of the Watchtower are referred to as Sentries.
3. The Union - The moving gears behind the order. This branch provides the backbone of the organization. Responsible for training and industrial pursuits the Union allows members to seek the best way they know how to improve the order. Members of the Union are referred to as Citizens.

(Each branch has its own methods of promotion and leadership.)

Recruitment: The recruitment process is done via interview with a 1 week trial period followed by a 1 month evaluation period. If the individual fails to attain the first rank above recruit after one month they will be evaluated at the end of the month for disenfranchisement.

Who we are looking for:
We are looking for individuals who can work well in a team and will be inclined to aid others while fleshing out their own experience. With a focus on Team-building exercises and industrial pursuit we will hope to shape our little corner of Golarion into something that offers both protection and advancement in all aspects of the game.

((The HOOK: One of our founding principles will be Anti-Grieving.))

RP Level: Casual. Official events will be high RP, (Not necessarily in character, but the spirit of the event will be portrayed) RP is highly encouraged but not required.

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Hi there, I'm a Crowdforger Guild Kickstarter. And I've been following along with everything so far and this Idea struck me. It would be kind of nice to come in with another guild and my guild being on friendly terms (an alliance if you will). So that when we each have our prospective "cities", we could make a rather quick and successful transition into a nation/Kingdom.

On another note, I'm looking for a shieldmate that has all the daily rewards. I came in towards the end of the kickstarter (**cry**) and I'm looking to make up for lost time.

My Guild isn't that big, I've mainly been recruiting friends from my unit and back home, so if anyone wants in on that as well just hit me with a PM :D

One thing that we are planning, is that each of my Original "6" will be buying the 35$ addon for an additional account so we can recruit heavily once the "buddy accounts" are allowed to purchase add-ons. If you have a guild and your kinda small like me this could be a rather useful technique to grow out numbers.

You can PM me about the alliance, shieldmate, or recruitment if you want in on this. Sorry if it takes a moment to respond though my timeline is a little unpredictable due to my current occupation.