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What in the Sam Hell have y'all been up to since I last popped on?

Happy Saturday everybody. Y'all got anything good going on this weekend?

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Every time I think I'm out, they drag me back in!! ;)

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Judy Bauer wrote:
Blood_Sample wrote:

130 degree F heat will kill bed bugs. Don't use the dryer alone. Turh on the stove and oven if you have them.

They can't regulate their body temperature.

Heating an apt to the necessary temperature is something only a professional should do. Seriously—don't try to use your oven! (Plus, you pay for that, unlike the exterminator!)

The heat treatment is more expensive than chemical treatment, but it's usually a one-shot treatment, esp. if they also do the adjoining unit at the same time. (Chemical treatment is a months-long process and requires repeated visits to kill first the adults, then any that hatch in the interval.)

Re: clothing: I'll second doc the grey's recommendation to wash and immediately dry on high anything you're about to wear, or keep clean + dried on high clothes somewhere that you can change into when you leave the house (and quarantine anything you wore at home in a plastic bag with diatomaceous earth). BUT, if you're getting the heat treatment, you don't have to go through the rigamarole of washing and/or drying on high all of your clothes at once. Anything that you don't need immediately, you can just leave in open bags to get nuked—so if possible, assign shrinkable sweaters, leather shoes, etc. to that category, because the heat treatment alone probably won't harm them. (You'll want everything off your bed and out of your dressers so the furniture can heat up enough). Good luck!

Pretty much this, with the exception of washing all the clothes. Don't, if you get a heat treatment done (which I do recommend over chemical treatments in a home) pull your clothes out of the drawers and toss them in the middle of the floor. I'm not going to lie, your house will be tossed and in total disarray when they're done, but it simply must be done to kill the bloodsucking little bastiches.

Edit: I see where it was already stated about not having to wash the clothes first, I just got home after a 11hr day so I just skimmed the post to start with. My bad.

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Having failed to secure enough funds to move all Fawtlies to Myrtle Beach, SC, I The Lord President, have decided that as of September of this year the Capitol shall be moved to Houston Texas.

This location was chosen not only for it's high Fawtl population, but also because that's where my wife's new job is. But regardless of the reasons, Houston you have been chosen to be the new Fawtl Capitol of the World.

Poor Houston.

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I've learned that my title carries no actual authority. This I learned not on the boards, but when I tried to get a seat at the UN Security Conference.

There are not nearly enough Paizonians in political office. :(

Cause I'm not.


President pro tempura wrote:
I call this meeting to order.

You better not be bringing shrimp into my house.

Lord Secretary of Kicking A** wrote:
I'm ready to press the red button!

Just try and not push the coffee button again, that was embarrassing.

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taig wrote:
doctor_wu wrote:
Wow this has been been really busy.
It's FaWTL's fourth birthday and we're celebrating!

Call in the emergency strippers!

Four years!? Uhm... how long is a Fawtl term?

There's only room for benevolent overlord in this here town...

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Kajehase wrote:
And now for another big question: Margarine or butter?

Butter is endorsed by this administration. Margarine is the tool of the enemy.

Ragadolf wrote:
Lord President Moorluck wrote:
Drejk wrote:
Uh, you now you can incite a rebellion if you will demand others to kneel before you while you are naked?
Behold my Rod of Lordly Might! With this great scepter I shall rule the world!

*Adjusts Spectacles*

"I'm sorry, it looked more like a 'Wand of Magic Fizzle'."


Somebody fetch my royal tire pump! O.o

Drejk wrote:
Uh, you now you can incite a rebellion if you will demand others to kneel before you while you are naked?

Behold my Rod of Lordly Might! With this great scepter I shall rule the world!

Nekkid in Cormyr!!

Kneel before your new king.

Now I know TX is big, but is it big enough to handle my ego?

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I want to ensure you that my administration takes this Kim-Jong-Un very seriously. I have taken measures to deal with this threat, steps that fit the level of threat posed by the Oompa Loompa nation of North Korea. If The Searchers should detect any actual threat to the safety of this nation, or our friends in the South, we will deploy a special strike force that will neutralize said threat with minimal loss of innocent life.

Prepare Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers for deployment.

Jess Door wrote:

::dies laughing::

This was very amusing, and much needed after the week of crappy crappiness that is just now going to give me a break.

Thank you kindly, Mr. President, for your hard work and dedication to the happiness of your fellow FAWTLies!

You are very welcome my dear.

Patrick Curtin wrote:
taig wrote:
I think we can make it.
I'm in! alais blitz?

Let's do this.

I'd wondered where Sebastian had been hiding.

Freehold DM wrote:
Moorluck wrote:
I can make Freehold smile too.
goofy, blushing grin

I am a benevolent tyrant.

Kennic wrote:

*salutes the thread*

Hey there everyone.

Good morning and welcome to the ongoing party, feel free to make yourself at home.

And a fine good morning to all my Fawtlies.

Freehold DM wrote:
If the FaWtL thread was a ship (preferably a spelljamming vessel), what position would you undertake on the ship? I call dropship/boarding vessel pilot!!

The Captain of course. Otherwise I'd be the crew member that instigated the mutiny that made me captain.

Feh, you call this chaos!?

You might as well be a bunch of Paladins for all the chaos you spread.


I'm the Lord President. Duh.

The Eldritch Mr. Shiny wrote:
So... If I play my cards right, I might be working as Steve Ellis' studio assistant starting in May or June...

Screw playing cards. Tell 'im the LPM said do it or loose teeth. ;)

Klaus van der Kroft wrote:

That sounds awesome, Aeglos. How's the weather in Rome this time of the year?

By the way, thanks for the kind words, lads and lasses. We're really pumped about that supplement. Much appreciated.

My administration looks forward to seeing the results of your labors.

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On the subject of chocolate.

#1. I prefer Milk Chocolate over Dark Chocolate.

#2. I only like White Chocolate if it's on a Zero bar.

#3. My favorite Chocolate is whatever kind Solnes has drizzled over her body.

*Launches Nuclear arsenal into the stars in honor of Lindisty's vaykay*

Where ya going?

Chris Ballard wrote:


Treppa, Agent of C.H.A.O.S wrote:
I plan to send it all your way, LPM.

It's already here love. O.o

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Kirth Gersen wrote:
Methinks this "test" needs some better (or more honest) design. It's especially telling to me that no one in the enire thread ends up anywhere near 99% of the real-world examples (except Orthos chasing Ron Paul) -- instead, almost everyone ends up the same as Gandhi. While I'd love to believe that most people really are just like Gandhi, the seeming coincidence jars against my cynicism.

Hell Kirth, even Gandhi wasn't like Gandhi. O.o

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Everybody is overlooking the obvious choice for Presidential Office.... I'll give you a hint, he's a sexy damn Drow who already holds a Lordly and a Presidential title.

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Let's see if Mr Agresta shows up on invite.

I am your Lord President, and I endorse Ms. Martini.

Ragnarok Aeon wrote:
The LPM?


I nominate Solnes, my beautiful wife and Queen of FAWTL, Giver of BttH, and Goddess of the letters D and D.

Her domains are Good, Lust, and Kink.

This Mike is why I hold you to be Lord of Monsters, glad to see you brought out the big guns and blew everything the freak away!

I'm the LPM and I endorse this beast... now can I get about a dozen of these nasty <redacted> to put some uppity do gooders in their place by the end of the week?

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Gary Teter wrote:
Happy birthday, Mikey!


FAWTL salutes you Gary, and we salute Sara Marie and a hearty HUZZAH!! to Teter Tot!


P.S. Lots and lots of love to Sara, Teter Tot, and you Gary, let the adventure begin.

Now my day is off to a happy start!

FuelDrop wrote:

i have plans for the oil exectuves. not going into too much detail here, but... think The Matrix.

also, here in australia we've got all this lovely desert. i'll set up the solar farms and electrolite labs, then we can set up some sort of trade agreement for bulk liquified hydrogen.

No see that's using the old noggin!

Hmmm, the more I think about it, the more I think this division of the earths continents will work out just fine. Everyone doing there part to keep the world moving forward, while furthering our own goals... it's a win win!

Oh and oil. I think with a little concerted effort on the part of the various Super Powers we can ween ourselves off that prehistoric dino poo in a decade or even less if we really try.

Drejk wrote:

Could we get over that damn black sludge? We wouldn't need it (as fuel at least) for years if oil concerns weren't undermining development of more efficient engines and power sources.

Which also begs a question: which of upcoming overlord is willing to crush great companies and execute corps?

Anything involving executions has my full approval! Even more so when it involves executing fat overpaid executives that use the law to pad their own bank accounts while destroying the economy and well being of the common man, or woman if you are one.

As for the future of big business? I say The People should reap the benefits of their hard work, not let some cheeseball executive sitting on his ass be rewarded for their efforts!

Kevin Mickelson wrote:
Whats all this then?

Alright, you decided to pop in.

As for what it's about, very simple. Anything and everything, got a mini rant, wanna post a link to something friggin hilarious, just want to ramble on with witty one liners? FAWTL.

The only rules we have are simple, since we are an eclectic group of insane asylum inmates we do not talk about politics, religion, or other posters on the boards. Other than that anything goes. Including almost crude humor, and NSFW artwork and links.

Basically we're just a bunch of guys and gals who sort of hang out in this troll free little corner of the boards. Been plugging along this way for... I think about 3 years now?

You're gonna be in for some trouble there Kels, Looziahna was given to the Zombie masses, and you better not mess with Venezuela's blow production.

As long as we get our blow, I don't care what else you do there though.

Well Kevin, you may not have made the Top 32, but you are getting an official invitation to join in the merry chaos over in FAWTL. You rock dude, that had me busting at the seams!

Come on, you know you want to! ;)

See, this is what my why I nuked the goblins, those little critters are just never happy with anything.

I do trust, Lord of the Capri, that you will be sending a steady supply of that good stuff to New Moorluckia in exchange for a few legions of loyal soldiers to help protect you from outside threats?

And remember folks, New Moorluckia can export our fierce and highly trained mercenary forces to any country in need.

FuelDrop wrote:
i've gotta stop all this subcontracting.

I would loan you some nuclear warheads to handle that, but it's my kids birthday coming up... and you know how kids love fireworks.

Celestial Healer wrote:

Can I get some real estate around the Mediterranean? I can rule my dominion from the isle of Capri, like emperor Tiberius.

Except without all the f*$!ed up stuff he did.

Well, without most of it, anyway. We'll decide on a case-by-case basis.

Well yeah, you gotta have some depravity, otherwise what's the point?

The Isle of Capri? Are they the ones with the funny short/pants things? Man I hate those things.

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Steven Tindall wrote:

To: Lord President Moorluck & Fueldrop,

Gentlemen this is to inform you both that the shipment that was sent and expected has in fact been intercepted by we the rebels of the former United States or what is currently New Moorluckia.

We appreciate your donation to our most noble cause and the models seem to like it here too, something about Hollywood and the promise of stardom after we have liberated the rest of the country appealed to them.

Now if we can just stop them from practicing their "I'm ready for my close-up Mr. De-mil" and you have NO idea how many times I have heard the academy being Thanked. All in all however the shipment was very well received. Please send more.

Ah hell. Now you went and done it, I know you could have handled yourself against me and my forces.... but you just went and interfered with Solnes' Happy Nekkid Funtime!{tm}.

I do not envy you Mr. Tindall.

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