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Stretch goal to bring those juicy extras to PF 1e, please.

I'd like to see the FAQs kept in the YouTube videos. I *really* dislike the Twitch app, but with YouTube I can turn off my phone and listen as a podcast--but I miss those FAQs!

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Will rules for starship combat be included in the box?

Same. I was excited to be able to have a winged homunculus as an alchemist, but then I realized it can't actually do much, and required my action to do anything.

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I'm a Cleric of Shelyn wielding a glaive in two hands. Can I take one hand off of my glaive to grab the holy symbol around my neck to cast heal with Material, Somatic, and Verbal Casting?

I'm having trouble figuring out which actions I need to use to move my hands around. The new action economy seems more like micro-managing mundane actions than being conducive to epic storytelling.

I know they have 0' reach for being Tiny, but can they even make a Strike and what are the stats if they can?

Aroden returns!

Dotting for interest.

Dotting for interest. Sometimes it's nice to forget about all the furrie races and crazy archetypes and just stick to core.

Would you allow an android with the Seeker of the Final Cause inquisitor archetype (from the Advanced Androids book) and the Conversion Inquisition?

Dotting for interest!

Sounds fun! I'll have my character ready some time this weekend.

I loved 4th edition and would love to be a player.

I'd like my kid to be an investigator with the empiricist archetype, if allowed. And I'll take you up on the option to be Small. Seems like it would be a good fit for the campaign.

I am interested.

Cool, thanks guys.

If a character wants to be on the slow track, do they get 1/2 XP for completing We Be Goblins? I know there is a slow track check box for gold earned, but the PFS rules sheet says nothing about getting 1/2 XP.

This example is level-appropriate. Perhaps it is just my experience, but players are a tough and resourceful lot, with a fool's luck. A simple cantrip defeats this trap. Even if triggered, it deals an average of 21 points of damage in a relatively small area. My players would never all stick their noses in the same few squares while going through an enemy spellcaster's private stash.

Since the letter is in the sorcerer's house, the PCs deserve whatever they get for poking around where they don't belong. A simple detect magic spell will reveal the letter is magical, and a DC 28 Perception check will reveal it is a magical trap (same DC to disable with trapfinding).

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My kingdom for the stuffed owlbear!

Thank you!

Sweet. Thanks!

My first GenCon!

Do we know anything about the Harbinger Special?

Thursday, July 30
Slot 1 (0900-1300): Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Demo (Dealer Hall)
Slot 2 (1300-1800): OFF: SHOPPING!
Slot 3 (1900-2400): OFF: Going to see the Glitter Guild @ 2200!
Friday, July 31
Slot 4 (0900-1300): Pathfinder Adventure Card Game OP (Sagamore)
Slot 5 (1300-1800): OFF: Playing 7-01.
Slot 6 (1900-2400): Harbinger Special (3-7)
Saturday, August 1
Slot 7 (0800-1300): #7-01 TBA (1-5)
Slot 8 (1300-1800): We Be Goblin Free
Slot 9 (1900-2400): True Dragons of Absalom Special
Sunday, August 2
Slot 10 (0900-1400): OFF

In the GenCon Indy 2015 GM Guidelines and Instructions document, it says:


Besides your assigned scenarios, all GMs are expected to prep and be capable of running any of the following should their scheduled event get cancelled:

Beginner Box Quests (Ice, Isles, Mask, Ruins, Relics, Tombs, Tomes, Waves, Woods)

I have four of the Beginner Box Bash Demos: Relics, Ruins, Terrors (which I'm assuming is the "Tombs" mentioned above), and Tomes. Where can I get Ice, Isles, Mask, Waves, and Woods?

THANK YOU Secret Wizard! I am Idramuk's DM. His character is the little brother of a hobgoblin monk he played over a decade ago in the 3.0 days. I've only been playing Pathfinder for a bit over a year (I was running D&D Encounters 4.0 *shame*), and haven't explored Pathfinder's new monk options much.

"Wolf" is exactly what he's looking for. This is exhaustively great work!

Thanks. I read the runewell rules in the appendix, but I haven't read the whole adventure yet. I just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing some important clue the PCs need. What a great, multi-layered adventure!

On page 38, when Erylium

creates a sinspawn from the runewell, why does she worry about the diminished glow? What is happening to the runewell? It has 20 wrath points, and creating the sinspawn takes only 6; it should still be okay for a while.

I was not able to successfully check-out until I removed the "Year of the Sky Key T-shirt" (a pre-order item) from my order. Once I removed it, the rest of the order (a mix of PDFs and physical product) was successful.

Thanks, all. Glutton found exactly the mechanic I was looking for with Fade into Violence! It's for a race of panda-people that are known for their passive natures.

I am looking for a low-level feat, spell, or ability that forces an opponent to redirect an attack at another target. A way to "control aggro" to use the parlance of the MMO crowd. Any ideas?

This made me cry tears of joy! :)

Thank you. I'm a cheater...

What type of action is it use to a helm of teleportation? I've been popping it to appear next to a foe (flanking them) then taking a full attack action.

If these minis weren't random, I'd own a bunch. It's annoying to get 20 human monks when I just want two mind flayers. And once the packs are broken open an re-sold as singles, the "rares" are too expensive. Lamesauce.

Cool, thanks all.

Is there a way to transfer magical bonuses and/or special abilities to another magic item? For example, if the party obtained a +1 flaming spiked chain from an enemy, and no one in the party can use it effectively, is there a way to transfer either the +1 or the flaming ability to a masterwork longsword?

What manner of player would do such a thing?

A: A very foolish one!

I once ran "The Sunless Citadel" for a noob group, and one of the players started the second session doing something very unexpected and out of character. I knew immediately that the fledging whelp had read the module betwixt sessions. He was quite dismayed to find the rest of the adventure did not go "his way," and that the entire lower level was no structured as he had remembered.

A savvy DM is the answer to all gaming problems. Use your imagination! Modules are merely skeletons--it is up to YOU to provide the flesh and pretty finery required to make them live, breathe, and "wow" your players!

Thank you for the card! Very whimsical.

And has one who worships only Death Herself, I am not offended by calling something by what it is--a CHRISTMAS card.

If not for those silly Christians and their belief that a virgin can give birth to a kid, we would not have the tune the song was to be sung to, or the candy canes, or the Santa outfits the goblins are wearing.

And, as mentioned, if not for those silly Jews, Paizo would not have that nifty mascot!

Let us embrace everyone, but let us not forget the differences that make us so interesting!

Let me say it loud and clear: MERRY CHRISTMAS! For every Christmas that passes brings you all one year closer to meeting my Dread Mistress...

--Lord Kakabel, Advocate of Death


A question for all you rules buffs out there:

Can a dread necromancer (Heroes of Horror) use her charnel touch supernatural ability with the Intimidating Strike feat (Player’s Handbook II)? The feat states “As a standard action, you make a single melee attack against your foe.” Charnel touch states, “…she can make a melee touch attack against a living foe…”.