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Ravingdork wrote:

I'm curious...

  • How often do you frequent the gallery?
    At least once a month, if nothing else to check if something new is out.
  • How often do you frequent this thread?
    Not as often as I used to, but when I was checking it at least once or twice a week.
  • Do you download the characters for offline use, or do you access them directly only as needed?
    I download the files for offline use.
  • If you download the characters, do you update your local files whenever I announce an update?
    I try to stay current.
  • How many characters have actually seen use in your games?
    At least 3 but that number could be 5 if you include the characters I changed the names of and just used the stats.
  • Did you have to modify them extensively to better fit your game?
    I change the names, and sometimes the backstories.
  • Do you make use of any of the other tools provided by the gallery?
    I download character art for use for important NPCs
  • If there was anything you'd like done differently, what would it be?
    I'd love to see a breakdown of the High level Characters at levels 5, 10, 15, 20 but I totally understand why that kind of thing isn't done.

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I'd love a more Godling material. Perhaps something with mythic wrapped in? I'd love a way to simulate Ragnarok or use the Godling material to supplant gods in a campaign as the end goal. TLDR: More Godling material.

I'd like the genius guide to the shadow warrior.

You might want to check out the Rogue Genius "Talented" line of classes. You might also like their other Genius Guide classes. Depending on your tastes you might also check out the Neo Exodus Machinesmith.

Hope you find something that suits you, regardless of who it is from.

I see Raven King got an edit to his write up from last I saw him, anything seriously change?

Pathfinder Effect!

Ravingdork wrote:
Lohan wrote:
I've got to give props to the Raven King. He is my fav character in the gallery currently.
I'm curious to know what you like about him.

The Raven King lends himself to being a useful NPC in any sandbox style game. He can be a PC benefactor (with a LN alignment he can get along with heroes and villain's alike), a guild head, major threat, he has so many options for fitting in a sandbox game. His stats make him no pushover and a capable character in any of the above roles and if high level PC do challenge him he can "push back." He inspired several story arcs (even conflicting arcs depending on role in the campaign) in my mind after looking at his sheet. I haven't found another stat block that gave me that creative rush except maybe Helegur, and One NPC from Paizo's NPC codex. I'm a sucker for pregen stat blocks as they make GMing easier. The Raven King just clicked for me I guess.

I've got to give props to the Raven King. He is my fav character in the gallery currently.

There are some sample builds on the Rite boards, but I think we could add to them!

Registered and confirmation post made as well. Just waiting on the Dragons to fly in.

Thursday, so close yet so far away...

This. I have high hopes for this product after picking up In the Company of Fey. I'm in, is it the 30th yet?

Amora Game wrote:

This treats all PCs as common person "pre" class level, - level zero. Meaning you don't actually have a class level.

It simulates basic training which is learning skills for the military not actually class training.
Military career, "class training" happens after this adventure, reaching level 1, at least story wise.

We do offer a free player's guide that has the character creation here in the Basic Training Manual. It also address your question under backgrounds....and it's FREE :)

You can read a review here on this other site...

Thanks for the reply, I'll be looking into the player's guide.

Interested, but the setup makes no mention of spell casting classes, are they left out?

I've been wondering if there are spells in Pathfinder similar to the 3.5 spell Luminous Assassin, hopefully that do not suck (the original spell was the start of a grand idea, but the stats were horrible).

If there are not any spells like Luminous Assassin what would be a good starting point, should it be list based like summon monster I-IX?

I was thinking of using stats of the NPC in the NPC Codex. Perhaps using spell lvl x 2 as the CR of the creature summoned. No equipment can be transferred from the summoned creature. Obviously I'd need to come up with specific wording. I'm thinking the full spell casters summoned would be spell lvl x 2 - 2 as the CR for them. That means that they don't appear on the I list of "creatures."

So... are there any spells already done?

Any word on when the "Dragons" playtest will be kicking off?

The only thing I have found is a fortification stone.

I know I'm thread necromancing but I'm wondering if there is any way to increase either the hp of the scrollblade or give it hardness so you don't burn through scrolls so quickly.

You cant use Make Whole on the scroll... Not sure if you can use a different material to make the scroll on and it would work either...

The AP has some signifigant overland travel portions so I should have time to craft. I wanted to hit Wiz6 for the damage bonus to evocation spells to be +3, and it should impact base attack that way.

I'm going into book two of Jade Regent (My group is glossing over book one and summarizing the events to start at book two).

I have an idea for playing a scrollmaster wizard that specializes in evocation that classes out to eldritch knight.

My question is how effective is this going to be. My group is starting at level 5 so I'm thinking Wiz4/Fgt1 to start off.

I know that blasting can be feat intensive, is this worth doing or am I going to be poor as both a scrollmaster and a blaster...

Think about it I'd get a good benefit from going Wiz6/Fgt1/EK??? but I'm wondering what I can do about making sure both are possible.

I'm thinking the only physical feat I'll probably need being power attack but am not sure.

Any input is appreciated.

I am curious why you didn't just advance the previous characters, but good shot to start with.

I don't find the white background to be bad. Can you post up the lvl sevens?

Hey man it is all about a second set of eyes on something. I can't tell you the number of times I've asked someone to look at something to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Looking forward to the lvl 7 writeups.

My thoughts are that if he wanted to have full offensive options he can prep all offensive spells, but having some other types of spells in his book makes him more useful to a group.

I think your Kobold Arcanist's 1st level spells in his book are a little offence heavy, I'd trade out a spell in the book or two for mage armor or some other utility spell.

Ravingdork wrote:
I take your magic and turn it against you? Did anyone else think of the Mord-Sith from the Sword of Truth series when they read this?

See... Now I have to play one...

As for the other two opponents to round out I'd say an archery focused Slayer and will second the idea of a draconic Bloodrager seem fitting.

Can you post a sample of their preferred fighting tactics? That would help in determining what you may want to put against them.

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Sqwonk wrote:

After downloading a few bullet points today, I was surprised to see I had 132 items in my Genius folder. I had to look through the list in order to see what I didn't have so I could take advantage of the 52% sale :)

I realized that it is all good - even if it is something I will not use in my games each one was a good read.

As far as something new - I like the idea of bad guys. But that would have his/her stats and story at several levels - say 5th,10th and 15th. Maybe a page of stats and a page/half-page of story for each "tier". Part of the story could be a "fiendish plot plan" that would be just a few sentences.

Something of a "Rogue Gallery" product? This sounds awesome.

AndIMustMask wrote:

it is nice for fluff though--the arcanist uses their blood to create little homunculi/golems that live for a bit and help, then crumble into dust.

makes a great in-character reason to take the craft construct feat later as an extension of it.

This is a neat idea. I like it.

Lyee wrote:
Adjule wrote:
Bloodragers can cast their spells in OR out of bloodrage. Jason Bulmahn stated such earlier in the thread. I am sure it is even updated in the OP.

Not updated in OP, but yeah, they can cast out of rage.

Even if an Archtype doesn't fix this, I've now got an idea in my head who is setting up shop and I fear won't go away until played.

Thorg is a bloodrager. Thorg does not understand doing fancy magic, just look at his 0 spellcraft, but Thorg makes things happen. When Thorg needs something done, Thorg tells reality what to do, and it usually goes pretty well.

Summoning Mount is not some arcane act for Thorg. Thorg shouts at reality, "Thorg wants a horse now, and reality better not deny Thorg a horse." and a horse appears. Thorg is satisfied. Sometimes, sometimes Thorg is really angry at reality, things get weird then as his arcane bloodline becomes really apparent, and reality just lets Thorg get his way for a bit (bloodrage bloodline powers).

I so want to change the name and try this out. Can I borrow this idea?

Prince of Knives wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:

I've had a number of people ask me for my thoughts on this class.

I may make one in the near future to try out, and won't know much until then. I can honestly say that I was NOT thinking that it invalidates the other two classes until I read a few posts in that thread.

I'm still not certain I believe that, as I've long since learned to avoid knee-jerk reactions with new material. I prefer to create it, play it, THEN judge; and I encourage you all to do the same.

I still remember when Wizards of the Coast released the Mystic Theurge. Everyone was saying it was overpowered and broken and invalidated both the wizard and the cleric.

How many people are still saying that today? lol.

I can appreciate the sentiment but do recall that Mystic Theurge has a few problems going for it that Arcanist doesn't. Notably:

DAD - Theurge needs two attributes to cast unless you're Theurging Wizard and Archivist.

No Class Features - I don't need to elaborate on this one.

Lose Your Nines - You miss out on ninth level casting.

Arcanist, on the other hand, has real class features, unparalleled metamagic access (in a system that's already gone out of its way to give access to metamagic reducers), powerful versatility, single-attribute dependency and access to ninth level spells. It's a very different beast.

I think this is an issue of "looks good on paper" and that is exactly what Ravingdork pointed out with his Mystic Thurge example in his post. I personally don't think that when actual characters hit the table, that the Arcanist is going to invalidate or be the obvious best choice between wizard, sorcerer, and arcanist. I want to wait until I see builds in play before passing negative judgement.

You do point out metamagic, and that is the one piece that I want to see in builds, this is what could tip the balance. The spellcasting setup seems to be what most are concerned about, I think metamagic is going to play more heavily in the discussion.

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I'll second Aleron's desire for expanded Dragon Rider options but since you asked for products you have never tried out before under your banner, how about an adventure path that all the "big bads" are from classes that Rogue Genius developed.

You could include a bullet point like product included with each AP chapter that was specific to the class the big bad in the chapter was a part of.

Just and idea.

Kaisos Erranon wrote:

This invalidates both of its component classes and doesn't really fill any kind of given niche besides. Lacking in any real class abilities and having as its only flavour "my blood was too thin to be a sorcerer so now I'm trying to be a wizard" doesn't help.

Honestly, this is the only class in this playtest that I feel is completely unnecessary and would be better off not existing... having a 1/2 BAB no-armor divine caster would have been a better idea, in my opinion. You could even claim that it's a cleric/wizard hybrid, too!

Where as I'm very glad to see this come about as several sorcs in my groups have regretted spell selections later and before retraining was available were very unhappy players. This compromise seems tailor made for players playing their 1st primary arcane caster as any spell selection "mistakes" can be quickly fixed in game and with little fuss. This memorize and cast spontaneously method is what kept me looking at Arcana Evolved classes even after Pathfinder released. Seeing it now is really a good thing in my opinion. Besides it doesn't invalidate both classes. For one familiar builds would be left lacking here (without using feats), the class doesn't get school specializations, can't access wild blooded bloodlines, and relies on a spellbook. It is in fact a real hybrid, that could see great use (as mentioned before it could be a great 1st arcane caster class for a learning player).

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RtrnofdMax wrote:
The spellcasting for this class is identical to the way DnD Next does spellcasting. Are you concerned about this?

Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved Magister worked in similar ways in regards to memorize and use slots to cast so it isn't like it is a DnD Next only thing.

Prince of Knives wrote:
So, did no one realize, during the design process here, that baseline Arcanist completely invalidates the baseline Wizard? I mean, archetypes notwithstanding here there is now 0% reason to play a Wizard ever, and Wizard is (sorry, was) the unrivaled pinnacle of power in 3.PF.

I respectfully disagree, wizard school abilities and specialization still have a place for some builds and playstyles. I don't think the Arcanist invalidates those things.

If you playtest "In The Company of Dragons" I want to sign up.

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If "In The Company of Dragons" sees the light of day, I'm totally buying it.

Play to win!

Ravingdork, any chance we can see what your take on mythic Roshgog would be?

If your open to anything I'm voting Dracomancer! All jesting aside, I'm glad to hear that I can still get products from you, I tend to look for your releases, and look forward to the new stuff that comes out. Talented Fighter, Rogue, and Monk have been hits with me and mine so far.

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Dragons, complex stat blocks, and written by one of the people associated with "Faces of the Tarnished Souk"!

Want, clicked, and in cart.

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I'd like to see the genius guide to the dracomancer!! But I know that is in dev so I'll 2nd the genius guide to companions (familiars, animal companions, and cohorts)

It would also be cool to have a class that just focuses on Shapeshifting from 1st level. I know the druid gets wildshape, but it isn't the same. Having a class that just shifts (primary focus) is a big dream of mine.

Honestly, about Obrist, the art was a draw, and I like Magus characters. He isn't so high level that he won't appear in many games, so that is probably a draw as well.

I really like the work you are doing here, please keep it up!

I'll throw my vote in for mythic Raven King and Obrist, although I admit Helegur as mythic does have an appeal...

Not on topic for the character emporium but if you want the "classic" windows experience with windows 8 you can load the shell UI and it looks/acts more like win7, and you can break into the native win8 UI if you need to.

Thanks for the Oracle catch, I own the books and never looked at the class, this is great. I'm not thrilled about it just being static bonuses instead of being able to pick things, but its a great start.


I was wondering if there was a class that can generate their weapons on the fly, I know the psionic soul knife can do this, but is limited in weapon type, is there a class that do this?

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