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I was in a play-by-post game once!


::Blinks questioningly at Juan::

"Uhh.. ok."

Lens clears his throat loud and liquidly. He fixes everyone in turn with a slightly crazed stare, as if daring them to speak before him.

"Anyway. I got a couple of ideas I'm going to try. I think I can to make it so several of the businesses in Silver Terrace will end up going under. It's amazing what kind of havoc results from adding an extra one or zero to a local business's city tax requirement. And nothing adds to a general feeling of hopelessness like a lot of empty storefronts.

"Now, it seems that the City wants to move more cops in to put their boot on everybody's neck, which is pretty much all cops are good for. No offense, Issac."

Lens offers Issac an ingenuine smile.

"Well, this isn't just bad for us, this isn't good for anyone. However, the blood and will of any bureaucracy is money, and any reallocation like this will require requisition orders and whatnot... These things get lost, and cops don't get paid. Unpaid cops are angry cops. Angry cops are too busy grumbling to one another over their donuts to see what going on around them. And angry cops shoot people.

Having a bunch of blind, trigger-happy, cops wandering around with a grudge is a great way to drive up the crime rate and scare away business. This is good for us."

For a moment, Lens appears flustered, as if he didn't expect to talk so much. Then he frowns and appears to be silently mouthing the entire speech to himself again, and nodding as he checks himself for accuracy. Satisfied, he nods again to his listeners and settles back into his chair, obviously ready to hear others' thoughts.


Hiding in the shadows of a dark alley across the street, Lenz raises a rat to his ear.

"Three of them, you say? Waiting for me? No one else, though... right? Ok. You sure you didn't see any traps? Well... They'll probably expect me to show up last... I had better go in now."

With a wince, Lenz allows the rat to bite his finger and lap up the blood.

Lenz watches a dapper-looking fool walk by and, after watching the fool turn the corner, puts on the fool's face.

A man you never seen before knocks on the door and immediately lets himself in, quickly closing the door behind him and leaning against it. This eyes seem to dart to every corner of the room at once and finally settle on the three occupants. When he notices the look of alarm on the occupant's faces, he narrows his eyes and, with a slight sneer, says,

"Warden sent me."

For an instant, the strange man seems to fade away and becomes a large, gray, and bulbous monstrosity with wiry hairs poking out all over its heavily blemished skin. Either the thing is hunched over, or it's head really is sicking out somewhere near it's armpit area. It seems to glare out of tiny red pinprick eyes, and no lips cover a large toothy maw. Hardly does the image register when the monster is gone and the man stands once again in it place.

This is, of course, Lens's standard way of entering a room.

"Your place is filthy, Jonk." For the first time, Lens smiles. Jonquil had been to the patch of sewer that Lens calls haven.

"So... Did I miss anything?"


I was here the whole time.

*shuffles off and resumes mopping a corner*

Ok, in fact I didn't notice this thread until this morning. I was tracking Fatespinner's posts, but not ST Guy's. Anyone using a newsreader should note that the reader will see these as two different sources and will not automatically track the alias's posts as coming from the main profile. This sounds so obvious now that I've realized it. Now tracking this thread and both Fate's and ST Guy's posts. I should be more on point, now.


The ST Guy wrote:
Lens Samaniuk... wrote:
Fatespinner wrote:
You could just create an alias and call it "Lens Samaniuk (Masked)" if you wanted. Just give that one a separate avatar.
This is a very good idea.
Ah, excellent. I see you're abusing the powers afforded to you by your station. Yesssss....

Yeah. Totally.



Fatespinner wrote:
You could just create an alias and call it "Lens Samaniuk (Masked)" if you wanted. Just give that one a separate avatar.

This is a very good idea.


Heathansson wrote:

(rabbit punches Sharoth in the back of the head)

Take that, fowl varlit!





*Cheering Cashmere's dispatching of Jacyn*

Cash-MERE! Cash-MERE! Cash-MERE!


*Cheers Jacyn's burning of the Necromancer*



*Cheers the terrifying Necromancer*