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Icyshadow wrote:

Many a DM disagrees with the bolded part, sadly. They ban what they don't know in their ignorance.

Fear of the unknown. It's a stupid thing to have in a game where customization is a key trait alongside the fun of it.

I'd like to see some troll certification there sir.

And also...

I've learned that no matter how good a internet community is, it's still the internet. And, like war, the internet never changes.


I was planing on ending all my subscriptions after the carrion crown AP. But in this order I see that you want to send me Pathfinder adventure path #49 as well. Would it be possible for you to remove that product from the order and then cancelling all my subscriptions after the other products have been sent?

I have and do enjoy your line of products and wish you all the best. I might pick up some subsciptions in the future again when my finances get stabilized again.

Thank you.
- Dan

Themetricsystem wrote:
Any more you care to add?

At the end of an adventure you just say, "And you wake up realizing it was all a dream. No experience or loot for anyone!"

Perhaps I'm just begging to get banned here (but I hope not), but I feel that, in this discussion, alot of the "keep it civil" remarks have been made at those speeking up against christianity (or religion)

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Now I know americans are very fond of their religion (well most of you), but I also belive you value the freedom of speech. If someone realy believes religion is a form of brainwashing, perhaps you shouldn't strike out at him, instead propose a councterpoint. I realy can't see anything inflamatory in such a statement. It's just an argument (and one without solid evidence).

Let people present their arguments without all the heavy moderation. It's a touchy subject, I get that, but I think this discussion has been very good at keeping to subject (mostly), and not character assassinating.

Just keep i civil.

All my books have been recieved at last. I would like to thank you for your service, and apologize for resorting to rudeness in my previous post.

Still a fan.

Sara Marie wrote:
The number that customs would be asking for is on the package, but not retained by Paizo's system. I know you're anxious to receive your package, however, I think we need to wait a bit long to see if this one has been delayed and may show up either to you, or back to us. International orders can sometimes take quite a while to get returned to us if the post office has decided it was undeliverable.

So waiting is getting me nowhere, and my patience is wearing thin. Iv'e tried being polite and understanding but this whole delivery-situation is just a catastrofe by now. At first I could laugh about it, but that isn't working any more. Now I want my missing books, and I want them ASAP. That isn't realy such a large request seeing as I have allready paid for them.


Doug's Workshop wrote:
I wasn't aware that there was a time limit for responding. Perhaps next time, you could post the rules that you would like posters to follow, so as to avoid confusion. Maybe ask Paizo to add it in to the forum rules? Or perhaps petition ICANN for some global policy?

Chill. I'm sure that's not what he meant.

Phantasy Star IV.

Sara Marie wrote:

I can easily understand your frustration. Before we set up a replacement to ship, could you give your local customs office and/or post office a call and see if perhaps they are holding on to it for some reason? Occasionally customs/post offices holds onto packages and forget to let the recipient know they're being held. Let us know if there is no sign of your package.

Sara Marie

Ok, so I called. Unfortunatly they can't traced a package without the package id-number. Could you possibly get me this number so I can call them again?

I'm beginning to sound like a nag, but I still haven't recieved this order. Now I know this isnät your fault but you have to understand my frustration since I preordered the core rules a year prior to its realease. Now It's more than six month post-release and it still hasn't arrived.

Now I know you don't want to keep sending me copies until one miraculously gets through. I've never had any problems before so this seems extreme, but are the other shiping options more reliable? If so is there some way I could use one of them when, or if, we try again?

Thanks in advance.


I just got order #1320661 delivered. Thank you. But I'm still waiting for order #1262579 and it's getting kinda ridiculous. I ordered the pathfinder rpg a year before its realease and I still haven't seen anything of it.

Now I know you have no control over the postal services, so I don't want to sound like an ass or anything, but I'm just getting a bit impatient.

Thanks in advance for any help you could give me.

I don't care were you're from, that's funny right there.

Chris Mortika wrote:
Out of curiosity, what's the scoop on gaming books in Sweden? Are the rule books in Swedish, or do players need to translate from English?

There are books in swedish, though usually these are from swedish developers. I can't even remember if I've ever seen a translated RPG product here in sweden.

The way me and my friends play we use the english books and the english terms but try to keep in-game converstations in swedish not swtiching back and forth too much. I get the feeling most swedes play this way.

Chris Mortika wrote:
Here's the take-home assertion: good grammar and coherent prose are important, because ideas matter, and words are how we express ideas. Good text is not only a joy to read, but also a clear channel for the marketplace of ideas. Incoherent sentences and jumbled spelling are neither trend-setting nor funny. They are signs that the writer either (a) is disabled, or (b) respects neither his own opinions nor his readers.


So as a person who doesn't have english as my native tounge, I shouldn't be allowed to post on english forums as I'm more likley to make grammatical and spelling errors.

I know, this is not exactly what your saying, but it is implied (did I use the right word there?)


Spacelard wrote:
Probably yes. Flu virus vaccine is dead and contains no living virus. You can't catch flu from the vaccine. See my previous post about the 1918 pandemic. No vaccines or medicines then (to speak of) to lower immunity. That is a myth. Microbiologist says so.

Oh sorry, you missunderstood. I added the word medicine in my statement for lowering the immunity system. However I still feel that since the only time I've been sick for seven years or more (I don't keep a sickness diary) was when I took a vaccine, it does acctually prove something. Perhaps not about the human race as a whole but about myself and my own biology.

And the funny thing is that the vaccine was of course so I wouldn't get any nasty stomach viruses when I went abroad, and I ended up shooting my food out both ends (me trying to be colorful).

It is my firm belief (and you are allowed to disagree) that vaccines and medicines are the reasons that humans have so poor immunity systems nowadays that the swineflu is even considered a threat.

And by the way, I am lazy and selfish, but only ignorant of how anyone could call me selfish for not wanting ti introduce a foreign substance to my body. The last time I took a vaccine it was required for me to travel, and that was about six years ago. That was also the last time I got sick. Coincident?

Thanks guys, seems like I have alot to chew trough. I have heard of some of the bands you've listed but since this kind of music isn't my normal scene this helps alot.

I thought about posting this on the music boards but this seemed more appropriate.

I want to start up a cyberpunk campaign within a near future and was starting to think of a nice playlist to have in the background. I have so far chosen the Bionic Commando Rearmed OST, and I'm gonna pick up som rammstein CDs.

So what else. I want heavy techno with punk influences sort of. If you can please post links to videos with the music so I can check. I have no problem buying new CDs just to get a good playlist.

No undergound bands please, I want music I can acctually find and buy in a normal music-store (if they even exist any more).

145, But then again, no one ever listens to me.

... 45 days. That's a nice even 1.5 months.

My pathfinder RPG core rulebook has now been in transit for 44 days. Seems a bit long.


The problem with this order is it was placed one year ago using a credit card I no longer have in use. What would be the easiest way to resolve this?

You have my permission to charge the card I use for the pathfinder adventure path subscription.

Right now I'm listening to the Bionic commando rearmed soundtrack. Oh so sweet!

And you know that all of the links acctually show gamer chick. I mean... How pale can you get. Only a lifetime dedicated to roleplaying can get that kind of near-translucent skin.

I agree with alot of the posters here but perhaps not as harshley as some. The mapfolios work fine so that I don't have to flip back and forth while gamemastering but I'm acctually kind of used to that by now.

However, the map folio with city maps might be realy good since that wont be previously released maps (am I right?). It might acctually help when I want to write my own adventures in pathfinder somewhere where you haven't put an AP. So I guess I'll wait for this folio before I go and say that I don't want them at all.

Sturmvogel wrote:
Is it anything like the roleplaying game? I had a copy of it years and years ago; the setting seemed really interesting to me, what with Venus being a steaming jungle, Mars a vast desert, and the moon with a giant atmospheric bubble around it.

Quick answer: No.

Longer answer: I resembles the game as far as they share names. Also some organizations share names with those in the RPG. Other than that, not much. The reason for this though is the HUGE copout they did by making a movie about the backstory for MC. So the movie acctually takes place when earth is still inhabited and the humans get their first taste of the dark legion.

As someone else said, it's not a bad movie as far as action-flick go, but it has nothing on MC 1st edition as a RPG.

Sad acctually that they had all that wonderful backdrop to work with, the brotherhood, the legion, the corporation wars, and they go and do a sci-fi WWI movie.

veector wrote:
I think the more we experience in life, it builds up neuroses, feelings, and an aggregate of emotions that we've stored over the years. Roleplaying helps (in some strange way) work through those experiences. Now I've seen some guys who are too guarded in their emotions that they can't let their guard down and access that part of themselves. I think they're really missing out.

I'm sorry if I take your meaning all wrong here, but that sounds elitist to me. Missing out? Hardley.

Not all problems can be solved by working through them, some you just have to distance yourself from, perhaps by having a good romp through a dungeon with some friends. Smashing goblin heads and making out of character comments. It doesn't mean they are missing out, it just mean that they play another way than you do.

I have played in both serious and comic campaigns, and find both good and bad with both of them. But usually I play a more lightharted "just playing a game" sort of game, and it leaves me feeling very happy and fulfilled.


I just recived my order but there's been a mistake. I ordered a set of 7 Call of Cthulhu dice and instead I recive a elder sign dice bag. Otherwise the products are in order. How shall we handle this?


Doombunny wrote:
I miss the war.

But War...

War never changes.

I like WARs style. Always have, always will I think. I think that War is for fantasy in color, what Ron Spencer is for fantasy in black and white.

Dragnmoon wrote:
Ok... I decided to check out the book 'A Wizard of Earthsea' By Ursula K. Le Guin, and I have to say... it was terrible! Why is this such a popular novel?

I don't know why this is such a popular novel. I've never read it or anything by Le Guin. What I do know is that tastes differs in almost everything and litterature is no exeption.

I, for instance, think David Eddings write in forced clichés, and that Mary Shelleys Frankenstein was a poorly presentet version of a great idea. It seems that my taste differs alot from the mainstream readers at times.

Krome wrote:
...it makes you EMPLOYED.

Damn, I hate being employed. Just waking up every morning feeling how sore my cheeks are from all the puckering up makes me sick. And like it's not enough that I have to smile and play nice with all these humans, it doesn't take me long to realise that 90% of all humans are jerks, bastards, and just plain a**holes.

If it wouldn't mean that I couldn't buy books from paizo (and possibly starve to death), I would quit my job in a second. Because being employd sucks all the living out of life, and instead you just conform to some kind of zombie-existence for 8 or more hours a day after which you are too tired to do anything "fun" or "creative" anyway.


Sorry if I got a bit off topic.

Erik Mona wrote:
How can I get you to buy a psionics book and use it in your campaign?

By selling it.

Check out Draconomicon page 116: Dragoncraft Items.

Sure it requries a specific feat to create these items but check this entry from page 117. "A suit of dragoncraft armor... grants the wearer resistance 5 against a specific type of energy, as approprate to the dragon."

I agree. But still one could make the point that outside of combat the rules are just in the way. When you talk about roleplaying, do you realy want alot of rolling dices or is that the perfect place to just wing it.

Me, myself, and I think, for instance, that it a roleplaying encounter can be ruined by such small things as Bluff or Diplomacy rolls.

On the other hand. What I think your talking more about is that everything in the rulesbook is about combat. Other (older) roleplaying games used to have extensive sections about worldbuilding, and DMing and things like that. But I think Pathfinder is doing this jusst fine by not having that much rules in their splatbooks instead.

Just my two SEK (that's swedish currency by the way).

This was from the Return to the temple of elemtal evil. One of my friends were playing a barbarian and he insisted with having boot-blades. I tried through most of the campaign convincing him of getting rid of the puny boot-blades but he refused.

Later he got swallowed by a purple worm. So he kicked it from the inside full power attack, critical, dealing somewhere around 70 points of damage, escaping the stomache and killing the worm at the same time.

Me: "okay, you can keep the boot-blades."

lynora wrote:
Woot! Do you know what the title is? I've read Heroes Die like twenty times. I love that book. I wasn't expecting a sequel. Must have.

Well the sequel to heroes die is blade of tyshalle, also great. But this is a third book called Cain Black Knife.

And Woot! indeed.

has released a new Cain book. No one told me so I just thought I'd give a shout out to anyone else who missed it like me. Now I have to go and order me a copy.

When I was younger and didn't realy have any money I always bought books with as many pages as possible for as low a price as possible. Nowadays I buy anything that looks cool.

Jal Dorak wrote:
The worst is getting to the last chapter and realizing you missed an important item or NPC, or your saved game gets corrupted. I had that happen several times in NWN, BGII, and NWN2.

Yeah I hate that. But what I hate more is bad planing by the programers. In NWN the original campaign I reached the last "boss" (save just before). then I notice that the boss can't be hurt by my weapons and there is no way I can go back to town and get som other weapons.

But I guess that serves me right for playing with only one save slot.

No one mentioned two worlds.

It.s story driven, it's free roam, and it's third person.

Ok. so storywise it's perhaps just a 5/10 but the OP is asking alot from todays game designers.

darth_borehd wrote:

Worst Movie Ever:

The Muppet Wizard of Oz

This putrid mass is simply chock-full of horribleness. You think combining two classics like the Muppets and the The Wizard of Oz, you couldn't fail, right? Oh somehow they found a way. Let me just point out the top highlights.


1. Queen Latifah is in the movie. This is the first problem.

2. Dorothy is a wannabe rap/r&b singer named Ashanti. She can neither act nor sing.

3. Kermit makes inappropriate jokes. As the scarecrow he is hanging on a post and proclaims "Look at me! I'm the Passion of Christ!" (Note: Actual movie quote.)

4. Gonzo makes references to touching his nipples. Remember this is supposed to be a family show.

5. Miss Piggy dressed as a Dominatrix

6. The "wizard" appears to Gonzo as a badly-done CGI woman with huge, barely covered breasts.

7. The characters inexplicably enter a dance nightclub in one scene.

8. Dorothy's goal is to become a famous singer, not go home.

9. Toto is a shrimp interested only in becoming Dorothy's manager to make money.

10. Quentin Tarantino has a bizarre scene with Kermit where he describes incredibly violent and gory scenarios to him that have nothing to do with the rest of the movie.

This is typical of the awfulness that Disney puts out now.

Michael Eisner should be locked up for damaging the reputation of Jim Henson, Walt Disney, and L. Frank Baum.

Oh c'mon. That movie is funny. And at the number 4 on your list me and my friend laught so hard we almost couldnät breath.

Since I haven't read any of the planet stories so far I thought I would give some unbiased oppinions on some favourite covers. Let me check my library...

All three covers for Joe Abercrombies the First Law series are awesome.

The covers for the Fighters series released by WotC left me breathless the first time I saw them. Raymond Swanland is a god to me now.

R. Scott Bakker has some thought-provoking covers for his Prince of Nothing trilogy.

And Max Barrys Jennifer Government looks realy cool.

The above mentioned books are all books I've bought simply for their covers and then it turned out the books were awesome as well (allthough perhaps not the Fighters that was only passable).

EDIT: Looking through the planet stories books I like Black God's Kiss the best. It's all dark and claustrophobic. I like that.

James Jacobs wrote:
If we reprint the Campaign Setting after we switch to the PF RPG (which I suspect is likely, since we're selling the CS pretty briskly), we'll update it to the PF RPG rules then (which won't have much affect on the CS, really, but the domains WILL be changing at that point).

I've never liked when companies do this. Let the customers change their own rules, or release a second book with the updates (if that can't fit into the PFRPG itself). Otherwise I feel compelled to buy a second CS that's "up to date", and that in turn means I wasted money on the first book.

I don't mind editing for errors in upcoming prints becouse I don't tend to notice them, but chaning rules is a bit too much.

There's good RPG humor such as the gamers and order of the stick. But this...

I didn't even get the chance to crack a smile.

I don't think the extra +2 unbalances the game. It's just up there with the extra hp at level 1 to increase survivability at low levels. At about level 4 or 5, these extra pluses won't even be noticable in my oppinion.

I think we could keep the physical attractiveness as a part of charisma as an option to those who want to play people who are lone rangers, shy, and with serious social problems, but still have all the girls swooning over their good looks.

Of course if you instead want to play a charismatic hero who's overweight, has hygene problems, and dresses like a 80s rockstar, but still makes a decent leader, then your charisma is just interprited another way.

Or something...

veector wrote:

The problems are more visible if you create a Fighter 10/Wizard 10 character. This is ostensibly, a very powerful level 20 character, but most monsters the character would face would laugh at the saving throws necessary against 5th level spells cast by the character.

So a major component of the character, combat spellcasting, becomes virtually useless at higher levels.

Useless? Hardly. I played a fighter sorcerer once ánd got as far as sor7/ftr6 before the group had to split. My saves were awesome. No problem, acctually I thought they were even better than those in the group who just had one class (not as versatile).

As to the spellcasting I used alot of shapeshifting spells and gasform. Some spells at lower levels never go out of style.

GlassJaw wrote:
This includes, but not limited to, multiclassed spellcasters...

There is nothing wrong with multiclassing spellcasters. If you dabble in other classes you get behind on the spell-powes. It no only works, but I feel it's even logical. The only thing people need to do (if they want a power-effective multi-class spellcaster) is pick the spells that can be used at any level. There are many of them.

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