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I was planing on ending all my subscriptions after the carrion crown AP. But in this order I see that you want to send me Pathfinder adventure path #49 as well. Would it be possible for you to remove that product from the order and then cancelling all my subscriptions after the other products have been sent?

I have and do enjoy your line of products and wish you all the best. I might pick up some subsciptions in the future again when my finances get stabilized again.

Thank you.
- Dan

I'm beginning to sound like a nag, but I still haven't recieved this order. Now I know this isnät your fault but you have to understand my frustration since I preordered the core rules a year prior to its realease. Now It's more than six month post-release and it still hasn't arrived.

Now I know you don't want to keep sending me copies until one miraculously gets through. I've never had any problems before so this seems extreme, but are the other shiping options more reliable? If so is there some way I could use one of them when, or if, we try again?

Thanks in advance.


I just got order #1320661 delivered. Thank you. But I'm still waiting for order #1262579 and it's getting kinda ridiculous. I ordered the pathfinder rpg a year before its realease and I still haven't seen anything of it.

Now I know you have no control over the postal services, so I don't want to sound like an ass or anything, but I'm just getting a bit impatient.

Thanks in advance for any help you could give me.

I thought about posting this on the music boards but this seemed more appropriate.

I want to start up a cyberpunk campaign within a near future and was starting to think of a nice playlist to have in the background. I have so far chosen the Bionic Commando Rearmed OST, and I'm gonna pick up som rammstein CDs.

So what else. I want heavy techno with punk influences sort of. If you can please post links to videos with the music so I can check. I have no problem buying new CDs just to get a good playlist.

No undergound bands please, I want music I can acctually find and buy in a normal music-store (if they even exist any more).

... 45 days. That's a nice even 1.5 months.


The problem with this order is it was placed one year ago using a credit card I no longer have in use. What would be the easiest way to resolve this?

You have my permission to charge the card I use for the pathfinder adventure path subscription.


I just recived my order but there's been a mistake. I ordered a set of 7 Call of Cthulhu dice and instead I recive a elder sign dice bag. Otherwise the products are in order. How shall we handle this?


has released a new Cain book. No one told me so I just thought I'd give a shout out to anyone else who missed it like me. Now I have to go and order me a copy.

Could you please explain to me how you managed to send pathfinder #13, before pathfinder #12 to me. Also the map folio and the campaign setting wasn't sent either. Do you know when these are going to be sent?

Normaly I would go with the flow, but since I'm about to move to a different adress beginning in september I want to make sure things end up in the right place. The first shipment will probably reach me without any problems but if the second shipment will be sent a week or more into the future then perhaps I should change the delivery adress right now.

I would like some oppinions about a house rule I've been thinking of using sometime in the future.

Would it unbalance the game much if I let every character pick their own class-skills? I would of course give fighters less skill choices than rouges.

I think this would help the alot with diversifing (did I spell that wrong?) the characters right from the first level, even if they play the same class.

Perhaps someone allready asked this question, but I can't find a thread about it.

In the alpha release there are several variants proposed for starting HP. I was wondering which ones you've tried and what you guys thought of them.

I'm partial towards the racial bonus to starting HP. I can see that it's a bit unbalanced but at the same time this is outweighed by ading more feeling for the racial differences, ading a bit of logic (in a way), and anyway, it won't realy matter by third level the way I see it.


Hi folks. I don't write alot on these boards but I hang around and keep an eye out and I just noticed a trend around this new Pathfinder RPG alpha release.

Everyone wants to chime in on how to make the game better. Everyone has a house rule or an added rule that they think you highten the gaming experience. And I'm not saying anything against this.

However. To few seem to think about making this game combatible with the 3.5 rules set. Which I might point out was one of the reasons for even making a Pathfinder RPG. If you ad too much it will take alot of time adjusting material from older books to be able to play them with the new. We've already seen that the base classes are getting stronger for lack of a better word. This will in itself lower the CR of monsters from older books.

Now I hear people who want races to get better at higher levels. This is not a good idea since I have 3.5 books with perhaps 50 new races who wont have these rules added to them. Giving them a slight revamp would be ok. But adding powers depending on level would take alot of time and playtesting and would end up with me telling a player that I had to remove his favourite power cus i was unbalancing the game.

Alot of us wanted to stay 3.5. Let's not forgett this now just because the Paizo people was nice enough to ask our oppinion. Please think a bit on combatibility before you add your five cents. Thanks.

PS. I'm not trying to stifle your creativity, realy I'm not.

Hi. Got some questions to clear up.

First off. My Pathfinder 4 was sent in the beginning of december but hasn't arrived yet. Is there some way for you guys to check up on international shipments?

Second. My pathfinder 5 shipment notice was recieved today but it said that a package containing one item had been sent. Wasnät this supposed to coincide with my pathfinder chronicles subscription? Shouldn't it be TWO items?

Thanks for the hard work.


A question for those GMs who have already played thorugh the Skinsaw Murders.

Did you have any problem motivating your characters to go forward? I haven't started the adventure yet but knowing my players it could be hard for me to get them to travel to Magnimar after Aldern is deafeated. And if I get that far I'm not sure if they will even find the sawmill. And even if they get that far I just can't see enough reason for them to even bother going for the shadow clock.

It's a great adventure, I just feel the clues are a bit vague and lack a that bit of foreboding needed to bully my players going forward.

So, did any of you guys have these problems, and if so, how did you solve them?

Hi all.

Been of the forum for quite some time now so I feel a bit out of the loop. Was just wondering if someone could fill me in on the news about any upcoming hardbound APs. Has Paizo decided to release any more APs as campaign-books? Or wasn't it proffitable enough?

Thanks for the answers.

I just started DMing the Shackled City, unfortunatly we can't play often but we try as much as possible.

After about four (or five) sessions we're still on the first adventure. I've also managed to kill off four PCs (and this isn't braging, it's a problem).

Has this adventure been tough on everyone or do my players just stink? At this time only two of the original characters still live, both are elves, and both are fighters.


I was just wondering if anyone on this forum, who subscibes to dungeon (or dragon), lives in a european country. I would just like to check if such a subscription works or if it has difficulties. I'm thinking of subscribing but can't make up my mind if it's a good idea.

If your'e wondering I live in sweden.

True, someone already startet a thread about this subject, my my question is different enough I think it warrants a new thread.

How many of you use the new stat-block while writing your own adventures? I try to use it as it saves alot of time in-game. But at the same time I find the new format hard to adjust to while writing making the writing part take alot longer.