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I noticed it says it comes with a PDF of the beginner box? Does that mean a PDF of the books that come with it or can you redeem a physical copy? I vaguely remember a past bundle working like this (I only heard about it in passing from a friend, so I could very easily be wrong).

Nyerkh wrote:

What issue(s) are you trying to solve ?

I just wanted to make stat rolling more versatile, but as you both have pointed out, there are many ways of accomplishing that without making it so complicated.

Imagine this scenario that you might find somewhat relatable:

A father gets his family together to play Pathfinder.
Little Timmy wants to play an half orc barbarian. Dad explains he'll want really high strength to hit things harder, constitution for the health, and dexterity for the initiative and armor. Timmy rolls and ends up with the rolls 13, 14, 12, 13, 14, 12
Timmy is now sad because his physical stats are low for a martial character. Dad tries to make him happier by telling him that with point buy, those are worth a lot of points, but Timmy is still sad.
Timmy's big brother, Charlie, is now up. Charlie had planned to play a magic-focused cleric, but seeing Timmy would need help on the martial side, decides to play a human war cleric. He knows he needs high physical stats for the melee, as well as wisdom for his cleric abilities and charisma for channel energy. He rolls 16, 15, 15, 10, 9 8. Once again decent rolls, however Charlie has a problem. He cannot efficiently cover melee, spellcasting, and healing with those rolls. He now has to decide to focus on, and what the two of them will have to do without.

You yourself may have had a similar experience to this before - skills too spread out or consolidated. But what if I told you there was a way to generate stats that fit your character build more? Well there is... and it's called point buy.

Forgetting everything I am about to write, point buy does solve this problem - you can decide between a consolidated array or a spread out one. But this thread is not about point buy. No, it is about a crazy idea that popped into my head one day. After testing the math, I found it to be only slightly broken. I call it Flexible Stat Rolling, or Flex Rolls.

The process is simple.
Generate a set of 4 stats using the typical 4d6 drop lowest. Do that three times, so you have three sets of 4 stat rolls each. Then, from a set of you choice, take the top two stats. From a different set of your choice, choose the middle two stats. From the last set, choose the lowest two stats.

This is relatively balanced because by taking a high score from one set, you are forced to take medium and low stats from the other sets. I made a computer program that generated the four sets, found all 6 possible selections of stats, and then calculated the one with the highest point buy value (I made up point buys for the numbers below 6 that roughly followed the pattern of increase for going up from 10). Then I had the program do that 10,000 times and calculate the average max point buy value. It was always almost always 23.8 to 24.2, or at least super close to that (I never saw it lower than 23 or higher than 25). I then checked if instead of doing 2 highest - 2 middle - 2 lowest resulted the same average max point buy as 1 high - 2 middle - 3 low or 3 high - 2 middle - 1 low. They were the same. Then I checked all three selection patterns but with rolling 3d6 instead of 4d6 drop lowest, and it was an average of 9 for all of them.

The nice thing about this is that from one collection of rolls, you can select scores in a way that aims for some higher scores by taking a few lower scores as well, or you can select a more balanced selection.

Any comments?

I'll pay 4 mana to cast Awaken the Ancient, and turn this thread into a 7/7 giant with 1000 posts. It's still a thread.


(Am I trying too hard?)

And here I was complaining the big fire on the Columbia river was keeping my marching band inside during practices while all you east coasters are getting battered by hurricanes.

As Galen said, stay safe.

193. Never play a cleric with the healing domain.

Chakat Firepaw wrote:
LegitName wrote:
1. Attempt to Craft a full plate of armor. Going off the crafting rules presented in the core rulebook, crafting a full plate would take years.


Several people have shot that down. I get it now. Also, I looked back at my calculations and had written that a full plate costs 3000gp instead of 1500gp when I said that. So here is a revised #1:

1. Never craft a full plate without training in craft armour.

Surprise! I am having the same issue!

Looks like 152-156 were removed, and Tegresin the Laughing Fiend took 158, and we just caught up to that, so An Immortal Lychee's 167 was actually 169, putting the next statement at 170.

Yes, I am proud of that math.

Also, in case it wasn't clear, at the beginning when I asked for serious replies I was being sarcastic.

Upon consideration my schedule is a little busy at the moment, what with pathfinder, life, and other stuff, all at the same time.

7th level, you say? And the campaign I've been looking to play for a while? And my current favorite class?

7th level Cleric of someone-watery is on the way.

Would be especially happy if Advanced Race/Class Guides followed suite.

Never used rpol, but I really like the idea of a high level campaign.

Luke_Parry wrote:

@LegitName: Subdomains (since they don't appear in the Core Rule Book) are not legal options for the CORE campaign :-/

Why didn't I think of that? My submission is still in the works, but I think I will go with something besides animal domain.

Why is it that characters get to pick two traits when in core mode? Traits are most definitely not from the core rulebook.

In that case, I will get on it.

Definites: Cleric of Erastil
Archery build, anti-evil, channels positive energy
Domains: good and animal (feather subdomain)

That good?

I am interested in an evil campaign. I've been meaning to play some sort of evil mind-controlling bard.

Sorry, but I will have to withdraw my (lack of) submission. Have fun!

Sorry I'm really busy and will not finish in time for your deadline.

Iadrius wrote:
DM_Keddah wrote:

It would start at level 1 and end by level 5 or 6.

Then I'm definitely interested. I'm a Pathfinder newbie with a lot of D&D experience (especially 3.5). Been waiting to bust out my tiefling cleric of the trickery domain.

I was thinking about an aasimar cleric... so-long to that idea! Also, you stole my color me interested line :D - not that I care.

Looks like a great opportunity to play a vigilante (if the GM will allow it). Or a fighter of some flavor if GM doesn't allow vigilantes.

will work up a cleric asap.

Sounds cool. Color me interested.

animal: 1d10 ⇒ 5 owl
power: 1d10 ⇒ 9 distract/confuse

A distracting owl. Who?

I could totally dig a cleric of Desna (domains Luck and Travel).

Planning on using top array, taking 2 traits.

Said adventurer grew up exploring and worshiping Desna while adventuring. All the while, his worship payed off with a little divine luck. How does it sound so far?

So PFS is just organized pathfinder with standardized rules and short adventures?

We hit the magical 111. Let's keep going for 200.

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Let's necromanciate this thread, shall we?

I'd say "some" interested is a bit of an understatement. Sign me up, should anybody get that going.

I'm not, I'm just curious as to what PFS was. In my profile it says I'm a PFS member, because I accidentally filled out the character sheet just to see what would happen.

Does virtual tabletop host pathfinder society?

I a currently involved in the PbPs under the Online Campaign section of the messageboards.

What is the difference between those PbPs, and the Pathfinder Society?

Admin: Not sure where to put this as I have no clue what this is, so please move to the correct place.

That reminds me. They made us sign a contract to give them 30% of the money we find from the dungeon. Later, I pointed out to my group that not all money we would earn this campaign would be claimed inside the dungeon. For example, we already have an offer of several thousand gp to rescue some lost apprentices from the dungeon (the rogue was greedy and asked the mage girl for a reward). So if we get paid above land, after fighting our way through the dungeon, then technically we didn't get the money in the dungeon and thus we do not have to give 30% to the hellknights.

Food for thought.

Quemius wrote:
Or....try to wrest control from the Hellknights.

I wonder how many rounds it would take for us to die. Maybe 2 if we were lucky...

So my group started playing through the Emerald Spires Superdungeon. I was playing a cleric, along with a monk, rogue, alchemist, and sorcerer. We were exploring the Fort Inevitable, having a jolly time.

As our rogue ran off to drink beer solo, I (being the responsible member of the group), got a permit for adventuring. This brings me to my first thought:

The Hellknights seem to hate all people not under the rule - so why do they make people who want to rid the land of evil (generally) pay to do it? It's like if Gorum said one day "every time you want to worship me in war you have to spread gold pieces across the battlefield until you can't see the grass."

After this, I raced after him (The other three were at the other bar). We deemed that he had already left the bar heading for The Juliver Arms. I decided that I would make myself useful before he left and gather any information (he rolled a pretty bad diplomacy...)

My first thought was to ask "that guy in the corner" (stereotype guy in a cloak who sits in a dark corner of a tavern and knows stuff). I asked Embra who knew information, and she freaked out at me. That made me think,

For a town where people are too scared to disobey the Hellknights,
she seems offly paranoid.

So... is it me, the GM, or the writers?

Pay attention for more thoughts as we progress (quite slowly due to busy schedules).

Right now, my favorite class would have to be the brawler. The unarmed damage gets pretty high relatively fast. Plus the bonuses to Combat Maneuvers are sweet. Of course, brawler builds have to have high str and dex, so CMB/CMD are already high. They have an edge pretty much all over the combat - but at the cost of really low mental ability scores. Really good if a mindless orc fits well in your campaign.

I also really enjoy the alchemist because bombs. (What else is there to say?)

Rogue has some pretty cool archetypes. My personal favorite is Knife Master, because they do decent damage with weapons that were designed to not do that. I also like the underground chemist archetype, again because bombs.

Can you explain why the law is stealing magical artifacts? Derek shouts.

As Ebonfeather peaks out of the door, he sees 5 thugs gathered in a circle roughly 20 feet away. Standing in their midst is Derek and Terran. Terran sees you and yells loudly There they are! Get them!

Yes he provides the identifications with these.

The Identifier looks at the rings and wands that Daphne is holding. Rings of climbing and swimming. He declares. Detect Magic and Bleed.

Then he turns to Umberto. The rings are rings of sustenance and jumping. And those rods... a rod of Balance and a rod of Ice.

Seeing Drahz, he looks appalled. Well you all have a lot of magic items! That is a ring of feather falling, and that is a ring of protection. He then looks at the rings. That would be a wand of Magic Weapon, and that would be a wand of Mending.

He does not know how many charges the wands have, although it can't be more than 20.

Well, that was great. But we best be off to save the city from the orcs. Says Vira.

The man sees the two rings and says without hesitation Rings of protection, lowest grade. Not worth much - as far as magic items go.

He pauses as he looks at the wands.

Those two are wands of cure light wounds. One has the full 50 charges (quite valuable) and the other... I wouldn't be so sure. The final one... is a wand of Charm Person, and it appears to have at most 5 charges left.

Anything else?

Signed up for Ironfang as anything :D

PM me if a GM arrises.

The man leads you into his office, a simple room modeled after the inside of a small cottage, probably on a remote mountainside somewhere north. The center of the room has a large rug from some animal. There is a fireplace burning in the corner. He has a desk near the door.

He closes his door after you all enter. He looks kind of uncomfortable around Mushroom, eyeing her claws.

There is a large wooden log sitting next to the door, and there are hooks on the door that the log seems to fit (like that town in Lord of the Rings when the Orcs attacked and they stuck the log through the gate so the Orcs couldn't get in. Except this is a much smaller doorway.)

He sticks the log in the doorway, barring it shut and mumbling Identifier-Patient Confidentiality

He sits down at his desk and says What would you like me to identify first?

Sorry Ebonfeather I have yet to find a decent dice rolling website.

The men stay at least 50 ft away from you, slowly walking.

The identifier walks up to his office and opens the door.

Ebon I don't know if group involved Vira, so if it did... Vira eyes the men as she follows the identifier into the room.

And if you didn't... Vira whispers to Umberto and Daphne that there are some men sneaking along the far wall.

Hold off on that Daphne, he's still leading you to his office.

Ebonfeather, the sense motive check tells you nothing, however from the perception check, you notice two big guys stealthing along the edge of the room.

Imagine a tall rectangle (with the short side on top and bottom.)

A large doorway on the top marks the entrance through which you came. A small doorway on the bottom is the door to the vault. The man is leading you to a small doorway in the bottom right corner. The men sneaking are in the top right heading straight downwards.

And I guess your perception check would tell you that most of the men here are adventurers who seek magical artifacts, and you assume most do so in ways less than good. Who knows what those brute guys are up to, or if it even involves you?

A short, burly man in a red vest walks up to you.
I am the identifier. Now, come with me to my office. He says.

And with that, he starts walking to the side of the ballroom, towards a simple wooden door.

Vira heads to the back of the ballroom. There is a door marked To the Vault

Wonder how we get in. Vira says.

Dotting. Not as a villain, but as a minion (more of a mercenary in my basic outline.)

If someone could PM me when the minion recruitment phase begins, that would help.

Until then, I'll be fluff n' crunching it up. Good luck to all villain wannabes. May people soon fear your name and cower at your image and retch at your voice and... I think you get the point.

Also, can we get a final answer on how many minions there will be? I'm seeing mixed answers. (I assume that the answer will come down to however many the villain wants?)

Derek stares at Vira with a cold hatred - the kind that someone gets when they hold a grudge for too long and it slowly grows and grows until it consumes them, controlling their ever action and corrupting their every word.

His hand doesn't leave the hilt of his sword, but he steps to the side and motions for his henchmen to do the same.

Vira starts forward towards the back of the dance hall.

A tall man in a fancy suite and a woman in a flowy dress (one of the dancing couples) approach Umberto. Young man, the man says, your dancing is quite impressive, although your singing is... less so. He then hands you a handful of coins totaling 13 gp (this mage community is a serious victim of inflation - just think, that perform check would make you at most 3 coppers in the city.)

Those sense motives checks do not tell you anything. As you enter the room, however, a man sitting at one of the tables near the entrance arises and walks towards you. He stops a few feet away (out of reach of swords).

Always a pleasure seeing an old friend. He says to Vira.

Vira glares at him. Why yes, I suppose seeing old friends is fun. Sadly we are not your friends, Derek. I would advise you leave us in peace.

As she is saying this, several burly men are arrising from various tables and slowly making their way towards her. Umberto and anyone on the dance floor are ignored. The other people on the dance floor continue dancing as if nothing is happenining.

Umberto, the people dancing are pretty amazed by your dance.

Vira smiles. Lucky for us, the legendary Heart Blades all look alike - it takes a lifetime of study and experience to tell them apart.

And with that, she swings open the door revealing a large ballroom with tables surrounding a central dance floor. Magical music is playing with no discernible source.

Terran looks at Drahz and shrugs.

Vira reaches into her cloak and pulls out a small dagger. This one is not like the others. The blade is pink, and the hilt has a small heart inscribed on it. This, she says (holding the dagger to his face) is the legendary Knife of Heartbreaking. Once per day, I can instantly kill a victim of its stab - no buts. Now, let us in there or I may just use it on you.

Terran looks quite scared. He quickly produces five silver cards, drops them on the floor, and then bolts towards the doors behind you. Vira picks up on of the cards, pockets the dagger, looks towards the rest of you, and says Let's get going, shall we?

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