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alientude wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Pretty much. Vote with your wallets, friends.
Yep, and after the disdain Lone Wolf has shown their Realm Works backers, I fully intend to do so. They've made it abundantly clear they do not want my business.

No kidding SOON is burned into the screen for 4 years now and counting.

Rob really needs to put someone in charge of the company and go back to coding.

Still waiting on features Rob told me were working just need to clean up the interface, when it was released to be turned on.

4 years and still waiting.

Testing and Balance are no longer part of Paizo idea of how to do things.

The better (higher Tier of ship), the harder it is for the Captain to Inspire the crew.

Upgrading computers and other non flight systems makes the ship harder to fly.

They said something about addressing it , but nothing yet.

I homebrew I dropped a mod based on mass, which put the sweet spot on Medium and Large ships and added extra DC mods for better results.

But as the rules stand upgrading you computer can make you ship harder to fly.

Also Captain actions are down right silly RAW.

There are a huge number of 15mm, 1/100 or so makers of miniatures in the US and UK these days.

Average cost is 0.75 to 1.50 USD.

Some of my favorites.



Another good resource.

There are many other makers, most being small shops only a few folks.
Which means many different types of minis.

Also 15mm scale maps are smaller. Easier to print and keep.

For Ship Combat will be using minis from various space games.
Again TMP has a few areas talking about space combat games.

Hope everyone has a great games!

DC based on Mass

Some ideas from my thread on attempting stronger maneuvers by taking higher DC on try, might give you some ideas.

My idea puts the sweet spot on Medium to Large ships.

Keep the ideas coming.


10 bucks a fig?


Blood and Dust


The Cyber Mage wrote:

The dev team has acknowledged the issue and is looking into correcting it:

http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2uizv?Space-combat-skill-DC-progression-issue#1 5

That is good news, I hope they do a good job.

Also that they see the other areas it has cropped into.

If the Devs like it they may use it, just give me a design credit :)

Anyone who would like it I have a word doc that looks a bit better, not quite matching the StarFinder book but it is a cousin.

The Captain Actions I am still trying balance.
Those with more time in the Pathfinder system please state your ideas.

With using Mass a Medium or Large Starship will be the sweet spot I think now.
Which is where I see my players to be honest.

If you see something that needs tweaks, please let me know.

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In homebrew put a post setting the DCs for Stunts and such towards Mass not Tier.

Also some ideas on dealing with Captain actions.

With few new Actions, with others expanded effects for players wanting to do more.

Starship Combat

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Starship Combat Changes Version 1.0

These changes are being made because our group found that adding a new computer, or such should not cause it to be harder to fly a ship.

The Stunts and Maneuvers will use Mass Numbers instead of Ship Tier.

Tiny 1
Small 3
Medium 5
Large 7
Huge 10
Gargantuan 14
Colossal 18

Back Off
The starship moves up to half its speed in the direction of the aft edge without changing facing. It can’t take any turns during this movement. To perform this stunt, you must succeed at a Piloting check (DC = 15 + 2 × your starship’s mass). On a failed check, your starship moves backward only 1 hex. If you fail this check by 5 or more, your starship does not move at all and takes a –4 penalty to its AC and TL until the start of the next round.
DC= 15 + 2x Mass
One Extra Hex + 5 DC
Two Extra Hexes +10 DC
Three Extra Hexes +15 DC

Barrel Roll
The starship moves up to half its speed and flips along its central axis. For the next gunnery phase, the starship’s port shields and weapons function as if they were in the starboard firing arc and vice versa. The starship reverts to normal at the beginning of the next round. To perform this stunt, you must succeed at a Piloting check (DC = 15 + 2 × your starship’s mass). On a failed check, the starship moves half its speed but doesn’t roll. If you fail by 5 or more, your starship moves half its speed, doesn’t roll, and takes a –4 penalty to its AC and TL until the start of the next round.
DC=15 + 2x Mass

The ship moves up to its speed and can turn as normal, but it gains a +2 circumstance bonus to its AC and TL until the start of the next round. To perform this stunt, you must succeed at a Piloting check (DC = 15 + 2 × your starship’s mass). If you fail, the starship moves as normal. If you fail the check by 5 or more, the starship moves as normal, but it also takes a –2 penalty to its AC and TL until the start of the next round.
DC= 15 +2x Mass For +2AC & +2TL
Extra +1 + 5 DC
Extra +2 +10 DC
Extra +3 +15 DC
Extra +4 +20 DC
If DC is Failed one half of attempted AC is subtracted from ship.

Flip and Burn
The ship moves forward up to half its speed (without turning) and rotates 180 degrees to face the aft edge at the end of the movement. To perform this stunt, you must succeed at a Piloting check (DC = 15 + 3 × your ship’s mass). If you fail this check, your starship moves forward half its speed but doesn’t rotate.
DC= 15 +3x Mass

Fly By
The ship moves as normal, but it can move through 1 hex occupied by an enemy starship without provoking a free attack (as described in Moving through Other Starships). During the following gunnery phase, you can select one arc of your starship’s weapons to fire at the enemy vessel as if the vessel were in close range (treat the range as 1 hex), against any quadrant of the enemy starship. To perform this stunt, you must succeed at a Piloting check (DC = 15 + (2 × the mass of the your starship)+mass of enemy ship). If you fail this check, your starship still moves as described above, but you follow the normal rules for attacking (based on your starship’s final position and distance), and the movement provokes a free attack from that starship as normal.
DC= 15 +2x Mass of your Ship + Mass of Enemy Ship

The starship moves up to its speed in the direction of either the forward-port or forward-starboard edge without changing its facing. To perform this stunt, you must succeed at a Piloting check (DC = 15 + 2 × your ship’s mass). If you fail this check, the ship moves forward up to half its speed and can’t make any turns.
DC= 15 +2x Mass

Turn in Place
The ship does not move but instead can turn to face any direction. If the ship has a maneuverability of clumsy, it takes a –4 penalty to its AC and TL until the start of the next round. If it has a maneuverability of poor, it instead takes a –2 penalty to its AC and TL until the start of the next round. Ships with a maneuverability of average or better do not take a penalty. This stunt doesn’t require a skill check.
DC= 15 +2x Mass
Reduce AC and TL Negative by 1 + 5 DC
Reduce AC and TL Negative by 2 +10 DC
Reduce AC and TL Negative by 3 +15 DC Clumsy only
Reduce AC and TL Negative by 4 +20 DC Clumsy only

New Stunt
Combined Stunt
Trying to pull off 2 actions, which only a great pilot would attempt.
Add the 2 DCs together and add +10 for the total.

Line up Shot
This Stunt allows the Pilot to help a Gunner line up a shot.
The Pilot chooses a Weapon System, the Gunner of that system gets a bonus to Attack or Target Lock.
DC= 15 +2x Mass

+2 To Hit for a given Gunner
Extra +1 + 5 DC
Extra +2 +10 DC
Extra +3 +15 DC
Extra +4 +20 DC

Engineering Actions
As most of these actions deal with fixing and moving power around the use of Tier in the DC seems to work in general.
Some DC increases for extra effect are noted.
Extra +1 +6% to Shields + 5 DC
Extra +2 +7% to Shields +10 DC
Extra +3 +8% to Shields +15 DC
Extra +4 +9% to Shields +20 DC

Hold It Together
Lasts 2 Rounds instead of 1 +15 DC

No Changes

Not sure what Extra Power to 3 Systems, will update when more is known.

Quick Fix
No Changes

Gunnery Actions
No Changes

Science Officers Actions
No Changes

No Changes

Target System
Critical on 18+ Natural Roll +15 DC

Lock On
Extra +1 +10 DC
Extra +2 +15 DC
Extra +3 +20 DC

Improve Countermeasures
No Changes

Captain Actions
These actions from the RAW are just crazy.
As the Ship Tier should not make it harder to Bluff or Demand another person.

Most of these actions should have DC based much like Pathfinder does.
So something like DC= 15 + Level of Target + Proper MOD (WIS, INT, or CHA)
Base of 15 as it is nearly always in or on the cusp of combat, and keeps with the other DCs.
Also the Ships Computer and many other mods should not help the Captain do these.

I am sure there will be some changes to be made as we play test it more.
The DCs for the interactions may need to be tweaked as well.

The mods for Speed and such should still be added.
Also I suspect they will be more things as players tend to attempt things in dangerous places, debris fields, asteroid fields, and other less than open areas.

But if a character has put most of their points, feats, and stats towards being one of the best pilots in the Pact Worlds, they should be able to do amazing things.

Just the first WAG at it.

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Using Mass for the Pilot Checks make much more sense.

Now the Captain Bluff is based on Tier of Foe ship is silly.

Or Demand a crew member is based on ship tier.

Is worse.

Engineering and Science works fine with Tier, but the rest not so much.

Really bad choice, no idea how it got through play test.

I will be posting a set of DC based on ship mass for these type of checks.

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Now 48 a year and you still buy the data for 30-40 bucks per game system?

A sub for all game systems I could see, or buy the Data set, but both is the MMO try at MicroTranstions plus Subs.

After they get the money then comes the Feature is almost ready, for 2 years then, What Feature?

I also doubt any real play testing was done.

Add betier weapon and computer to a ship it becomes much harder to fly.

Many thanks

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23 A Cat, found the Loom of Fate, and a loose thread.

24 The Gods played in the largest caps game ever set up, and lost.

25 The question What happens if the Stars tone is placed in a Bag of Holding then dropped in a Portable Hole was anwsered.

26 After the Ball of Risqué the only way to make things right was the Gap.

There are threads already talking about Starship combat so I am looking at it from another angle.

Instead of DC being tied to tier of ship, which says the better the ship the harder it is to drive, no matter if the size, engine, thrusters and such change or not, base most of the DCs on the Mass of the Ship.

The mods as already listed stay, but the DC check becomes 15 + 2xMass Rating of Ship.
Harder Checks become 15 + 3xMass Rating
Hardest Checks 15 + 4xMass Rating

Still need to run the full math to insure it does still offer a challange.
But higher DC for better effects should help with that.

As it is easy to Flip a Fighter or Small ship but the larger it gets the harder it becomes.
Also allow a attempt to do more than the base.
Evade is a good example it gives a flat +2 no matter how well you do it.
For Evade if you would like a plus 3 add say 5 Plus 1/2 Mass mod
Or maybe to be easy just +10 to DC.
Want a +4 DC is plus 15.

Pilot decides how far to try and push it before the roll. If no extra attempted and the pilot gets a roll 20 above what was needed there is no extra. If the pilot trys for a plus 4 and misses it then they fail.

Also looking at allowing a Pilot to combine 2 Stunts, within reasonlike Evade and Slide.
DC total of both actions plus ship size mod or a flat number.

This would allow a very good pilot a chance of pulling it off in a smaller ship at least.

Size mods would start at 1 or 2 for a Tiny ship ending at 18 for the Gargantuan size.

Player sized ships the DC should be a bit lower, and allow those tries for better effects, pushing the DC higher.

Like I said my group find adding a better shield, new weapons, a better computer, and some software to a ship should not make it harder to pilot.
It just breaks the setting too far.

Thus this overhaul.

Also looking at new stunts, like
Line Up The Shot
DC 15 + 2xMass Rating
A Tiny Ship would need a 17 or so as there are a few other mods listed.
+2 DC + 10
+3 DC + 15
+4 DC + 20
Used to give gunners in one arc extra pluses to hit. Starting at plus 1 going up. Failing means you were too predictable and give all your foes in that arc, half rounded up of what you were attempting.

More on the way.

I think you have it.

A flashlight would add little to any to a normal light source.

A Flash Light is a 20foot cone of Normal light, and outside that a Dim area.

As the flash light is moving, mostly in the direction the holder is using, the 20 foot cone gives the Normal area for the small movements one does with the flash light.

The Dim area should be something like 10 feet beyond the Normal cone in all directions but straight back where the holder is.

An X File Style light, like a Dive Light or one in a Salvage Kit, might be larger but produce, Bright, Normal, Dim.
Say 30 Feet Cone Bright, 15 Feet Normal added to sides and front, 10 Feet more added at Dim, then Darkness.
So Dim would be out at 45 to 55 foot area.

Also a Flashlight could be easily made to do a 180 forward or on a pop up on armor to be above the head might become a Radius light source.

As for official ruling that may take some time to see.

Easy enough to let part of the Crit go to HP though.
and other harsh affects.

But it does not work on Sta.

No where I have seen.

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Just recapping a few things.

Ship Size does not equate to Ship Tier.
A Medium Ship can easily be Max Tier.

The Ship Stunts, Actions, and so on as written, do not grant a better result for higher DC.

So Action in a Tier 1 Ship might be DC 17, and in a Tier 20 Ship the DC is 55, the effect it does in most cases is the same.

Ship Size does not seem to be a factor in the Stunts, many things are, but the sheer size of the Ship only gets a slight nod from how manuvureable it is, and that has little effect.

So perhaps, Tier should not be the factor for DC.

A Stunt or Action, should have a DC set for how hard it is to do.
Modded by the Size of Ship, Speed, and the other factors.

If the DC ends up being a 25, a level 1 PC will struggle with it, as a level 20 would have no issue.
But if the level 20 was wanting a greater effect, than the base DC gives, then the DC rises.
Say to double the effect which will need tweaking on some things of course, but lets start simple.

To double the effect you double the DC plus 5, to triple it triple plus 10 and so on.

Or to combine 2 things at one time, Double +5.

In this way how far to push it would be the players call, as the higher skilled would be able to get more out of a ship.

I will try and layout this for each Action, later today.

Cats are lucky.
Black cats are better.

If a cat leaves a ship that brings bad luck.
Unless it leaves to join your ship in which case it is a great thing.

The Color (take your pick) can not be worn when Entering or Exiting the Drift.

Coffee is the only drink allowed on the Bridge when Drifting.

Three is a lucky number, all checks and equations must be checked 3 times.

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Rob promises much, but as a Realm Works KS customer, delivery seems to be what ever catches his fancy for a few days no matter what he has said he will do.

So after seeing his post actually yelling at his customers and the his fanboi praising his attack, I suspect he will once again promise, take money, and do whatever he feels like and skip the rest.

Also that online fee can and will change at his needs not yours.

Good luck all.

This thread has a great tool for building ships.


As you can stop and explore in the Drift I see no issues with traveling together.

As a GM I might up the chance of being noticed by something.

Was thinking that may be why there are few full fleets pushing through the Drift together as it increases the chance with many Drift Drives something takes a closer look.
As it becomes one big spotlight and not many little lights.

But 2 small ships, might only double the chance, 2% chance, +/- GM.
Where 2 Medium ones might push it to 3%.

A fleet, 10 Large, 20 Medium, and 20 Small, might be closer to 75% with 7% chance of something really dangerous, a critical fumble on the encounter if you will.

As far as story goes, just be sure to note what you decide, so next time it comes up, the universe works the same way.

Saw a nice log book on RPG now for space games and one just for Starfinder, as a side note.
Star Log I think was the name of the generic.

Not sure but make 10 ships and you will see, that having to reserve 75 power for a flash, will leave you with little to no ship.

Unless Paizo says otherwise, the MIN is just what the Core has to be, and is used to Enter or Exit the Drift.

If combat then starts FAQ rule lets you set power.

Is how we will play, otherwise the ship will just be a power core with a drift engine taped to it.

I would think it is where the Weapon system is, not where it fires.

So if the System is installed in the FA, crits to FA weapons are effected.

A system in the Aft that can shoot FA should be fine.

Also Weapon Systems have a ability to also fire one Arc off, causing the same issue. Forget the name for it.

My guess is 3d design and master printed then molds made.

But should know soon.

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Hithesius wrote:
I can all but guarantee they wrote tier into the formulas because they meant tier. Size is given in numerical values in only a very few, specific places in the Starship construction chapter, while the formulas that use tier are everywhere in the combat chapter. Though your idea does have some appeal, since it allows a high level fighter to near effortlessly take a dreadnought through the same complex maneuvers that they were doing in a fighter earlier in their career. There's some comedic value there, seeing a ship nearly 3 miles long or longer dancing through space with all the agility and grace of that 20 foot racer.

I think your correct though getting worse at a task because you have a better ship seems really lame.

Even if those things that make it better, have no effect on how it would handle as a ship.

So we will see, what the "idea" was behind it.

My hope is that yes Tier is used often and it just was slipped up.

Thank you so much!

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Could they have meant Size Class of the ship not Tier?

I mean Rolling a Dreadnought is going to be HARD.

Doing it with Fighter easy.

So if we make it the Size does that make more sense?

Well they need a broker, who takes a cut.
Faster they want to sell the less they get.

Things like that as well.

Then there are taxes, and fees, everyone will want a cut.

Shadowkire wrote:
The Sesquipedalian Thaumaturge wrote:
Sparken wrote:


So much speculation, and and errant guessing. It is handled in a few paragraphs but I don't think I should paste the contents of the book here.

Yes, I'm aware that higher level equipment is unavailable to most ordinary citizens, who are primarily 1st level. My point is that even if you only have access to level 1 equipment you can do quite a bit of damage. For example, let's say some insane cultist of Nyarlathotep wants to kill as many random people as possible to further chaos and destruction. Frag grenades are a level 1 item and cost only 35 credits each, so all this would-be mass murderer has to do is walk into their neighborhood weapons shop, purchase a bundle of grenades, and start lobbing them into a dense crowd. Sure, the cultist will be caught by robotic security eventually, but he will have killed dozens of people and wounded even more.

Note that I have been convinced that Absalom Station can't really justify restricting these weapons to much when some people can do the same thing with their minds, I'm just pointing out that the station should have a rather large problem with terrorism given the wide availability of explosives and firearms.

Level 1 frag grenades do only 1d6 damage. You would have to roll high on two grenades in order to kill somebody(who is level 1). So between the first grenade and the second everyone on the station either runs to safety or shoots the crap out of the idiot who decided to bring fireworks to a gunfight.

Of course most west towns had you lock guns up when you entered.

Hark wrote:
gigyas6 wrote:
We're talking full-on exposure in which you need to hold your breath and start experiencing explosive decompression (bludgeoning damage). Starfinder doesn't seem to have rules in regards to this scene.

Explosive decompression in space is a complete myth. Though trying to hold your breath is a good way to pop your lungs, so there is that. Exposure to hard vacuum would cause massive swelling and bruising along with a severe case of the Bends. The most dangerous part is that you have to immediately expell all of the air from your lungs to avoid damaging them. After that you're going to have to worry about asphyxiation which will come fast thanks to no air. Self-recovery is also almost impossible as you'll be rendered unconscious in a matter of seconds.

Space is dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as some people believe.

If you want real dangerous try the crushing depths of the oceans.

Yes and no.

If you are in a tube that is under pressure and it is torn open there is going to be an effect very similar to an explosion.

After that the water boils away from your body.

So just being tossed into space does not cause it no, but it can occur.

During high Altitude training folks get high on all counts, to the point of not remembering they started singing or trying to do things, the video afterwards is quite sobering.

Not sure how true but a Russian told me during their first space walk they had an issue. The walk was fine, but the suit expanded more than they thought it would, keeping the man from being able to fit back through the lock.
The Russians came up with a simple solution, poke a hole in the suit and pull him in.
That had to be a fun talk.

Yes now just stay still while I use this knife to slice your suit open on our first space walk.

My guess is most war ships would drop to very low or no pressure while in combat. Having the crew in suits.

I also do not think anyone would blow out air out of locks except under special needs, as it takes power and time to replace.

But the movies like special effects, the Mars movie with Arnold that had him mutate and then unmutae was among the worse, just due to lack of O2.

After looking over the rule for Space Ships, the addition of a some quirks into the ships could add a bit of spice.

Good, Bad, and Odd

No matter how many times the crew checks and repairs and searches the quirks persist.
Only on a DC 45 Repair can the Quirk be removed.

Things like,

At Speed 6 to 8 a issue occurs in Weapon Mount number X, all shots -1 to Hit, and +1 to Damage

When emerging into Drift Space the crew gets a random craving for a certain food.

The Aft Shields flare out when they reach 1, and fail instead of 0, all other attacks to the rear -1 to hit for the rest of the turn.

Sensors are +1 in one Arc and -1 in another.

When the panel to the Sensors Station is opened, a panel across the room will pop open with a loud slam, 3 seconds later.

A certain non vital external part of the ship is prone to flying off for little or no reason. This part also has on a roll of a 1 on a d10 of absorbing one critical hit.

Moving Shield points from the Rear to other areas is easier +2 to the roll.
But Moving Shield points to the Rear is harder -2 to the roll.

The ship Turns better one direction, than the other. Any Stunts or Tests towards the "good" side are plus 1 to the die roll, and -1 on the "bad" side.

Each time a system takes a Critical there is a small chance that subsystem will get a Quirk. 1-5 %

As the Crew learns their ship some of these quirks can become useful.

What other Quirks sound good to you.

Quick and useful tool.

Thank you for putting it together.

Can the med kit also be used for Disease, Setting Bones before they are fused back together, removing embedded things like unexploded bullet or thorn or stinger?

Seems one could come in handy.


At the end of the day folks can not get a product they paid for.

That should be a major concern for Paizo, yet you seem to think it is not a big deal.

I tried for a few hours this morning, and still trying now, if it was just dead slow it would make it over time, but it actually times out stopping the download.

We all know tons of money got blown on the Online MMO, and things are tight now. But if your going to sell PDF products you need to be able to handle the load.
Or move the downloads to a company that can do so.

Some is StarFinder, and some is Gen Con prep and setup I would guess as well, I do hope someone has checked to see if there is not another issue at play as well though and not just decide it is just StarFinder causing it, without being sure.

I hope it is just the demand for StarFinder, but you did know how many bundles were sold, and if you at let the folks who just wanted the PDF to pre-buy it you would have had a decent idea of the bandwidth needed, and perhaps made plans.

It does feel like you have just said oh well, our customers will take it as they have no choice.
Which is true, this time.

All day and still getting time outs on server.

Other sites no issues.

May be other issues than folks wanting Star Finder.

Goblin Squad Member

One of the worse things to happen was to call it Pathfinder Online.

The design docs have little or no relationship to the Table Top Game.

Thus many are confused, when the buy in.

GW on the boards and Blogs said PVE would be low, as that takes lots of money, which they do not have.

The Players are the Content, I wish it was otherwise but that is what we have.

Without a 180 facing and 50 million cash I do not see it happening.

Goblin Squad Member

The Half Draw Interrupt is great way for new folks to help, 200+ damage not so much.

All the weapons have a decent splat key, but that and ranged seems to strong, and I am a bow man.

Would like to see it toned down and the XP abilities increased.

Goblin Squad Member

When the system was first laid out I had a few posts about the Stats being nothing but gate keepers, but the Devs have decided that is how it should be.

It is what we have to work with now.

They use many of the words from the RPG, but the meaning of the words have been altered.

To the point at times it seems just to sow confusion.

I think the worst thing they did was in naming if Pathfinder Online, for folks who did not follow the boards and not research it, they are in for a shock.

I think the game has the chance to become a great game, if the Vision does not kill it.

Goblin Squad Member

I like the recruiters who yell at me when I start talking to a new person about our settlement.

Claiming the Starting Town belongs to them.


Goblin Squad Member

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I would think that learning more of what is to come within 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and so on.

Let folks send in questions before hand.

A dunking booth for raising funds?

Goblin Squad Member

Also if you start and choose a role pack or new player pack, at login please go to the bank and stick it in there.

Then follow the tutorial.

Best is not to get the packs at all until you feel OK with how the game works.

You can lose them until the next patch and that would be sad.

The Lesser packs you get from the trainers are great to start with, but the ones at log in, are better and if gotten should be banked until you get the hang of things.

Goblin Squad Member

Trying to find a decent map of the area in the game.

Want to be able to use it for putting over lays on it.

The actual one from in game would be great but can not seem to be able to get a good shot of the whole thing.


Goblin Squad Member

Was looking to find out what it does, thanks.


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