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Are starship turrets subject to the max of all weapon critical hits or the maximum?

I.e. A statship's forward arc has been hit for 1 crit and weapons in that arc are glitching. The port arc has been hit for 2 crits so its weapons are malfunctioning.

Do the turret weapon(s) take the worse of the condition of an weapon arc (malfunctioning) or do the add all critical on all weapon arc so that the would be considered wrecked?

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I have not found an answer. Because the crit rules for weapons appear to impact arc, I plan to take whatever condition exists in the arc that I am going to fire from.

I would think it is where the Weapon system is, not where it fires.

So if the System is installed in the FA, crits to FA weapons are effected.

A system in the Aft that can shoot FA should be fine.

Also Weapon Systems have a ability to also fire one Arc off, causing the same issue. Forget the name for it.

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It is a weapon property called Broad Arc.

The answer is actually provided in the rulebook.

Core rulebook, page 321 Weapon Array Critical Effect wrote:
Randomly determine one arc containing weapons; condition applies to all gunner actions using weapons in that arc (a turret counts as being in all arcs)

So if a gunner attempts to fire a weapon from an arc that is glitching, they will take a -2 on the die roll.

A Turret counts as being from all arcs so if the front arc is glitching and the turrent is fired to the front arc, the gunner will take a -2 on the roll.

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