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Bidmaron wrote:
For Twitch-retards like me, how do I find the two post #1 referenced shows? When I go to the twitch channel right now, there is an Oath Oblivion going, but I would like to see the two recorded sessions.

You need to click on the Videos tab and then scroll down to All Videos section.

Here are all the episodes on Twitch:

  • "Character Creation" w/ Mark Seifter
  • "Playing the Game" w/ Logan Bonner
  • "Advancing Your Character" w/ Stephen Radney-MacFarland
  • "The World as We Know it" w/ Creative Director James Jacobs
  • "Running The Game" w/ Jason Bulmahn

    At the moment of writing this post all streams except the last one were also uploaded to Youtube here.

  • Paizo.com Tech Team wrote:
    If you previously downloaded the color character sheet when it was without symbols, we've updated it to include them now. Thanks for your patience!

    Great, thanks!

    Unfortunately that "Pathifnder" typo in the footer slipped through :/ .

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    For anyone who missed the stream here it is archived.

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    Pathfinder: Knights of Everflame is coming on July 30.


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    Friendly reminder that if you want to be informed when the stream is starting, have any episode suggestions, want to ask Linda & Mark a question or just want to talk about anything, join Arcane Mark discord server.

    You never know, maybe Linda and Mark will spoil something from PF2 rules (they won't, but one can hope).

    Also today 7PM PDT there will be a stream Dev Tools: What Does it Take to Make an Interactive Special here.

    Rek Rollington wrote:

    For those that enjoyed the show, Joe and Troy just announced they will be running a one-shot on Friday night on twitch using the *official PF2 rules and will be running it as a prequel as the characters will be knocked down to lvl2. So perhaps we’ll learn how the Orphan Puncher first started punching orphans.

    Thanks for the info! Those are great news.

    I guess that might be what Erik Mona has been working on recently according to this post.

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    Franz Lunzer wrote:

    G&S needs a separate subscription, right?

    Their paid side was discontinued this year. Given that and the fact that Paizo wants to reach a lot of new potential customers I expect (hope) it to be for free on Youtube.

    On day 1 they were filming from 8am to 8pm (source). Unless G&S is filming multiple shows a day this probably means a lot of episodes for us, yay.

    Good luck Jason!

    I wonder how many episodes they manage to shoot and what is the cast.

    Hope the show is going to be great and wide audience will enjoy it, so we can get a regular PF2 show on G&S.

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    "Character Creation" with Mark Seifter stream is available here on Twitch.

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    tqomins wrote:
    Kubetz wrote:
    I am confused by that death too ... I would expect something bit more heroic and memorable. Also I don't think Jason is a fan of fudging rolls, so I wonder what their plan was if it was not staged.

    On the Discord, Jason offers the following:

    Jason wrote:
    I can assure you all that there were a few ways that session could have ended, but it was entirely decided by dice and player choice. That last roll was a natural 19

    Thanks for the info. I have no reason not to believe Jason, of course.

    I wonder what other endings were and what would happen if the fight went smoothly. We will never know, but I suspect it has something to do with the key that can be hiding many mysteries.

    I love the key being part of the story from session 2 and it slowly starting to affect the players.

    Also Jason having multiple ways prepared and being flexible is a gentle reminder to me to stop railroading players as much.

    I am confused by that death too. If Jason and Owen agreed on killing his character in advance, I would expect something bit more heroic and memorable. Also I don't think Jason is a fan of fudging rolls, so I wonder what their plan was if it was not staged.

    Maybe now after what happened Qundle is going to be somehow brought back from death and that is the reason the death seemed quite "ordinary"? One never knows what will happen with that strange key nearby. Maybe normal death is the goal as not everything has to be super epic.

    What I know is that I am very curious now about what is going to happen next. I guess that is the goal of the show, so mission accomplished :).

    RIP Qundle. It was an interesting character and a very nice showcase that goblin PC doesn't have to annoy other party members :).

    Lanathar wrote:
    In the glass cannon playthrough the knowledge checks were in the open. Everyone knew about the critical fail and the flamingos ...

    That is true. And in the Oblivion Oath where the atmosphere is bit more serious Jason did a secret check at some point. Not 100% sure where it was though, but hopefully someone else can remember what that check was about.

    I think Jason used open roll and flamingos as an inspiration for more jokes and they really put those flamingos to a good use.

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    Erik Mona posted on reddit that it currently looks like the adventure will end on level 5 or 6. It is still WIP.

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    CorvusMask wrote:
    Ya know, I kinda feel odd about that thread I made asking why Aroden is never focused on in any adventuring content despite 1e setting book hyping up his importance (historically) :D

    Maybe they started working on this module because of your question and we should all thank you :D.

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    Looking forward to your stream!

    Here are converted links: Youtube Channel, Discord, People Introduction

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    I love that cover art! Module with 128 pages and set in Absalom sounds great.

    I wonder what the expected max level will be for such a big module.

    The list in the Organized Play Staff Travel section seems to contain duplicate entries.

    Ron Lundeen wrote a review of the compatibility license on his site.

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    Logan Bonner posted on his twitter Alchemical Golem bestiary entry if anyone is interested.

    As a bonus there is a stat block of Flesh Golem and a bit of text about Clay Golem.

    Page 1 Page 2

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    RicoTheBold wrote:

    Mark Seifter has a high-level explanation of the process on his twitch channel, "Arcane Mark." (I'd find and link it, but I'm on mobile and it's one of the first few he did so it's not too hard to find.)

    Here is Mark’s Making an RPG Book stream.

    His twitch channel is here, but only last couple of streams are archived there by twitch. Rest can be found on his youtube channel.

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    Jason Bulmahn wrote:

    5 to go...

    And just over1 week until the deadline. As long as I'm in Scotland, there is still time...

    Happy Hunting Folks!

    In case those 5 spoilers get completely lost, could you be so kind, create another twitter account and post them. I am sure we can reciprocate your efforts with a nice bottle of scotch O:) .

    Have fun out there!

    gwynfrid wrote:

    Well, maybe there just aren't enough super rich backers...

    AFAIK Jason mentioned somewhere (twitter?) that those higher tiers would get early access to PF2 books and then he got corrected that that reward is not planned.

    I can imagine that some goodies like that instead of (or added to) the Star Wars collection tours would make some impatient rich backers go wild(er).

    But yeah, I wouldn't be able to defend spending 2500 even if I was promised lifetime free supply of Paizo books together with existing rewards.

    Hopefully Paizo will figure out how to make this campaigns even more successful than this in the future if they decide to use this approach again. Cannot wait to get that casual PF2 Special Edition AP with 1000 pages :P .

    gwynfrid wrote:

    I'd very much like to reach the $450k (Ekundayo) goal and even more, $475k (kingdom expansion), but that seems a little too far away.

    I would love for the campaign to hit the $475k goal, but the chances are low. Fingers crossed tho.

    Unfortunately high reward tiers were not interesting enough for the backers for that price. Getting 5/5 High Priests would help a lot :).

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    If anyone wants to watch the interview, here is the LINK.