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fine but then why not just write the weapon also gain the weapon special property instead of weapon properties. the term properties tto my knowledge had never been written for something specific and even the exemple such as is not limiting to a kind a properties but only 1 of them

but i dont disagree that it only apply for the special keyword but just disapoint by the wording on the feat

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in the wilderness origins there the feat weapon shift and i have a few question about it

when it state :
Your natural attacks also gain all of the weapon’s properties (such as disarm), other than the double weapon property and the fragile weapon property; moreover, when using this feat to grant the trip property to your natural attacks, you gain a +2 bonus on combat maneuver checks to trip an enemy, but you cannot drop your weapon to avoid being tripped due to a failed trip attempt. Weapon Shift does not apply a magic weapon’s enhancement bonus to your natural attacks, nor does it grant your natural attacks any of a weapon’s magical special abilities.

does it incluse the crit range for exemple a weapon 18-20 would the natural attack also turn 18-20 crit range and let say adamantite weapon would it give the natural weapon the adamantine property in order to bypass dr?

With the feat Weapons shift if i have an adamantium scimitar does it keep the crit range 18-20 for my natural Weapons and does it provide adamantium to my natural Weapons in order tout bypass dr adamantium???

Im about to do it tonight and i had the same question regarding the bidding

Id love Shaman

and then a kinetic knight

that would help the wild druid in wild shape that wont get extra dice ever