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A Pretty Neat Book


When I first heard of the concept of this book, I, like others, were expecting on more discussion from non-core races, like catfolk, strix, and tengu.
What I got...wasn't that bad.
Yes, it focuses more on the core races (including the human ethnics) and dips a little into the other races, but honestly, just in terms of the description and lore of each race, I'm pretty much in love with this book.
My only complaint is the feat selection-there's only 4 feats in this book that are NOT teamwork feats. If you're gonna play a class that can utilize these feats without relying on others to have the same feat (like an inquisitor) then it may not be that big of an issue-I can understand thematically why most of the feats are teamwork feats, but still, a little more variety in the non-teamwork feats would've helped.
Overall, I like this book-definitely not my favorite, but still something I recommend if you want a tool to help you make a PC closer to her race.