Good Night. What should I fill my open spell slots with?


As a prepared caster, I try to leave open slots to allow for customizing my spell load throughout the day. At the end of the day, I would like to fill them with useful spells I can cast today that will aid me tomorrow.

What spell list do you use, and what would you top off the night with?

My current character is a Cleric, 9th level. I looked ahead thru 6th level spells and came up with:
1st: Ant Haul, Dream Feast, Endure Elements, Kreighton's Perusal, Lucky Number
2nd: Lay Of The Land, Make Whole, Restful Cloak, Sacred Space
3rd: Create Food and Water, Martyr's Last Blessing
4th: Bountiful Banquet, Greater Make Whole, Revenant Armor
5th: Hunter's Blessing, Life Bubble
6th: Eaglesoul, Hammer Of Mending, Heroes' Feast, Oasis

Not all are long lasting, but they can prove useful at the end of the day.


It depends on how many slots you have in the first place. I was thinking of commenting every spells, but I dont know enough of these spells to really comment on each.

However, I do know some (played an oracle, basically the sorcerer version of wizard):
1st: Endure element is great, but life bubble covers that. Ant haul is also great to dump strength stat
2nd: Silence is a mage bane and a pretty strong stealth tool. Hold person is a decent save or suck. Protection from evil and Shield of faith are both great for defense purposes, although shield of faith can give you a temporary ring of protection for all intents and purposes.
3rd: Archon aura, a good debuff. Prayer, a small buff/debuff that doesn't allow saving throw. Wind wall if you face many arrows.
4th: Air walk, who knows when you will need to fly. Aura of doom, like archon aura. Dimensional anchor, having an enemy wizard teleport really sucks. Spell immunity, avoid detect magic as an immunity, because it could be what saves you.
5th: Breath of life, for very recently dead players. Life bubble feels like a must, protects from gazes, water, environment. Spell resistance, a good protection against casters.

Cant say for 6th level, didn't reach that. I cannot say if they would be a must for every cleric, but they did seem like the most appealing choices when I played my oracle, even if some of these spells are meant to be casted once a day, they were good enough for me to use a spell known slot for that.

I think you missed the point. If I cast prayer before I go to bed, it will have expired long before I wake up. If I don't cast it, it will be no different than if I prep it in the morning. Casting Silence, won't help, as it will keep me from hearing something that I might need to wake for, and will be long spent by morning. Likewise, hold person only works when there is an enemy. If there is an enemy, I am not going to bed, nor spending 10-15 minutes loading an open spell slot.

Ant Haul, at 2 hours per level will last me 18 hours. Basically well into the next day. Thus it will be a good spell to cast before going to bed. Endure Elements, at 24 hours, is also like this.


5th: Summon Laborers, Oasis, Mage's Decree, Find the Path, Commune, and Commune with Texts
all look promising in the right situation
I'll find some more later :)

Dream Feast is nice, but create food and water generally covers the same uses.

4th: Sending (great fun for harassing a villian after you see them the first time), Rags to Riches, Glimpse the Truth (for when you have an oldschool dm who likes faking you out with illusions on treasure/ you've got a puzzle to solve and you want to check to be sure), False Future, Divination, Deadman's Contingency
3rd: Stone Shape, Speak With Dead, Skyshroud, See Beyond, Riversight, Revelation, blood biography, bestow insight, Cursed Treasure (with some creativity), Daggermark's Exchange, Fortune's Path, Nap Stack, Obscure Object, Paragon Surge

That's about as far down the list as I'm willing to go. But these are all things I might use post the adventuring portion of a day. Hope you find something you like! Note a lot of these burn treasure in exchange for information, so use with discretion.

My character is a 10th level wizard.
1st:Secluded Grimoire, Alarm, Mount, Magic Aura, Mage Armor
2nd:Merge with Familiar, Rope Trick, Darkvison
3rd:Ablative Barrier, Shrink Item, Explosive Runes, Tiny Hut,
4th:Secure Shelter, Greater Darkvision, Illusory Wall, Minor Creation
5th:Overland Flight, Prying Eyes, Major Creation, Greater Callback, Mage's Private Sanctum

There is a lot of overlap in roles because it is hard to know which slots stay empty at the end of the day. The only ones I actively ensure I have at the end of the day are Merge with Familiar, Secluded Grimoire, and something to help if there is a night ambush. And usually Secluded Grimoire I just recall with a Pearl of Power from when I cast it each morning after preparing spells.

I created a document of "End of Day Spells" for the Cleric and Wizard/Sorcerer spell lists. It's definitely not complete, and some spells are kinda... useless, but it's basically a compilation of spells of either 1 hour/level, 1 day/level, or instantaneous with permanent effects.


Keep in mind that I used the pfsrd advanced spell search to create this and so it uses the open license spell names of some spells.

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