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In my Strange Aeons game I had a young character for a while. He was a summoner.

He was an apprentice to Lowls, and his ability to summon and eidolon is what convinced Lowls to sacrifice his mind, as Lowls was convinced he had a special connection to the Great Old Ones. Sadly, that player had to leave the game, so he split from the party and another player came in and is playing as his older sister, who is tagging along with the party in hopes that they will lead her to him. Keeping story options open in case he can return to the game.

Stats are 20 point buy.

Alignment: No Evil, no CN.

General Restrictions: I limit my players to options only found in official Paizo Supplements that they can physically bring to the table. So If no one owns Ultimate Combat as a physical book, any content from that book is disallowed.

HP: Max HP at level 1. Roll or take the average. If you choose to roll, then you get what you get.

Traits: 1 Campaign trait and 1 unrestricted trait.

Favored Class Bonuses: My group stopped using favored class bonuses a year or two after Pathfinder released because when auditing character sheets, players would either completely forget about them, or not document when they put them and I'd have to guess if the random +1 skill point is favored class bonus or mistake.

Crafted Gear: Even if players take Crafting skills or feats to begin with, they cannot spend starting gold to craft gear before the game begins.

Other than that, depending on the AP if I decide to use extra rules (like Sanity and Madness from Horror Adventures) I usually print-out those rules from a off and provide a copy to each player.

Berk the Black wrote:

Wizkids put up pictures of the entire set, minus the dungeon dressing:

Kingmaker Set

In those images they look like they were painted by pre-schoolers. No Jabborwok or Nyrissa?

I find it bizarre that the explanation for Proficiencies is not located in the Skills chapter or before. It took me a while to find out what the dots on the character sheet mean.

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Either Paizo is normalizing evil partues, or they are throwing out alignment. I do not believe they have ever included a non-evil goblin in their setting or adventures.

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I'd say that infusing some is a good idea. For instance, something I felt was missing in the Pathfinder Core book was an overview of the deities. I know it lists their names, alignment, favored weapons, and domains, but what was missing was a prion of them and what they stand for and their relations to one another with pictures of their holy symbols like that small chapter in the D&D 3.5 PHB. My players never felt any connection to the deities of Golarion and it's jarring when we play APs. We only just recently picked up the relevant Inner Sea books to fill us in.

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Something I loved about Pathfinder First Edition was the compatibility with 3.5 D&D. My group jumped in without skipping a beat and it was interesting to see how Paizo went about fixing the problems compared to our own houserules document (we were hit and miss). With very little effort monsters and classes could be ported and it felt like my investment in D&D 3.5 was well worth it, whereas WotC was busy burning down their campaign settings and doing their best to invalidate everything to get us to buy it all again (that was my opinion at the time).

Some may say the Pathfinder is bloated now, but in 10 years they didn't even come close to burying us in playbook like 3.5. Paizo is straight with their customers and have always provided excellent services. My group is planning to test when the Beta comes out, but without that easy backwards compatibility I probably won't a supporter of anything but adventures, where you just swap out monsters and loot, and what GM doesn't love rolling loot for their players?

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I don't know what Paizo is on about. That system is neither simple or easy to understand.

They mentioned fixing the "action economy problem." Are they aware the problem with the action economy is that combat usually lasts only a round or two because the PCs generally get more actions than the monsters? Paizo seems to think the problem is people don't understand how actions work.

Everyone gets a Move and Standard action a round. They may sacrifice a Standard action for another Move action, or sacrifice both actions for a Full-round action.

The change I would make to the system for 2nd Edition is to explain the system better in the Core Rules, remove Swift and Immediate actions, and re-word old effects that were swift or immediate to limit their use (so a Wizard with Quickened spells can't spell dump them in a single round).

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*Stands before the shelves of D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder 1st Edition books*

Well, old friends, we stand upon the edge of war once again. Ten years of peace and prosperity in our realm since Paizo saved us from defeat at the hands of 4th Edition. Much has changed since then. We have grown, we have prospered, we have flourished. We watched 4th Edition burn itself down from the safety of Paizo's walls. We watched with hope as 5th Edition launched and grew.

We knew peace for so long, we forgot what we fought for in the first place. But I did not, and it nears time for this old soldier to don his armor once more and put the enemy to the sword. Only this time the enemy is from within rather than without. Comrade against comrade, brother against brother.

Out of respect, we will share our tales of grand adventure and share an ale before the 2nd Edition Beta hits and we become locked in combat over game systems and rules.

Hail brothers!

Thank you! On my order page it said one or more items were unavailable, so I seem to have been misinformed. Keep up the good work!

I ordered several products as part of this order, and it is still pending, likely due to the fact one item, which is non-mint, is out of stock.

As a non-mint item is not likely to come back in stock, how does Paizo plan to resolve that situation and ship the items that I ordered that are in stock?

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Drawing from 3.5, I believe the Draconomican stated that the dragon's hoard is consumed by the dragon at the end of it's insanely long lifespan, and that the value of the hoard determines its place in the hierarchical afterlife.

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I have a friend who is a good DM, but has houseruled Pathfinder so heavily that it almost feels like a different system. We don't get to play that often but when we do I feel lost, because I generally use enjoy RAW.

Some house rules are fine, especially to blanket fiat stuff that doesn't make sense (it takes 10 rounds to take off a chain shirt?), but there comes a time when it's too much.

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For tabletop RPGs I keep non-dead characters in their own folders. When they die I write a short two paragraphs or so chronicling their adventures and how they died and move them to a binder labeled "the graveyard."

All of the individual miniatures in my Imperial Guard WH40K army have names and some have developed character traits if they survive more than one battle. Miniatures who "die" get new names and I have an ongoing journal of the history of my regiment.

The point here really is kind of moot, in my opinion.

However painful or slow a demon/devil's death on the material plane may be, they cannot truely die on the material plane, and the demon knows this. The demon also is therefore under no real duress to tell the truth. The paladin should always suspect the demon is lying or attempting to manipulate the paladin. So the paladin would logically never have reason to torture rather than kill the demon outright.

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In the Kingmaker game I am a part of, my paladin of Sarenrae could be viewed as evil by those outside of the kingdom he serves.

He is a firm believer in the law and maintaining order in the country. He fights dealing non-lethal damage with a club in an attempt to capture, and only draw his sword against mindless, instinct-driven, or irredeemable foes.

He offers his captured foes an opportunity for redemption, else they be punished by the law of the land. Seeing as the party makes those laws, there's a lot of death penalties and imprisonment without trial. That can be viewed a fairly eveil, even though he does what he does because he believes it is in the best interests of the people he judges.

I'll be 23 in August. Been playing since 2003, I was introduced to 3.0, but for the most part played a lot of 3.5 and Pathfinder RPG.

Generally, the group I play with usually comes up with nicknames.

I am fond of playing Goliaths and their rediculous name generator. I played a Goliath fighter named Muae Lavoam'uaethmoa. The party referred to him as Mu-Mu.

Kryzbyn wrote:

Has anyone every created a gunslinger class for PFRPG?

Gunslinger I mean like as in Dark Tower gunslinger.

Not everything needs it's own class. Most ranged feats and class features apply to any ranged weapon, and if you wanted something specific, just change the word "crossbow/bow" to "gun/rifle/handgun" and then equate a rifle to a heavy repeating crossbow in terms of stats and a handgun to something like a one-handed light repeating Crossbow with with a fullround action to reload.

Instant conversion that slides in pretty well as far as balancing is concerned and doesn't take too much work at all, letting you get to the most important part of the game, playing and having fun.