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Or sleeve only the cards you need to write on, and write on the sleeve.

paganeagle2001 wrote:
Sooner or later the game will outgrow the main box.

I'm not so sure about that, because as I understand it, after the next 5 expansions, they will release a new adventure path with (presumably) a new core box.

I assume even with the full set of cards sleeved, if you built your own insert this box could fit it all.

micrex wrote:
Reprints needed, that's for sure. There are so many cards needing fixes just in the base set its sorta sad.

IMO there are really only a few cards out of ~600 that have significant enough of errata to warrant a reprint. But I would certainly like new versions of those cards.

I would certainly love to have replacement cards. I don't want to be stoned by fellow players, but personally I wouldn't mind paying a nominal fee to have them shipped to me (<$5).

Even better (for me, since I'm a subscriber) would be to include them along with the promo cards in the future subscription mailings.

Seems to be some confusion here. If you have more players, each player gets fewer turns. But you can spend cards quicker because you have fewer turns, therefore you can burn through more blessings/allies to get extra explores. That's how the game balances.

Myriade is correct all around. To expand upon closing of locations, you can close a location when the deck is empty *or* when something else tells you that you can. In these scenarios the Henchman tells you that you can. So if you encounter the henchman and defeat him then you can try to close the location.

Only way I have seen a location with a henchman still in it close is there was a Barrier that summoned a henchman that said to close the location when defeated. In that case the henchman would be discarded (but not the villain).

Agreed. You choose one, if you fail you have to wait until another chance to close the location (e.g. exploring the last card).

OK, too bad, thank you!

I subscribe to an RSS feed of new posts for a particular forum but don't want to bother getting a feed for each thread.

I agree all players must encounter the monster regardless of the number of cards available. I don't see any problem with passing it around and resolving it one player at a time though.

There are some scenarios where you might want to stay in a place where you can't explore. Perhaps you are close to death and scenario is almost over and you don't want to risk getting group damage. Perhaps another player can heal you on their turn and they are already there. Perhaps another player already with you wants to give you a card at the start of their turn.

Great, thank you Vic.


No, I made up such a card to try to better understand the reasoning for the original ruling (still waiting for an answer here for my theoretical question, but they are probably too busy answering real questions right now :)


You say that it is monsters, not combat, that triggers damage. So if you make a non-combat check against a monster and fail, does that result in combat damage or just regular damage?

Is there a way to get emailed or otherwise notified when somebody replies to your post (like this one)?

Likewise, is there a way to get notified of replies to somebody else's threads?

Looking for something like the BGG notification system or what other forums have where they can email you when there is a reply.

I'll try to remember to come back here and check for answers, thanks! :)

I had a player think this meant that, had you played it or already discarded it, you could recharge it when resetting your hand.

My interpretation is that if it is still in your hand while resetting your hand, and you choose to discard it at that time, *then* you can recharge it, but only then.

I think I'm correct?

Personally, I love player reference cards. I also liked the concept of the player "mouse pads" that they had at GenCon but they didn't have any reference on them either.

I'd love to see something, official or otherwise, that serves as both a player mat and a rules reference.

Thanks, Vic. Please consider finding a way to get replacement cards out for these items, it would make gameplay so much easier. At the very least they could be sent to people with subscription services.

I know the FAQ is coming (how do we find out when it is released?) and I wanted to make sure card timing is addressed.

From what I can gather, you can play any card at any time to affect any player unless the cards says otherwise. The exception is that once a player enters an encounter your options are more limited. During an encounter, you and other players can only play cards that effect the actual check(s) involved.

For example, the Sleep spell says "Discard this card to evade a monster whose highest difficulty to defeat is 10 or lower.". You can't play this to allow another player to evade a monster because that player already entered an encounter and this card doesn't impact the check.

The Heal spell, on the other hand, says "Reveal this card and choose a character at your location. Shuffle 1d4+1 random cards from his discard pile into his deck, then discard this card.". This can be played at any time to heal any player except it can't be played during an encounter because, again, it doesn't affect the check.

The Detect Magic spell ("Discard this card to examine the top card of your location deck. If the card is a blessing or has the Magic trait, you may immediately encounter it; otherwise, return it to the top of the deck.") can be played during another player's turn as long as they are not doing a check. But the card you draw is the one at *your* location. This card overrules the general rule of not being able to have an encounter on another player's turn.

I bought the metal Reaper mini versions of the 11 iconic characters. I am going to start painting them tonight. Of course that's different than pre-painted :)

Vic Wertz wrote:
Nope—you don't recharge that Force Missile at the end of the check, you recharge it immediately after playing it—and, as above, at the time you're playing the Force Missile, you can't play the Glibness.

So, is this restriction only because you are involved in an encounter? In other words, pretend that there is a spell that lets me draw 3 cards. I play that spell and then I happen to draw Glibness. Can I then use Glibness to help me recharge this theoretical card that let me draw 3 cards?

I use the "overhand" shuffle: hold the deck in one hand and grab a few cards off of the bottom and put them on top (or even weave them in) and repeat 10-15 times.

The Hindu shuffle mentioned earlier is also good. Funny enough I used to do quite a bit of card magic and that shuffle is the first way I learned how to keep one or more cards on top of the deck while shuffling. Perhaps be suspicious if somebody uses it in a competitive game :)

If your character is too strong or too weak compared to other characters then you might end up in scenarios that are too easy or too hard for you. I think it would work fine as long as you keep the different games more or less in sync (at least all on the same adventure path).

Another thing to keep in mind: with more players you have more locations to explore but you still only have 30 turns total, so each player gets fewer turns. In order to scale, the design assumes that the more players you have the more you do on each turn.

So if you are playing a 2-player game each of you gets 15 turns (and you have 15 cards in your deck) so you may not want to burn through 3-4 cards per turn.

But if you are playing with 6 players you only get 5 turns each... so you *should* be burning through ~3 cards per turn. The only way this helps is if you can actually explore quite a bit on each turn.

I like the first idea, but I agree it would make the game easier on its own.

I love the idea of a "super villain" in the future!

Agreed. And it isn't obvious whether the numbers are still lined up with the correct item in these cases (I read that they are).

And just to be clear, it only adds the die from the base check. So if you naturally roll 1D6 + 2, then you add a card to add +1D8, and then you play the blessing, you add one extra D6.

I read somewhere else that if you use an item to influence a check then that check gains the attributes of the item. So if the item says it is "Magical" then I think the answer is yes.

I don't have the game in front of me: it makes sense that one player could ask the "gods" to help another player in another location, but it wouldn't make sense if I could play some more earthly card and influence another location, right?

Do the cards that allow you to impact any location tend to be supernatural in nature?