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Well, since everyone is too sick to do anything about it, I suppose it's time I seized power.

Sets up ridiculously over sized desk, sets up Officer Marge and The Force Awakens Storm Trooper as a police force, adds a perch so I can survey the land.

Of course you realize, this means war.

I should probably have Silent Bob and Action Cane Yoda round up any stragglers.

We've also welcomed Planted Groot, Baby Groot, Teenager Groot, and Adult Groot to Action!Town! this winter.

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In Action!Town! Everything can be weaponized.

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But is Tacticsliontown action packed enough.

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Action!Town! is being besieged on all sides!

Tree guys are out trimming trees in the neighbourhood, so the birch trees must be protected at all costs.

And then the a#@&#+& that sprays chemicals or fertilizer is also about, which means I had to cordon off all the yards with signs telling him to back off our yard and garden every four feet.

Coupled that with walking the dog immediately after dropping Tiny Doesn't Like Dinosaurs Anymore off at school has meant a busy action packed morning for me.

Should've mentioned in my opener anyone is welcome to post/share/whatever.

Action!Town! is open to everyone. :-)

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The dog thought I wasn't paying attention and thought he'd get to roll around in s$*#.

Shows him, I was paying partial attention and used my Action Packed Super Leash Yanking Action™ to avoid a whole giving the dog a bath fiasco.

A fly is flying around the house, rousing me to action!

I assume the resulting chase will look something like this, except with more hair, like Buster combined with Brad Pitt in Legends Of The Fall.

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Sounds like a Loon has taken to our pond on top of the hill.

The bird, not a crazy person.

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Aw s~&@! Someone just channeled his inner MacGyver and made a key chain out of a strip of purple lace and Werewolf Flanders. :-)

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Assigns Gloveworld™ Patrick Star and Fall-Apart Bart to tying all the grand pianos to the ceiling using Acme™ brand ropes.

I don't see anyway that could go wrong...

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My Action Force Strike Team.

From left to right: Crazy BaldHead the Fisher-Price caveman, Square Dude (or Evil Square Dude), Sergeant Scoop, Silent Bob, Evil Square Dude (or is that one Square Dude...), and Rolf the Dog.

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Egads! Hopefully they get it worked out.

Assigns Fat Tony and the cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to guard the Action Vault© Now including the Boulder© and Action Activated© Action Poison Spears©

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Assigns Spongebob in pajamas and Rolf the Dog to gather intelligence on what "whatever" is.

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Apparently, it's Mother's Day today.

Happy Mother's Day FaWtL mothers!!!!

Which explains why Pea Bear wanted to make a mix CD of the General's favorite songs, and a card.

I'm screwed.

enacts contingency plans to have the kids make homemade cards, and to assess blame elsewhere. Picks Scooby Doo and Chomping Action Crocodile to take the fall.

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It's my birthday!!!

puts all action figures on high alert.

We knew this day would come.

looks hopefully to the east for the next dawn's light.

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I have s~%#loads of action figures if you ever need to just play with figures.

And we're not afraid of crossovers! Rolf the dog, Silent Bob, and Fat Tony can all hangout together.

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Somebody got the floors scrubbed a half hour ahead of schedule.

By waking up an hour ahead of schedule.

The important thing is, it's done!!

Next up for Captain Yesterday's Action!Town spring cleaning rampage; the bathroom... if I don't make it back tell my wife I said "Hello!".

So, Action Packed! Action Question! Time!

Q. If you were to make an Alchemist character and didn't want to make it a Halfling or Dwarf. What race would you make it.

Please note, there is no wrong answer. Unless it's Halfling or Dwarf, then it would be.

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It sure is getting crowded with politics in off topic.

Not to worry, Action!Town! Is politics free, and hopefully Action Packed. :-)

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Huge accomplishment this last weekend.

We found my favorite action figures, Square Dude, and Evil Square Dude.

And Sergeant Scoop!!

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Yeesh! Lots of negativity on the boards this morning! (not here, of course), myself included.

Puts over the top of head the Only Happy Sounds Sound Proof Action Packed! Action Bucket.

This should help.

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Looks at action figure collection.

Yeah, pretty sure.

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There's also Abnormally Hung Medusa's Son Monster High Doll. Poor guy, his crotch band broke, he was impossible to replace at the time, and he was Pea Bear's favorite boy doll. So the General painstakingly crafted him a new wired together crotch.

Alas, somethings man isn't supposed to fix, crotch bands are one of those things.

He still lurks around somewhere, waiting to get his revenge on new not abnormally hung Medusa's Son Monster High Doll.

Or so is whispered...

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Wait, what's happening to my thread in six days... Why won't it be someplace you can find it.

Should I invest in some new action packed! action defenses.

Damn it! Still tapped out from Christmas and the good action figures carousing with the out of state nephews staying over.

Looks like it's up to me, Fall Apart Bart, one legged Bee Transformer, and Headless Donatello.

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assigns Potion Brewing Poppa Smurf, Stoned Elmer Fudd (with his gun tied in a knot), Moonguy Earth Avenger, and Minecraft Spider (now armed with a catapult) to guard duty of Action!Town!

To the country!

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One thing we got the kids.

Matching catapults!!

Because nothing is more action packed then catapults! (comes with two extra action packed boulders!)

I don't see any way it could go wrong.

Puts on Action Activated Action Hardhat, and sprays the walls of Action!Town! with Super Shock Absorbent Action Foam (now MSG free).

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Also found a super comfy pair of Vans on sale. Now my Shin Kicking Action Kick is twice as devastating.

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Time to start Christmas shopping.

Makes sure shin kicking action leg! is well oiled, uploads George Carlin mix to the voice module, grabs baseball bat.

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Blackjack is fine, as long as he doesn't wreck up the place.

Begins assigning Silent Bob and Rolf The Dog as guards to the walls, equipped with Action! Firing Action! And rocks.

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With the kids getting older the Pillow Fort is getting outdated.

Time for an upgrade! With even! more! exclamation! points! ! !

And super action grip!!

But no robot hookers. The General was very adamant about that. >:-(