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*Invokes the rage of the Pentahook on Kiani*
He'll break your neck
And eat your face
The foe of all
The human (and undine xD) race
He'll stab your mum
And drink your rum
This bastard can't be killed

Vid should not rule this city because he is hiding from public opinion that his inner ninja is actually a squirrel.

This one was a counter to one of Vid's alias, which was also created because someone accused him of attacking me (WTF?) so I said he must be a ninja because I had been attacked without noticing.

This is a very disappointing alias because I cannot talk like a pirate xD

With a bottle of rum and a yo-ho-ho!

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We are listening to «f*cked by an anchor for dogs» and we are laughing our arses off! Those obscene barks!


We have brought Kevin Bacon, sir!

Minions, board the ship, loot the plunder!

Granted! Alric rules forever in Crag Iron's new house, which is haunted forever by Alric, who cannot leave the house.

I wish for no more ninjas.


Oh, man, I'm impersonating a Gyarados instead of a pirate.

This is not my thing.

I can do the Spanish piratey thing. But talking like a pirate in English is waaaay too much to me.
I can imitate Alestorm songs, that's my best.

Keelhaul that filty landlubber, send him down to the dephts below, make that bastard walk the plank with a bottle of rum and a yo-ho-ho!

Update on my campaign: My players went first for Harrigan so he was already defeated when we had the fleet battle.
They had good information about his whereabouts and they wanted to go for him first.

They couldn't scry Grok and Peppery, both good friends of the group, so they reasoned that they were being kept there and wanted to save them.

I allowed them to do it instead of encourage them to play the AP in the right order because I don't want them to feel railroaded.

Honestly, it was equally exciting playing it in the wrong order and Adelita made a much more strong final boss than Harrigan. She almost killed the Cleric. They were not dissapointed because they were more motivated to protect their island than to punish Harrigan, so it was even more epic finishing the book with the fleet battle on their coast.

They took Harrigan as their prisoner and tied him to their flagship mast so he could see his own fleet defeated.

The fleet battle itself was quick and devastating. My players did great and they had an overwhelming victory. Most of them are CHA casters so they are able to control huge squadrons but they didn't have as many ships as they could. I enjoyed GMing the fleet battle and my players enjoyed playing it. Much better than the naval combat rules.

Now starting the last book soon!

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Yarr! It's a natural enmity!

The next poster is both a pirate and a ninja.

I claim this second post of the new page for International Waters!

The Lord of Nicknames

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My inner pirate! Yarr!