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Temper Your Expectations


I suppose some of the negative reviews are fair, but on their whole, I also think of them as unfair and a result of the same problem that has plagued the X-Men trilogy, unfair expectations.

Knights of the Inner Sea shouldn't be a book that is designed to augment your sorcerer. This book will be rather unvaluable to such a person. However, if your desire is to play a Knight from the Inner Sea region of Golarion, this book would make a fantastic addition to your collection!

The leadership feat is generally not a favorite of gaming tables, and the necessity of the mount to the success of the Cavalier class has been much-maligned. However, when thinking of a Knight, we conjure images of two warriors riding toward each other in a joust, commanding their steed to be a part of the warrior in battle. And almost always, a squire is standing in the background, ready to give his liege another lance or assist in donning a suit of armor.

So, to call this book broken or weak is unfair, it is using the image of the Knight that has become a fantasy mainstay as its base.

With that said, I would have liked some more options, but I'm not sure what those would have been, I just know that I wanted more!

All-in-all, this will be an incredibly useful volume for me when I create my own Knight of the Inner Sea, both in building the statistics and in the Role-Playing of the character.

You don't need to lower expectations, just correctly position your expectations.

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Paint scheme needs some work


The mini is fantastic, but the paint needs a little bit of work. The green is just... off. The definition of his muscles needs to be a little more pronounced, also.

However, the head tied to the belt on his back is amazing. I love that little addition.

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One of my absolute favorites from the set.


The skeleton looks great. He really stands out compared to the other skeletons I've ever had. A great addition to the Pathfinder set.

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A great piece!


I absolutely love this one! The paint job is perfect and the pose is great. I've got a couple of these and I really like it. Much more dynamic than the wolves I have from Wizards.

Great, great work!

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Awkward Paint


I don't really have a problem with the sculpt, the details there are actually quite nice. However, it's the painting that I don't love. A little bit of shading (drybrushing) would have gone a really long way. As it is, nearly all of the green figures are just, "blah." The troll is no exception, he doesn't "pop" like he should.

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Solid Conclusion


Finished this with what was left of my original party of 6 (two couldn't make it, so had four players).

This one had a completely different feel from the other two parts and gave a great final introduction to the Pathfinder Society.

Each encounter was a lot of fun, kept the group guessing all the way through.

I thought this was a great conclusion to a fun introduction to the Pathfinder Society.

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Fun dungeon delve


After playing through Part I, we had high expectations.

I ran this for friends who had played part I, but had no PFS experience otherwise. This scenario was enjoyable for everyone. The prep was VERY minimal for me, I used plexi to draw the map as the group explored it.

Some of the combat was dry, and somewhat easy (What else should we expect with 6 players?). It seemed, somehow, to take an exceptionally long time to get through the dungeon, I ended up removing one encounter from the module (it should be noted that the module expressly suggests that you do this if time becomes a factor).

*Spoilers Ahead*

All in all, we enjoyed playing this one. Our group was unable to retrieve the katana. The battle against the Blindheim was brilliant, watching the PC's fumble around with their Blinded Condition(this gave me a great first use of the Condition Cards I had just purchased) was great fun.

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Great intro to PFS


*Possible Spoilers Ahead*

I played through this as a break from a normal home game with friends who had no Pathfinder Society experience.

They liked everything about the adventure, until we got to the final encounter. The logistics of fighting in such a confined space weren't easy, and our wizard ended up dying.

When you have 6 PC's, you hate to see someone die in their first ever PFS scenario. I'm not sure, though, if that encounter is really that difficult or if they just were really unlucky (Color Spray rendered the fighter useless for most of the combat).

One of the highlights of the scenario was in the warehouse, all but one of the characters fell into the water, and most had a LOT of trouble getting back out, causing laughs galore around the table as they struggled mightily to get themselves dry.

All in all, I loved it (and so did five of the six players). This was the best of the Intro series, IMO.

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Easy minions for every campaign


Henchfolk & Hirelings - Raging Swan Press

All in all, this is a great addition to any GM’s library. This document comes in at 48 pages.

The rules for henchfolk are extremely well-written and really helpful for those of us who never played first edition. I can see them being easily written into many types of games.

I’m currently running a Kingmaker game, and these rules/NPC’s will prove to be invaluable to the progress of the campaign.

There are 100 hirelings, each with ability scores provided, to make them full-statted NPCs will take some work, but not too much.

I’d highly recommend this product to any GM.

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Solid offering


Wanted more minis for my games.

This is a solid offering, many of the characters look enough like the iconics that they are easily identifiable (I definitely saw the sorcerer and inquisitor in there) as well as some novel takes on some characters.

Hope there's a set released for dwarves/elves/gnomes/halflings/half-orcs.

Art is somewhat cartoony, but it fits with the style of all the paper minis that I've seen to-date.

The blank set at the back makes for a really easy way to customize them to what you want.

Great buy for 1.99.