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We've been having an ongoing conversation in one of my games and the resolution doesn't make any sense to me. The ruling has been that animals cannot make a 5-foot step adjustment, they would have to make it as a move action.

My character, a druid, has an animal companion with an intelligence of 3, but I've been told that the animal can no longer make 5-foot steps, she has to take a move-action to do it.

I searched the forums for an answer and couldn't find anything. What is the general opinion of the community or is there something specific in the rules about this?

I have no problem with animals (including the ones that want to bite my head off) taking a 5-foot step as an adjust then still taking their full attack action.

Thanks for the help!

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I did a quick forum search for this, and couldn't find anything. I apologize if I missed a relevant post.

I just tallied up all the available xp left in the first adventure path, and I'm roughly 4,000 short, meaning that each of my characters will be about 1,000 xp away from level 4, which I thought they were to reach in the Stag Lord's fort.

Am I missing something? 100 xp for each hex, 400 xp for each quest? Are some quests worth more?

Thanks for the help

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Greetings Pathfinders,

I'm wondering if there's any interest in a PFS game starting up in Springfield Ohio. I'll be posting this in a few places. I have 3-4 people willing to join in, just wondering if there's any solid interest.

I've found nothing within 20 miles of Springfield (a little in Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, but nothing inside of Springfield).

If you're willing to play, feel free to respond here or shoot me an e-mail: