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I hope that these new classes, along with the fleshing out, give many new ways of thinking about the classes that already exist.

Example: All this new stuff involving the Slayer and the Investigator will give better abilities to the Rogue. The new Arcanist and Bloodrager abilities help flesh out the Sorcerer a bit more.

The look at the base classes, as a measure of power for the new classes, should help all involved to understand where the personal power levels of each class should be and what amount of utility is expected of which class.

Wait, why don't we just allow an Investigator to modify his sneak attacks the same way an Alchemist modifies his bombs... via a discovery system.

It makes sense and plays into the investgator idea. Things like concussive bombs and confusion bombs work wonderfully with sneak attack.
Many of the others work as well, such as tanglefoot bomb, this only effects the target of a sneak attack and only one target at a time.

This way, an Investigator can apply multiple effects to multiple opponents, only one disabling type per day, ex:Only blind a person once, but then confuse that same person next round, depending on the duration etc., if duration is an issue. He does not need anything more than a feint or a dex-disabling ability being applied beforehand etc.
This also gives the Investigator a better reason to work with the group. "You flank him, i will blind him and hit him hard"
Also good for escapes, if need be. A quick blind, then stealth etc...

This will allow the investigator to keep lesser amount of sneak attack damage, keep the alchemist style and give disabling effects all at the same time. The best part is that the power can be determined by level the same way as discoveries.

What does everyone think?

The more i think bout this,the more i realise that we are trying to make up a damaging ability that should be for the base Investigator class only.

There is a lot of room to play with archetypes for this class.

Some examples. This class is partially based on many different fictional characters.

Let's take Dr. Who. Dr. Who used his "Sneak Attack" to mostly do damage to structures and inanimate objects, such as space ships and world-killing devices. He could almost be a cross between a mindchemist and a rogue. He definately picked pockets, disabled devices and had about all knowledge skills.

Let's take Sherlock Holmes. Is he an example of the base class or an archetype? It depends on which one we are talking about. They are both smart, but Elementary's Sherlock uses mostly deduction and trial and error, while Sherlock uses the same ammount of deduction, but most of it is in his head.

RDJ's Sherlock could almost be a vivisectionist version of said character. He seemed to constantly use knowledge of martial arts to break down his opponent till he could disable him/her.

Now, mystery theater's Jeremy Bret, one of the best Sherlock's ever, was a good mix of all the above. He didn't have big budget special effects and such, but was a goo boxer and knew self defense,while experimenting with drugs often. It was there taht i learned SherlockHolmes was a Cocaine and opium user.

Now look at Hercule Poirot. All social skills with no fighting. He has no constitution to speak of and finds his killer by being polite and excercising his "little grey cells".

So, are we trying to determine a base class's functional way of doing damage or are we focusing on too many aspects at once?

The fight scene thatwas just described in VastlyApparent's post is known as compounding in martial arts.

Another example would be to punch or kick a man in his floating ribs to break them, then knee those same ribs to break them off and, hopefully, shove them into his ribs. While this will hurt a man, it may not guarantee death. You must then either punch/knee/elbow to the solar plexus, then elbow/punch to the throat.

The above will leave a man with a lung filling with blood, unable to draw air in through his mouth as his airway will be swollen shut and drawing in as much blood through that opening in his lung.
To finish, if death is truly desired, simply step behind and break neck. Now no help can be called for, nor movement to go get help.

That is what the movie fight scene simulates, but it's a bit less fatal.

This type of thing can be done in many ways within a game system, but it's a bit late to go into that now. Will post again tomorrow.

All of the above seems to be true.
Heal or knowledge both work. Perhaps a combo of knowledge to identify and heal to damage.

The point to all this is that it's very similar to an inquisitor needing to use his knowledge skill to identify a monster, then use his bane against that creature type.

The difference is that an Investigator is Int-based.

Interstingly enough, his formulae list is mostly self-buffs, kinda like the Inquisitor.

Compare the static bonus to an Inquisitor's 2d6 (Avg. 7) damage at lvl 5 and 4d6 (Avg.14) at level 12 and you can see that they are very similar.

Also note that while an inquisitor has Judgements to help with to hit,damage etc., an Investigator has Inspirations to help with the same things.

Maybe this is not the perfect answer, and may need some tweeking, but this is a solid beginning to finding a good answer that fits a concept of this class.

More input please. This is here to brainstorm ideas. Let the Lightning and Thunder begin!!!

Batman may not be the best example of an investigator.
I mean, league of shadows/assassins, smoke bomb, choking bomb,high charisma for intimidate, martial arts training. Sry, but the batman thing is more a ninja than an investigator.
Than again, maybe he is a gestalt of both investigator and ninja. Maybe a high level character with levels in both.

I want the class to have a martial arts as well, but it's more of a gentlemanly martial arts. A martial arts that represents the knowledge of a doctor, of sorts, with the appropriate knowledge of which area's of the body are weaker than others, how to compound an injury etc...

If anything, this martial arts should be tied to the Heal skill as it was an art of learned men.

I like the bomb idea for sneak attacks, I like the idea of using Inspiration to, perhaps, allow Prescient Attack or Defense.
This would allow a Sneak Attack to occur with a simple expenditure of 1 Inspiration point.

There are many ways of going about this. I hope we get some feedback from a Dev on which coarse of action is planned, or how they plan on going about implementing some of this. We can then move on and work toward completing this class.

I love the concept though. It's so me.

Yeah, it seems like a 5d6 is far to little damage.
However, if that was the final damage, it should either apply to all attacks, kinda like a bane, or there should be other debuffs that accompany it. Similar to Pressure Points of the ninja.

The more i think on it, the more the movies seemed to use this method.

Prescient Attack (Su)

Prerequisite: Magus 6

Benefit: The magus can expend 1 point from his arcane pool as an immediate action after hitting a target with a weapon attack, allowing him to anticipate his opponent’s defenses. The target is denied its Dexterity bonus against the magus’s attacks until the end of the magus’s next turn.


Prescient Defense (Su)

Prerequisite: Magus 9

Benefit: The magus can expend 1 point from his arcane pool as an immediate action after hitting a target with a weapon attack, granting him a premonition of his enemy’s intentions. The magus gains a bonus to his AC and on Reflex saves equal to his Intelligence modifier (minimum 0) against attacks by that opponent until the beginning of his next turn.


Associated School: Divination.

Replacement Powers: The following school powers replace the diviner’s fortune and scrying adept powers of the divination school.

Prescience (Su): At the beginning of your turn, you may, as a free action, roll a single d20. At any point before your next turn, you may use the result of this roll as the result of any d20 roll you are required to make. If you do not use the d20 result before your next turn, it is lost. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.

Foretell (Su): At 8th level, you can utter a prediction of the immediate future. While your foretelling is in effect, you emit a 30-foot aura of fortune that aids your allies or hinders your enemies, as chosen by you at the time of prediction. If you choose to aid, you and your allies gain a +2 luck bonus on ability checks, attack rolls, caster level checks, saving throws, and skill checks. If you choose to hinder, your enemies take a –2 penalty on those rolls instead. You can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to your wizard level. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

But it seems that a good way of duplicating the movies is by adding the below spell to the investigator's list.

Moment of Prescience

School divination; Level sorcerer/wizard 8, witch 8; Domain luck 8, memory 8

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S

Range personal
Target you
Duration 1 hour/level or until discharged


This spell grants you a sixth sense. Once during the spell's duration, you may choose to use its effect. This spell grants you an insight bonus equal to your caster level (maximum +25) on any single attack roll, combat maneuver check, opposed ability or skill check, or saving throw. Alternatively, you can apply the insight bonus to your AC against a single attack (even if flat-footed). Activating the effect doesn't take an action; you can even activate it on another character's turn. You must choose to use the moment of prescience before you make the roll it is to modify. Once used, the spell ends. You can't have more than one moment of prescience active on you at the same time.

All are great methods of working that sixth sense into combat.

So, i have a question to ask those participating in this discussion.

What do we expect the investigator to do in combat?

I understand that we want him to be able to handle himself in a combat situation, and believe that should be a standard for every class.

Do we want the investigator to take out the minions? take out the main badguy?

Do we want him to debuff others in combat, making it easier for the rest of the team to remove the threat?
Do we want a sneak attack type of ability where he does mass damage under certain conditions? (This seems to be what we don't want.)

We need more clarity on what we expect the investigator to actually do in combat.
Once we have this clarity, we can begin to focus on a solution much easier.

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What seems to be the most interesting is that the martial arts that we have seen in the the Sherlock Holmes movies, and, indeed the one mentioned in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books is indeed Bartitsu.
He called it baritsu quite possibly for copyright purposes.

Here is a quick link to a wikipedia source.


So, if we are to emulate the martial arts, why not just create a new "style" similar to Kirin etc.

Also, look it up on youtube. You will see some demonstrations there.

Strangely, I seem to view the Slayer as a version of Riddick.

I view him as having most of the same abilities he currently has,but with the ability to befriend animals as a Ranger. He would not have an animal companion as a class ability, however.

Point buy 20pt.

I viewed it as something he trains in very heavily, maybe, even, exclusively in the case of a kensai.

The sword becomes his daily reminder of his duty to train with it.

One day he hopes to return it, after using it to kill all the rest of that family, through the gut of the last of that family's line.

Hehe, that seems very cliche, but it's a theme that has existed throughout history.

Sounds great and thank you.
Yes, Inscribe Magical Tattoo is exactly what i meant.

There are some great images of traditional Chinese and Japanese that are easily searchable on yahoo. These often include a butt, so i wont post anything here.

At this point i was pretty much shot down.
I had 4 other parts of this story planned, but was already told that this is far to epic for a 1st level character and I should tone it down quite a bit.

I agreed to the to epic part and changed the Aunt Mara encounter to a meetng with a priestess rather than Besmara.

The outline of the rest was going to be as follows:

Part 3 will include the moving of Kaito and Mizuki to a smaller home atop the cliffs near the ocean.
There their home will be attacked. Kaito's mother will kill a man and take his katana/wakizashi. The katana/wakizashi has the crest of the family that attacked.
The mother will give the son to Kaito to hold while she tries to defend them as the attack forces them to an open view of the ocean.

Kaito will be knocked into the ocean from an explosion that weakens the mother.
Mizuki, Kaito's mother will meet her final demise in a heroic attempt to defend her son's descent into to the ocean, only to drop her featherfall spell to prevent Kaito from being riddles with arrows.

Kaito survives with only the katana or wakizashi of his family's enemies.

Part 4 will be about the crew of the Pirate ship The One-Eyed Otter.
This is the crew that pulls Kaito's nearly lifeless form from the ocean. Kaito will live with this crew and befriend many of them before a storm. The storm will include a meeting of Katio and his young Tien-Lung friend.
The crew will see Kaito's strange heritage as his hair turns lightning white.
Superstitions will run rampant and, ultimately, the captain will sell Kaito to the owner of a whore house, slave trafficker and owner of an opium den, known as the Dragon Lady.

Part 5
The Dragon lady's Leutenant ( known as her Enforcer) will abuse and mistreat Kaito as Kaito is forced to "clean up" after the women who are raped with many being killed by the most violent of men.The Dragon-lady cares nothing about how his leutenant treats her women, as long as she stays rich.

Kaito will piss off the Leutenant and the Dragon-Lady, by saving a new woman from their clutches and setting her free.

He will be beaten almost to death, but will call in his favor from his Aunt Mara.
Again, this would need to change as it is already involving super-powers such as gods etc..

He will force the Dragon-Lady ( via threat of unleashing Aunti Mara on her again ) to hire the finest swordsman to train Katio while the Dragon-Lady herself will teach Kaito how to unlock his heritage and hidden gifts of magic.
She will also teach him how to craft tattoos with the intention of Kaito eventually getting craft magical tattoos as the Dragon-Lady is a Tattoo Sorceress.
Kaito will join the adventure when the lessons are up and he is no longer in the service of the Dragon Lady.

Special note: Kaito's debt will be repaid to Mara in this manner " In Life or in Death, Auntie Mara, I will repay my debt when and where you call me."
Again, too prophetic and tries to place too much campaign direction in the hands of the player and not the DM.

As far as race, i was not sure if it'd be a Human with Draconic blooded trait or a Sylph ( as Sylph are very cole in racial abilities to the imperial dragons.)
Not sure how well a Sylph would translate to a Tien-Lung descendant, but I'd love for Kaito to be able to fly and do some of the other things a Sylph can do.
I could just go with a Dragonborn Bloodline, but i wanted to focus his stats on other things besides mostly Charisma.

I would normally ask to play a Cabalist, which is a 3rd party Magus archetype, but my DM is adamantly against anything 3rd party.

As far as Archetypes. The kensai fits well, but the hexes of a hexcrafter also fit amazingly well. Evil eye, Healing, Nails(Claws), Tongues, Weather control, Storm of vengeance ( at high levels); all these hexes fit the Tien_Lung also known as an Imperial Sky Dragon well.
Not sure about the stats, but i figure intelligence, strength, dex and charisma will all fit this character well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That's all i have at the moment. It seems like he's either a Draconic bloodline Sorc or something else.

I did have an image of him holding a sword in one hand while shooting lightning from his other.

Maybe a magus just doesn't fit because it's more of a racial bloodline thing. not sure where to go from here.

I never mentioned, this is for a Skulls and Shackles game... ug, long day.

My DM called it, and i believe he was right, in stating that this gets a bit too prophetic and starts to create a predestined path for th character.

The prophetic stuff will be included, just for the story, but the whole Auntie Mara thing could easily be changed to the interference of a priestess, rather than a goddess, please excuse that aspect when reading the below.

Aunt Mara Kaito Age 12.

Many years had passed since that day and not many words were spoken.
Kaito had learned that somewhere in his family's history, a Tien-Lung had married a human. The two had many children and that the Dragon's blood had remained so powerful that it has passed its gift down from generation to generation.
Many within the family believe that every so often a Tien-Lung in human form will bless their line again by marrying into the family.

Mizuki's (Kaito's mother) heritage has been believed to be one of those strengthened ties. Her great-grandfather, Tsuyoshi, seemed to come from nowhere and married into her royal family with no questions asked nor answers given.
He was said to be a proud man of immense stature, grace and poise, and was remembered as a kind man known for his boistrous laughter. He was quick to forgive, but woe to the man who insulted him.

A family legend stated that he was once challenged to a duel by an impetuous young man. He promptly refused and politely tried to talk the man down. This poor soul would have nothing of the sort as he insulted Tsuyoshi, his wife Hanako, and their whole family repeatedly. Three times Tsuyoshi excused the man for being misguided and perhaps drinking a little too much, three times the man insulted again and the insults got worse as he spoke.

Finally Tsuyoshi knew he had no way of walking away with his honor intact. It was said that Tsuyoshi drew his sword with one hand and crushed the mans skull with his other hand. The young fool never stood a chance.
Many questions had arrisen among the observers that day and many of the witnesses were frightened and scared.
Tsuyoshi left two weeks later and never returned.
His death was never recorded, but the Ryu-Sora knew that he left to spare the rest of the family.

Kaito's father, Katsuo, was a commander in his Lord's army. A landowner by birthright; he was a strong man with great intellect. Many of the women seemed to blush in his company, including Mizuki, so Kaito figured his Dad, must be considered attractive.

Their life was boring as Kaito lived mostly with his mother. Katsuo spent most of his time away from home as his duties kept him away in service of the army and the Emporer. Kaito spent his days studying and his nights daydreaming of the Dragon Festival.
As time went on, Kaito found his spirit slowly falling. He wished to be free and often felt as he imagined a caged bird would feel.
His thoughts and prayers began as usual, asking for the protection of his mother and father, but as time passed,they began to turn to pleas for freedom. He prayed, then eventually, begged to be released from this boring life to wander the wide oceans and see what the world has to offer.

Tensions around the home began to slowly become more and more noticeable as Mizuki recieved more and more letters from Katsuo.

When asked, Mizuki simply stated that their family has many enemies. "Trust Katsuo and he will keep us safe from harm." was Mizuki's usual response.

One day,while in the gardens, Kaito couldn't handle it anymore. He fell to his knees as the tears began. He needed to be free. With head to the ground he prayed for release from this prison.

Suddenly, he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. He turned to look and there stood a beautiful red-haired woman in a traditional Japanese outfit.
This took him by surprise enough that he jumped to his feet and stood away from the woman.
She was tall and carried and carried an air of pride and confidence that reminded him of his mother.
"Who are you?" Katsuo asked.
The woman paused for a moment as if to consider her words carefully, "I am your auntie Mara."
"Aunt Mara? Mother never told me about you." Replied Kaito as a look of distrust shown across his face.
"Oh? She didn't? Huh, how strange. Well, i am your Aunt Mara and i have come to help you." As she spoke, Mara walked forward to sit on a stone bench.

Her stride was unlike anything Katio had seen. Her hips swung in what Kaito would consider an almost vulgar manner, if it wasn't so attractive. While walking, she kept her hand on her hip as if carrying a man's sword.

"Sit." She stated as she patted the bench. Kaito did as he was told.
"So, tell me little... Kaito was it?" To which Kaito nodded.
"Tell me Kaito, oh wipe those tears away, it's embarrassing." Again Kaito did as he was told without response.
"Tell me, what would you give me if i could take you away from here and promise you adventure and excitement?"

Young Kaito did not know how to respond. There was nothing he truly owned besides his toys from his youth.
"I have nothing to give." he responded with a sniff.

"I am in a generous mood kid, I'll tell you what. Let's make a deal. Your family is about to be in a lot of trouble soon enough. I will help you when you call for me and you will owe me one." Mara responded with a grin.

"Owe you one what? What trouble? What are you talk..." But Kaito was quickly cut off.
"Putt putt, forget about that for now, just answer the question. Will you agree to owe me a favor if i help you at a future time of your request? " Replied Mara as Kaito forgot about the trouble.

"Um, ok."
"Deal" replied Mara before Kaito could ask any more questions or change his mind.
"Shake on it. " She held her hand out to shake Kaito's hand, which again, was an unfamiliar custom to you Kaito.
Kaito grabbed her hand, still a little confused and felt a sharp pin prick in his palm.
"Ouch, what are you doing." He responded while trying, unsuccessfully, to pull his hand away.
"A Deal sealed in blood." Responded Mara as she quickly grabbed his wrist to hold it still while pulling a pin from her hair. She pricked her own hand and returned the handshake in kind.

Kaito looked up and saw that her hair had fallen. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his entire life. He tried to speak, but found that she was looking down below Kaito's waste.
"Haha, well look at that."
As Kaito looked down he noticed his little man was standing straight out and pointing at her. His Face flushed red.
"Oh, don't worry kid. I have that effect on many men, er, boys...nevermind."
She leaned down and kissed the boy full on the lips.
"Just forget about me for now kid, you will remember me when the time comes."

Kaito snapped to as his mother entered the garden.
"Kaito I was calling you, are you ok?" Mizuki asked as her fearful face turned quizzical.
"Um, yes mother, i just." He looked at the spot of blood on his hand. " I just poked my finger on the rose bushes."
"Well, come along now son, it is time to wash for dinner."
The two walked back to the house.

End scene.

This is the 1st of about 3-6 stories I had written about this character's background.
I am out of time as I need to get to class.The rest will be posted when I get home.

This is an odd way of telling a story, but much of it will appear in flashbacks of his youth.

Flashback #1 Kaito age 6 The Dragon Festival

Scene opens with many men and women dressed in traditional formal Japanese and Chinese outfits.

"The festival is about to begin, quickly quickly, we must hurry!" came the cries of Mr. Koyushi. "Your places are saved, we must go or we will miss it."
"Mama i am tired of walking. We came all this way, can't we just sleep one more day?" Said little Kaito.
Mizuki, Kaito's mother gave a brief sigh and smiled."No, my little dragon, we must go to this festival as it is the reason we came."
"But the weather is acting up and it looks like it is going to rain." Replied Kaito as he prepared his best pouty-face.
"There there little one, this is an event that you will remember for the rest of your life, and besides, you like the wind and rain. Now, let's go, no more stalling."
Kaito reluctantly grabbed his mother's hand and felt his mood brightening by the second.

The wind swept up the second they opened the door. The clouds had a dark blue-grey color and the wind smelled of rain. This was going to be a huge storm, Kaito could feel it.

The Festival of the Dragons is an event that has traditionally been held at the top of the highest mountain where the land touches the sky. Many Noble and Honored families had been invited to attend. This event was a secret and something that only occurs once every 50-100 years.

As they Climbed the last step to reach the meeting place, Kaito could see many adults gathered in a circle, no children save himself. Some party, Kaito thought.
They were beckoned to take their place among those in the circle. As they did, the winds started whipping and growing to a deafening proportion. Hair and clothes were battered and beaten by the wind so much that it reminded Kaito the many kites seen at a kite festival, and couldn't help but wonder if everyone was going to be blown away.

Above the wind, Kaito could hear a low humming as the circle began their chants. Looking to his mama for support, he noticed that she was staring up at the clouds as she chanted. Kaito's eyes turned to the dark clouds overhead, only to notice something peculiar. The clouds had eels in them that were dancing and writhing about.

Then came the roar of something that could only be described as scary and threatening beyond words.
Lightning peeled from the clouds and struck the side of the mountain with and audible BOOM!
This only enlivened the crowd forcing them to chant louder and louder.
Kaito looked to his mom for help, only to see that she was chanting as well.

That's when Kaito noticed something strange about his mama. Her hair, while whipping in the wind, started to change color. It turned a silvery-white, like the lightning in the sky. This forced Kaito to look around to see if she was the only one this was happening to, but it was not. Almost everyone's hair was turning that same lightning color.

It was then that one of the eels descended from the sky, only it was not an eel, it was just like the dragons in the story books. This Dragon separated itself from the clouds and began shifting and circling, like the sea lions swimming in the oceans. The motions turned more and more violent as if the creature was in pain. Kaito reached out his hand and started to step forward to help, only to be stopped by his mother's hand as she remained in a trace-like state.

Kaito was getting more and more excited and couldn't help but jump in place as the dragon continued it's writhing sky-dance.

Then lightning struck, loud and close, only it wasn't striking the ground, it was striking the skies. Kaito shook with excitement as he saw all the members of the circle were standing straight as arrows with lightning shooting from their bodies and into the sky. This formed a ring of sorts, but a ring of pure light, where the dragon circled and danced.
It was then that the dragon stopped moving and let out a roar that shook the very mountaintop around them.

From around three-quarters of the way down her body, Kaito noticed a small dragon emerge.

She was giving birth!

She was having a baby!

As the last of the babies' tail emerged from it's tired mother, the heavens roared once again. This time it was all the Dragons in the clouds turn to announce to the heavens and the world that a new Sky Dragon had arrived.

All this excitement was too much for young Kaito to handle, he wrestled his way away from his mother and ran to the center of the circle.

"Yeah! Woohoo! Yeah! Do it again!" shouted the overeager boy as he jumped up and down cheering and waving his arms about.

The mother Dragon recoiled at the sound of the young boy, more from shock than actual fear. This recoil turned to instant anger as she spun about to move face to face with the boy. The crowd of humans went silent and bowed their heads because they knew this child had commited an act that could result in his death, and more, it shamed the family.
Only, as the mother drew her head down to face this young boy with serious thoughts of either eating him or blowing his frail form off the cliff, the strangest thing occured. The new-born dragon descended with his mother and moved to face the boy as well.

Kaito knew he did something bad, but he couldn't help himself he started reaching out to touch the baby dragon with the largest of smiles. He was so focused on the dragon itself that he didn't notice his feet leaving the ground, or that his hair had turned that same lightning color.
As he reached out, the young dragon came forward and touched young Kaito with his front legs. The two seemed to be astonished at the feel of the other, one scaly and wet with sharp claws, the other soft and smooth.
Then Kaito spoke, "Hello, I am Kaito Ryuu-Sora. Pleased to meet you." As Kaito spoke he grabbed the baby's paw and shook it.

The mother dragon then spoke in another language, which Kaito seemed to understand. "I am Mingxia and this is my son. We are honored to meet you young dragon. "

Kaito turned to his mother and smiled. To his surprise, his mother was scared or angry or something, but it didn't matter. Remembering his manners, he turned to Mingxia and bowed. "I am pleased to meet you Mingxia of the um.. Drag.." Kaito was briefly cut off as if to stop a feux-pas. She raised her head in pride and as if to announce to the world in a timultuous voice " We are the T'IEN-LONG!!" She finished in a roar toward the heavens.
The clouds roared back in the voice of a hundred or more dragons.

Mingxia released a small breath on Kaito which made him slowly sink back to the ground as the mother and son raised up toward the clouds.

Kaito Waved and shouted "Bye, Bye honored mother Mingxia"

As he raced back to Mizuki he shouted "Mama mama, did you see that?" but he noticed his mother had tears coming from her eyes.
"What's wrong?" He asked. "Nothing my boy, you are my little dragon is all" and hugged him with an almost rib-crushing strength.

The biggest problem I seem to have is that I create a very rich and complex background for a character, yet stumble massively when converting this story into a mechanic's based character.

Which Board is the best to post a story on to get help to create a character?

The type of people I am talking about are true masters of the system, the people that can take any concept and put it on paper.

Where do i go to find them?

blackbloodtroll wrote:

You have no core combatant.

Freebooter Ranger is a good choice.

I thought about that, but wouldn't the lack of wizard spells be a bit crippling?

It seems we will eventually become pirates, can this Adventure Path be done without a wizard, or magus, as the case may be?

I have read many threads and my situations seems to be a bit unique, so i thought i'd ask.

We will have 3 players, myself included, which consist of a bard( full face concepts and skills, all charisma), a seeker oracle and me.

We have a 20 point buy and are trying the hero point system. The rest is RAW, no 3rd party stuff.

I have 3 concepts but am having difficulties as i really do not want to get stuck making something that does not fit the role or is so specialized that he is useless.

Here are the concepts and the difficulties of each, as i see it.

#1.) A Human, Sylph or Elf Kensai

My idea here was to pick up a katana and go to town on people. The DM will not allow Dervish Dancer unless the reason is amazing, so i'd rather focus mainly on Int/Strength. If i could get his charisma high enough, i'd go dragonborn, but i just don't think it's possible.

I have a long story that actually needed to be toned back as it was considered a bit too epic.
No big deal. I see this guy getting Craft Magical Tattoo at level 5 and being a heavy hitter/Mage backup.

My concern is that i would be so focused on just having a katana that i would miss out on any loot for the adventure, also, if it gets disarmed or broken, i may never be able to replace it.
I also don't want to pick bladebound as i just don't want to deal with an intelligent blade. This DM would play that up a lot, so it's not worth the effort.
Without any spoilers, are these very valid concerns? or not a problem?

#2.) A Hexcrafter, not sure on race.

This would be more of a sea character as the son of an infamous pirate who just disappeared one day, captain, ship and crew, thereby leaving the character stuck having to make his own way to find his own fortune.

I'd definately get a raven and play up the whole hex thing.
My biggest concern is that a Hexcrafter relies on his armor, and spells, to keep him safe. Armor on a ship = bad.
I'd not have access to Dervish Dancer, so again a Strength-based Magus.

Are there ways to make a good hexcrafter that rely on little to no armor? Would superstitions get this character into a lot of trouble? ( could be fun, or deadly)

#3.) A Sylph Storm or Sky druid

This character would have a bit of me in it as i enjoy going for a swim on a most summer evenings from 6p-dark just to work out and watch the clouds in the sky.
It's my time to center myself, meditate and think while i gaze at the clouds moving overhead in awe and wonder. I picture myself flying through the clouds as easily as i swim in the water, and i do love the water.

This character would have a love of nature and view most people as nuisances that get in the way as he tries to look up. People would have their purpose as a world without humanoids does not exist, but nature and seeing what's over the next horizon would be his primary goals. I'd take the stargazer trait without hesitation.

Is this character too much of a loner to survive on a pirate ship? Would he fit in the group since we already have a Seeker Oracle and a Bard? Do we need more martial capabilities to even get anywhere in this campaign?

These are my concerns. Any help would be appreciated.

Please note. The DM is very tight-lipped about this game. He was dissapointed when we found out that we start off shanghaied, as stated in the player's guide.
I don't want major spoilers, just basic answers to help make better decisions. I am such a scientist that i hate making uninformed decisions.