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The biggest problem I seem to have is that I create a very rich and complex background for a character, yet stumble massively when converting this story into a mechanic's based character.

Which Board is the best to post a story on to get help to create a character?

The type of people I am talking about are true masters of the system, the people that can take any concept and put it on paper.

Where do i go to find them?

I have read many threads and my situations seems to be a bit unique, so i thought i'd ask.

We will have 3 players, myself included, which consist of a bard( full face concepts and skills, all charisma), a seeker oracle and me.

We have a 20 point buy and are trying the hero point system. The rest is RAW, no 3rd party stuff.

I have 3 concepts but am having difficulties as i really do not want to get stuck making something that does not fit the role or is so specialized that he is useless.

Here are the concepts and the difficulties of each, as i see it.

#1.) A Human, Sylph or Elf Kensai

My idea here was to pick up a katana and go to town on people. The DM will not allow Dervish Dancer unless the reason is amazing, so i'd rather focus mainly on Int/Strength. If i could get his charisma high enough, i'd go dragonborn, but i just don't think it's possible.

I have a long story that actually needed to be toned back as it was considered a bit too epic.
No big deal. I see this guy getting Craft Magical Tattoo at level 5 and being a heavy hitter/Mage backup.

My concern is that i would be so focused on just having a katana that i would miss out on any loot for the adventure, also, if it gets disarmed or broken, i may never be able to replace it.
I also don't want to pick bladebound as i just don't want to deal with an intelligent blade. This DM would play that up a lot, so it's not worth the effort.
Without any spoilers, are these very valid concerns? or not a problem?

#2.) A Hexcrafter, not sure on race.

This would be more of a sea character as the son of an infamous pirate who just disappeared one day, captain, ship and crew, thereby leaving the character stuck having to make his own way to find his own fortune.

I'd definately get a raven and play up the whole hex thing.
My biggest concern is that a Hexcrafter relies on his armor, and spells, to keep him safe. Armor on a ship = bad.
I'd not have access to Dervish Dancer, so again a Strength-based Magus.

Are there ways to make a good hexcrafter that rely on little to no armor? Would superstitions get this character into a lot of trouble? ( could be fun, or deadly)

#3.) A Sylph Storm or Sky druid

This character would have a bit of me in it as i enjoy going for a swim on a most summer evenings from 6p-dark just to work out and watch the clouds in the sky.
It's my time to center myself, meditate and think while i gaze at the clouds moving overhead in awe and wonder. I picture myself flying through the clouds as easily as i swim in the water, and i do love the water.

This character would have a love of nature and view most people as nuisances that get in the way as he tries to look up. People would have their purpose as a world without humanoids does not exist, but nature and seeing what's over the next horizon would be his primary goals. I'd take the stargazer trait without hesitation.

Is this character too much of a loner to survive on a pirate ship? Would he fit in the group since we already have a Seeker Oracle and a Bard? Do we need more martial capabilities to even get anywhere in this campaign?

These are my concerns. Any help would be appreciated.

Please note. The DM is very tight-lipped about this game. He was dissapointed when we found out that we start off shanghaied, as stated in the player's guide.
I don't want major spoilers, just basic answers to help make better decisions. I am such a scientist that i hate making uninformed decisions.

How would I make this guy.

I picture him as a Japanese guy wielding a katana. He'd do the whole shirtless with tattoos all accross his chest and back.

I'd want him to have the cool effects that you see in most anime.

This includes the stand-still for a second with a dash that hits all enemies in front of him, The crazy stuff you might see in an old-school martial arts movie, etc...
Those cool effects that I am just not sure I could get by playing a straight fighter.

Is this a combo of classes? Is it a straight class with magic items? Not too sure.

I have a lot more to add, but it's very late/early and will edit some of the extra stuff in after I sleep.

I am playing a Gunslinger(Musket Master) 5/Inquisitor 2 and am wondering what to level next.
I don't like the fact that I misfire very often, but I know that can be resolved with a greater reliable enchant.
If i go straight for Gunslinger 7, I can lessen the impact of misfires greatly, but i also know that Inquisitor spells and abilities are pretty handy.

I guess i need to ask this.

What level does Carrion Crown get to? I heard it was somewhere around 15th-17th. Is this correct?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you for reading this.

P.S. My Gm is letting me choose whether i want to be a Preacher archetype at Inquisitor 3 or a regular Inquisitor.
Should i go Preacher or are the teamwork feats awesome enough that regular Inq works just fine?
If i do go regular Inq. What teamwork feats work well?

I am asking this because we are in the middle of Book 3, most of the party was down due to a giant spider attacking us in the lodge and my character needed to step in and take control because he knew what was going on.
I had figured out exactly what all the distractions were about and wanted to act on this by forming an investigation in a classic Agatha Christie Poirot fashion.

The questions that struck me, as a player, the most was "Who gave you the right to investigate this? Who ordered this inquisition?"

We were asked to investigate, but given no authority to take over anything.

My character stood down because he was surrounded by 4-6 guards that had swords drawn. It was the right thing to do as shooting my gun provokes attacks of opportunity and reloading does the same, but the question stuck with me.

What authority does my character have to detain, hold, try or execute people that he knows are guilty?

My character is Lawful Neutral and is a follower of Abaddar with the Travel domain.

The next question that i can think of is, what does an inquisitor of Abaddar do?

I hope he is not just the IRS enforcer. I have pictured him as the sort that fights to defend civilization as it is his core belief that most humanioid existance would not exist without civilization and order.

May i have help as to what else an inquisitor of Abaddar is about?

Hello, I am playing a Gunslinger/Inquisitor in a Carrion Crown game and I have to many consumables.

Our party is 7th level and consist of a Stonelord Paladin,a Synthiest Summoner, a svirfneblin Ranger/Druid and my character.

Our very nice GM allowed us to purchase magic items based on character level because i just joined and one of the characters had, previously, died.

I guess i am just not sure if i am playing the right class.

I have 8 wands ranging from cure light wounds to unseen servant, 20 potions/elixers and a lot of items like campfire beads or the travelers all-tool.

I already know i need to rework the items as this is taking up almost 10k gold.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I am just not quite sure what to do.

Should i play a Bard instead? ug..
I like the character and the concept, we just have such a lack of spells/skills that it seems that if i do not get all this, we will just not get stuff done.

What does everyone think? is the Grand Marshal a worthwhile Prestige class?
Does this compare with the normal gunslinger nicely?
What do you think?

the thread is Here

Does this same advice apply to an Inqiusitor?

I keep thinking of so many combinations, so here are some basic questions that might help me find an answer.

This thread is basically stating that a person should go Zen Archer Monk for a 3-4 level dip over 3-4 levels of fighter.

1.) Does that also apply to a Zen Archer 3/ fighter 1 / Inquisitor 16?

If i do the above, i will not need a huge wisdom as 6th level spells are my max anyway. 16 dex max

2.) Will having a lower Wis, but higher dex and str make up for the AC lost by picking that little fighter bit?

3.) If i was wanting to be a switch hitter with only power attack, would it be better to focus on 4 levels of fighter?

4.) What race works well? Was thinking dwarf, but if i go fighter 4, then i can be any race in medium armor. A normal humanoid would fit a better concept of blending in.

5.) Is wisdom one of those stats that is just so amazing to max on a primary Inquisitor that not doing so would hurt me badly?

I keep tripping over whether or not my armor class as a Zen Archer/Inq will be ok, or whether it even matters at all because a fighter/Inq will have just as high an armor class with similar saves etc...

Thank you for any help given.

If i am reading this correctly, the below states this:

A zen archer’s flurry of blows otherwise functions as normal for a monk of his level.


A monk may substitute disarm, sunder, and trip combat maneuvers for unarmed attacks as part of a flurry of blows.

I understand that unless you have the improved versions of these and attempt to use them in melee range, you will be provoking attacks of opportunity.

Also please note that if this is actually how this works, why would anyone want to play an archer fighter when said fighter suffers a -4 to do the same things?
That fighter also doesn't have access to trip till 11th level.

Am i misreading this? Was this misprinted?

Hello, i will be joining a group when the christmas break is over and i need some advice regarding which class fits what i want to play.

I played in the Rise of the Runelords campaign when it was first published and that was my only experience with anything after second edition D&D.
I used to play a lot of rangers, druids or mages, so this is an attempt at something different.
Ok, some background information.
This is a Carion Crown campaign that is nearing the end of the second book.
The party consist of a witch, a paladin, a druid/ranger, a cleric ( that may switch classes because i am joining), a gunslinger, and a magus ( that is only there occasionally).
The whole group just hit level 6 and the DM is more concerned about the players playing what they want to play, not what the party needs.

I really like this concept from the deadlands game. Here is some of the info given on the templar.

Templars are a strange lot. They turn their backs on entire villages one day, then give their lives for a single child the next. Their philosophy centers around worth, piety, and the greater good. They protect those who they feel benefit the world with their lives. Those who do nothing to help civilization, and who might even harm it, are not to be defended. They don’t help the wicked and don’t have any compunction about “blackmailing” a settlement or individual into changing their ethics in return for their help.
Some have called them selfish, and there is a certain truth to it. Templars believe their lives are valuable to the future of humanity, and they don’t risk them without a good reason.

This is a bit more about their attitude and how to play one.

With all the Templars’ power comes a lot of responsibility. The hard part about being a Templar isn’t helping out every waster that comes along—it’s turning them down. Think about it. Say a settlement in the Maze is looking for someone to save it from croakers. Your hero can’t just jump on top of the town walls and dare the fishmen to get him like he would if he were a Law Dog. Instead, he’ll have to infiltrate the town, talk with the civilians, and then find out if they’re worth risking his life for. And that’s what it all comes down to: a good Templar doesn’t think of it as “his” life. It’s the world’s. He’s been entrusted with the power of goodness in a world of evil. There are only so many weapons like him, and if he risks himself on some unworthy cause, the darkness may lose the battle but win the war.
Think “selfish.” That’s what the Templars are. At least until they judge a cause worthy of their effort. Then they become utterly selfless. That’s tough to play sometimes. As a human being, you may want to help a family of ranchers
threatened by hordes of undead. If you later find out the family likes to hunt mutants for sport on weekends, you might have to say adios. Even if there are innocents at risk, like the ranchers’ children. You might make the mother and father do all the dangerous stuff while you stay back to protect their kids—that fits the Templar philosophy. But even then you risk making orphans of the innocents, and that’s almost as monstrous as turning your back on them.
These are the moral dilemmas a Templar face every day. That can be a real challenge to roleplay. Sometimes your friends will think your character’s a complete bastard. Other times, she’s Joan of Arc herself.

I was thinking an inquisitor might work, but i am not sure if this is inquisitor, or a paladin of sorts.

Please note that many d&d campaigns will not have the time to allow a player to infiltrate a town under disguise, then learn about the people, only to decide from there.
What i was thinking is that instead of infiltrating a town etc, i could use information gathering, a high sense motive and a mix of augury spells along with buff spells.

What i need help with is:
1.) What alignment is this?
2.) What gods will allow me to be this selfish sort?
3.) What domains work with this basic concept?
4.) Do any races stand out as being a better choice than any others? I am trying my best to create a character concept, not one focused on min/max.
5.) Since we have a good mix of spells and ranged, should i just play a switch hitter that uses most of his feats on ranged weapons, while just picking up power attack?
6.) Should i multiclass to give me more feats to have more room to play?

I believe this is a good start with regards to what i need help with.
I do view this guy as a grizzled old veteran, even if he may be younger. He's the kind grandpa you would hate to piss off sort of person, so yes, i will have a high intimidate score. I also really like the idea of my character being introduced as a friend to the general that put the 30-40 ( can't remember the exact number) militia desserters on pikes. That's just too cool.

Thank you for any help given.

I apologize for not speaking about some of the current races in the Advabced Race Guide Playtest, but i have been very curious about what it'd be like to play a 1/2 Azata PC.

Is this race combination buildable in the ARG?
If so, what would He/She have as Racial abilities while still remaining within the rules?

I have never played a straight fighter and hope to play one in a campaign soon.
With all these books coming out and all the new feats being introduced into every book, how does one create a fighter that can be a true MASTER of ARMS.
By this i mean that i picture a fighter as one who can pick up any weapon and do almost anything described as a feat, but it seems that all these new feats are just making a fighter into more and more of a super specialised one weapon sort.

I can call this feat bloat as that is essentially what this is.

There are now so many feats that if a fighter wants to be amazing with any weapon, it does not seem possible.

These newer feats are great for all the other classes in that it gives them a lot more options to play with and certain specialised feats seem to make sense, but pretty much every class besides the fighter is defined in other ways that are fairly independent of feats.

How do fighters deal with feat bloat?

Ok, so first off, in the ultimate combat, it states:

Ghost Blade (Su): Whenever the magus enchants his weapon
using his arcane pool, he may spend 1 additional point from
his arcane pool to add the brilliant energy and ghost touch
special abilities to the list of available options. The magus
must be at least 9th level before selecting this arcana

At 1st level, a magus can expend 1 point from his arcane pool as a swift action to grant any weapon he is holding a +1 enhancement bonus for 1 minute. For every four levels beyond 1st, the weapon gains another +1 enhancement bonus, to a maximum of +5 at 17th level. These bonuses can be added to the weapon, stacking with existing weapon enhancement to a maximum of +5

At 5th level, these bonuses can be used to add any of the following weapon properties: dancing, flaming, flaming burst, frost, icy burst, keen, shock, shocking burst, speed, or vorpal.

Adding these properties consumes an amount of bonus equal to the property’s base price modifier. These properties are added to any the weapon already has, but duplicates do not stack. If the weapon is not magical, at least a +1 enhancement bonus must be added before any other properties can be added.

So, if i, as a magus already have a,say +4 weapon how does this work?
Can i just add the brilliant weapon for 1 arcane pool point?

Pool Strike, Arcing (Su): The magus can expend 1
additional point from his arcane pool when using the
pool strike arcana. If his attack hits, the magus can target
a number of enemies within 15 feet equal to his Intelligence
modifier (minimum 0) with a ranged touch attack as a free
action. Those struck take the same energy damage as the
primary target of the pool strike, including increased
damage on a critical hit. The magus must be at least 12th
level and must have the pool strike magus arcana before
selecting this magus arcana.

Add this to a Pool strike, noted as this:

Pool Strike (Su): The magus can expend 1 point from his arcane pool as a standard action to charge his free hand with energy. He can make a melee touch attack with that hand as a free action as part of activating this ability. If the touch attack hits, it releases the charge and deals 2d6 points of energy damage (acid, cold, electricity, or fire, chosen when he spends the arcane pool point to activate this ability). He can use this ability with the spellstrike class feature. If he misses with this attack, he can hold the charge for up to 1 minute before it dissipates. At 6th level, and every three levels thereafter, the amount of damage dealt by this attack increases by 1d6.

Now take the Myrmadarch abilty:

Ranged Spellstrike (Su): At 4th level, a myrmidarch can
use spellstrike to cast a single-target touch attack ranged
spell and deliver it through a ranged weapon attack. Even if
the spell can normally affect multiple targets, only a single
missile, ray, or effect accompanies the attack.
At 11th level, a myrmidarch using a multiple-target
spell with this ability may deliver one ray or line of effect
with each attack when using a full-attack action, up to
the maximum allowed by the spell (in the case of ray
effects). Any effects not used in the round the spell is cast
are lost. This ability replaces spell recall and improved
spell recall.

Do all these things combined mean i can make ranged attacks adding, say, a scroching ray as damage to multiple targets at level 11, then add pool strike damage and have all the pool strike damage effect everyone within a 15 ft radius of the intitial target?
Is this what is intended?

Ok, so we are running the runelord campaign and our party consists of 2 barbarians, an elemental sorcerer, a priestess of desna and my druid.

I am planning on retiring the druid for a little while or even permanently because i get frustrated with having to keep track of an animal companion, all his spells, his summons and his own shapeshifting.
It's just a bit much for someone who came back to D&D after skipping the 3.0/3.5 years of D&D especially seeing we are level 13 and i have never played a campaign above level 8 or so.

So my question is which archer should i play?
The Myrmadarch(Magus Archetype), the Zen Archer, or the Fighter( no archery archetype as i believe it is worse than a straight fighter)?
I would take the ranger, but i don't like the favored terrain or favored enemy stuff.
I view this character as being kinda like a Green Arrow or a Hawkeye from the comics.
I want him to have trick arrows or the equivelant thereof.

I understand the magus can do some fun things and even gets a weapon training and armor training bonus as per the fighter, but i really wouldn't want higher than 3rd or 4th level spells.

The monk will have some skills like stealth, perception (to avoid being caught flat footed) and sense motive to avoid feints.

The fighter can be very cool in his heavy armor with a high dex bonus, weapon specialization and weapon/armor training.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Ok ok, please let me explain what i am trying to do first.

I am playing a lvl 10 gnome druid who has a dire weasel as an animal companion.
So far i haven't used the dire weasel(Anklebiter) very much due to the fact that the rules have been a bit shaky on how he works.

The plan is for Anklebiter to be able to tackle an enemy foe then either pull that foe away from the rest of it's friends, pin that enemy for something to play with later, or pin, then do the actual feral weasel thing by biting the opponent and bleeding it to death as he rips into the enemy.

Anklebiter's feats are
Endurance(he's a mount after all)
Imp. Grapple
Imp. Natural Attack
Greater Grapple

Ok, this is where i get confused.
When he bites, he automatically grapples his foe.
So, do i need Imp. Grapple? or does the animal effectively have the
Grab ability which is very similar to Imp. Grapple?

Does Ankle take a -20 to maintain a grapple due to his using his mouth?

Does he damage a foe twice per round once the opponent is grappled due to having Greater grapple?

Does he only get one attempt to grapple, yet two to maintain due to greater grapple?
Effectively, how will this all play out in combat?
Any help would be much appreciated and thank you.

I just purchased the Gnomes of Golarion book and it seems to state that gnomes are alien to Golarion. Very cool.

It also states that most gnomes don't truly gain a natural bond with nature till after they survive a Bleaching.

So are Gnomes doomed to a kender-like curiosity with no calmness or stillness within until they go through the near-death experience of the Bleaching?

How does one play Cleric or Druid with high wisdom if that seems to be inherintly lacking in the Gnome race?

These things don't seem to make sense to me, please help.

Are there any prestige classes?
Is the Druid class so complete that they have no prestige classes and no need for them?

Where can i find more than 1-2 fun druid weapons,armor and wonderous items?

I was looking to make my Druid the type that can shape-shift very fast and very often.

An example of combat would include him shifting to a tiger or lion to pounce an enemy, only to shift into a dire gorilla the next round to throw the body at a group of other enemies.

Say I get slammed by an ogre's hit next which sends me flying.I could then shift to either a bird to try to catch myself and fly back to attack, or shift to a cat to land on my feet, only to shift again to charge my opponent as a rhino or an elephant.

I know i just described a large number of shifts in a short time, but i would rather be focused on the shifting of balance, weight distribution and forms of attack rather than 9th level spell progression.
Is this something that can be done under the pathfinder rules as they are? or is this something i need to go back to 3.5 and adapt to pathfinder?
Is this a prestige class? or merely something i can manage within the Druid boundaries themselves?
By the way, my DM is mostly running out of the Pathfinder core book, the DMG and the Beastiary.

P.S. Is this a bit too thought provoking for your standard druid?Should delve into monk level? (I'd rather not multiclass into anything else.)

Ok, no reply.
May i please get some help with this conversion?
I haven't played very much since 2nd edition.

This is a repost from a different forum. I accidently posted in the wrong place initially.

Here's some background on the game i am in.

We have a Barbarian, Rogue, Bard, Priest (Desna), Sorcerer (Air Elemental) and me a Gnome Druid with his trusty Dire Weasel mount/animal companion.
I am playing the only non-human in the group.

We have been going through some of the Pathfinder series, have just completed the Skinsaw Murders and are about to start some new ones where we head into the mountains.

I had not played D&D since 2nd edition, so this 3.x edition has been a huge change to me,but I am old enough to remember the game since before the blue and red boxed set of original D&D and figured that it's no big deal to pick it up again and start anew.

When i made this character, the pathfinder core book had not be released yet, so i made assigned abilities based on the 3.5 rules.
I rolled higher than any rolls i have ever made for any character ever.
Here are his stats:
Str: 11 (13-2)
Con:20 (18+2)
Wis:18 (17+1 lvl.4)

The direction i was headed with this character is more of the direction of that cartoon character from the Teen Titans known as Beast Boy to help fill out some of the void of melee we have in the group.

Now, the DM houseruled that the shapechanging ability of the Druid will remain the same as it did in 3.5th edition, so i can guess i am lucky for that.
Where i need help is with some of the choices of skills and feats to take on my character.
I have purposely been avoiding any heavy combat due to not having picked any feats and have next to no knowledge of the animals and monsters anymore.
The new Beastiary will help.
Ok, now for a few questions on top of the above.

Do animal companions automatically start with improved grapple?
Is this a wise choice of a feat for a Dire weasel that is meant to be a mount and side-by-side fighting companion?
What other feats would make sense on a Dire weasel?
What Tricks beyond the basic combat mount tricks would make sense?

Is Craft:Woodworking a good craft for my druid to take so he can make his own armor/weapons with the Shape Wood spell and eventually Ironwood?
Is the feat Craft Wonderous Item a must have due to most likely a complete lack of druid items for a Gnome Druid?
Should i be looking more for feats like Improved unarmed fighting and Improved Grapple to allow for a better melee druid?
Is Improved Grapple needed to effectively make a pounce attack?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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Light armor proficiency is handy for an animal companion that you'll be bringing into combat with you, as animal companions generally have awfulnogoodverybad armor classes, compared to the CR of challenges you'll be facing. Chain shirt barding is pretty cheap, and adds +4 AC, as well as making a decent starting point for later magical enhancement.

Unless an animal is listed as having improved grappled (or grab), it doesn't have it. A Dire Weasel's Attach ability is not stated to provoke an AoO, and happens automatically with a bite attack, so it gives one of the advantages of Improved Grapple anyway (not provoking), so long as the weasel hits with it's bite attack.

For your own melee ability, I've heard it said on these forums that the Amulet of Mighty Fists is pretty sweet for a melee-Druid, allowing you to enhance your natural attacks with properties like Flaming or Frost.