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Been a while since the changes with PFS2 and Covid have occurred. I am looking to get back into GMing but I notice that my little old 1 star is no longer there. I have a copy of my membership card with the star but the new one no longer shows it. Is it a system issue or did things get changed? Thanks

(it shows the 12 sessions that I have ran in the past)

Liberty's Edge

Getting to level up to 7th and I am not sure where to take him next. I have him built as an (enlarged) two handed warrior that can punch and kick if they get past the poleweapon using Bloodrager and Brawler. Other than taking another level in Bloodrager to get Improved Uncanny Dodge, they do not have much to offer the build.

I am looking to Full BAB classes like a Ranger but the weapon styles they have are not really floating my boat. I was thinking a marine type as the last adventure had ship board combat. He is a follower of Gorum so something along those lines also works. Any suggestions?

Male Nagaji Bloodrager 4 / Brawler 2
CN Medium humanoid (reptilian)
Init +3; Senses Low-Light Vision, Perception +12,
AC 19, touch 11, flat-footed 19 (+7 armor, +1 Dex, +1 natural), Combat Expertise
hp 56 (4d10)+(2d10)+16
Fort +10, Ref +6, Will +3, +2 bonus vs. spells cast by himself or allies
Defensive Abilities Uncanny Dodge,

Speed 30 ft., Fast Movement
Melee glaive +1 (two handed) +12/+7 ((two handed) 1d10+8/x3) S
Melee Admantine Bec de Corbin +1 (two handed) +12/+7 ((two handed) 1d10+8/x3) B/P
Melee brawler's flurry +9/+9/+4 (1d6+5)
Special Attacks Brawler's Flurry, Staggering Strike,
Known Bloodrager Spells (CL 4th, concentration +5):
1st (2/day) - enlarge person (DC 12) , shield (DC )
Str 21, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 13
Base Atk +6; CMB +11; CMD 22
Feats Combat Expertise, Eschew Materials, Furious Focus, Improved Unarmed Strike, Phalanx Formation, Power Attack
Skills Acrobatics +7, Appraise -1, Bluff +1, Climb +6, Diplomacy +1, Disguise +1, Escape Artist -2, Heal +1, Intimidate +5, Perception +12, Perform (Oratory) +7, Sense Motive +1, Stealth -2, Survival +5, Swim +6,
Languages Common, Draconic
SQ Aberrant Bloodline, Abnormal Reach, Armored Scales, Blood Casting, Bloodrage, Blood Sanctuary, Bonus Feats, Brawler's Cunning, Fast Movement, Low-Light Vision, Martial Flexibility, Martial Training, Resistant, Serpent's Sense, Weapon and Armor Proficiency.

Sovereign Court

I am looking over making a Harrower for PFS using the Shaman for its base class and wanted to double check to make sure the idea is feasible, using Speaker for the Past archetype with the Lore spirit.

1. Adding the spells from the Ancestor and Time Oracle Mysteries along with the additional skills is straight forward. Losing the familiar is not a problem since it would only get to level 5 anyways but I was wondering if I lose access to be able to spontaneous cast the Lore spells.

2. Do I have to take the revelation at 4th or can I take a Shaman Hex? (2nd is going to be Witch hex (Slumber) and Extra hex to take Benefit of Wisdom at 3rd).

Sovereign Court

Looking to start an Undine Commando for PFS (already have ideas for an Ifirt Ninja, Sylph Investigator and an Oread Shaman). Other than going pure Ranger, are there any other options? I had looked at the Inner Sea Pirate but the 3/4 BAB does not float my boat (or ship for that matter)

(the idea is a Pathfinder SEAL)

STR 12 (14 - 2 racial)
DEX 18 (16 + 2 racial)
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 14 (12 + 2 racial)

Feat:Weapon Finesse

Expert Boarder

Alternative Racial traits:
Amphibious (Replacing SLA)
Hydrated Vitality (Replacing Water Affinity)

Sovereign Court

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With the volume of Pathfinder material, sometimes its hard
keeping track to what is up to date. Maybe you stopped
playing for a while or you got your hands on a batch of
used books and wanted to see what changes are needed.

I hope this guide helps.

If there is a change, please post the name of the material,
date of change, the printing and a link to the new change.

    Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
    Core Rulebook: 6th Printing 5/30/2013 Link
    Advanced Class Guide: 2nd Printing 7/22/2015 Link
    Advanced Player's Guide: 2nd Printing 12/01/2010 Link
    Advanced Race Guide: 2nd printing 7/29/2015 Link
    Bestiary: 3rd Printing 9/12/2011 Link
    Bestiary 2: 2nd printing 7/16/2012 Link
    Bestiary 3: 2nd printing 11/10/2014 Link
    Bestiary 4: None
    Bestiary 5: None
    Game Mastery Guide:3rd printing 1/22/2014 Link
    Mythic Adventures: None
    Monster Codex: None
    NPC Codex: None
    Occult Adventures: None
    Pathfinder Unchained: None
    Strategy Guide: None
    Ultimate Campaign: None
    Ultimate Combat: 3rd printing 8/20/2015 Link
    Ultimate Equipment: 2nd Printing 5/16/2016 Link
    Ultimate Intrigue: None
    Ultimate Magic: 2nd Printing 3/30/2012 Link

    Pathfinder Campaign Setting
    Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom: None
    Artifacts & Legends: None
    Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes: None
    Castles of the Inner Sea: None
    Cheliax, the Infernal Empire: None
    Chronicles of the Righteous: None
    Cities of Golarion: None
    City of Strangers: None
    Classic Horrors Revisited: None
    Classic Monsters Revisited: None
    Classic Treasures Revisited: None
    Dark Markets, A Guide to Katapesh: None
    Darklands Revisited: None
    Demons Revisited: None
    Distant Shores: None
    Distant Worlds: None
    Dragons Revisited: None
    Dragon's Unleashed: None
    Dragon Empires Gazetteer: None
    Dungeon Denizens Revisited: None
    Dungeons of Golarion: None
    Faction Guide: None
    Fey Revisited: None
    Gazetteer: None
    Giants Revisited: None
    Gods and Magic: None
    Guide to Absalom: None
    Guide to Darkmoon Vale: None
    Guide to Korvosa: None
    Guide to the River Kingdoms: None
    Heaven Unleashed: None
    Heart of the Jungle: None
    Hell Unleashed: None
    Horseman of the Apocalypse: None
    Inner Sea Bestiary: None
    Inner Sea Combat: None
    Inner Sea Faiths: None
    Inner Sea Gods: None
    Inner Sea Intrigue: None
    Inner Sea Magic: None
    Inner Sea Monster Codex: None
    Inner Sea NPC Codex: None
    Inner Sea Races: None
    Inner Sea World Guide: None
    Into the Darklands: None
    Irrisen—Land of Eternal Winter: None
    Isle of the Shackles: Web supplement Link
    Lands of the Linnorm Kings: None
    Lords of Chaos: None
    Lost Cities of Golarion: None
    Lost Kingdoms: None
    Lost Treasures: None
    Magnimar, City of Monuments: None
    Misfit Monsters Redeemed: None
    Mystery Monsters Revisited: None
    Mythic Realms: None
    Mythical Monsters Revisited: None
    NPC Guide: None
    Numeria, Land of the Fallen Stars: None
    Occult Bestiary: None
    Occult Mysteries: None
    Occult Realms: None
    Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs: None
    Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Inner Sea World Guide
    has replaced this volume as the main Pathfinder campaign setting book.Link
    Pathfinder Society Field Guide: None
    Path of the Hellknight: None
    Paths of Prestige: 9/3/2012 Winter Witch Prestige Class Updated Link
    Princes of Darkness: None
    Rival Guide: None
    Rule of Fear: None
    Seekers of Secrets: None
    Ships of the Inner Sea: None
    Technology Guide: 2nd Printing 12/16/2014 Link
    The Great Beyond—A Guide to the Multiverse: None
    The Worldwound: None
    Tombs of Golarion: None
    Towns of the Inner Sea: None
    Undead Revisited: None
    Undead Unleashed: None

    Pathfinder Player Companion
    Advanced Class Origins: None
    Adventurer's Armory: 2nd printing 7/21/11 Link
    Agents of Evil: None
    Alchemy Manual: None
    Andoran, Spirit of Liberty: None
    Animal Archive: None
    Arcane Anthology: None
    Armor Master's Handbook: None
    Bastards of Golarion: None
    Black Markets: None
    Blood of Angels: None
    Blood of the Elements: None
    Blood of Fiends: None
    Blood of the Moon: None
    Blood of the Night: None
    Blood of Shadows: None
    Champions of Balance: None
    Champions of Corruption: None
    Champions of Purity: None
    Cheliax, Empire of Devils: None
    Cohorts and Companions: None
    Demon Hunter's Handbook: None
    Dirty Tactics Toolbox: None
    Dragon Empires Primer: None
    Dragonslayer's Handbook: None
    Dungeoneer's Handbook: None
    Dwarves of Golarion: None
    Elves of Golarion: None
    Faiths & Philosophies: None
    Faiths of Balance: None
    Faiths of Corruption: None
    Faiths of Purity: None
    Familiar Folio: None
    Giant Hunter's Handbook: None
    Gnomes of Golarion: None
    Goblins of Golarion: None
    Halflings of Golarion: None
    Harrow Handbook: None
    Heroes of the Streets: None
    Heroes of the Wild: None
    Humans of Golarion: None
    Inner Sea Primer: None
    Knights of the Inner Sea: None
    Kobolds of Golarion: None
    Magical Marketplace: None
    Melee Tactics Toolbox: None
    Monster Summoner's Handbook: None
    Mythic Origins: None
    Occult Origins: None
    Orcs of Golarion: None
    Osirion, Land of Pharaohs: None
    Pathfinder Society Primer: None
    People of the North: None
    People of the River: None
    People of the Sands: None
    People of the Stars: None
    Pirates of the Inner Sea: None
    Qadira, Gateway to the East: None
    Quests & Campaigns: None
    Ranged Tactics Toolbox: None
    Sargava, The Lost Colony: None
    Second Darkness: None
    Taldor, Echoes of Glory: None
    Undead Slayer's Handbook: None
    Varisia, Birthplace of Legends: None
    Weapon Master's Handbook: None

Sovereign Court

Can you use Strength as normal instead of Intelligence with the hair?

(I was thinking of a reach weapon fighter that can use the hair if someone gets inside their defenses)

Sovereign Court

I wanted to make sure that I am not shorting myself some additional languages, but I might have since there are no other ones listed for half-orc. (9th level PFS Wizard (Spell sage))

Half-orc from Varisia
Common, Orc
5 additional languages for a 20 Int
9 Languages from Linguistics (+1 for Dark Archives)

So was I to have gotten another language when his Int went to 22? What about for his +4 headband of Intellect?

Sovereign Court

Over the weekend at Ancient City Con, ran a half-elf diplomat (Zealot/Fey) of the Sovereign Court to give the class a shot in PFS for two sessions. Regretfully, the class did not really seem to be much of use due to the levels, classes, feats of the other players.

Game 1:2-23 Shadows Last Stand Part 1:At Shadows Door (1-7). Figured that the table might be playing low (or middle) as of the other players on Warhorn, 3 were unknown and a 4th level inquisitor, well I was wrong. Ended up carrying a wand from another player in case one of them went down (as they all decided to play up) and stayed out of their way since one hit from the various monsters would kill him. One player was impressed on the one diplomacy check that was done during the adventure but otherwise uneventful (Rolled a 5 and got a 22 on the result). At 1st level, you might as well just stay in your social persona as a Zealot since there is no disadvantage for using your basic vigilante ability (and I did not even use that one).

Game 2:6-10 The Wounded Wisp. Had more fun with this one but combat wise, nothing spectacular. I give an A+ to the four players that had used the teamwork feats (Shield Wall, Precise strike, Shake it off) to build their group (Sven, Sven, Sven & Sven) 3 Fighters, a bard (their band leader) along with a cleric and the diplomat. The battles ended up being a cake walk due to the design of the group but did have an issue dealing with traps. Diplomacy was not a problem between the bard and the diplomat.

The class might be useful for a home game but not too sure with PFS due to the time constraints to switch between modes.

Sovereign Court

The renown function seems clunky and does not cover as large an area as it should. I think that renown should be a part of the class ability and not one that needs to be selected as a talent. At 1st level, you might be known by a few people but by 20th, you should be a figure to be reckoned with on the entire world, not just 25,000 people. Also, your fame (or infamy) will be more concentrated in your area that you operate, so the ability should scale based on how well known you are. I suggest the following where the bonus are useful in both modes of the Vigilante. (Maybe swap out Bluff with Sense Motive)

1st: Renown (Local).
Local thugs have heard of you and steer clear of where you operate.
+2 Diplomacy/Knowledge (Local) with local citizens (Social), +2 Intimidate/Bluff to criminals (or the target of your wraith) (Vigilante).

5th: Renown (Regional).
Your operation has expanded to a 100 miles from your base.
+2/+4 Diplomacy/Knowledge (Local)(Social). +2/+4 Intimidate/Bluff (Vigilante)

10th: Renown (National).
Heads of governments have agents actively looking for you to help aid your cause or to bring your head back.
+2/+4/+6 Diplomacy/Knowledge (Local) (Social). +2/+4/+6 Intimidate/Bluff (Vigilante)

15th Renown (Continental).
Other nations contact you to help deal with major problems on an international scale.
+2/+4/+6/+8 Diplomacy/Knowledge (Local) (Social). +2/+4/+6/+8 Intimidate/Bluff (Vigilante)

20th Supreme Renown (Global)
Your deeds have been spread to the far edges of the world and planes. Everyone has heard of you, for better or worse.
+2/+4/+6/+8/+10 Diplomacy/Knowledge (Local)(Social). +2/+4/+6/+8/+10 Intimidate/Bluff (Vigilante)

Sovereign Court

On the next incarnation of the Zealot, the order of Knowledge Religion/Planes skills in the Class Skill section need to be swapped.

Sovereign Court 1/5

Did the feat ever get sorted out? I see that it was mentioned 3 years ago but no mention if it was banned or not since it can be used to craft Magic Armor/Weapons and Wondrous items by non-casters.

Sovereign Court 1/5

Since Leadership is not allowed in PFS, what feat replaces it in the bonus feat section for the Bloodrager Destined Bloodline?

(Did not see a mention of it in the March 27th Additional resources update)

Sovereign Court 1/5

Any thought to making/uploading a plain sheet with a Core watermark or something so they can be printed out and when the GM prints the chronicle sheets they can use that? It would make core sheets stand out rather than him having to write "Core" on each sheet.