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Phantom of Truth wrote:

What captain yesterday said.

Also, you're going a long way to attack certain creators' work. I mean, you had to reach for an unreleased AP to make your attack. I know why certain parts of the Internet don't like Hell's Rebels, after all... and it's easy to see the connection between that and an AP led by Ms. Frasier.

It's probably nothing. Just curious, is all. Very curious.

It' s OK for people to have different opinions.

I ran the entire AP and one player thought he would hate the rebel management and it was his favorite part, while another player had the exact opposite reaction.

For the record I liked it overall and I am looking forward to Return of the Runelords. I am hoping for good continuity between modules and foreshadowing of the end boss. Those ugly problems seem to rear there heads in the AP's a little too often.

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Redelia wrote:
Those in the path of this storm are in my prayers.

Thanks all. I am in Pasco county north of Clearwater / St Pete and it looks like the storm will be a Cat 2 when it hits us.

Fantastic job catdragon. Thanks!

I don't want to judge a book by it's title but all of these AP's sound exciting.

Age of Worms
Rise of the Runelords
Hell's Rebels

About to start
Strange Aeons

GM'd all of them.

Proclamation the Eighth states in part "All nonnative ships’ captains must remain on board their ships and are barred from setting foot on land within Kintargo’s city limits"

Does this mean nonnative "Kintargans"?

I was wondering why Captain Sargaeta, who is part of the Chelish navy can't leave his ship.

When the players sell the cubic gate do they get the full 3k value or is it subject to the 50% resale rule?


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Shaun wrote:

I'm curious to know of any minor changes GMs have made to Hell's Rebels. I'm not talking about major overhauls like dropping the Rebellion subsystem or anything like that. What are some story elements you've added or changed as a part of the roleplay aspect?

For instance, I have renamed the Chelish Citizen's Group the Queensmen. I just feel that has way more panache.

Also, I noticed that there seemed to be an absence of a place for this citizen's group to be based out of. Therefore I have invented the Chained Devil Inn, a large three story inn in Jarvis End. This will be the organizational meeting hub of the Queensmen in my game. I may post more details on this inn and its inhabitants and history as I work them out.

What have you added or altered?

I like the term Queensmen also, the women in my group do not have an issue with it. It flows better than Chelish Citizens Group thug for us especially after saying CCGT for the fifth time that night.

I reworked a lot of the npc dialog i.e. Chickadee and omitted all of the npc sexual preferences which we don't use except in rare occasions.

Merry Christmas all!

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For gamers of all shapes, genders, sexual preferences, ethnicities, ages and beliefs. Everyone have a great Gen Con!

Dragnmoon wrote:
bugleyman wrote:

1. The concise and clear action types, and the ability to "downgrade" any action for the next, "lesser" type. So clean in play.

2. Fixed hit point progression. Just way too important to be random.

3. Consistency between spell levels and caster levels. A 4th level wizard should cast 4th level wizard spells.

4. Pared-down list of actions which provoke.

5. "Warlordish" leader of men in the core.

6. Point-buy as the default stat generation method.

7. Concise yet specific wording (at least in theory).

8. Some sort of mook or minion rules.

9. Bloodied.

1) Yes

2) My players love this idea. I prefer random but I always DM.

3) Yes

4) Very much Yes.

5) no opinion really.

6) My players love this idea. I prefer random but I always DM.

7) Yes

8) I didn't like the idea at first now I love it.

9) I have been using a version of this since 1st edition.


highsidednb wrote:

...that matters.

I could go on and on as to why but I'll leave it at that. Forget which edition is better, just go find the right group for you and get over it.


Very True. Three of my players have been in my group since the basic set. We get together every Friday and have a great time.

I have never been a fan of Detect Evil. Monte Cook had a good article on why he doesn’t use it(which I can't find at the moment). The powers look interesting, thanks for posting them.

Very funny. Thanks for the link.

Thanks for the great playtest report. The link to alea tools was also helpful.

I got mine yesterday on the way home from work.

Senior Programmer/Analyst for a private company.

1) Do you plan to convert to the new edition of D&D?

2) If Paizo converts its RPG products to 4.0, how will that affect your purchasing patterns for our products?

I will increase the amount I spend on Paizo products.

3) If Paizo does not convert its RPG products to 4.0, how will that affect your purchasing patterns for our products?

I have plenty of 3.5 products already so I will not be buying anymore.


Faster gameplay.
Less prep time for the GM.
Points of Light setting.
4E Art.

I like it.

Six players and myself as the DM in Florida.

Here is the link to one of my players blog. We are just starting 3FoE and have had no deaths yet, but a few close calls.