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A Huge Let Down


Very uninspired and well, boring. The first 3 parts are fluff and then you arrive at a basic dungeon filled with mostly undead.

This AP was a huge letdown.

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Upward Trend


A wide variety of creatures with overall high quality artwork. I like the inclusion of the numerous high CR creatures.

Bestiary 5 and 6 have been my favorite Bestiary books by far.

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Reprints and Niche Gear


1) The direction of the artwork.
2) Equipment tricks
3) Niche Gear
4) Reprints of previous gear.

1) Equipment packages

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Major Let Down


After the previous books I was really looking forward to this one but it is very weak. I agree with the previous reviewer

"Major issue: The complete disregard for religion and faith from city of the fallen sky is worse in this book, in fact in this book it goes to making fun of faith and putting religion in a very unflattering light."

I will be avoiding this author in the future.

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A Great Sequel


This installment is stronger than the first adventure and really shines.

The underwater adventure went much better than I expected.
The adventure as a whole.

The hook for the meeting the captain, the party is to high level to be delivering messages at this point, the rest of the mission is fine.

Varl Wex: yes he is high level, but with the pathfinder action economy even an under-leveled group will mop the floor with him easily.

The cons were not enough to remove a star.

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A Solid Start


I just finished running my group through this and we had a good time.
The rebellion sub system - This is the best subsystem yet IMO.
Interesting sandbox type missions.
A different type of AP that is a nice change of pace.

Taking on the mantle of the Silver Ravens feels artificial.
The villains main goal is very odd.
Information between the players guide and this adventure is disjointed, some things are given away in the players guide that are supposed to be discovered in the adventure.

I would probably give this adventure 3 1/2 stars but I rounded up since the adventure is closer to 4 stars than 3.

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Great characters,fast paced and funny.

Thanks to Jeff Baylor for pointing out the order you should read these stories in.

I also recommend reading the web fiction by Tim Pratt. If you like to read stories in their in-world chronology, I would read them in this order:

1) A Tomb of Winter's Plunder (WF)
2) Bastard, Sword (WF)
3) City of the Fallen Sky (N)
4) Liar's Blade (N)
5) Reign of Stars (N)

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Shallow Characters


After reading the excellent novels by Tim Pratt this story was a huge let down. With the exception of Salim the characters are very shallow and poorly done.

The agent of Pharasma who is competing against Salim is comically inept. Important locations such as the under city of Kaer Maga are squandered.