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Aww I missed the tree! Just when I was reminiscing about our old times on the OTD threads!


Keehar returns shortly. He has showered and changed into a loose-fitting set of linen pants and a tight teeshirt. He looks more youthful without the travelling gear on. An intricate tattoo peeps out from his left sleeve, tracing along his bicep and tricep muscles

"Well, lets get some drinks and hit the floor!"

Arielle wrote:

"Don't mind us, Keehaar. We're always like this."

Keehar laughs

"I mind it not at all! I have spent too much time in lonely places with only myself for company. Some good-natured fun would do me well."

Keehar helps the sputtering Kiba up.

"I should check into my room and change for the evening's festivities. Would you two like to have a drink when I return?"

Keehar looks on in bemusement as the two friends bicker

"Elemental wolves! How fascinating!"

Arielle wrote:

Arielle followed LK through the crowd, slipping through the crowd with ease. She got there just in time to hear Keehaar's greeting. Before LK even had a chance to reply she slipped past him.

"Keehaar!" she exclaimed, hugging him tightly. "It's been too long!"

Keehar hugs her back, oofing a little as Arielle creaks his ribs

"It's good to see you 'Elle." He says, stepping back and taking a look at her. "It really has been too long."

Keehar has grown into a lean and tanned young man. His blonde hair is shag-cut short, except for a few small braids along the side interspersed with a few gems and bright-colored feathers. A faint white scar traces around his left jaw.

He turns to Kiba

"Aye, 'Elle can still hug with the best of them! I have been good. I have been roaming since I last saw you all. I joined the Archer Guards for a time, but after the Dissolution Wars and the Great Conjunction, the starhawks have been scattered to many different realms. I have been earning my bread as a scout for an outfit of planar explorers. I cashiered out recently, and I am taking a few months off before I decide what next to do."

He looks at his two friends

"It seems that you both have been busy as well. What have you been doing these past years?"

Kiba gets closer, and the dry avain scent of starhawk greets his nostrils

The young man raises his horn cup in greeting

"Merry met, Kiba! It has been many years since our paths crossed."

Keehaar bows at Sky

"It would be an honor to weild a bow from you, master. I have a lesser stave here."

He points to an ashwood bow decorated with various feathers across his back

"I was planning on the Archer Guards if I could get them."

Keehaar smiles at Blodwen

"Well, I should be here more often from now on. It has come time that I start my adult training. There are storms gathering out upon the Interthereal Sea. The last disjunction has faded, but old foes and new wait to seize control of the Boards."

Keehaar hugs Blodwen, and she notices how tall his human shape has become

"I come to protect the Eyrie."

Keehaar laughs

"Yes, I usually gift them a large sack of exotic nuts when I travel. Their guts help them overcome their fear of me in hawk form. They even nickednamed me Chitter*kwee*istik, which means 'Nuttyhawk' in their language. At least, that's what they translate it to for me."

Keehaar laughs again, the sharp sound like a hawk cry

Hmm .. the Nidhogg ....

Kehaar nods

"I have flown the World Ash several times. I love the ratatosk, they always make me smile"

Gah! Sorry, it's been a while. Retcon activated ..

Keehar speaks to Sky

"After the dissouloution of the old boards I traveled the Interthereal Sea. I have returned when I felt the old worlds returning. How have you been Sky?"

Keehar notes his old companions. It has been a long time since he had had company. He leaps from his perch and shimmers into Starhawk form. He catches a thermal, spiraling up to them. He lands and transforms back into a young human.

"Greetings all. It has been far too long since I have seen you all."

Sorry it took so long to get going, busy week!

A young teenaged boy sits along a rocky ledge, staring out into the sunrise. Dressed in elfin travelling clothes and a cloak that seems made of feathers, the boy looks reflective

KAWW! (poof) Umm ..Hi!

Keehaar reaches into a pocket and pulls out several rawhide necklaces with greenish stones on them. The stones seem to be well-worn carvings of birds.

Hey, would anyone like an amulet of flight? You can turn into a starhawk when you wear it. Flying is really fun!

Keehaar sits down

So what are you guys doing?

Off to work, be back later today :)

Hi Little Kiba! I'm sorry I've been so distant Arielle, I've been trying to figure out this whole oracle thing.

Keehaar flaps his wings, then transforms into a young boy

I've been training my shapechanging powers too ...

Keehaar stretches

Yeah, I think I will! Thanks Freefall!

He resumes his slumber

Keehaar gasps, his face drawn in a very adult look of concern.

::Evil, ancient implacable evil touched me like a eagle's shadow over a mouse::

Keehaar shakes his head and looks up at Freefall, his face clearing and assuming a more childlike look.

::Hi Freefall! Man I had some weird dream! I'm sorry if I yelled ..::

Keehaar wakes screaming

The Scion of Night! Nooo!

Keehaar plays with his ball for a while, but soon falls into an exhaused sleep. He reains his young boy form and snuggles up to the other hatchlings. He twitches as he enters the Realms of Dream.

Elder Evil ... the signs ... Chaos' Herald ... Sky ... must keep the power ... Blodwen ... fight it ...

He twitches and moans, but eventually falls into deeper realms where the visions do not bother him.

Starhawks wrote:

:All hatchlings should be spoiled once in a while,: Hlaawith says with amusement.

:I brought this for Keehaar,: she adds, dropping a ball she had been clutching in her talons gently next to the exhausted fledgling. :I thought he might enjoy it.:

Keehaar turns into a young boy and takes up the ball

Thank you Hlaawith!

The young boy cries

I'm in humanform. I-I-want to show my mom, she'll be so p-p-proud!

He starts crying again

Emperor7 wrote:

Yah! That demon-child avatar always creeps me out. ;)

Awww unkie E7 let widdle timmy give you a big huggie!

Blodwen Pefhlawae wrote:

Blodwen flew back to their nest with a heavy heart. She landed and looked at Keehaar sadly.

:I am so sorry Keehaar. I'm afraid your mother won't be coming to get you. She won't be coming back at all.:

Keehaar keens loudly, then shakes. A curious metamophosis happens. He turns into what seems to be a young humanoid. The young boy cries heartwrenchingly