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I'm back


Beeg Vater!

Sky Cloudgather wrote:
"Hello Keehar, it has been awhile. How have you been?" Sky says as the old Eagle flies off in search of a comfortable perch from which to watch the Servants.

Keehar shimmers into hawk form and follows Sky

"After the dissouloution of the old boards I traveled the Interthereal Sea. I have returned when I felt the old worlds returning. How have you been old master?"


Keehaar turns back into a starhawk and calls to his new friends

It's a lot of fun to race, c'mon! Tristan do you want to come too?

Keehaar, tired of being moody, decides to see what the other kids are up to. He glides over and alights.

Hi all! Can I hang out with you? I'm Keehaar, an' I nest here with Sky and Blodwen.

Keehaar flies back to the nest after an extensive time away. He has grown, shedding his juvenile pinfeathers. He looks as if he has gained a bit of quiet wisdom as well.

Keehaar can be seen often alone on a lonely crag. Occasionally a small glowing form can be spotted by him.

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Keehaar has been flying off more and more by himself as time passes. He seems very preoccupied.

Keehaar cries out


Keehaar shakes his beak

:I must be more tired than I thought, I missed that. But he could call on avains, huh? You think I have a similar power?:

:Where is he now?:

Sky Cloudgather wrote:
:I'd like to know how little Keehaar here knew Brwaaaktor was a name and not a title or honorific, since Brwaaaktor died before Keehaar hatched and I think I'm the only one to have heard of him at the Eryie besides LJ:

Keehaar looks confused.

:You called me little Braaawktor, I thought I reminded you of somebody. But I do feel like I should know who Braaawktor is :

Sky Cloudgather wrote:

:Nor I little Brwaaaktor. Your as much my kin as LJ and I protected her to the end.:

Hoping his earlier guess was correct, Sky drops a subtle ploy. (There is evidence to support my theory...) he thinks to himself.

Keehaar starts and looks at Sky

Who is Braaawktor? Have I met him? He sounds familiar

Keehaar krrs

I'll be OK Blodwen. I just felt really strange back there, like I'd done that all my life, but yet it was brand new. I just called for help and all those avains ..came.

Blodwen Pefhlawae wrote:

:Well, Keehaar, I guess you don't need anyone giving you flying lessons after all. You seem to have gotten the hang of it just fine.:

Keehaar glides along in a daze

I don't know what happened Blodwen, I just couldn't bear to have you die too ..

Keehaar keens in a Starhawk expression of grief

Sky Cloudgather wrote:

:KEEHAR! Get back to the nest, now! Freefall, please guard the nest! Blodwen's hurt, and I'm going to help her!:

Keehaar makes for the nest, but once Sky is occupied with getting to Blodwen he follows behind. He gasps in horror when he sees Blodwen injured and under attack,

Nooo..not Blodwen, not her too!

Keehaar screeches in rage. His eyes glow and suddenly the sky is filled with avains of all descriptions. Condors, hawks, eagles vie for space with Pteranodon and Pterodactyls. They arrow down and begin to attack the wyvern-like foe.

Behold the StarhawkMind! :)

Keehaar decides to take a bit of flying practice. Spreading his wings he grabs a thermal and spirals up into the cerulian blue sky

In Blodwen's nest, the young starhawk Keehaar watches with a keen eye

Bird Cousin ...

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Keehaar rubs his beak along Blodwen's

::Thank you Blodwen, that means a lot::

Blodwen Pefhlawae wrote:
:Would you like to help us feed the chicks?:

::Sure Blodwen, that would be nice::

Keehaar hops over and helps Blodwen with the young chicks

Keehaar looks up

No it's fine Blodwen, I'm just not that hungry ..

He flaps his wings and pecks at the food.

Keehaar eats some in starhawk form. He has been unusually quiet since the death of his mother

Keehaar stirs in his sleep, once again in starhawk form. He ruffles his feathers and mutters in Avian while dreaming

Mother ... blood in the water ... blood in the vaults ... Spring has fallen, but always rises again ..

Sky Cloudgather wrote:

Sky nudges a drowsy Keehaar to see if he wants something to eat

Keehaar takes a gobbet of rabbit meat and snaps it down.

Sky where is my mother? He asks drowsily

Keehaar twitches in a restless sleep next to the chicks

Wet ... danger ... sharks ...

He ruffles his feathers

Keehaar nods

It will be okay Blodwen. I had a dream that the vampire girl came back to life and was just a girl again. Do you think it's true?

Keehaar hangs his beak

Sorry Blodwen ...

Keehaar charges at the smaller chicks

POW! I hits you wif my Spear of Life evil dead thing! You die!

Blodwen Pefhlawae wrote:

:Stay safe, Herald,: she says as he flies away, unsure why her cheeks suddenly feel hot. She then turns her attention back to the hatchlings.

:Now as for you, little ones, I think we will have to come up with some sort of game to pass the time while we wait. What do you think, Keehaar?:

Krraa ..

Maybe some Greens and Blacks! I call Green!

Keehaar looks startled by his minder's change

Krrr .... You look odd as a mudcrawler Blodwen!

The small chick looks lost in thought

Why do I ..?

No worries. Keehaar is looking to fight, as any fiesty Starhawk chick would

Keehaar nestles up to Blodwen when the other smaller chicks are situated.

I wish we could go Blodwen, he sulks

Keehaar krrs sulkily, but does help the other Starhawks

The chick just gaining his first true feathers is chivvied along to his new defensive nest

"Kra! I want to fight the bad guys!"

A young Starhawk looks on with large old-looking eyes

lynora-Jill wrote:
She laughs and leads him out onto the rope bridge connecting the balcony with the nests. She stops to speak with several of the birds present, admiring newly hatched chicks and introducing JH to them.

One new-hatched chick croons as Lynora-Jill looks him over