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Corrected Feat Progression (under Assumption: No Mulitclassing, Vital Strike Focus, only the Sling possible for the reload feats)

B1 - Weapon Focus (Sling)
L1 - Ammo Drop
F1 - Point Blank Shot
B3 - Precise Shot
L3 - Arc Slinger
L5 - Large Target
B6 - Weapon Specialization (Sling)
L7 - Point Blank Master
B9 - Greater Weapon Focus (Sling)
L9 - Vital Strike
L11 - Cautious Fighter
B12 - Improved Vital Strike
L13 - Uncanny Defense
B15 - Greater Weapon Specialization (Sling)
L15 - Deadly Aim
L17 - Bull's Eye Shot
B18 - Greater Vital Strike
L19 - unused so far

Deadly Aim dropped further back for high level dmg boost, replaced by Large Target.
No Improved Shield Bashing, I just use armor spikes or a gauntlet to threaten.
Dropped Desperate Swing. I over read it was only once per day <.<
With the halfling's favored class option, the damage of the weapon progresses even faster (reaching medium greatsword damage at level 12... not bad for a small sling).

The focus on single attacks would allow me to stay out of range of melee attackers. Running away, Firing a shot. Then the others would have to follow after me. Especially against enemies with many attacks on a full attack I could reduce that to two in the worst case (1 AoO and one Charge). If I am faster I could even kite (need some speed shoes for that though).

Corrected Feat Progression (under Assumption: No Mulitclassing, Vital Strike Focus, Sling Staff can be used)

B1 - Weapon Focus (Slingstaff)
L1 - Ammo Drop
F1 - Point Blank Shot
B3 - Precise Shot
L3 - Arc Slinger
L5 - Large Target
B6 - Weapon Specialization (Slingstaff)
L7 - Point Blank Master
B9 - Greater Weapon Focus (Slingstaff)
L9 - Vital Strike
L11 - Cautious Fighter
B12 - Improved Vital Strike
L13 - Uncanny Defense
B15 - Greater Weapon Specialization (Slingstaff)
L15 - Deadly Aim
L17 - Bull's Eye Shot
B18 - Greater Vital Strike
L19 - unused so far

Not much difference featwise. However I can use the Staff as melee weapon as well with the same damage/attack bonuses from my feats and the high damage die from warpriest. Definitely makes melee more interesting.
I could switch between melee and ranged on the fly and use most of my feats for both scenarios.

Some very nice ideas here. Thanks for that.

Since I don't know exactly who the GM will be I wanted to build as close to the rules as possible.
If he allows then I will switch to Sling Staff. This would have the great benefit of freeing a feat as I won't need shield bash. I took that so I was able to threaten around me.
Although... I could just use a gauntlet or armor spikes for that.

So you try to just stay out of people's way when attacking?
Although few enemies have more than one AoO. I guess if you'd provoke for each shot and for each reload it would still be only 1 AoO.

I didn't know about the large target feat... might switch that for deadly aim.

Thanks for the clarification.
The Halfling even has the perfect bonus! 1/4 Weapon damage progression... Vital strike just became more attractive again. And I might be able to multiclass.

All good suggestions.
Love the Furious Focus thing. Together with the Halfling Favored Class option of pushing my weapon damage die, I could afford a multiclass dip.

Why would a sling count as thrown weapon?

@Gwen Smith
Ammo Drop also prevents me from provoking Attacks of Opportunity when reloading which sadly Warslinger does not. That's why I took it early.

If you think Precise Shot is so important I can try switching things around.

I didn't take Rapid Shot because I wanted to go the Vital Strike route, since the Warpriest's sacred weapon damage increases nicely. Although I overlooked that the small size still reduces the damage dice of the weapon. So vital strike does not look as attractive as it was making the character.

And I am aware that Rapid Shot gives an overall DPS bonus. That is what I meant when I wrote I was sacrificing some attack power.

I am also aware that Vital Strike and Rapid Shot do not work together. I took Rapid shot so late just in case I ever need to spam attacks. However if I am single attack focused I could drop it altogether.

And I am using a normal sling. Sadly neither Ammo Drop now Warslinger seems to work with a Sling staff. I could of course just go for the staff and drop multiple ranged attacks per round as a whole. But since the Sacred Weapon Bonus quickly surpasses the Staffs increased damage, the only advantage left would be the higher range increment.

People rarely take cover in our games. It never seems to come up somehow.

Going Vital strike was what I found interesting change for a ranged build. I have a hard time throwing the basic premise of the character out the window, because it doesn't do the most damage.

And Quicken Blessing has the same problem as Point Blank Master. It still costs a feat I desperately need for other things.

However I may have another idea. If I can pump my AC into the sky I could simply ignore the AoOs I provoke when attacking and drop Point Blank Master as a whole.

Made for possible use in private campaign and it's my first time using one of the new classes.
I was going for a Warpriest focused on ranged attacks and shields and using as many Halfling only options for feats as was feasible. That means I had to make some sacrifices for the ranged combat.

The warpriest mitigates the small damage die of the sling and gives many options to boost its damage further: Spells, Blessings, enhancing the weapon, Weapon Specialization feats, etc.

And while the sling is not the optimal ranged weapon it does have the advantage that it can be used together with a shield, thanks to Ammo Drop.

So I basically have 3 options to fight:
A) At distance with shield equipped, going for few but strong attacks using Vital Strike & Deadly Aim, while having high AC against other ranged attackers.
B) In melee, shield bashing and/or firing sling bullets (with no AoO from the ranged attacks thanks to Point Blank Master or at early levels thanks to Air Blessing).
C) At distance without shield, full attacking using both hands (when I am in a safe spot) using the Warslinger Halfling racial trait.

Class: Standard Warpriest
1 Houserule in effect: You get 1 extra feat at first level for 1 Flaw.
Feats (B = Bonus feat from Warpriest, L = normal feats from level, F = Feat from Flaw)
Does not have any stats posted as those are rolled when the game starts.

B1 - Weapon Focus (Sling)
L1 - Ammo Drop (reload one-handed without an AoO)
F1 - Point Blank Shot
B3 - Deadly Aim
L3 - Arc Slinger
L5 - Improved Shield Bash
B6 - Weapon Specialization (Sling)
L7 - Point Blank Master
B9 - Greater Weapon Focus (Sling)
L9 - Vital Strike
L11 - Cautious Fighter
B12 - Improved Vital Strike
L13 - Uncanny Defense
B15 - Greater Weapon Specialization (Sling)
L15 - Desperate Swing
L17 - Rapid Shot
B18 - Greater Vital Strike
L19 -

Blessings: Air and Protection

Some feats that didn't make it, but would be cool if they could be fitted in somehow:
If I drop Point Blank Master I could pick up Rapid Shot earlier, but then I would have to rely on the Air Blessing whenever I am in melee and that is a standard action to activate.

I could not fit in Precise Strike, but from past experiences I find that firing into melee does not pop up that often if you are a bit careful and you can just eat the penalty when it happens. And Improved Precise Strike I can replace with the seeker ability on the sling.

Crane Wing would be a really cool addition to the Cautious Fighter feat-series, however meeting the prerequisites is hard and costs a lot of feats (unless I multiclass which I don't want to cause I would lose damage die progression which is the main reason going for Warpriest in the first place).

Two-Weapon Fighting. Would also be nice for a combination of Sling and Shield attacks.

Questions that arose during building:
1) When enhancing the scared weapon there is of course the limit on the flat +x bonus of 5, but there seems to be no limit on the extra abilities you can give it. It is only interesting of course in high level play, but I am curious.
Could I (at lvl 20) theoretically have a +5 vorpal, brilliant energy, vicious weapon for 2 minutes?
2) The list for special abilities you can give a weapon, is written like this:
The warpriest can enhance a weapon with any of the following weapon special abilities
However some abilities listed normally can't be applied to all types of weapons (keen for blunt weapons for example).
Usually in a class' description it is mentioned if you can ignore restrictions (Ranger bonus feats) or if you still need to fulfill them (Brawler martial flexibility feats). Not so here. It would be cool if you could break some rules here (vicious ranged weapon?), but I doubt it is intended.
3) How does Arc Slinger interact with the distance weapon ability? Arc Slinger allows the +1 bonus from Point Blank Shot to be used in the first normal range increment of the weapon. It also lists said distances for Slings (50) and Slingstaffs (80).
The distance weapon special ability doubles the range increment of a weapon. But is that still the (new) normal range increment for the purpose of the feat?
4) Are there any alternative favored class bonuses for the warpriest?

Comments on the warpriest class:
Might become one of my favorite classes. I was already a big cleric fan and this one has a lot of options.
I love that it is possible to take the Greater Vital Strike with a class that has a maximum BAB of 15.

If you have ideas to optimize this further I am all ears.

Thanks for your answers. It was illuminating ^^

The mutation warrior gives you access to the "Vestigial Arm" discovery.

With that you can grow 2 more arms (if you take it twice) and while sadly you can't wield 4 weapons with them, you could wield two 2-handed weapons or one 2-handed, one 1-handed and a shield).
Combined with Str Mutagen and full BAB this would hurt quite a bit. Takes a long time to get to that though.

I live in Austria and like most (I guess) started playing games with friends. But as time went on and the interest in playing increased, but the possibilities to play stayed limited I joined a registered association for pen & paper roleplaying games. (I hope this is the correct term in English)

I pay a membership fee and in turn get to use the location for games and borrow books for free from an extensive library. The whole thing is non-profit, with the fees going into new books and to pay for the location.

My question is: "Are there any of you who (outside Austria) play in such an association as well?"

I was just curious if this kind of thing is common or more of an oddity.

Thank you. I'll read through it.

I didn't even know the forum had the option to PM others.

The GM I am most likely to play under (I play in a club with rotating GMs and players) usually adjusts adventures to the players, so each gets their hardships and moments of glory. So if tripping spells are my shtik then I'll get enemies where it works and enemies where it doesn't.

Since this is a purely spontaneous caster he modifies on the fly anyway so I can use or not use it as I need.

I looked around for fitting races for this and found Drow would be prefect (even though I am not a big fan of Drow). They get Darkness to qualify for Mystic Theurge and have a Cha bonus.
I also have not played a race with SR, which would be a nice challenge.

Of course I could switch around and go the Sorcerer route as the main casting class with Oracle secondary. This would allow different races.

I wanted to try both a Mystic Theurge and a caster using force spells.
So why not both?
Sorcerer gives low level force spells (Magic Missile) while Oracle offers the handy Spiritual Weapon/Ally spells.

So far I have gotten this basic idea:

Level 1: Crossblooded Sorcerer with Orc/Martyer Bloodline.
Both bloodlines give a nice arcana and fit thematically together.
Orc Bloodline gives +1 dmg per die.
Martyr Bloodline gives +1 caster level after hit (which we can trigger using Sacrifical Boon, giving another +1 dmg at the cost of 1 HP).

Level 2-5: Oracle (Not sure which Curse or Archetype yet).

Level 6-15: Mystic Theurge

Level 16-20: If I get there I will think about that.

Trait is probably gonna be the one that gives -1 metamagic.
Feats I only got 2 so far:
Toppling Spell
Spiritual Guardian (however I am a bit confused about it. Would this apply to my character? I could qualify but it only gives a bonus to Shamans?)

Things I have not figured out:
What feats to take: Improved Trip is probably useful for the Toppling Spells.
But other than that there are not many things that apply to force spells.

I still need a SLA to qualify for Mystic Theurge too.

I'll keep brewing this in my head, but if you got any ideas for useful feats and class features then please shoot me some ideas.
This is not for PFS so pretty much anything goes.
Stats are going to get rolled (if I get to play) and will be rather high due to a very generous rolling system (probably somewhere in the range of a 35-40 point buy unless I roll really unlucky).

Option 2 would be very cool. Offers nice combinations with other classes.
Would make Rogue mostly a dip class though ^^

You could try putting Unhallow and Forbiddance in place.
Both spells last very long and have little effects.

Unhallow can give each undead another boost. For example Deathward (To block the "Undead to Death" spell. But other options might better (you know them better than I do).

Forbiddance would have to be carefully set up so they don't prevent them from coming here in the first place (leave a small triangular gap by casting it 3 times?).
Then if they take a step and the alignment is different they automatically take damage. And you only need to seal a small area with a lock.

Calcific Touch targets Dex instead of Str and does not allow a save to negate the Dex damage (only the slow effect). You could target a low Dex character with it (quickened and reach'd) so the shadows have an easier time touching him or her.

Lastly... you could focus on counterspelling. You have the numbers advantage and your main problem are area spells. If you focus on simply countering all area spells your enemies will be hosed.

Orfamay Quest wrote:
Because the description of non-dimensional spaces specifically describes how extradimensional spaces -- including haversacks -- work, and then singles out the bags of holding and portable holes, but not haversacks as exceptions to that description.

To hang this on the wording like this seems very nit picky. No GM I play under would let this fly. A Haversack would react in every way just as a Bag of Holding does. Worse in fact, since it would rip open 3 separate holes and you you'll arrive on the astral plane in just as many pieces.

For me the Bag of Holding is the generic product, while Handy Haversack is a brand name (it originally was Heward's Handy Haversack after all ^.^)

Orfamay Quest wrote:
Cap. Darling wrote:
A handy heaversack works like 3 seperate bags of Holding with a bit of extra..
Given that bags of holding are singled out as "an exception," but haversacks aren't, I disagree with this interpretation.

The description of the Handy Haversack says, each pouch is like a bag of holding.

Why would it not react like a bag of holding?

Rynjin wrote:
Karuth wrote:

I'd love some more feats that give bonuses to Slings and thrown weapons. To make them a more interesting option.
What's next? You want throwing water balloons to be a viable option or something?

There are some feats where limitations to certain type of ranged weapons is logical (such as Prone Shooter only working with crossbows and firearms)

But for others the limitation seems unnecessary.

Focused Shot for example. It is a single attack that allows you to add int to damage. It has similar limitations as a sneak attack (range 30ft, sneak attack immunity protects from this ability).
The name and the mechanic implies that instead of making many attacks you take your time and look for a particular vulnerable spot.
This feels like it should work for a thrown dagger as well. For slings I could understand not being included, because you'd have to whirl the sling around while you are aiming.

Although in searching for examples, I found they have already added some more feats I didn't know yet.
However, there is only 1 racial feat for Halflings that apply to slings and none that apply to the sling staff.

Theologian Cleric with the right Domain?
I am not sure if there is a Domain that covers all the neat Undead Spells of arcane casters.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Many feats for ranged combat only apply to Bows and Crossbows.

I'd love some more feats that give bonuses to Slings and thrown weapons. To make them a more interesting option.

I also think feats that allow casters to pick up spells from other lists (with reasonable limits of course) should exist.
This option exists already for many casters anyway but it is highly unpractical or difficult in most cases.

All divine casters can get arcane spells via Eldritch Heritage (which requires 3 feats and high level).
Clerics can get certain arcane spells via their domains, but sometimes a thematically fitting spell does not fit within the restrictions of the domain options.
With the White Mage Archetype you can have an arcane healer now as well (Or False Priest to some degree).

I usually play in games where people have few magic items. I don't recall I have ever played a character that filled up even half his body slots.

As such I didn't expect this to be that complex. It is more complex of course than simply using body slots. But that was the intention.
Might not be for everyone, but I know some people that like a little puzzle game. As such I don't know how I could make it simpler and keep the intention.

Having a chart that lists possible interactions might make things easier, but I am not sure how that would look.

This idea has popped into my head several times and I finally have time to write it down.
This is by no means a completely worked out system. I just wanted to throw it out there and see what people think.

Instead of having slots on your body that you fill up with items, in this system each magic item has something called a "personality". That does not mean every magic item is intelligent. The personalities are just what adventurers call the various magic items, that behave in a certain way.

Personalities are basically rules you have to meet in order for the magic item to function. If an item's rule is not met, it will cease to function until the rules are met. It is still a magic item even if it does not provide any bonus and thus can effect other magic items. Weapons and Shields count for these rules as long as they are used or worn battle ready (sword in sheath, shield strapped to the back).

Each item must have at least one primary personality. It is possible for an item to have multiple personalities as long as their rules do not contradict or overlap.
Altruist No restrictions
Almost equal to slotless items. Almost...
Egoist No other magic items of similar kind or with similar effects may be used/worn
If you only wear Egoist magic items the end result would be on almost par with your standard slot system. For each body part and each function you get one item.
Hermit No other magic items are allowed at all
Highly restrictive. These items are usually very powerful (artifacts) to compensate for the fact you can only have 1 item (sort of).
Monarch No other items of higher or equal caster level are allowed
Almost as good as Altruist if it is a high level item... not as good for a low level item.
Seer No restrictions, but reveals all "hidden" items
Not good if you have Spy or Stowaway items.
Shadow Must wear a similar magic item that is not a shadow
A shadow can't exist without something that casts it, thus it cannot be worn or used alone. Kind of bothersome for melee weapons since you have to go dual wielding.
Spy No restrictions and does not effect any other items
The most sought after personality type as it can be worn with any other item. Unless you are also wearing a seer.
Stowaway No other magic items of the same kind, but does not effect any other items
Hiding places are limited.
Underling Must wear a magic item with a higher caster level than his own
The weak cover in fear when there is nobody to protect them. Good for weak items. Troublesome for powerful items.

An item can only have a secondary personality when it also has at least one other primary personality.
Siblings Siblings ignore the rules of any other personalities for a specific other item, or a set of items.
When a Ruler personality has one sibling item which is also a ruler, they are often nicknamed "King and Queen".
Changeling The rules of one other personality are inverted.
Altruist Changeling = Hermit
Egoist Changeling = Only similar magic items or items with similar magic effect may be used or worn
Hermit Changeling = Altruist
Monarch Changeling = Underling
Seer Changeling = Hides all other items from each other and itself (very, very rare and expensive)
Shadow Changeling = Stowaway
Spy Changeling = Hermit that does not effect other items
Stowaway Changeling = Shadow
Underling Changeling = Monarch
Only magic item experts can differentiate between cases where an inverted personality behaves exactly like another personality. The differences are subtle but sometimes important. For example when trying to change an item's personality.
Destroyer Instead of deactivating itself, this item tries to destroy each item that violates its rules.
Many adventurers dread this sub personality. Luckily it is rare.
Theoretically it can be also inverted, but then it would destroy itself as soon as it is put on and a rule is not met. Items like this do not last long enough to be found as loot (normally).

This could make for an interesting meta game when you drop random loot where the players figure out how to best combine the items they find (provided your players like these kind of puzzles).

I'll add some examples later when I have time.

I like the lack of sexiness idea. Also saves me the trouble of going into erotic details in a mostly male group <.<
(Yes. The female bard, obsessed with lust and sex, is played by a guy.)

Also a good idea, but I am not sure how I can implement that yet. But I'll see what develops in the game.

Thank you.

Okay. How about this proposal then?
The artifact is intelligent (an intelligent being that worships Rovagug is trapped inside). So the cleverness and subtlety would come from there and not Rovagug himself.

I just would like a few ideas where a potential imposter could slip up, that is not totally obvious (Nocticula portrayed as Nun) or totally obscure.
I have found a little material on her on the web, but I nothing that particularly caught my eye.

I am looking for something that when overlooked will make the players slap their forehead cause it was so obvious once they find out, yet makes them feel like geniuses when finding out before the reveal.
And finding stuff like that is not my strength. Either I pick something too obvious or too obscure.

@Mark Sweetman
If Norgorber would impersonate someone, it would be pretty much impossible to find his bluff out. Since he is a master of stealth and trickery he wouldn't slip up.
Rovagug is trying to be stealthy here because he knows it will be the quickest way to his goal, which is to create a Spawn of Rovagug to release upon the world.

Also the part you quoted said nothing about him being stealthy or not. Only how he feels towards worshiping.

I don't have any Adventure Path books or other reading material apart from the rule books.
Is the article available on the web?

I am currently GMing an evil group in Geb (Land of the Undead).
One of the characters is a female bard worshiping Nocticula (Demon Lord, Succubus).
Recently she has begun to see visions of Nocticula in her dreams telling her something. She can't remember exactly in the morning though.

The situation I need help with:
My plan is, that it is not Nocticula that contacts her, but Rovagug (she unknowingly has acquired an artifact of his) and he wants her to do his evil bidding under the guise of Nocticula.

Of course I want my player(s) to notice something is up. So when Rovagug (as Nocticula) finally talks to her more clearly I'd like him to make some mistakes the player can recognize.
However, I am not that familiar with either Nocticula or Rovagug.
Can you give me some ideas for mistakes Rovagug could obviously make when portraying a Demon Lord? Since his usual forte is destruction, I'd say he might slip up a few times.

I think an item like that is not that far out. After all there is the Monk's Robe that gives you class abilities of a level 5 Monk at 13000 gold.
You get +1 dodge AC bonus and 1d8 damage for your fists (if you are not a Monk). You also get 1 extra Stunning Fist if you have the feat.

Compared to that, the Sash is not really more powerful I'd say. The 12000 sound pretty okay to me.

If you play a Catfolk you gain another +10 when you run, charge and withdraw, which is pretty nice.

The only other things I can think of that on average would increase your overall speed in certain situations are the Run feat and Rhino Charge. They however do not effect movement rate directly.

I was toying around with the idea of an Harpy Oracle whose curse was that she could never lift off the ground, despite having healthy wings.
Thus she would be trapped in the mountain temple, forced to rely on the other harpies to bring food and other goods in exchange for prophecies and magical aid.

Earthbound Oracles are cursed to never experience the freedom of flight like their brethren. An otherworldly power tethers their bodies to the ground below.
They can never leave the ground and even the simple act of jumping is a difficult task for them

Prerequisite: Wings, racial fly speed
You can't fly under your own power (even with the help of magic) and you take a -4 penalty on Acrobatics checks to jump.
All magic that attempts to lift you into the air more than a few inches instantly dissipates.
However it is possible for other creatures or objects to lift you off the ground (carried by a flying creature, flying carpet and such). In such a case your body counts as weighing four times your normal amount.

You gain half your oracle level (minimum one) as bonus to your CMD against all maneuvers and effects that move you against your will (such as Bull Rush, Trip, etc..)

At 5th level your wings have become strong enough to create a powerful blast of air. Treat this ability like a Gust of Wind spell except that it does not allow spell resistance. You can use this ability once per day for every 5 levels of oracle you have.
In addition you can use your wings to protect yourself while casting spells. Add a +2 bonus to concentration checks to cast defensively.

At 10th level you can move over any solid surface as if it was flat ground. This ability works similar to the spider climb spell.
Once per day as immediate action you can take root in the ground and gain your full oracle level to CMD for 1 round.

By 15th level you have learned to use your wings to propel you forward. Add half your fly speed to your land speed as long as your wings are free.
Also the bonus to cast defensively increases to +4.

How about you maximize Profession(Scribe) or Craft (Calligraphy) and use a big ink brush for combat (Quaterstaff with tuft on one end).

Then you get Antagonize and insult people during battle by drawing insulting symbols and runes on them.

This might take some time working out details with your GM, but you could take Master Craftsman followed by Inscribe Magical Tattoo (or just get a racial spell-like ability to qualify for it).
Then the stuff you write on people's faces would be magical.

I bet with some tinkering you could end up with a battle style similar to Mrs. Golden Week from One Piece.
Forcing people to attack a certain spot, make them lethargic and so on.

I like staves a lot for gameplay reasons and simply flavor. And staves that contain spells with material components are very expensive, but if you use them often (during downtime) it can pay off quickly.

However if you think they are underwhelming, I tend to give staves little extra abilities that are useful, but not overly powerful to increase their appeal.

For example an old wizard with back problems had a staff that always stood upright even when he did not hold it and the top could unfold so he could place his spellbook on it for easy study on the fly. The magic of the staff also prevented wind from turning pages (it was a staff with air/wind spells after all).

Other examples:
Staves with fire magic have of course a built in "cigarette lighter" and can also extinguish (suck up) small fires (such as a team mate caught on fire by a non-magical effect).
Staves with water magic float on the surface of water (and align north like a compass needle).

If you look at the spell you can often think of neat little abilities that can provide useful beyond the standard application.

Well the one advantage that has made slings to widespread is that they are simple to make and easy to hide. This extents to the sling staff.

However in a typical Pathfinder setting where you can pretty much access any weapon this advantage is kinda moot. Otherwise having access to your ranged weapon at all times (use it as belt or as headband) would be a cool feature in itself.

But as you I love the sling / slingstaff and have time and time again tried to make a cool build with it. Sadly many of the cool ranged feats are worded for Bows/Crossbows only.

....aaaand I can't find my notes :(

Short ideas:
You can use the slingstaff to fire alchemists fire and such as well. Useful at early levels.

Aasimaar can increase one revelation as favored class bonus. If you use that on the Wood Bond you could increase the bonus to +7 at the end.

In the case of Slingstaff I think the best thing would just work together with your GM to adapt feats, equipment and abilities.

Ascalaphus wrote:

Why only when entering a rage?

Also, does the object need to belong to the ravager?

Wouldn't it be nastier if you could also trigger this with a well-placed Sunder?

Interesting Questions.

1) Because I thought it would fit to a Barbarian's theme. And I need something to limit the rounds of usage.
But if you meant starting raging and later on destroy something that would work too. Written as it is now though it would only count at the beginning of a rage. Was not intended.
2) No. The move action thing is only applicable to delicate things the Barbarian has prepared. Destroying other things would much likely take longer.
3)If the object's destruction pleases Rovagug then yes.

Ascalaphus wrote:

Shouldn't this be "ignore an amount of DR possessed by the enemy equal to..."?

Written the way you do, the reduction in DR appears to be permanent...

No, this was supposed to "destroy" the DR of the enemy. However it was not meant to be permanent. You could say the effect lasts as long as the rage lasts.

Thanks for the comment :3

Sadly I have no cool name for it yet. Ravager of Rovagug does not have the right oompf I am looking for.

In any case, since Orcs like to worship the ol' Gaping Maw and like to be Barbarians why not combine the two?
I expected there would be an archetype or prestige class or something similar for this, but I couldn't find anything online. However my record of locating existing lore is not too good ^^;

As a Ravager of Rovagug you gain the following abilities and restrictions:

Your alignment must be one step within chaotic evil to gain the powers of this class (similar to a cleric). If your alignment changes you lose the additional powers, but not the basic Barbarian abilities.

Herald of Destruction
At 2nd level a RoR gets the ability Destructive Smite, which works like to the domain power with the same name (destruction domain). However the daily uses are based on Con not Wis.

At 8th level you get the Destructive Aura ability from the destruction domain.

These abilities replace Uncanny Dodge and Improved Uncanny Dodge.

Unholy Rage
At 5th level when entering rage, the Barbarian can destroy a valuable object as move action to gain additional power during the rage. Should he end his rage or use the Moment or Clarity rage power he must destroy another object if he wants to gain the effect again. At every 5 levels after the 5th he can sacrifice ever more expensive objects for even greater power.

The abilities are cumulative unless otherwise noted:
5th level - object worth 100gp - Gain a +2 profane bonus to Str and Con. Your features become twisted and horrible to look at, giving you a +2 bonus to intimidate.
10th level - object worth 250gp - Critical hits reduce an enemy's DR by an amount equal to your Barbarian level. The intimidate bonus increases to +4.
15th level - object worth 500gp - The critical damage multiplier of your natural weapons and all weapons you wield is increased by one. The intimidate bonus increases to +6.
20th level - object worth 1000gp - The bonus to Str and Con increases to +4. You transform into a horrible abomination while in rage, giving you a +8 bonus to intimidate.
And you can choose one of the following mutations (two if you spend 2 rounds of rage each round):
- Grow an extra arm (like the vestigal arm discovery)
- Grow a pair of wings (fly speed 40 with clumsy maneuverability)
- Gain Frightful Presence in 60ft radius
- Gain Regeneration 5 (can't be suppressed as long as you are raging)

This ability replaces Damage Reduction.

Yeah. As the Knights of the Dinner Table already noticed... footnotes can really screw you over ;)

If the monk really wants this item, you could make him this offer:

He can have a charge type item with 1 charge per day. This cuts the costs down to 20% (22400). And then he can buff himself with Strong Jaws for 7 minutes once per day.

Still very useful, but not as powerful. He has to spend a standard action in combat or risk wasting it if he casts it prematurely and then the main battle is still away.

Umbranus mentioned the Air Bubble spell.
I think this spell is perfect for such an occasion. Even firearms work within such a bubble and it can be cast on any object touched.

Outlaw Corwin wrote:
The cost for a continuous spell effect is... spell level 4 x caster level 7 x 2,000 = 56,000 gold total.

Don't forget the footnote that says spells that last 1 min/lvl double the costs again. So it would be 112,000 gold. ^^

Since these two classes work very well together you can go in pretty much any direction and it will be powerful.

I would not use an Oracle of Life thought since the Paladin's Lay on Hands ability and your own spells will give you a good source of healing already and a different mystery offers more versatility.

The Lore Mystery for example would give you access to the SideStep secret allowing you to substitute Dex with Cha for Reflex and AC.
The Lore mystery will make you a very knowledgeable character, so you can play the role of a sage.
Using your knowledge and spells to support the group in and out of battle and using healing to keep them from dying.

I am confused.
First you write "AC isn't everything" in the title and then say that the player doesn't want to focus on AC.
And in the second post you explain he is playing an armored caster anyway so his AC won't be too bad either.
? ? ?

But going by what other people have posted...
True seeing or other high level magic is not really necessary to pierce a defense of illusions and other miss chances.

The scent or blindsense ability many creatures (including normal animals) possess can foil invisibility and mirror image (to some degree). It is very common among monstrous enemies and still appears often enough in other races. Some undead possess lifesense that works in a similar way.
Blindfight allows 2 rolls on miss chances which helps a lot as well.
And then there is blindsight and tremorsense, two abilities that negate all illusion based defenses completely.

Yes, I imagine the damage would not be that incredible (unless you really push Aging Touch).
However simply swishing away a low level mook with a simple touch should give a nice intimidate bonus :P

As for pushing. If you are a Sylph or an Aasimaar you can use your favored class bonus to basically empower the touch attack (50% more damage) since you are 1,5 times as high in level.
Combined with the wrecker curse (which subtracts your Oracle level from Hardness) you could get to some decent damage numbers and destroy stuff really easy. However you are still limited in uses per day and you destroy loot ^^

Although being an SU ability Hardness probably does not factor in here.

The entry on Aging Touch (Oracle Revelation) says to treat the ability like a Sunder Combat Maneuver.
The Greater Sunder feat allows you to transfer leftover damage from a Sunder maneuver to the wielder.

However Aging touch, effects living things and objects differently. Living things take Strength damage, objects just take damage.

What do you think would happen?

Just imagine the cool effect of touching someone's weapon, turning it to dust and then seconds later the wielder as well.

Well you would have to make the final decision as it depends how you want to play. ^^

If both domains support the melee touch caster style, you have more options for "bad touch" attacks.
However it will limit your general options. Sometimes you might want to have other spells or abilities.

In short:
If you want more options for the thing you do, get 2 domains for melee.
If you want more options as a cleric in general get 1 domain for melee and 1 for utility.

I personally would simply check which 2 domains work very well off each other.
The Growth subdomain for example would give you Enlarge Person at 1st level (both as spell and an ability), increasing your reach for your touch attacks, while also giving you some nice utility spells.

Certainly uplifting seeing my item there.
I am on the right path after all. ^^

However, with each year more and more people enter the contest., so even if I may get better it also gets more difficult every time.

Vital strike has been the source of many posts on the rules forum.

Since most interpret the description of Vital Strike so that it is a standard action, it can't be combined with this feat as you would need 2 standard actions in a given round.

Depending on your GM however he or she might allow it. I don't think it would be overly powerful.

Who are the Animists?

1) Even though a vampire has no need for blood it still craves it. And if for some reason the usual method is out of the question, then he might need to fall back on that.
2) I never considered that (I hardly ever use Summon Spells). And it should work, because if you summon a poisonous creature the poison does not vanish from a bitten victim after it returns as well.
3) I guess so.

Old vampires are probably impossible to trick anyway due to their long experience with people.

One of the PAO examples given is: "Transform Pebble into Human."
It might only last 20 minutes, but that is enough for a vampire to feed on it.

So if I was a high level caster vampire could I use this to feed my hunger for blood without needing to hunt for people?
Or would, after 20 minutes, the blood I consumed turn back into stone... inside me?

There are other spells that create temporary matter that can be consumed. Create Water for example, which states that water not consumed vanishes after 24 hours. However that spell has an explanation.

If matter does indeed return back to its normal form even when it is consumed, I have one funny idea to mess with a vampire.

Make a humanoid statue from garlic and silver wire. Transform it into a human (lasts 1 hour since it's the same size). Have vampire drink from human.
1 hour later the vampire's veins fill with silver shrapnel and garlic juice. I imagine the result would be... unpleasant.

The way I plan to use it is to introduce them to the creature while they have an advantage so they can get to know it in a low risk scenario.
Then they get to fight it on even terms, hopefully applying what they learned.

And if my players can take advantage of the situation (by mind controlling the creature for example), good for them. It will be interesting to see them trying to keep this thing fed ^^

For the uneducated person all outsiders from evil aligned planes are Demons, Oni, Devils or whatever the local slang for "powerful evil creature coming from far away place"

As education increases a person might recognize the different alignments, but could not tell a Devil from a Kyton.

Finally there are the specialists who studied outsiders for years. They have a name for each group and subgroup.

Kinda similar to ornithology.
For the average person: Has 2 wings and 2 legs ==> Bird
For someone with more education: Plumage of certain color, general body shape ==> Sparrow
For the specialist: Shape of the beak, certain color of talons ==> Rock Sparrow

Perhaps polymorph any object would work? Since that spell also effects objects (like Disintegrate) and would circumvent the "Immunity to any effect that requires a Fortitude save unless the effect also works on objects" rule.

It would be interesting to have a metamagic for that. I mean there is metamagic for charming undead and to damage undead with negative energy.

Watch fantasy movies and check who you root for the most?

It also depends where you play. Some GMs handle certain classes very well while others badly so your favorite class might depend in what group you play.

Well alternative from "I make a full attack and hit it for 43 damage"

Ideas I hope the players get:
I try to grapple it so my friend can tie it down.
I bullrush it into the river and drown it there.
Creative use of spells other than doing damage.

No prob. And yes. A more powerful version of this would be very frightening for even high level adventurers. As it should be.

Trying again with the new suggestions I got.

Basis for this creature is the Trollhound with the following changes.
- Gain fire and acid resistance 10.
- Regeneration no longer suppressed by fire or acid.
- Swap the feats Improved Initiative and Skill Focus for Endurance and Die Hard.
- Trollhounds lose the trip special ability.

- Gains the following special abilities:
Undying: Unkillable Trollhounds never fall unconscious due to negative damage even if it exceeds their Con score. As long as a hound is below 0 hitpoints, it's regeneration speed doubles to 6. The GM can describe the creature in this state to be horribly disfigured (like a zombie). For some reason it simply won't stop moving though.
Self-destructive Regeneration:When a trollhound is below its maximum hitpoints for longer than 1 minute, it begins to starve and takes 1d6 non-lethal damage each round it stays below maximum hitpoints. Once this damage reaches its maximum hitpoints, regeneration stops and it dies if its current hitpoints are below -Con.
Any at least fist sized chunk of flesh eaten while it is starving will remove the non-lethal damage.
Hunger driven: An Unkillable Trollhound does not get fatigued when taking non-lethal damage from starvation. As long as they are starving they get a +2 morale bonus on attack, CMB and damage rolls as the hunger drives them to the extreme.
Dismember:When an Unkillable Trollhound becomes hungry it gets especially fierce and cruel in battle. It tries to eat its enemies while they are alive.
When a hound hits with it's bite attack it automatically tries to latch onto the victim (with a successful CMB). Both creatures are now in a grapple.
Roll a 1d6. 1-2 means it latched onto the leg, 3-5 means torso, 6 means hand/arm. Each round it can maintain the grapple (it does not pin) it deals its bite damage to the victim, as well as 1d4 points of Str damage. This damage only effects Strength checks done with the affected limb (attacks for hand/arm, lifting and carrying capacity for torso, movement related checks for leg).
Should Strength be reduced to 0 the limb is ripped off and the victim suffers 1d6 bleed damage (DC 15 heal to stop).
A severed limb can be sewed back on with a DC 25 Heal check (character must have a healer's kit) if it has not been eaten. After that the Strength damage can be healed normally to restore functionality.

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