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Herbert Kapaun




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Strength 14
Dexterity 13
Constitution 10
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

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After posting in these here messageboards for a long time now and again and again encountering the same assumptions and hasty conclusions I decided to write down this list (mostly so I have an easy way to copy it into a new thread).

-) I respect my players and always try to work with them. I do not intentionally try to wipe the party or ruin their fun in any way. So far no one has ever died while I was GM (although some have come very close to -Con).
-) When I talk about nerfing and/or nullifying a character's specialization in a game of mine you can assume it is an exception. It will probably be an encounter where the attacker knows this person and has prepared accordingly or was hired specifically because of his skill set. Or it simply is a coincidence.
-) When I ask for advice on an encounter situation that puts players at a stark disadvantage then to make battle for them more interesting and not to make it impossible for them to win.
-) If I talk about destroying or taking someone's equipment, that will have a good reason in game even if I don't mention it explicitly. I am not the type of GM that regularly takes the player's trinkets away, but sometimes things like that happens.
-) I am aware of the action economy problem in a single boss VS group encounter. The boss will probably have minions or the situation will probably be tailored to counter this. If nothing is mentioned I much likely left it out to not clutter my post with unnecessary details.
-) If an encounter looks like it would be much too dangerous/unbalanced/unfair from my description then you can assume the players will get hints and other help to make the fight manageable.
-) I don't force actions onto my players or take control of their characters during games. I may suggest things though when gameplay grinds to a halt for some reason.
-) I allow a lot of rule bending and special treats for character creation and gameplay on my table to make a concept work. I reserve the right to bend the rules in my favor from time to time as well.
-) I do not expect posters to read every reply in a thread (especially when longer). However I expect you to at least read the first post of the thread so you know what its about. If you reply with something that has nothing to do with what is the theme/question/problem of the thread or even worse, reply with something I specifically wrote I am not interested in reading about, I will point you to this disclaimer.