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This is awesome, thanks for posting this.
I can picture this kind of goblin working great with a pc of mine who wants to cook and eat everything. As soon as a player wants to roll a precision damage character we'll have a full Iron chef group.

14. Got an alchemist in party? All of your pack animals and distraction pigeons have just become a deterrent against attackers.
In short- animal go boom.

The sad thing is that actually checked the core book for a page 724.
Well played.

I thought this thread died, yay.
I can picture a large sized creature using this to launch a armored gnome head first into an enemy.

Part way into an adventure where the succubus and two ghouls are raiding a goblin lair.
The story behind it is that the succubus was summoned by a novice wizard and something wrong happened reducing her to a weakened state. The wizard commanded her to go wipe out a recent goblin infestation and sends two ghouls along with her to make sure she gets the job done.

So far one ghoul has been reduced to a handful of HP and the other one has been doing well. The succubus is switching between stealth and tank when needed.
Overall not too powerful but not too weak.

Alright he can go fast, but how fast could he slow down? If he were to trip/slip would he turn into a missile?

I think it would be funny.
The succubus takes levels in sword and board fighter, shield bashes an enemy in the face, mimic latches on and begins suffocating the enemy.
If nothing else it would make for interesting stories.
I'm thinking of calling it: The tales of the boob and the box.
I plan to run a one shot game tomorrow so hopefully I'll have some feedback for you.

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I can bearly believe you would think such lies.

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Give the bears adamantium skeletons with cold iron lacing. Magic problem solved.
But to make it fair give tigers the ability to breathe under water and a burrow speed.

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I would just like to say thank you for both myself and my wife. She has been wanting to play a succubus for years but I would always have to tell her it was too powerful. Now I no longer have to do such.
Plus the skull lord and the squirrel were awesome.
Great work and I'll be keeping an eye on this thread from now on.
Edit: Also I would love to see a mimic pop up some time. I would finally get to play as a shield.

This is the first time I've seen this thread and I've been laughing the entire time reading it.
To all of the people saying that poop is not food I present exhibit A! an+Feces/article21932.htm
Thanks to the scientists of japan poop is now a food group.

I'm not too crazy about it but the concept is interesting.

These are pretty good ideas. I'm loving the iron maiden and Baraka ideas.
My wife thought of this one: A stuffed rat on wheels that makes a lot of noise when rolled. It can be stuffed with toxins or explosives for an added benefit.

Not at all.
Better then the Icky moist hub.

The mickey mouse club?

Rob Godfrey wrote:
If the BoVD got to you, I recommend not going near anything by Black Dog Game Factory (the imprint that White Wolf use when they want to get really dark)

I'm gonna have to go check that out. I could always use more inspiration.

Thank you, Now I have the urge to go and watch The Thing again.

I'm running a campaign where the main focus is around kyton-type and kython-type creatures. One of the pcs plans to start harvesting fallen enemies and some not-so-fallen things.
What kind of creations could you guys think up involving grafts and/or taxidermy related things?
The first one we were able to work out was a punching weapon formed mostly out of a kython broodling's skull and poison sacks. The broodling has a poisoned bite so we reasoned that the teeth held the poison. If enough force (the impact of a punch) was applied to the bladder the toxins would exit through the teeth and into the soft squishy parts of the opponent.
Granted it was a one use item but injecting a 4-8 con damage toxin into a pirate's face was quite useful for removing him from the fight and enabling interrogation.

I like it so far. I would love for it to be able to cast a sonic or mind affecting spell by having mass amounts of the rats open their mouths and either screech or sing.
I can picture it now, the rats begin to flow upward forming the body accompanied by the shrieking sounds of tone deaf rats singing. That would certainly make me freeze for a second.

Having Kythons(B.O.V.D) and Kytons(pathfinder cenobites) in the same campaign is going to get to be a bit of a tongue twister.

We've only started the part where the party going to meet the owner of the ship they'll be sailing on.

I've only ever seen one during 3rd edition. I think they made a version for 4th edition but I'm not too sure.

I have the bovd and I would say keep it as is.

Marion sounds fun. Nice job.

Alright! Some time later (today) we finally get together to play.
They started off hunting a kython down in a cave and encountered a nest of kython broodlings, dark creepers, and a few darkmantles. The party is Faelyn (the friend), Marewyn (myself), and Lilly (the wife).
Lilly uses a quarterstaff that has a surprisingly high history of slaughtering darkmantles and getting critical hits against said darkmantles.
Felyn liked to throw around acid splash and managed to blind a kython and caused it to brain itself on a stalagmite.
Marewyn kept the party alive with strategically applied potions of mage armor, healing checks, and potions/spells of cure light wounds.

We have learned not only can a quarter staff be used as a crowbar and a baseball bat but it can also enable a non-acrobatic sorceress to pole-vault over a heavy flowing stream. She landed so gracefully that a fish rose out of the stream holding a sign with a 10 on it and then vanished. (she rolled a natural 20 on the acrobatics check)

Bleed has also become an inside joke. Lilly says she's going to go into town and spam bleed at everything because it's a level 0 spell. Apparently bleed now causes geysers of blood to spray instead of resuming dying. One day she says she's going to stand atop a mountain and make all of the towns bleed at once.

we had to stop a few rooms into the dungeon but so far everybody says they're having fun and plan to play again soon.

I'll let you know what I think as soon as I finish looking it over.

It's nice to finally get some encouraging replies thank you.
What I originally had in mind was for the Rickenbacker and/or the Von Braun (system shock 2) to have crashed into a mountain on Golarion along with Tommy & Rebecca's escape pod.
Decades have passed without incident. Tommy has died of old age and Rebbecca has extended her natural life through the use of magic and grafting construct parts onto her body.
Having grown bored of her mortal life Rebbecca sells her construct making services to a nearby warmongering king. In exchange for access to his laboratories and libraries as well as the right to build constructs for his armies, Rebbecca tells him of where fantastic new weapons and armor can be found for his troops just on the far edge of his territory. All he has do do is unearth them and defeat the ancient guardians within.
Being greedier than wise the king sends out a search party to find these mysterious mines and begins plans to excavate them as soon as the search parties report back with news of success.

I figure that the ship's computer systems were destroyed during the crash rendering it little more then a metal tomb for those inside it. The PCs would be party of the search party locating, unearthing, and exploring the ship. Because there is no power to the ship the elevators and doors wouldn't be working restricting the party to certain areas (until they bring in the explosives). After exploring the remains of the first area and finding a hole down to another deck the PCs receive a telepathic message from the king's wizard telling hem to return and tell of their findings.

The party would encounter a few low level maintenance constructs inside the ship and have a few encounters with a tribe of wolf riding goblins that live in the mountains. Once the party gets the message to return to home a small group of people would remain to guard the entrance to the "mines". These people however would soon be overwhelmed by the goblins that live in the area and their kobold allies.

Upon returning to the excavation sites the PCs discover the ships have been turned into a heavily trapped lair that they'll have to clear out in order to continue the excavation. Unfortunately when the goblins dropped into a lower deck they disturbed some annelid Grub Pods causing them to hatch.

Later on Rebbecca will be experimenting with runes trying to find a way to reproduce the effects of electricity. This way instead of hacking computer terminals the party will have to decipher runic letters and rearrange them.

And thus we have: Wolf riding goblins, Kobolds, The reawakening of the many, and an ancient and near mad woman building an army of constructs.

What do you think?

I was playing System shock 2 last night and my wife sat down to watch because she wanted to know what had me so interested. One hour later she wants me to run a one shot set in the pathfinder universe. Pathfinder already has psionics,guns, and crashed spaceships so I figured this might not be as impossible as some may say.

I'm not quite sure on how to get this project started and was hoping somebody could give me a few tips or some suggestions to help.

I tried on another forum while I couldn't access piazo and was told many times not to waste my time trying to run a pathfinder based system shock game. I know it's not optimal but it's what my wife wants to play so I'm doing my best to make it work.

On the topic of "banging a dragon" the core rulebook does sell portable rams for cramming things into other things. That may help with the bagging process.

107. Dragon butt nuggets.
PS1 Lunar fans should get this reference

Next time we play my wife wants to set herself on fire and grapple an opponent cooking it alive.
How much damage a round does fire do to a burning person?
Can you even be set on fire if you have fire resistance?

Those are also interesting ideas. I'll check them out in a bit. Thanks.

It probably will be a custom spell using parts of the prior spells with a helping of Handwavium for ease of explanation.

I just found the Possess Object spell. This looks like it would work wonders. Luckily it's the same level as Permanency and Magic jar. Now I know what level to start the wizard off as when he gets a new body.
Thanks for the help much appreciated.

So would the wizard casting a permanent animate object onto a sword then casting magic jar on himself trapping his mind in the crystal set into the sword seem doable?
Soul bind requires him to be dead and a dead wizard can't cast spells.

One of my players want's to find a sword that has the mind of a wizard in it. I plan to make the wizard follow a mostly neutral evil mindset. The wizard was the doctor Frankenstein kind. I figure the wizard put his mind into the sword because angry villagers decided to go torch and pitchfork on his tower many years prior. I'm going to have the sword try and influence the pc into creating a new body for him.
My question is what spells would allow a person to put their mind into an object? I'm thinking along the lines of Magic jar perhaps.

That is what I was hoping for. Thanks.

I'm going to run a summoner/witch dmpc in today's game. I wanted to know if using a level one spell from either class list counts as one of the spells per day for both classes.
Do they share spell totals or do both classes have separate spell allotments?

Well today is the big day. Thanks for the help from those who helped. I'll post later today and let everybody know how it went.
Party is as follows: friend- sorcerer, wife- sorcerer, myself- witch with healing hex and cauldron.

Here is what UI have worked out so far map-wise.
The pcs wash up on a small island a bit south of the main island with the necrotic volcano. The Pc island has a small stretch of mountains area on the northern side and a small amounts of sandy coast on the southern area. The land in between is more of a tropical jungle.
Slightly north west of the Pc island is an entirely artificial floating island. The island will be made of a grey granite like stone. On the island is a large complex of ruins that appear to be abandoned.
Now the main island is about eight to ten times the size. It has two rocky coastlines on the north and south as well as two large mountainous regions on the east and west sides. The island is comprised mostly of extremely dry and hick jungle land. In the center of the island surrounding the volcano for maybe about a mile or two either way is a ash choked wasteland. Surrounding several parts of the larger island are coral reefs just under the waters presenting a hazard for any ships foolish enough to try and explore the island.
I figure the island could have been formed by a meteor cracking part of a tectonic plate and forcing the magma upward. The volcano erupting created the mountains and later the jungle areas. For reasons unknown something changed deep inside the volcano and turned the magma into an tainted ashy muck.

Here are the creatures I have planned for encounters thus far:
Tommy rawhead (Cr 12 eternal swamp hobgoblin)
Cultist (Cr 2)
Ningyo (Cr 1)
Kyton, Augur (Cr 1)
Dinosaur, Compsognathus (Cr 1)
Dinosaur, Velociraptor (Cr2)
Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus (Cr 9)
Pirate, Sailor (Cr 1/2)
Shadow pirate (Cr 3)
Pirate captain Seagreve (Cr 5 Half crab humanoid with an armor plated, armor shredding pincer)
Pirate officer (Cr 3)
Now for the moment Tommy and the T-rex are not meant to be fought but are meant to be more of a survival encounter.

I laughed, you win.
Also because the room was silent it scared my wife. Made it even better.

Any goblin songs? So far these are pretty funny.

I think I'll do that once the priest has taken to following the kytons. Maybe after several uses the people who drink the from the chalice start to have subtle physical changes. No longer needing to sleep, muttering strange things to themselves, their skin slightly pales or their skin become gaunt and leathery.
Mayhaps after being "blessed" by the holy properties of the chalice the drinkers are more susceptible to the whisperings of the kytons.
Also if the party is driven from the fort I'll have a few Augur kytons floating about(a Cr2 floating, bladed, eyeball).
Do you think I should go full blown creepy cult or more towards a disturbing but mostly beneficial benefactor?

That's pretty interesting. I would have never thought of the armory idea.
Back to the priest for a second. If he does completely snap there are some kytons I've been wanting to try out for a bit. Namely the Ostiarius kyton(page 176 bestiary 4) and the Sacristan kyton(page 177 bestiary 4).
For those who haven't gotten the book yet the Ostiarius allows its brethren to enter the material plane from the plane of shadow and tempts mortals to willingly enter the plain of shadow. "they are the emissaries of their race, encouraging susceptible mortals to abandon their tired philosophies and embrace the possibilities of a realm of inscrutable darkness". The Sacristan are a slave caste but are mangled and grotesque. Just like sinners suffering eternally for their sins. "Born from scraps of imperfect flesh, bent chain, and scarred minds, sacristans are bound together by kyton sculptor-surgeons. Sounds like they could be in eternal agony to me.
I could see the priest crying out in despair and a Ostiarius appearing to offer a way to salvation and freedom from his sins and the sins of his flock.
If things do go the kyton route I could slap some templates on a few followers and dinos to show the kyton's influence spreading and warping things.
What do you think?

I love that idea. My wife and I both despise the religious nutjobs that crop up during many horror movies and feel they should get the final cut sooner rather than later.
This would not only be a great encounter but would be a chance for her to do what she always wanted to do. In the event the sorc does something chaotic stupid (This seems fairly likely) I could see a rift forming on the keep between "believers" and "non-believers". In the event the party gets the boot from the keep I could see them going on a side quest to raise a army to siege the keep and reclaim what they feel is theirs.

I've talked things over with one of my players and he thinks the starting concept sounds pretty cool.
The party is on a ship that gets wrecked and the pcs have to make it to a nearby island. Once they arrive on the island they have to make their way up the coast while fending off waves of pirates and undead. Upon finding a ruined keep in a jungle they have to contend with the dinosaurs that have taken up residence within it.

I figure the pirates would be slavers coming from the pirate ship that saw them escape. The undead would have washed down the coast from areas contaminated by the necrotic ash. As for the dinosaurs, it's a jungle. Nuff said.

There would also be several npcs with the party that would be of use in restoring and manning the keep once they have a grasp on things.
What do you think?
Also, my friend is playing an illiterate sorcerer while my wife is playing a rogue. I'll play a npc that focuses on knowledge skills and misc support abilities. Perhaps an alchemist.

ParagonDireRaccoon wrote:
Dinosaurs on an island are a little cliche, but can be fun. These areas can have different styles/genres, so one are might be more Dead Space and one might be more Last of Us.


I've never had any of my parties face dinosaurs so that would be a pretty cool thing to encounter.
And to make things more interesting what about certain dinosaurs that are mutated by the necrotic ash? Anybody remember the T-rex from Dino crisis 3?

I'm loving the undead octopus and the volcano ideas. Thanks.

I'm currently unemployed so anything that I can use would have to come from : Core, APG, UM, UC, Game mastery guide, UE, APG, BEstiary 1-4, and ROTRL hardcover edition.

Leprosy could be interesting. Maybe if the game goes more of the horror route the disease could be similar to the T-virus. Stay in town? Zombies. Explore ancient ruins? Bam! Mutants.

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