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Quick fast question.

English is not my primary language, so maybe I didn't understand it well or maybe I just didn't see it... But someone can help and explain this to me?

The first Part of the book, the tomb of Roslar.

It is in the Boneyard... Correct?

Is it the REAL one? Or some copy of it like Roslar Coffer ??

How can the items in the tomb be there then if it's a copy...

But if it's the real one.. how??


Thanks a lot guys!

(French is my first language if someone think they can explain it to me better in french)

James Jacobs wrote:

See part 4 of Return of the Runelords. That's the first time we've really made an effort to associate colors with the seven Thassilonain schools; they are the same colors of the seven hues of a prismatic ray, but I don't remember them off the top of my head.

Thanks a lot for your fast response to me! :D

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Hi Mister,

So... I have a question in my mind for a while now.

I looove Pathfinder and I really love the Sihedron stars.
But I have so much question about it.

I like it when the star is black, but I really like the Rune with it (Pride, Wrath, Gluthony, Greed etc etc)

But... there is my question.

The sihedron star artefact AND the artwork of the sihedron star have different color for the rune or the shard.


What are the real color that represent the rune and/or the shard better...

Wrath :


The color of the artefact itself (so much blue there!) or the color of the rune ? :P

Thank you!! I appreciate it!!! ( Someday I really want the Sihedron for a tats :P )


I am a little concern and I don't seem to understand it all...

The journal with Nenet and everything. When this is happening ?? Before the adventure path ?? Meanwhile...

I may used Nenet a little and some things about her, now I am not sure if it was a mistake..


thanks a lot!

Hmm, Thanks.

Like I said, nothing we know about the pharaoh himself and nothing to help me really.

I know it's nothing that affect the story, but my players want it to be important in some way, and I find it nice and fun to give some importance to want my players want.

I found some ideas anyway. :) Thank anyway.


I am running Mm campaign and one of my player took the trait Blood of Pharaoh.

I am not sure how to deal with it in the story. Does it have something somewhere for this trait or I have to found something ?

I don't have any idea right now about Wich pharaoh and what happen to it etc etc.

If someone could help me. Maybe with some ideas or just by telling me where in the campaign we actually found something if it's suppose to be in the campaign etc.

Thank you and sorry for my english mystakes. :P


I just bought the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path. Happy to have it, I open my book and what I found in it?! Well... tons of mistake.

Some part (Bestiary)is there 2 time in my book. I don't find the page 64 because my book pass from page 48 to page 64.

It was bad luck or this is common??