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'Reflex Negates (Object, See text).

The fact that See text is in ( ) within the saving throw entry leads me to think that the Text Modifies the Listed Savingthrow entry explaining how the save negates. Meaning the text simple explains how the initial and only saving throw of the spell works.

If it was listed "Reflex Negates(Object), Also See Text". Then I could see it refering to two saving throws.

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The usefulness of Mending depends largely on the style of game you are playing.

Alot people worry about using cure spells to heal up but do people put alot of thought into the fact that if they got stabbed by a sword their shirt now has a big hole in it? What if you have to meet with the Duke in just a few minutes. Your clothes are all slashed up and you are covered in blood. Mending and Prestidigitation are pretty NICE things to have in this situation. Fixing broken items is also a very good way to cover up signs of your passage. Like the glass window example. Even if know one is there at the time. It's better to leave no evidence of your entry method than to leave a big hole in the window.

You cut your 50ft rope into peices so you can tie up multiple captives. Mending puts it right back together afterwards.

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In regards to Flying through every encounter.

Fly lasts 1 mintue per level so at 10th level that is 10 minutes.
Say a typical skirmish takes 30 seconds of actual sword swinging before its complete. Ok are we going to loot the bodies? Are we going to take a bit to listen to see if any more enemies have overheard the combat and may be coming? Are you going to wipe the blood of your weapons, armor and clothing? Are we going to search the room? Are we going to access our gear to make sure we having dropped anything. Are we going to move cautiously to the next door and listen to it before opening it? Are we going to let the rogue search for traps on the door? Are we going to let the wizard sense for magic? Are we going to apply in precombat buffs before opening said door?

10 minutes sounds like a lot of time but what happens if you have to be at work at 7:00 and so need to leave your house at 6:30 for the 30 minute drive. Lets say you wake up at 6:20 all those little things you have to do each morning? The combat may only take 12 second but there is alot more to an encounter than just 3 attack rolls and 2 standard actions to cast two spells.

Also who is to say that the encounteres come one right after the other. Does the party just cast buff and Zerg their way through the dungeon trying to sqeeze as many fights into 10 minutes as they can? Thats a good way to end up overwelmed.

As for flying over encounters sure that could allow you to by pass some but if your flying over your not hidden. You are in clear view of scouts and gaurds. Unless all of them are invisible, people flying through the area are pretty attention grabbing.

C. Nutcase wrote:

Thanks all, I will try to come up with something later on.

How does "Restless" sound?

How about

The Undying
The Marrow
The Enduring

Though I am on the boat that the opposite of Undead would be Living. So normal living creatures are positive energy infused beings. Perhaps just a more alive version of a living creature. Can grant bonus positive levels rather than negative levels. etc...

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:

I was thinking of them taking hits to diplomacy because... while they're friendly they're not diplomatic.

For one of their people "whoever yells the loudest is right" and arguing is a national passtime.

Stubborn: Bauravin are stubborn and tend to stick with their first idea or impulse, refusing to sway or consider other options. If a Bauravin ever fails a skill check when attempting a task, repeated attempts at the same application of that skill for that task are at a -2 (or -4, or whatever) penalty.

You could possible make the penalty cumulative but that might be to harsh.

Basic Examples.

Diplomacy: The Bauravin makes his arguments and presents his case. If that doesn't work he's to stubborn to try to rephrase it or use more tack or trying to see things from the others point of view. All he does it keep repeating his same argument.

Disable Device: If his first attempt fails to pick the lock he just keeps trying the same tools over and over getting frustrated rather than switching to a different type of pick or trying to get at the latching mechanism from a different angle.

Sumutherguy wrote:

I think the Class/Archetypes you picked fit well with your concept and I like your concept so would say go with it.

As for how useful/balanced the character would be when placed within the party. In my opinion that would fall very much in how the GM runs the game. As long as s/he provides situations where your characters skills and knowledge come into play you should be fine. In a more social game your character could be one of the most influential characters in the group.

Prior to 3.0 the inflict spells allowed no saving throw. This made them actually useful.

With the fact that they allow a saving throw for half damage they are basically a waste of spell slots. The only time they might be useful is if all other options where out the window. Heck even basic melee attack would be a better option. Use those spell slots on things like Divine Favor, Divine Power, etc...

Flamestrike does way more damage than any of the inflict spells. Firestorm as well. The only thing the Mass inflict spells has going for it is the selective targeting.

The inflict spells should not allow a saving throw for half and then I would consider them useful.

Tristan27 wrote:
Happler wrote:

Also make sure that you follow this section of the spell:

Subjects resist this control, and any subject forced to take actions against its nature receives a new saving throw with a +2 bonus.

Also, I consider that "helping out the wizard" as not in it's nature, and thus most requests will be treated with a +2 bonus saving throw per request.

Also consider the giant's nature...

"Cloud giants are notoriously proud and consider themselves above all others..."

I'd say that this "nature" makes the cloud giant extremely likely to receive a saving throw for nearly everything it is commanded to do. Especially helping out humanoids. I doubt you could get a cloud giant to do much of anything. It's like working for a boss you despise, hate, and have NO respect for...you'll do the bare minimum, do it as poorly as you can, and screw up as much as you can along the way.

Also consider how the creature "neglects all else except that needed for basic survival." This giant will still go around foraging for food in the best way it knows how. You know, kill a few humans, steal some food, raid farms and villages, etc... When it gets its fill of food, THEN it will get on with the mission...

Or, how about....without being specifically told NOT to do so, why wouldn't the giant just squish anybody except the caster???

This basically falls into the realm of no one save psychophants can be effected Dominated. Most people by their nature are opposed to being enslaved. This would make everyone resistant to Dominate. I would say as long as the Cloud Giant isn't made to debase himself it does not qualify as "Against its Nature". The soul act of being Dominate should in my opinion never be considered "Against one's nature" otherwise what is the point of the spell.

Ævux wrote:

Why is it that I randomly become unable to edit old posts?

Besides that, I've figured out what I want to do. As a healer, I want to be able to become a fortune teller too. I'm thinking Oracle of the Time mystery.

25 point buy, level 1, race kitsune... goal is to heal (not just hp damage but other stuff too) and also do fortune telling.

There is also the Seer Archetype for Oracles.

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:

Ah, I was thinking 13th level and forgot the two levels of Ari. (Though, wow, some of those 6th level spells would be useful.)

Still Silent Charm Person is a classic for a reason; just 3rd level, and as you say, it can easily get chalked up to her personal charisma. Still Silent Detect Thoughts and Still Silent Suggestion are good too. I think we want to run up her Bluff skill... is she just sitting there lost in thought for a few seconds, or is she casting some brain-melting enchantment?

Wall of Force, yep, for emergencies. Dim Door because Dim Door.

Feats? Magic items?

Doug M.

Amulet of Mindshielding (or ring or whatever it is or similar item that protects from divination/scrying/mind reading/etc...)

Some item that protects against poison.

A Trusted loyal personal guard wearing the Ring of Friend Shielding or whatever that ring is that does the spell "Shield Other".

A gem of True Seeing or perhaps a few well placed Magic Items that radiate Invisibility Purge.

At 11th level she would be limited to 5th level spells so Antimagic Field is out. Clairvoyance would be invaluable, same with alot of other divination spells as you mentioned. Illusion spells could be quite useful as well. I could also see her using enchantment spells as well.

Charm Person if done subtly on messangers and envoys could prove useful in getting information out of them that they normally wouldn't share. If the spell was dispelled or canceled as they left her presence it could very well be chalked up to her personal charisma as to why they felt so free of tongue.

Dominate Person very useful. Make an enemey a loyal servant. Also dont forget that Dominate person last 1 day/level and during that time the caster can read the thoughts of the subject.

Non-detection or similar abjurations so her enemies can not spy on her.

Detect Thoughts would be amazingly useful. She could even use it as a Loyalty-Detector to make sure there are no spies in her ranks.

Disquise Self and Alter Self would let her move around without being recognized and get the true view of how things are when shes not around.

KenderKin wrote:

Hey this has come up before and it was answered....



You stated this came up before and was answered. Could you provide us with said answer and who answered it?

Or a link.

For what its worth.

Project Image (Bard: 6th, Wizard: 7th) specifically states you can cast spells through the image.

Seems like a spell 3 levels lower really shouldnt provide most of the benefits of a spell 3 levels higher. Heck you can even attack creatures with a strength drain touch in Shadow Projection.

KenderKin wrote:

Hey this has come up before and it was answered....


What was the Answer? Can you provide a link?

Thanks in advance, just want to see what the ruling was.

LazarX wrote:
Azten wrote:
I believe he is talking about the fact that you need Skill Focus to take Eldritch Heritage. This line of feats is really more attractive to humans and half-elfs that way.
I miscounted then. You'd need three feats, skill focus, eldritch heritage and improved eldritch heritage to pick up that power because that power requires two abilities to be swapped out for it, and the initial feat only gives one of them. You also of course would need the requisite Charisma.

This still doesnt work. Improved Eldritch Heritage ONLY allows the selection of the 3rd or 9th level power of a bloodline. You can not select a 1st level power or Bloodline Arcana by taking Improved Eldritch Heritage. No where in the Description of any of the Eldritch Heritage line of feats does it talk about or even address this issue in any way. You seem to be replying as if this is stated or supported by the rules in which case it is not. This may be how you would run it in your games but this is not how it written.

LazarX wrote:
Vrischika111 wrote:

I don't agree (no offense meant) with this: eldritch heritage only allows to take a power, not an arcana.

also note that it says that your sorcerer level is equal to your level-2
(otherwise this feat is useless)

That wouldn't make the feat useless. There are other applications besides trying to hedge an animal companion. but your effective level would be character level -5 and you would have to take two eldritch heritage feats before you could have it.

Im not say whether or not you can take the Animal companion with eldritch heritage, its a very grey area. However I dont see where you are getting that you would have to use two feats to get it. Per the rules Edritch Heritage CAN NOT be taken multiple times. The only one that can is Improved eldritch heritage and it allows the selection of 3rd or 9th level power only, so you can take it twice to get both the 3rd and 9th level power.

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:

If you've ever been around a shetland pony, you'll know where they got their strength from. Strength for size it is the strongest equine around.

" It can pull twice its own weight under circumstances where a draft horse can only pull approximately half its own weight, as well as many being able to carry up to 9 stone – 130 pounds (59 kg)."

And if you've ever been kicked by anything with hooves, you'll know that it hurts like a b+@@#.

I would hardly call a Shetland Pony small. The strenght bonus seems odd for a small race, and the fact that they are half dwarf and half pony I would put them at Medium with a 40ft Movement.

Bill Dunn wrote:
I'm having a hard time really seeing this as that bad an issue. So the paladin, when he's smiting, ignores DR no matter what his weapons are. You need to realize that groups doing their homework and paying attention to the development of the Paizo APs have a pretty good chance of having weapons capable of penetrating the boss monsters' DRs anyway. If the paladin's smite didn't penetrate DR, he'd just draw his good iron sword to fight the balor or his good silver sword to fight the pit fiend. Or he'd draw his good +3 sword and go to town on either of them, penetrating their DR all the way.

Have to agree with this. By the time you get to all shot Bosses like Demon/Dragons/Devils/Demiliches most of the party will have weapons that by pass the DR anyway.

Metal Sonic wrote:

I'm now thinking in MoMS 4/Brawler 16, but i'm having problems selecting the Feats. Our start level is 4th.

Stats: STR 18, DEX 16, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 13, CHA 8.

1st: Dodge, Crane Style [Human Bonus], Crane Wing [MoMS Bonus]
2nd: Crane Riposte [MoMS Bonus]
3rd: Two-Weapon Fighting
5th: Dragon Style, Dragon Ferocity [Brawler Bonus]
7th: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
10th: Disruptive
12th: Greater Two Weapon Fighting
14th: Spellbreaker

At 6th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th and on i don't have any ideas on feats. And i won't remove the Crane or Dragon Styles, it's an background issue.

Any suggestions?

Weapon Focus: Unarmed

Weapon Specialization: Unarmed

PLUSH GOBLINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ME WANT'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about they come in little Baby Goblin Cages.

OMG I'm actually a little sad that I cant have a plush goblin now. :(

I hate life!

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Aelryinth wrote:

Since monks get a ton of them and he was refering to a monk actual BUILD, plenty easy to take. It's a monk bonus feat.

And actually, it's more along the lines of "Making a character invulnerable to standard attack actions, being able to limit an enemy to only taking standard attack actions, yet with a great AC to defend against other attack options."

Unless the enemy has alternate ways to attack, it's a form of tanking invulnerability. All you need is 10' of room to manuver.


Again the Invulnerability only applies in a one on one fight when the opponent is denied the option of using other options (Ranged Attacks, Magic, Combat manuevers, Environmental tactics, etc...). How often is this actually going to come up in the typical game?

There are other options just as potent.

Flying makes one IMMUNE to melee attacks (both standard and Full attack) regardless of the number of melee opponents.

Antimagic Shell: Immune to magic.

Buri wrote:
Kalyth wrote:
FAQ for confirmation.
You have to actually click the FAQ button for it to appear on Paizo's queue for FAQ consideration.

I did on your post stating that it was per hex rather than per witch. FAQing my post really wouldn't have given a clear idea of what was needed clarified.

Buri wrote:
As I said, being a rules forum post, can only really be answered per RAW. How it's interpreted is up to the individual GM. Concerning the post about Witches casting hexes on themselves, you can only voluntarily fail a save. You can't voluntarily succeed. So, it'd be up to the roll of the die if you fail at casting a hex on yourself.

Doesnt matter if you fail or not. Misfortune last what 1-3 rounds, Evil Eye lasts 4-5 rounds? Most other hexes dont last to long. so even if you Voluntarily fail the save you are only effected for a couple of rounds and then IMMUNE to all of those Hexes for the rest of the day even if a witch 30 levels higher than you tries to use them on you.

Heck Im going to Sleep Hex my entire party every morning and then just slap them awake after one round so they are Immune to further sleep hexes that day.

I personally believe that it is supposed to be that the target is immune to further applications of X Hex from that specific Witch.

FAQ for confirmation.

Also would like to see Consistant rules for spells/Schools

Conjuration: some of the Conjuration damage spells allow SR others Dont.

Distinction between Direct Damage Conjuration and Evocation Spells.

Balancing of the Schools: Abjuration needs help.

Cheapy wrote:

How is "fighter of the forest" a personality?

How is "raging about the battlefield" a personality?

How is rogue a personality? I'll tell you. By being a dishonest or unprincipled person. By sneaking about and being able to pick locks. By swindling people.

What about that requires a class? Why can't *anyone* be a rogue?

A Barbarian is just an uncivilized person usually of a tribal/clan type community.

A wizard could be a barbarian (Shaman)

A ranger could be a Barbarian (Scout/hunter)

A bard could be a barbarian (Warchanter/Clan Historian)

Sure some of the names for the classes arn't perfect but that should be the least of the issues with the Rogue.

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Spell Point/Mana System for magic. And not just Spell Points spent to Prepare spells. Perhaps a system where prepared spells get a Mana discount or unprepared spells (for prepared casters) taking longer to cast.

Ritual Magic: Either more spells with longer casting times that are Ritualistic. Just like the flavor of magical or religious rituals. Perhaps a ritual magic system that allows application of metamagic feats with out increasing the spell level but just taking longer to cast.

Cooperative Casting: A group of casters working together to create more powerful effects.

Martial Feats/Maneuvers that have greater effects at higher levels. Not really reality bending effects but effects more on par with the high level spells. And not X/day effects. Perhaps balance these effects/stunts by leaving the Warrior Flatfooted or fatigue or Reduced AC while performing the maneuver.

Less combat maneuvers that require a feat to attempt. More Maneuvers that anyone can attempt but feats make you better at them.

Metaphysics behind magic and the different spell list and types (Arcane/Divine).

Optional power for Sorcerer Bloodlines that can be "pick and choose" as the oracle gets with revelations.

Better Multi-Classing System and less Hybrid Classes.

Pick and choose class abilities rather than.

Higher level racial abilites either as feats or automatic as you advance in character level. A 1000 year old elven Queen should have some innate abilities/characteristics that younger elves lack.

Obsidian wrote:
How would this compare with a regular Oracle?

I dont see much of an issue with it. Pretty well balanced against the cleric spell list in my opinion.

My fixes for the Rogue

1) Add a rogue talent at 1st level.

2) Every level a rogue does not get a rogue talent he gets Skill Focus in one skill.

3) At a rogue talent that grants a bonus to hit when an attack would qualify for as a sneak attack.

4) Add a rouge talent that allows the rogue to fient as a move action or a swift action if the rogue can aleady fient as a move action.

5) 5th: Improved Defensive Fighting: +1 dodge bonus to AC when fighting defensively. This bonus increases to +2 when using the Total Defense action.

Would rework all advanced rogue to increase their effective ness. The rogue in gaining these at levels where wizards are getting Teleport and Bards are getting Dominate Person, Clerics are getting Heal, etc... These talents need to be near as potent as some of these spells.

I have a related question.

The Resistance bonus to Saves is listed before (and separately from) the 1st level domain power that allows you to transfer the bonus to someone else.

If I take a Subdomain of the Protection Domain and it replaces the 1st level power then do I just loose the ability to transfer the bonus to someone else as that is all the 1st level power does? I would retain the Resistance bonus to Saving Throws as it is listed separately from the 1st level power?

Any furthere printing of Ultimate Magic will have the write up for the Scar Hex as seen in the FAQ. Basically they Errata'd it. They change the effect because the original write up was just kind of useless.

As to why the scar hex lets a witch target up to one mile away with other hexes. The Scar Hex "Marks" the target both Physically and Mystically. This mark forms a bond between the target and the witch. As long as the subject is under the effects of the Scar Hex the witch can use that connection to affect the target with any of her other hexes at a range of up to 1 mile away.

Basically this is a character I want to play. My DM will usually let a lot of things slid especially if its got a good back story and alot of roleplaying potential.

I used Blind instead of Clouded Vision because I just couldnt remember the name of the Oracle Curse. I am using that curse just as an explaination of why her gaze doesn't Petrify (would be way over powered if it did).

I just wanted to get other peoples ideas on what a base PC race medusa might look like as its easier to balance with multiple opinions.

I just think this would be a great concept for the character. A mysterious oracle that even the other PC haven't seen without her veil. When her true nature is finally revealed what would the rest of the PC do? Just see a lot of potential here.

@Detect Magic: Your write up looks great will show it to my DM and see what he says.

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Just had a great idea of a character. Basically I want to play a Medusa Oracle. She would be veiled in robes concealing her features entirely. I just like concept of a mysterious oracle and the tragedy of being a Good/Neutral Medusa hated and feared by those that discover her true nature.

First off I would take the Blind Oracle Curse and as such render her petrifying gaze ability void. That should get rid of alot of the consternation about being overpowered. Likewise I would assume we can easily ditch racial hit dice and just advance her as a typical PC Race, shes young for a medusa so not as physically tough as others of her kind.

What I am stumped on is

Racial Abilities
Ability Score Modifiers?
Natural Armor Bonus?
Skill Bonuses?
The Poisonous Bite Ability? (Too powerful?)

Just curious what others think?

Kelsey Arwen MacAilbert wrote:
W E Ray wrote:

Yeah, I certainly think of Mongrelmen and Broken Ones, not Rakasta or Litorians.

But I really like the idea. Have you thought about making it a Template instead, though -- seems like it's apropos.

(Oh, and for my personal taste, I'd change the name.)

What would you suggest for the name?

I thought about having a template, but the problem is balancing it so that they aren't more powerful than those without it. I'd have to give them a lot of disadvantages, and I'm not sure I want to do that.


Amalgams (Amalgians??)

or just make up something like


just some ideas

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So basically to sum up this thread.

One specific build is very effective in ONE specific situation but not undefeatable just very problematic. It is also ONLY very problematic if we forbid anyone opposing the build all combat options that would ignore the majority of the benefits of the build (no ranged attack, no magic, no allies, no use of enviroment, etc....). Additionally, one opposing the build could very easily just turn it into a stalemate through various options and be done with it.

And this took how many posts?

Aelryinth Wrote: "I gather the Monk didn't take Deflect Arrows?"

Dang, how many feats this monk got????

1) Witch: Love the Flavor and also the Hexes rock as they break out of the whole Vancian Magic System.

2) Oracle: Finally a Priestly Servant of a Fire God that can actually burn stuff!!! Just love how closer to a Divine Concept you can get with an Oracle over a Cleric

3) Tied Cleric/Wizard: I like my casters.

Perhaps this approch.

"Patrons" change to "Paths"

Each Path has a "Focus or Talisman" an object or condition that is a focul point for the mystical tradition of their path. This is the Object/Creature/Condition that stores and focus there magical talents (Spells Known. Losing ones Focus is the same as loosing ones familiar and replace through a similar ritual. Each Path has a Path specific Bonus provided by the Focus.

For example
The Voice of the Wild (Animal Patron)
Focus: Familiar
Benefit: See Familiar

The Lament of Bone (Plague Patron)
Focus: Skull (Typically that of another witch). The Skull whispers the magical secrets to the witch.
Bonus: Death's Whisper: The Skull can be consulted to gain a bonus to any knowledge skill of +2 (+1 per 4 levels of the witch) or can allow the witch to attempt a check on a knowledge skill untrained without penalty.

The Curse of Sight(Portent Parton)
Focus: Divining Tool (Casting the Bone, Tarot cards, etc.) Each piece of the divination tool holds one spell. Each bone is carved with markings, each card is actually a spell formula)
Bonus: The witch can use her focus to duplicate the effect of an Augury Spell once per day plus and additional time per day for every 3 witch levels. Additionally at 7th level the witch may use Divination instead but this requires two uses per day. When the witch actually cast a divination spell that has a percentage change of success she may use her focus to shift that percentage by +10% in favor of the witch.

Song of the Moon Maiden (Moon Patron)
Focus: The Moon (The witch memories patterns of the stars as her spell book and the moon must be visible in the sky to replenish spell slots/prepare spells.)
Bonus: The witches magic waxes and wanes with the cycles of the moon. +1 caster level when great than Half-moon, +2 during the nights of the fullmoon. -1 caster level when less than half moon, -2 during new moon.

Just a few examples off the top of my head.

1) GOBLINS!!!!!
2) More GOBLINS!!!
3) Humanoids with Class Levels (5th level Goblin Rogue, Orc Barbarian)
Just prefer a more low fantasy setting and alot of the monsters are just way out there.
4) Unique Monsters. Basically monsters that there is only one of. Rather than "Oh look another Umber Hulk." to "OMG its the Chupacabra!!! or "That is the Krithin an ancient horror that has stalked the dark woods for centuries."

Another point would be what happens if someone has the Fortune Hex put on them but doesnt make any rolls during that time period? Have the benefitted? Can they be subject to the Fortune Hex again that day?

Ray8016 wrote:

So I had a question about the Crane style feats. Crane wing says you can and i quote:

"Once per round while using Crane Style, when
you have at least one hand free and are either fighting defensively or using the total defense action, you can deflect one melee weapon attack that would normally hit you. You expend no action to def lect the attack, but you must be aware of it and not f lat-footed. An attack so
deflected deals no damage to you."

My DM is haveing a hard time comeing to grasp this and insted of arguing with him i said i would consult the forums. If an enemy confirms a critical hit on me, witch seems to happen a lot lol, does this feat still deflect the attack? He says that becouse they crit then this feat does not work I would like to think it does if some one could clarify this for me it would be most apriciated

thank you

The feat says "Deflect one attack".

An attack that criticals is still an attack.

The feat makes no mention of excluding Attacks that Critical.

Per Rules as Written you can deflect a Attack that is a Critical Hit just as easily as you could an attack that doesn't.

If your DM wants to use a House Rule that Critical Hits can not be deflect with Crane Wing that is up to him but it would be a House Rule.

I was thinking if they are looking a little underpowered why not just change the Cold Iron Vulnerability to

DR: 2/Cold Iron

The formula for figuring skill points is Class Skill Points + Int Mod per level (minimum 1).

The Human bonus and the Favored class bonus are not part of this formula. The are additional abilities/adders.

Heres another point.

Healig Hex

Healing (Su): A witch can soothe the wounds of those
she touches. This acts as a cure light wounds spell, using
the witch’s caster level. Once a creature has benefited
from the healing hex, it cannot benefit from it again
for 24 hours. At 5th level, this hex acts like cure moderate

This hex acts as Cure Light Wounds and as such can be used to damage undead (this has been confirmed by one of the Devs in a post.).

Sinse the Undead is gains no "Benefit" from the Hex it can be used on the Undead creature any number of times?

Benefit is often used in place of effected, targeted, subjected, etc... and that I feel is the only logic was to take it in regards to the Fortune Hex.

Mathwei ap Niall

If it was meant to effect only one single roll period why didnt they just phrase it like Guidance?

School divination; Level cleric 0, druid 0
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S
Range touch
Target creature touched
Duration 1 minute or until discharged
Saving Throw Will negates (harmless); Spell Resistance yes
This spell imbues the subject with a touch of divine guidance.
The creature gets a +1 competence bonus on a single attack roll,
saving throw, or skill check. It must choose to use the bonus
before making the roll to which it applies.

If it was limited to one single roll period would it not have been easier to state the ability as such.

Fortune (Su): The witch can grant a creature within 30
feet a bit of good luck for 1 round. The target can call
upon this good luck ONCE, allowing him to reroll a SINGLE ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or skill check, taking the better result. He must decide to use this ability before the first roll is made. This hex last one round, at 8th level and 16th level, the duration of this hex is extended by 1 round. Once a creature has benefited from the fortune hex, it cannot benefit from it again for 24 hours.

***I do not know how to bold text so used CAPS to show the words I change.

Basically if it was intended to work only once it would have been far easier to state that plainly. Which they did not.

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What needs to be done is for the writers to define the term

"Casting Attrubute": The ability score that determines/modifies a characters spell casting ability (Save DC, Bonus Spells, ect...)

and then write spell descriptions using the term Casting Attribute rather than calling out a specific Abilities Scores in the description (Int for wizards, Charisma for Sorcerers, etc...)

"This spell gains a bonus to hit equal the the Caster's level + his Casting Attribute Modifier."

"This spell inflicts 1d10+Casting Attribute Modifier damage to each target in the area of effect."

It will save space and clarify text easily. I am surprised they have never done this from 3.0 to 3.5 or from 3.5 to PF.

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Diego Rossi wrote:

I have seen a lot of people calling that the witch can cast a hex and "pee-emptively" cackle 2 times a round (using her move and her standard action) to add several hours to the duration of the hex (1 hour for each hour of double cackling).
While the cackle hex wording will support this interpretation, it seem strongly against the ROI.
My opinion is that the cackle is meant to extend the hex(es) power only into the next round and that you need to repeat the cackle the next round to extend them again.

Actually by the rules as written this can be done, however. I would apply the rules of Fatigue here as I would assume cackling continuously for an hour or more would qualify as strenuous activity.

The only way that ALL of the text of the spell makes sense is if you read "Benefit" as to be "effected by" or "subject of". If you do there is absolutely NO conflict in any of the wording.

If the Hex was meant to allow only ONE reroll period then it would not have used the phrasing "Once per Round". If only one reroll was ever intended there would be no need to say "Once per Round".

Sure Benefit can be read different ways but there is only one way it can be read that makes sense with the rest of the Hex description.

What if you had an effect said the following.

This subject of this power gains a +4 bonus to his AC for 10 minutes. Once a creature has benefited from this power, it cannot benefit from it again for 24 hours.

Would any one assume that in this case "Benefit" means "is subject to an attack"? Technically the first time someone attacks the subject he has "Benefitted" from the effect by having a higher AC. So then would he only gain the AC bonus to the next attack against him?

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In response to the mention of those wielding power to kill (having a gun, driving a car, etc...)

True most people that own/carry guns or drive cars can in fact kill pretty easily. However they can not kill without reprecussions. There are laws and punishments for killing people and it is fairly easy for the powers that be to find you and lock you up.

No lets take the reprecussions out of the factor. How many people with guns/cars would run their evil bastard of a boss over if they knew they couldnt get caught. Think of all the celebrities that do stupid stuff like shoplifting, assualt, murder, etc... I tend to beleive that they do these things because they feel they are above the law in some way. They think the rules dont apply to them. Generally are these people good people? For the most part I would say yes. Save for the fact that they feel a certain bit of entitlement that blurs their judgement at times.

Now lets add magic on top of that.

First we have the Good Wizard that is kind and generous revered by his community. The people always turn to him for guidance and help. It would be very easy for him to slip down the road of feeling that he knows best. He does things for the communitie's own good whether they realize it or not. If a child was horrible assulted and was having nightmares and sever psycological problems because of it would it be right to erase her memory of the event so she could live a more normal life? But is this the right thing to do?

What about magic that would allow you to get away with doing anything. For the most part what keeps alot of people in check is society. No one wants the embarassment of being caught shoplifting but what if you could turn invisible and just take what you want. How tempting would that be? If you could control someone's mind what would you do. Most of us I assume have had a major crush or fallen in love with someone that didnt feel the same way. What if you could MAKE them love you? How tempting would that be? On top of that no one would ever know you did it.

I think one of the major factors in power corrupting is that the consequences of your can be disregarded.

It's not like anyone would know. Its not like I could actually ever get caught.

I consider myself a very good moral person but I have to admit that if I have the power of a 20th level wizard there were many points in my life where I might have done some horrible things out of anger, sadness, neccessity, etc...

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ProfPotts wrote:
With the transition to an Improved Familiar I tend to prefer the 'familiar evolves' type of fluff myself, rather than being forced to replace what should be by that time a beloved NPC - but that's hardly a RAW position, just one you may see with quite a few gaming groups.
It depends on what the new familiar is, really. "Evolving" by adding a planar template or becoming a dire version would be understandable. Turning into a completely different creature (stirge, pseudodragon, etc.), a construct (homunculus), or an outsider (elemental, mephit, imp, quasit, etc.) is a bit hard to explain.

But summoning up a fox and granting it intelligence, magical abilities and the ability to communicate telepathically on top of the ability to teach you to cast magic spells ISNT hard to explain?

Personally I would just avoid adding stats mod/bonuses. It easier to just scale back the monsters. around 4th level just use monsters one CR less than what the PC would normally encounter. At around 8th -2 CR etc...

Additionally avoid lots of monsters with DR/Magic or Adamantine etc... except when you want the battle to be very difficult.

The only real problem that comes into effect would be casters with their access to Magic Weapon and the Greater version and things like Magical Vestment. But it would be simple to just make said spells rare or unavailible to the PCs.

There are many movies, stories, comics, etc... that have "Evil by Nature" characters struggling to be good.

Angel: Good hearted guy with a soul but still a vampire.

Hellboy: Still a demon.

Magick: Was always strggling with here darker side.

Alot of Anime films go along this concept too.

A Lawful Good Lich would still be harmed by positive energy. Just because hes good doesnt make him not Undead.

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