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I feel a bit more confident now, my GM said he’s all for creative solutions to character issues.

I’m sure there are guidelines to help him help us get the most out of the rebellion. I’m going Child of Kintargo, so I’m hoping the house is as useful as I suspect, and I’ll present the Wis in place of Cha when it comes to the Rebellion if we’re a slim on support,

roguerouge wrote:
Is your campaign using the rebellion mechanic or is the GM handling that behind the screen?

Do you mean are we managing the sheet? I believe so.

I think we’re going to have a relatively Charisma light group, but we have a bard and a Cleric, so hopefully they will be able to manage enough teams.

Hey, I'm playing an inquisitor with -8 Cha, but the conversion Inquisition so he can use Wis for social skills.

Is there a trait or feat that will make him a better leader in the Rebellion besides the Natural Born Leader campaign trait?

Open to any advice!

James Jacobs wrote:
Kairos Dawnfury wrote:

Is there a group in Golarion that expies Mandalorians well?

In your mind, what are the factors that influenced your answer?

** spoiler omitted **

I honestly have no idea. Apart from knowing that Boba Fett is a Mandalorian, I don't really know much about them at all. Haven't seen the show, nor do I plan to (not interested in a Disney + sub).

I gotcha, who at Paizo are the resident Star Wars fans?

Is there a group in Golarion that expies Mandalorians well?

In your mind, what are the factors that influenced your answer?

Factors I’m thinking of that I don’t want to influence your initial answer:
I’ve been enjoying the first few episodes of the Mandalorian and enjoy the faceless stoic character you can only judge by his actions and the instant recognition he receives most times.

What are the Orders on the cover? I don't recognize the far left and middle, but pretty sure mid-left is Scourge, Mid-right Godclaw and far right Nail.

Is the middle Rack?

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I'd like a General Leo from FFVI type character. Honorable soldier who finally sees the straw that breaks the camel's back and decides to stand up to his former superiors.

And then I'll come up with 20 more ideas in the next year and end up going with 20 because of an active imagination amd poor memory.

Nope, never played Tomb Raider. I've played females in more hack and slash like the DnD side scrollers and Dynasty Warriors game, but not in RPGs. It's not a role I wanted to play.

I do love the female companions interacting with them in NWN2 and the KotOR and other Bioware games. When it comes to heavy roleplay, I want to relate to my character better.

Same reason I play humans more often than not.

Zaister, my point was that I don't enjoy playing female characters, so even if it was great, I still wouldn't enjoy it. The point of options is being able to choose the best for you. So I'm really happy you loved female Shep, but it was a tangent to my original point about my preferences, and one I already said wasn't for me.

Thank you! I greatly appreciate it!

Smite Evil!

I was a big fan of the 3.5 Kensai prestige class's ability to use a concentration check in place of a reflex save. Is there any similar ability in Pathfinder that you are aware of?

Is there a chance of a reverse Kineticist archetype a la Shaw?

Zaister wrote:
Concerning Mass Effect, the male voice acting by Marc Meer can't hold a candle to the female by Jennifer Hale. Her performance is one of the best things of the trilogy. If you haven't played as a female Shepard, you're really missing out on these games.

You're basically telling a vegetarian that she's missing out on the best filet mignon in the world. Not for me, great that it's for you.

I played it 3 times too, but don't do female characters because I like trying out different romance options.

There was also a voice acting problem I had with SWTOR, I was dying to play a Jedi Shadow, but the voice actor was so slanted towards Sage, I lost interest and went with a Jedi Knight instead. I haven't seen that in the regular RPG though.

Dragon Age Inquisition, I believe, is going to include British and American voice actors for male and female.

Would a kineticist have anything in common with Sebastian Shaw or Gambit of X-men fame?

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Can we move the anti-colonialism into its own thread? I almost forgot which thread this is.

In the Giantslayer thread, Rob mentioned he is all about an Orc vs. Dwarves AP, I would love to have had this in Feb to go with the release of the last Hobbit, but I will take it later, too!

Samy wrote:
Kairos Dawnfury wrote:
I'm partial to the style of KotOR 2/NWN2/Bioware, silent protagonists so I can insert my own perceived personality.

I understand this point and sympathize with it, but on the other hand, Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect and SWTOR at least for me personally got an absolutely *massive* immersion boost from hearing your character speak.

Maybe they could just have a "mute protagonist" checkbox in game options to cater to both crowds.

That is actually a good option. My biggest beef with the voice actor is that I go from MY character to it being Bioware's character. It hurts the replayability for me some what since I'm, for example in Mass Effect, playing Shepard as an infiltrator and then a soldier rather than playing two distinct characters.

It's more preference than anything after growing up with Zelda and other silent protagonist games.

I also wasn't a fan of thinking the blurb meant one thing and having him explain something totally different.

Will this AP be hard on meticulous wizards who think roughing it means not having room service?

Edit: Any particular reason you decided on Giants instead of Orcs this time around? (I was hoping it was Orcs... But I'm still excited for the Giants!)

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I'm wondering how many Captain Andorans will appear in campaign journals...

I'm excited and grateful for your response. Hiding my Jedi in fantasy trappings appropriate for Golarion is what I'm most excited about.

Dreamscarred did a great job updating the psionic rules, but the flavor always seemed to clash with the setting.

You can expect me to be following the playtest very closely. All though I may not have much actual playtest data, I really enjoyed discussing the different solutions and seeing some of my feedback directly inform an ability or two in the ACG.

Damn, I tried to fix my phone auto correcting your name 3 times. I apologize.

I'm a huge fan of the Knights of the Old Republic games, and played Sentinels usually. Basically Rangers with some psionic ability, probably with 3/4 BAB, but I wasn't super familiar with DnD 3.5/PF at the time.

I also enjoyed the Guardians, similar to a Paladin or Bloodrager, full BAB, some access to arcane level abilities and special leaping charge.

To dig into expanded universe, I love Master Tholme and Quinlon Vos, more of the roguish investigators than the Mystic peacekeepers. The Clone Wars cartoon, if you're familiar hit all the right Jedi characteristics I loved.

Edit: After a second thought, the Sentinels are probably most like bards... Just replace their artistic flavor with Mystic/psychic flavor.

So many good ideas here. I'd like a good app game at a premium price without micro transactions. Hard to find good games to play for a short time when I'm in a waiting room or something.

I'm partial to the style of KotOR 2/NWN2/Bioware, silent protagonists so I can insert my own perceived personality.

If they have to drop the D20 system, I won't be super heart broken. Gotta make sacrifices!

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Lastwall Vs. Any or all of the enemies around them.

Brevoy! I'd love to get a GoT style political intrigue and crazy sandbox fight for control

Taldor reclaiming their former glory


Nirmathus vs Molthune

Andoran vs Cheliax

Someone linked the lands of the Linnorn Kings to this really amazing story I wanted to see...

Dear Mr. Seifter (fixed it for you),

Can I please have a Jedi (analogue) in Occult Adventures? I had a big reasoned letter written for you, but it was basically, "please, please, please, please, please."

Who's in the back pulling their hair out?

Did no one play Nwn2: Storm of Zehir? Crazy sand box, make your own party, group conversation!

I almost enjoyed it me than the OC, but I love my paladin or favored soul being called Knight Captain and being Lord of a keep :D

I'm one of those few who loved DA2 despite its flaws. All though, I have bought every Dynasty Warriors since 4, so people say I have terrible taste...

I'm pretty sure DA2 didn't really lose Bioware any fans, the vocal minority just blew up.

You know, like how these forums work.

Charlie Bell wrote:
Well, I'm going to be playing a dwarf ranger with favored enemy: humanoid (giant) and favored terrain: mountains for this one. Who's with me?

That sounds like a terrible idea when I roll my C/E elven ranger with the alternative trait Eternal Grudge to get +1 attack vs Dwarves and Favored Enemy (Humanoid, Dwarves).

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For the Designers who are reading, but not commenting on this thread, I was really taken back by the archetypes in the book. There are so many different concepts people have clamored for on the forum that I saw solutions presented for.

It really renewed my appreciation for the dedication you all have for your craft. Thank you guys for all your hard work!

To piggy back on the productive critiques comment, I got my PDF of the Advance Class Guide and I was amazed by the archetypes you guys included to cover concepts people had been yelling for on the forums.

It gave me renewed appreciation for the work you all do, so thank you.

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The spontaneous Magus is all Cha based with the Bard spell progression. It changes everything to Cha based and gives a Arcane Pool ability that puts you in a temporary trance required to use your spell combat. It's pretty crazy.

Dreaming Psion wrote:
Kairos Dawnfury wrote:
What's an elevator pitch?

I feel enlightened. Thank you.

What's an elevator pitch?

atheral wrote:
Dreaming Psion wrote:

Nirmathas- fighting against Molthune aggressors; alternately defending the Fangwood from the Dread Blight

This is one I think would be cool to have. For as little info as we have on it Nirmathas has a lot of promise for adventuring. And based on the hints given it does twig on the whole "traditional" setting, mostly rural, pastoral, with a dangerous/mysterious wood and an ever threatening enemy at the gate. Lot of mileage there.

I think this falls under the category of a War campaign, and unfortunately, JJ wants Mass Combat rules that integrate the character better before doing one that involves that, like a Cheliax/Andoran AP.

Personally, I'd like them to use the Troop units to simulate mass combat...

JJ also stated it is an AP he's been building towards for a while, and I only know of one or two plots.

Maybe he's doing a new Drow AP, Journey to the Center of the Earth or otherwise, and it will tie in Nocti(mind blank on how to spell it) becoming a full CN deity...

Does anyone else know any other plot seeds that JJ has weaved into APs or books?

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They made a Cleric Archetype that is a priestly type people were asking for.

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Swweeet, Cavalier Archetype drops mount for Weapon Finesse of Swashbuckler and other stuff of that nature!

Maybe Justin Franklin is just being coy really knows it is in Nidal... and urban adventure in Nidal could be pretty sweet. Having to hide from all the Kuthites...

JJ has talked about Dou-Bral/Zon-Kuthon info probably requiring an AP to reveal... maybe that's what he's hinting at.

Aaaah, mine's downloading now, soooo excited.

Can we move the political and anti-colonial stuff into another thread? I'm really enjoying read about people logically finding out the location of the next AP.

People seem to be really pushing for Garund, or guessing around there, I'd really prefer it up north in a more traditional fantasy grounding. The Kaer Maga urban AP wouldn't be bad...

Man... I was a late subscriber, I wonder when I'll see it... I am CB initials though...

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Maerimydra wrote:
Will we get Style Feats designed with the Fighter in mind, instead of the Monk? An armed Fighter should be able to fight with style too!

This is something I never realized I wanted...

+1 to the druid I always wanted.

Do you have a favorite PFS Scenario?

Cthulhudrew wrote:

Osibu? Because Durvin Gest's disappearance was somehow tied to his tossing of the Lens of Galundari into the Nemesis Well?

It's a Rovagug AP? :D

Rovagug? End of the World AP? Tarrasque AP? *Looks up subscription costs*

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Can we get the error on the PDFs too? :(

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Mark Seifter wrote:
The Adept/Expert is called the Dabbler. They gain the ability to customize their spell list a little bit, just like how expert customizes their skill list. The Aristocrat/Warrior is called the Warlord, and they focus on the sort of aristocratic style of "fair" combat and lording over strongholds of lower level warriors. Aomidori, the iconic warlord, went berserk after her kingdom was destroyed by the rising successor state of Lingshen poisoning their water supply. She was only saved when Kess and Reiko convinced her not to attack the army of Lingshen singlehandedly but instead to focus her anger and become an adventurer with them.

You, sir, have won the internet this day.

Arachnofiend wrote:
JoeJ wrote:
doc the grey wrote:
Non mounted Cavalier: Seriously people have begged for it since onset and considering the Cavalier as built is more like a commander from nobility, (a man of high birth trained in the arts of diplomacy and courtly affairs as much as tactical combat) opening it up so that characters from historic backgrounds not heavily dependent on horses/mounts would really improve it.

I have problems with the aesthetics of a calling a non-mounted warrior a "cavalier." If they create this it should be named something else.

A non-mounted cavalier should just be a Fighter archetype that can take an Order.

Well, they kinda did that with the Tactician, but instead of an order, they gave you the teamwork feats. The problem is I want just about EVERYTHING but the mount of a Cavalier, so it would be easier to make a Knight Archetype from Cavalier and give us maybe weapon or armor training from a fighter and lose the mount.

From a fighter, you would probably be in alternative class territory more than Archetype.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Kairos Dawnfury wrote:
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Danubus wrote:
Please tell me your taking lots of this book to GenCon. I won't get there till Saturday.
[shamelessplug] If you want to guarantee you get one, you can always be top bidder on my ENnie dream date. Winner hangs out with me during the cocktail event beforehand, sits with me during the awards, AND gets copies of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook and Advanced Class Guide signed by Paizo staff. And the funds help support the ENnies![/shamelessplug]
Can you make mine out to "ebay"?
Sure! If you win I can make it out "To whom it may concern" :)

Just like my adventures, Paizo does my jokes better.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Danubus wrote:
Please tell me your taking lots of this book to GenCon. I won't get there till Saturday.
[shamelessplug] If you want to guarantee you get one, you can always be top bidder on my ENnie dream date. Winner hangs out with me during the cocktail event beforehand, sits with me during the awards, AND gets copies of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook and Advanced Class Guide signed by Paizo staff. And the funds help support the ENnies![/shamelessplug]

Can you make mine out to "ebay"?

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