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Thank you for your feedback doktor, I'll change the background right away, do not hesitate to give me any other feedback you might have !

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I just finished adapting the file to be compatible with older versions of excel.

The file is now .xls.

Here is the link : Character Sheet 1.0.xls

Oh and BTW, do not try to modify it via dropbox, just download it with the top right button of the screen when the link is opened.

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Hi !

If you're interested, I just created an excel character sheet because personnally I couldn't see myself writing down all the information needed for a level 17 in the playtest on the character sheet they gave us^^

here is the Original Post

here is the download link : Character Sheet 1.0

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Hey guys,

I don't know for you, but I really can't read myself back when writing down my character sheet with pen and paper...

So here is an excel character sheet that I just created to use during the playtest. I just wanted to share for those of you that are like me :p

Here is the link to download it :

Link for the Character sheet 1.0 (Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest)

You'll probably need a recent version of excel to run it. I'm sorry for those that only have openoffice or such, I don't think it's gonna work properly :s

If you have trouble with the way I locked the sheet, the password to unlock is : "123". Do not to touch anything that is supposed to be locked unless necessary to avoid problems.

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Hey guys!

Well I didn't find any character sheet which was satisfying for me so I decided to be stubborn and to create one of my own^^

So here it is, I plan on implementing advanced classes. For now, only basic classes are implemented.

The character sheet includes an animal companion sheet, an eidolon sheet and a spellbook.

Let me know if you see anything wrong :)

Click here to get the Character Sheet