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I am currently working on a homebrew adventure made for Pathfinder 2e, and set up on the world of Golarion. I was wondering if I have the right to publish this adventure for free on the internet. I do not intend to commercialize this adventure in any way, it is completely made for the community to use for free.

Do I have the right to use Pathfinder related names, backgrounds and contents for this adventure? I didn't include any content made by Paizo, just names and references. Every content found in this adventure has been directly created by me.

Are there any limitations I should know before I keep working on it?

Thank you for your answers :)

Take a look at the Community Use Policy. It should answer your questions.

Thank you for this link, I didn't find it although I searched for it, I am sorry if it was obvious :s

No problem. For future reference, in the top right of the page, go to Community, and then Community Use.

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