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Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

The wizard, somehow managed to evade the 'Tornado of Terror', and maintain his summoning chant. (Amazing what a strong sense of self-preservation can accomplish. And an Adrenaline rush never hurt either.)

Justin finishes his conjuration with a verbal flourish, and a look of what can only be relief.
From the glowing circle of runes in front of him emerges a large creature.
The top half of a very tall, beautiful, and winged elven woman emerges from the circle. Followed by the bottom half of a large snake tail.

The Azata hovers in the air before her summoner, a look of mild amusement on her seductive features.

"Hail Lillend!" Justin calls to the Azata.
"We face a most bizarre interplanar foe. I request your aid with support and healing my comrades while fighting it."

The wizard grins. "And, if you can help us to kick it's semi-ethereal backside, that would be great too."

The winged elvish-serpent lady throws back her head and laughs. It is a pleasant, musical sound.

"This should prove to be interesting. I shall aid you human wizardling. Kindly make the battle a tale worth telling!"

The Lillend Azata unslings a small harp, and begins strumming and singing.

Azata, Lillend
The Lillend will start by using Bardic abilities, as a 7th lvl Bard. 'Inspire Courage', +2 Morale Bonus vs Charm & Fear Effects, & +2 Competence Bonus on to hit and dmg rolls.

Merle wrote:
"Oh for,... Would you lot quit playing around." Merle unleashed a barrage of magic missiles on the thing.

Justin pulls out his Blasting Rod and points it at the crazy critter.

"I'm not sure I'd call it playing,... Shazbot!"
Justin unleashes his own barrage of magical bolts on the creature.

Magic Missile, 'Standard' max + Evocation Bonus +Rod bonus
5d4 + 5 + 6 + 1 ⇒ (4, 2, 3, 1, 4) + 5 + 6 + 1 = 26

SHORT version, Summon appears and starts Inspire Courage (+2), Justin's round 2 is casting magic missile.

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Alessia of Keoland wrote:
Dungeon Monkey wrote:
Alessia’s damage: 3d6 + 1d8 ⇒ (1, 4, 4) + (1) = 10
DR is currently sitting at 12 (if I read the feat correctly), and 6 (if I didn't), so Alessia either takes 0 or 4 damage.

Until Alessia joined us, I hadn't realized how AMAZING DR is. (Unless the monsters have it, of course!) ;P

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

The wizard's eyes widen.
He doesn't stop his chanting, but the (slightly) panicked look on his face says it all,...

"You have GOTTA be kidding me!"

Ref: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Karrin Kind wrote:

I might have gotten this fight confused with the other one.

Yeah, I might be guilty of that too. :) (To be fair, I'm pretty confused IRL right now.) ;P

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Justin's summons will arrive top of round two, so he is out for rest of this round. Honestly, not sure whether to suggest that we all group up to cover each other? OR spread out so as not to provide easy group target for an unknown AoE! ;P

You KNOW the GM is getting good at throwing curveballs, when things like this happen! :D (I dont think the characters are being cautious, it's the PLAYERS!) ;P heheh

I guess if anyone has any (not-yet-cast) defensive spells, This might be the time?? ;)

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Re-posting for top of page. :)
Round 1-As previous. 6th lvl summoning spell, full round casting. Started at top of Round 1, summons appears & acts top of Rnd 2. (Keep the squishy alive! Please!) ;P

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Memnon the Mimir wrote:

"Boss, these things have four eye rays! Fire, cold, electricity and petrification!"

I'll rule those as his questions - honestly there isn't much else. They are pretty straightforward

"Oh no. Retreivers. They're Abyssmal Constructs! If we run, they'll come after us, but we'll be able to fight them one at a time in the tunnel. Here we have more room & can all concentrate attacks, but they have the movement advantage."

"They're tough. Like those Constructs in the Vamp base. Don't waste energy on anything fancy, they're probably immune. Hit them the standard THREE ways. Hard, Fast and Continuously!"

It's hard to tell if Justin if giving directions, or just thinking out loud. The wizard's fingers twitch as he speaks, as if unable to decide which spell to start.

Well, he DOES go LAST in this fight. ;P

I'll post actual actions later. It's far too early in the round, any actions I choose now will need to change by the time it gets to my turn. :)

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

As previous. 6th lvl summoning spell, full round casting. Started at top of Round 1, summons appears & acts top of Rnd 2. (Keep the squishy alive! Please!) ;P

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Justin almost stutters and falters his spell upon hearing the creatures' immunities, on top of it's considerable magical resistance. But he recovers and smoothly continues the summoning chant.

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Oh yeah, the crystal ball gets to roll now! :)

K:Planes: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (9) + 22 = 31

Justin's 3 Questions, Weaknesses? (What do we use to kill them quicker/easier with?), Immunities? (What do we NOT waste time/energy trying?), Abilities? (Other than presumably 'spider-powers & webbing'?) ;P

Presuming that 'Abilities' may take up multiple questions/knowledge? (If they have multiple abilities?) How ever many Questions Memnon gets will continue with 'Abilities'? (OR anything else that the Wizzie player is not smart enough to ask about!) ;)

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Copy that, Outsiders=Planes.

K:Planes: 1d20 + 21 ⇒ (12) + 21 = 33

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Justin is considering how best to tell Memnon exactly where the crystal paperweight can go soak his head, but the Mimir's suddenly sincere warnings put all thoughts of their usual banter out of his mind.

"Flying Polyps? I've read of those. Barely. Magic resistant? They sound more like Magic IMMUNE."

"Of COURSE their magic resistant. Where would the fun be otherwise?"

"You heard the Crystal ball! Merle, Haste please. Fly the warriors if you can. Defensive buffs everyone! Don't waste direct magic attacks. If you do, Lightning is your best bet! Memnon, if we can break through it's magic resistance, is there anything it's immune to? If so we don't wanna waste magic on it."

That last bit was the 1 question, Is it immune to anything? :)

"I'm gonna call in reinforcements for this one,..." Justin says, backing up to the rear of the group. The wizard points a finger and draws a circle of flame around himself. It turns Blue. Then he begins chanting in the cadence of a summoning spell.

"Elements of Eternity, Above and Below, Balance of Essence, Fire beget Snow. Locktwarr danelora, Luatha danu, tuatha tuatha, chnox danu,..."

Apologies, I just re-watched Willow tonight. :) Beginning a Lvl 6 Summon Monster spell. Full round casting time. Summon will appear at top of next round.

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

"LOTS of practice recently my friend. LOTS of practice."

Init: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 24

What K: skill to ID this THING?!? :P Planes? (Most of my K; skills are same bonus, so adjust to another as needed)

K:Planes: 1d20 + 21 ⇒ (6) + 21 = 27

"Memnon!" Justin calls, tapping the small but obvious lump under his coat.

"Take a peek please. I need to know how to kill this thing!"

Memnon K:Planes check: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (18) + 22 = 40

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

"Oh, BUGGER. Literally."

init: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6

"Spiders. Why'd it have to be Spiders,...?!?"

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Merle Barer wrote:
"Seriously how have you lunatics survived this long?" Merle facepalming as the two jump in

"Clean living?" Justin offers, swiftly checking that all his defensive enchantments are still in place.

"Karrin, then Merle and I, the rest bring up the rear. Quickly. We don't know how long the Gate will stay open, or if it's one-way." Justin says, pointing at each in turn. His other hand holds his 'Blasting Rod' at the ready.

Justin looks at Memnon with an eyebrow raised in question, holding his coat open. With a brief nod, and a suspicious lack of snarky commentary, the Mimir ducks inside the offered protection of the spell-armored coat.

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Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Dungeon Monkey wrote:


Justin surmises the statue is some sort of gate. Likely through the green fire, which seems to contain dancing figures the more he looks at it.

Wow. THAT's not creepy. At all. O_o

"Yes Hamar. It's a magical Gate. We go through it. Preferably without looking too closely, at the figures,... within,..." The wizard starts to stare, and then shakes his head vehemently.

"Yes. Through. Quickly."

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Justin sends an flicker of Will through his mystic tattoo, and the now-familiar half-a-dozen (or so) magical, colored, candle-lights pop into being. Justin points silently, and the lights spread out and rise slowly upwards.

Per: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (16) + 15 = 31

"Check the walls. Carefully."

I didn't think it would be THAT easy! But we had to start somewhere. ;P

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Dungeon Monkey wrote:

Memnon zips down and takes a look

“Oh yeah, Aklo. Wizards on Ranaïs used a lot of this dreck. Plus a dash of …. R'lyehian? That’s not usual. “

"If you say so."

Dungeon Monkey wrote:
Memnon starts to read out the inscription.

"Ah, are you sure that's a good idea Mem,...??"

Dungeon Monkey" wrote:
As the Mimir finishes, a strange thing occurs. The statue animates! It stands tall on its batrachian hind legs, and spreads its webbed arms. The furnace door in its belly opens up and a pale green fire springs to life within the cavity. A hushed sourceless whispering infuses the still air of the chamber

Justin floats into the air, and backwards. Several Feet.

"OK,... But THAT is definitely unusual!"

Hamar wrote:

Hamar takes to the air with his flight still activated looking around for the source of the whispers. "What is this devilry?"

K:Arcana: 1d20 + 21 ⇒ (2) + 21 = 23

"THAT, must be our 'path'. I think. The ones who left that note must have discovered the secret, but couldn't read Aklo. Lucky them!"

Justin floats back closer to the now 'lit' statue. Cautiously.

"Warriors first? Secure the entrance. And um, be sure to look up." Justin adds, having a sudden, terrifying, flashback to that ONE room in the floating citadel of the Negative plane.

(THIS wizard, for one, will NEVER presume 'up' is 'safe' again.)

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Karrin Kind wrote:

Karrin scratches her head.

"I thought the right was always right?"

"The Right IS always right. Unless it's a Left. Remember, Two Wrongs don't make a right. BUT three Lefts do!"

Let's keep it simple for us to keep track of, at first. L-L-L please? :)

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Justin crawls in to the statue/sacrificial frog, (Reluctantly, and only after using his Prestidigitation Charm to protect himself from the worst of the interior 'residue'). The wizard tries to read the inscription, but his eyes end up squinting more and more at the unruly script until his headache returns.

Justin backs out of the unpleasant space.

"I do not recognize that language. It's similar to Infernal, in that it just seems wrong, but I'm not certain what it is. Can you read it Memnon?"

Will a Linguistics check let me identify which language it is?
Ling: 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (3) + 17 = 20
Man, the dice are not lovin' me this week! ;P

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Justin also investigates the statue and now-empty pool it sits in.

Per: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (1) + 15 = 16

Apparently, The wizard is momentarily paralyzed at the sudden resurgent memories of his attempted ingestion. Twice.

Justin shudders and shakes himself.

"Shards and Shells, What a memory!"

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Dungeon Monkey wrote:
I’ll return you to the frog statue if there are no objections

No objections here. Yes please! :)

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Memnon the Mimir wrote:

Memnon twirls about, his orange hat tassel bobbing out

“Judging from the lay of the land, the tracks Alessia noted, and the statistics of portal placement mentioned in Drubbish’s Legidarium Locus Portalaie, I think statistically the left path is our best bet”

Justin nods. "Hmph. Thanks Memnon. Well, you can't argue with statistics. Actually, I despise statistics, because they are the ONE branch of Math that you CAN make lie. But we're gonna roll with it."

Justin smiles at Karrin.

"Well, you heard the paperweight. Left it is! Um, Ladies first?" he smiles.

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Dungeon Monkey wrote:
Justin Case wrote:

Justin looks at where Alessia points.

"Ah. Right. So we either go Right, and AVOID where more traffic goes, OR we count on the more-used path being where the Portal is anchored?"

Justin: …I can deduce that more danger lies in more tracks so I obviously cannot take the left hand path. However, the other way leads downwards, and all good adventurers know that going downwards leads to greater danger, so CLEARLY I cannot take the right-hand path. . However, I have studied the origins of language, and I know that sinister is an ancient word meaning left, so clearly I cannot take the left path. However, I have also studied the works of great adventurers, and in studying I have learned that on should always go left in a maze, so I cannot take the right handed path! Karrin: Now you are just stalling. Justin: YOU’D LIKE TO THINK THAT, WOULDN’T YOU?!?

This. THIS is why I like you so much! :D

And I cannot BELIEVE that I didn't think of that first! (I am ashamed of myself. Truly.) :(

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Thenk Yew o Generous GM! :)

Justin looks at the spot on the wall indicated by Hamar, Then he looks at the barbarian himself. Then He looks back the way they came.

The wizard facepalms.

"Oh. Because of COURSE it is. Put the entrance to the hidden burial chamber in the LAST place anyone would think, or want, to look. Good job Hamar."

The wizard turns about and heads back the way they just came from.

"I'm guessing that whomever discovered that little secret left that message because they weren't able to get back out again. And wanted the next 'visitors' to this place to at least have a chance. Let's not disappoint them."

The wizard seems, not angry, more sad, at this most recent discovery.

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Justin looks at where Alessia points.

"Ah. Right. So we either go Right, and AVOID where more traffic goes, OR we count on the more-used path being where the Portal is anchored?"

Wizard Skipped his Geography lessons. They were boring. ;P

EDIT- MEMNON, on the other hand,...

K:Geography: 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (18) + 16 = 34

"A-HEM!" The crystal skull manages to make even that brief noise sound sarcastic.

"IF I may?"

(Justin wonders how an inexpressive Carved bit of Crystal manages to express certain emotions, like disdain, so clearly?!?)

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

"Hm. No signs saying 'Exit to Sigil This way'. Remind me to file a complaint."

Justin shakes his head.

"Without a clue, one direction is as likely as the other. We need some sort of a search pattern. And a guarantee that the Vamps aren't sending out a search party for their missing prisoners."

The wizard points to the various branches.

"Right or Left? OR Upwards vs. Downwards. Take your pick!"

"WHERE is a Planar Ranger when you NEED one?!

Is there any K: skill(s) that might help? Planes or Geography, or some wishful thinking version of Arcane/Spellcraft that might hint the best cosmic placement for a portal? :D

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

"I'm beginning to think the only one 'dumb as a brick' here is the wizard."

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)


Justin mutters to himself as he follows the rest into the seam.
Several of Karrin's past actions and statements suddenly come to mind, and click into place like puzzle pieces. If he's right,...

Memnon's hissing snicker reverberates strangely off the walls.

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Karrin Kind wrote:
"He was the old party leader" Karrin says, "Until we voted Justin into power."

"Yep. He had eyes like a hawk."

Justin does a double-take.

"Wait, what?!? When did we 'vote'?!?"

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Hamar of the Hyena Tribe wrote:

"Shall we test the next hall?

Perhaps there are hidden doors we bypass as well? I can keep an eye out for such".

Justin scribbles some lines in his journal with a charcoal stub. He's TRYING to make a map Then tucks it away again.

"Yes please Hamar. Keep an eye out for hidden doors. I've read of entire tomb complexes that were built to look already looted, while the true burial chamber was completely hidden. Some builders just have way too much time on their hands I guess?"

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Cartographer Monkey wrote:
Alessia of Keoland wrote:
Cartographer Monkey wrote:


The party tramps down the hall. so far, it seems to be empty. They turn the corner and see the original intersection ahead.


That link takes me to a GIF of Elrond saying "DESTROY IT!"


Of course it does


ROFL, it wasn't a map, but it was fun! ;) (I thought maybe you were giving voice to Alessia's thoughts?) ;P

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Alessia of Keoland wrote:
Dungeon Monkey wrote:
Behind a pile of rusting clockwork gears, Alessia sees a fissure in the wall that has a distinct greenish tint, like the copper pieces in Sigil. It is about half a kilometer from their position

Alessia points toward the distant fissure.


Justin looks at Alessia, then follows her outstretched finger.

The wizard holds a hand up to shade his eyes.
He squints. Hard.

"Huh. Well I'll be an Imp's Uncle. Lookit that. Way to go Eagle-Eye Alessia! Issaac would be proud!"

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Huh. Look at that.

Now HOW did I miss Geography?!? O_o

(It's OK. I mean, even a studious Wizard can't be an expert in EVERYTHING!) ;P

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Did not know K:Geography was an option! ;P (Is it a sub-category of K:Nature?) ;P

but Perception I can do! (Maybe not as good as Alessia!)
1d20 + 15 ⇒ (6) + 15 = 21

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Dungeon Monkey wrote:
The spikes are represented on the map as the black jagged icons. I’ll update the map Monday

Ah, gotcha! So not an intersection, but in 'middle' of the hallway. Thx.

"Hey, ah,... you wanna slow down Alessia? I mean, JUST a little? Wait for the others."

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Hamar of the Hyena Tribe wrote:
Hamar nods, "I've never seen such a thing from he other side before".

"Heh. Yeah. A LOT more fun, and easier, to examine them from this side." Justin agrees.

Cant see this on map yet. ANy other exits from this area? Like the previous one? (I'm guessing it is a twin to the first pit/spike intersection?)

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Dungeon Monkey wrote:
Write it down as 500x12 = 6,000 GP worth of raw gold

So noted! "6,000 GP of Raw Gold (Remains of Gold Elemental)"

Along with the other items Justin has been taking from main and side quest threads. (IE= Beholder Essence container, vials of remains of the slime/pudding monsters, Both for Alchemical reasons.) ;)

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Hamar of the Hyena Tribe wrote:

"What new foul doom do we behold Wizard?"

Hamar, still able to fly, heads close to the shaft and looks up.

"Wait a second. It'll announce itself."

Justin rises above the floor, careful to not fly directly under the open shaft above. Yet. He continues to look around the chamber.

"And this is STILL the cleanest tomb/dungeon/hole-in-the-ground I have ever seen. Either the mummies are meticulously retentive house cleaners, or they have a heckuva maid service."

"Hey, Be careful up there Hamar. Remember not all creatures are easy to see!"

Justin shakes his head.
"Looks like another standard death-drop-pit-trap. Complete with spiky accessories. This place was built to make sure intruders didn't make it to those entombed here. SO, We're on the right path. Ish."

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Heh, I think MOST of us have a Handy Haversack now(?)
NICE Crystal Giant! WOnder if it's a friend of Pablo?

Heh, to be fair, I think if we had entered into physical range of that thing with it's 'cloud' intact? We'd have had a very different encounter! ;) Sometimes, Fire IS the right tool for the job! ;D

Justin drops his concentration and the wall of fire fades away.

"SORRY Alessia! Crookshanks! I didn't intend for you two to ENTER the fire to get to it!"

How do I write THAT 'loot' on the loot list? ;) Wonder if Renkar is interested in unmarked, uncoined gold chunks for any reason?

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Sigh, Post-Monster strikes again. It was a SHORT post, but had a very good PER roll in it. (And of course I do not recall exactly what it was. But it was good) ;P



Hamar quickly catches up with Alessia, "I would wager yet another death trap ahead".

"Heh. ThenkYew, Captain Obvious!" The wizard murmurs.

"Oh Ho. It is to laugh. Like YOU have any room to talk, oh 'Signer of Unread Contracts'!" The floating Mimir retorts quietly.

Justin rubs his eyes, feeling (another) headache coming on.

"Powers of the Weave, Deliver me from Headstrong Warriors and Wise-Acre Paperweights!"

PER: (Because he is slow, but he CAN be taught!)
1d20 + 15 ⇒ (18) + 15 = 33

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Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)
Dungeon Monkey wrote:
Does he get a reflex save? If so, what DC?

"Saving throw: NONE, Spell resistance: Yes" (One of the reasons I chose this attack!) ;P

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Justin also claps the barbarian on his shoulder as he falls in step with the burly warrior.

"Thanks for coming in after me."

The the wizard shakes his head again.

"Where IS she going?!?"

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Justin cringes as the Hiver jumps through the flames, the searing magical fires clearly damaging even Crookshanks's fire resistant skin.

"Sorry!" Justin calls out in reflex.

With a breath releasing the tension of his concentration, the wizard drops his magical circle of fire.

Then he takes a breath, aims his 'Blasting Rod', and focuses his will. The violet flames reappear. This time instead of a circle, they form a straight line. And the Golden figure is standing directly in its path.

"Yeah that's right pal. I can do this ALL day!"

Making it a Straight line this time. Damage side facing AWAY from most of group. (SO dmg is facing Crooskshanks, he only takes the 'area' dmg) Since Elemental is standing in its path, full dmg. As long as the others do not cross the line, I do not think they take any fire dmg? (Or, do they take the dmg for physically attacking one IN the wall??)

Fire Dmg; for Goldielocks: 2d6 + 15 ⇒ (4, 2) + 15 = 21

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Justin happily aids any others who wish to de-slime themselves.

(And instructs Memnon to gather a couple of samples for Alchemical use.)

The wizard turns from cleaning Mal's armor 'Justin' time to see Alessia begin marching down a hallway. Her armored footsteps in perfect time, like a construct clock.

"Alessia! Wait, a,... Nevermind,..."

The wizard shakes his head.

"I thought I was supposed to be the headstrong one in this group?!?

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

The party watches as Alessia fearlessly engages the metallic beast in the flames, pinning it. Swire looks over at the fun-sized Karrin

"Where did you pick THAT one up?"

"Oh that's right. YOU missed out on ALL the fun recently. Maybe we can catch up over a pint. Your treat. It's a GOOD story." Justin says aside to Swire, His eyebrows drawn together in concentration.


Avrahim looks at his crossbow and shrugs

"Likely I will fare no better than our new friend did with my bolts. Plus, I am not as ... fearless ... as Alessia"

"Very few people are,..." Justin mutters, mostly to himself.


Crookshanks moves closer to the conflagration, readying his sword

"My kind are resistant to flames. I will help the warrior maid!"

Crookshanks is obviously new, otherwise he likely would not have used the term 'maid' in conjunction with Alessia

"Well. THAT'S a plan. In which case, a slight adjustment of tactics is in order,... And be glad she didn't hear you call her a 'maid'"

Yes. The wizard really DOES have a comment for everything! ;P

Let me know when round 2 starts. Justin ACTUALLY has plan this time! :) But I didn't actually think it would work before Alessia and Crookshanks jumped in! ;P

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Mel shrugs and looks at Justin.

"Seems you have the right idea."

Justin gives the Armored Cleric his patented Smirk #3.

"WHY do people ALWAYS look so surprised?!? It's been known to happen!"


Mel points and yells, "BOOM!"

Justin nods at the resulting column of flame.

"Gotta love the classics!"

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Justin nods, not trusting himself to respond aloud to Hamar's words.

The wizard shakes his arms, flinging yet more of the fetid slime off himself.

"It slimed me." Justin repeats calmly, deadpan.

The wizard blinks, and makes an ugly face.

"AND it's in my mouth! GROSSgrossgrossgross!"

As Memnon's sarcastic laughter rings through the space, (Interspersed with several sarcastic comments), Justin hastily mutters his cleaning charm, and rapidly removes the majority of the slime remnants from himself. Once the wizard has regained his calm, and his dignity, he offers to do the same for the others.

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Justin, seeing Karrin go "Fun-Sized" realizes that the warrior is giving him a chance to do something ranged, and probably fiery, to the gold elemental.

And Justin does not intend to disappoint her.

The wizard points his 'Blasting Rod' (Patent Pending) at the creature, and channels his Will. The runes carved into the Magical Focus glow with a reddish heat.

"Fuego Encircluus!!"

Violet flames pour from the Rod, flowing towards the Elemental. The flames encircle the golden creature, creating a violet Wall of Fire around the elemental 20' high.

Elemental Wall Wiz ability, as 'Wall of Fire', Circle, JUST big enough to make sure it is entirely inside it. It takes 2d4+7 fire dmg when it appears, and every round it is inside it after that. (Base wall dmg within 10 feet +Wiz Intense Spells pwr) IF/When it passes THROUGH the wall, it takes 2d6+15 Fire Dmg. All NO save. I can use this power for 12 rounds/day. Either concentrate to maintain, or drop and re-activate it.

"If it passes through the fire, hit it and get away! Stay out of it's dust! I'll re-encircle it!" Justin calls, his brow furrowed with concentration on his magic.

Fire dmg: 2d4 + 7 ⇒ (1, 4) + 7 = 12

Human Wiz 12 (Evocation)

Yah, sorry, I forgot that I was a round off? I think? So Justin is currently standing OUTside a monster, again. (I hope!) Dripping with Ooze, and being chastised by Karrin for being too tasty? ;P

Just trying to make sure the wizard has his Timey-Wimey, Wibbly-Wobbly stuff straightened out! (BEFORE I post yet another FUTURE action) ;P

Probably just stick with the (already posted) force bolt as third round action. Catch him up, and no more Wizzie-wrenches in the plan! :P

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