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Full Name

Justin Case




Wiz 12 (Evocation)

About Justin Case

Justin Case, Human (PFRPG1 rules)
Wizard (Evocation) (Favored Class) Lvl: 12
Opposition Spells: Necromancy, Illusion

Current Effects:


Current HP: 105 (False Life)
Current AC: 22/22/18
Cast daily at start of day, all 24 hrs w/ Rod of Extend,
False Life, Elf-Lords-Battle-Armor, Overland Flight,

DAMAGE: -17 from Mummy Sand Breath, at HP 88

Stats: Str:10, Dex:18, Con14, Int:22, Wis:14, Cha:14,



Craft (Alchemy): 12
Craft (Woodworking): 21
Craft (Metalworking): 21
Fly: 8
K: Arcana: 21
K: Dungeoneering: 21
K: Engineering: 10
K: History: 10
K: Local: 10
K: Nature: 21
K: Planes: 21
K: Religion: 21 (*23 to ID undead & special abilities)
Linguistics: 17* (+8 Languages)
Perception: 15*
Ride: 4
Spellcraft: 22*
*=Ioun Stone Bonus
*Ioun Stone-Magenta Prism-+2 to checks with ANY 1 skill you choose, can be changed 1/day

Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (Evocation), Spell Thematics (Fiery Runes), Mage's Tattoo (Evocation), Intensify Spell, Fiery Burst, Metamagic School Focus, Craft Wondrous Items, Craft Rod, Spell Specialization (Fireball),

Languages: Common, Elvish, Draconic, Abyssmal, Angelic, Fey, Dwarvish, Orkish, Gnomish, Halfling, Sylvan, Infernal,



AC:14 ; Touch AC:14 ; Flat Footed:10
*(22/22/18 w/ Elf Lord Battle Armor)
HP: 86 (*105 w/ False Life)
Current HP: 105
BAB: +6/+1
Initiative: +5
Speed: 30'
CMB: +6
CMD: 19

Fort: +7 (+4, +2 Con, +1 Cloak)
Ref: +8 (+4, +3 Dex, +1 Cloak)
Will: +11 (+8, +2 Wis, +1 Cloak)

+1 Longsword: +7/+2 (Dmg: 1d8+1 19-20/x2, 3lb, Slashing)
Longsword: (Masterwork, Cold Iron) +7/+2 (Dmg: 1d8 19-20/x2, 3lb, Slashing)(332GP)
Dagger: (Masterwork, Silver) +6/+1 (+9/+4 thrown) (Dmg:1d4, 19-20/×2, 10 ft., 1 lb, Piercing or slashing) (322GP)
Morningstar: (Masterwork, Cold Iron) +6/+1 (Dmg: 1d8, 20/x2, 6lb, Blunt & Piercing)(316GP)
Slotted Staff: (Quarterstaff: Masterwork magic staff) +7/+2, (Dmg, 1d6/1d6, Crit X2, Bludgeoning)
Force Missile: (Auto hit) Dmg: 1d4+6 ; Usable 9/day (3 + Int bonus)
(as Magic Missile, 1d4 + bonus from Intense Spells Power,
Ranged Touch Spells: +10 to hit (+6 BAB, +3 Dex, +1 Blasting Rod)

Concentration Check: D20+18 (D20+ Caster Lvl(12) + Int bonus(6)

Caster Level: 12


CL: 13 for Evocation Spells, CL: 14 for Evocation + Thematic Spells, CL: 15 for Evocation + Thematic + Fiery Burst, CL:16 for Evoc + Theme + Fiery Burst + Ring of Mystic Fire (+2CL for 1st lvl spells with gloves) w/ Blasting Rod +1 DC of spell, +1d6 for Fire spells, & turns all acid/electrical/ice spells to fire spell,

Save DC's for spells cast: 0= 16; 1= 17; 2= 18; 3= 19; 4= 20; 5= 21, 6= 22
Save DC's for Evocation Spells: 0= 17; 1= 18; 2=19; 3= 20; 4= 21; 5= 22, 6= 23
Save DC's for ALL: +1 w/ Blasting Rod

Special Abilities:
-Arcane Bond (Necklace) Cast 1 spell known/day, enchanted, (See below)
-Dancing Lights, 3/day
-Intense Spells (+6 to evocation dmg)
-Force Missile, 9/day
-Elemental Wall, 12 rnds/day
-Prot/Resist Neg Energy 10
Spells Per Day:
0= 4; 1= 7; 2= 11 (ring of wizardry 2); 3= 6; 4= 5; 5= 5; 6= 4

Spells Memorized:


(* long-lasting spells cast at start of each day)
0= Prestidigitation, Detect Magic, Message, Mage hand
1= Ray of Flames (Intensified/MMSF)&(T/E/FB/RMF), Enlarge Person, Prot/Evil, Magic Missile(T/E) x2, Shield, Comprehend Languages,
2= Scorching Ray (T/E/FB/RMF) X2, Cat's Grace, Glitterdust X2, *False Life (2 slots), Create Pit, Resist Energy, Flaming Sphere (T/E/FB/RMF) X2,
3= Fireball(E/T/FB/RMF/SS)&(Intensified,MMSF,SS) X2, Summon Monster 3, Dispel Magic, Prismatic Meteor (T/E/FB/RMF), Prot/Energy,
4= Black Tentacles, Resilient Sphere, Pyrotechnic Eruption(T,E,FB,RMF), Fire Shield(T/E/FB/RMF), *Elf Lord's Battle Armor,
5= Summon Monster V, Fire Snake(T,E,FB,RMF), Teleport, *Overland Flight, Icy Prison
6= Fiery Lighting(T,E,FB,RMF) (1 X Intensified, MMSF)X2, Summon Monster VI, Sirocco,

(b=Bonus spell, Wiz, 1 each lvl of spells memorized)
(T=Thematic Spell +1 CL)
(E=Evocation Spell +1CL)
(FB=Fiery Burst +1CL to flame spells)
(RMF=Ring of Mystic Fire +1CL to Fire Spells)
(SC=Spell Compendium)
(Intensified (+1)= +5 to max lvl of spell)
(MMSF=MetaMagic School Focus, reduce meta magic applied by -1 lvl for Evocation spells)
(SS=Spell Specialization, +2 lvls to variable effects of chosen spell)

Spells Known/In Spellbook:


0- All (PHB)
1- Ray of Flame(E,T,FB,RMF)(SC), Magic Missile(E,T), Mage Armor, Shield, Prot/Evil, Summon Monster 1, Endure Elements, Comprehend Languages, Expeditious Retreat, Burning Hands(E,FB,RMF), Charm Person, True Strike, Enlarge Person, Identify,
2- Burning Sword(E,FB,RMF)(SC), Scorching Ray(E,T,FB,RMF), Summon Monster 2, Alter Self, Flaming Sphere(T/E,FB,RMF), Blur, Resist Energy, Glitterdust, Locate Object, Cat's Grace, False Life, Create Pit, Masterwork Transformation, Darkvision,
3- Fireball(E,T,FB,RMF) Summon Monster 3, Dispel Magic, Haste, Prot/Energy, Tongues, Fly, *Prismatic Meteor(T, E,FB,RMF), *Aspect of the Demon, Darkvision (Communal),
4- Black Tentacles, Stoneskin , Fire Shield(T,E,FB,RMF), Resilient Sphere, Summon Monster IV, Pyrotechnic Eruption(T,E,FB,RMF), *Elf Lords Battle Armor,
5- Summon Monster V, Teleport, Angelic Aspect, Fire Snake(T,E,FB,RMF), Cloudkill, *Visage of Madness, *Animate Living Skeleton, *Chain of Bones, Fabricate, Overland Flight, Icy Prison,
6- *Fiery Lighting(T,E,FB,RMF), Summon Monster VI, Cold Ice Strike (Swift, E,T), Sirocco (E,T,FB,RMF),
8- *Necromancers Riposte,
9- *Animate Construct IX, *Call the Dead,

*= found spell, add soon as lvl becomes available

Weapons & Gear:


Weapons: +1 Longsword, Masterwork Cold Iron Longsword, Masterwork Silver Dagger, Masterwork Morningstar, +1 Longsword (Skull motif), Slotted staff (Quarterstaff, no + bonuses)

Gear: (In Handy Haversack), Bedroll, Blanket, Traveler's Clothes , 50' silk rope, grappling hook, waterskin, 7 days trail rations, 6 candles, flint/steel, 6 sheets parchment, 2 charcoal sticks, 5 pieces Chalk, Sack(Empty),

2 Sunrods, *1 Acid(Flask), 2 Tindertwigs, wolfsbane(1 sprig), *1 vial Holy Water, Hooded Lantern, 3 flasks oil, Whetstone, 2 torches, 1Everburning Torch (Wand with Continual Light cast on it),

Belt pouch, 1 Caltrops bag, Spring loaded Wrist sheath (for wands)
Spell Component Pouch, Wooden Holy Symbol, (Both worn on belt)
Traveling Spellbook (Contains all spells known)
Portable Alchemy Lab (+2 Circumstance bonus to Alchemy checks)

Magic Items:
Worn Magic Items:


-Bonded Amulet: cast 1 spell known/day, Enchanted as:
--Empowered Spellshard, 1st lvl (Ray of Fire)
--Empowered Spellshard, 2nd lvl (Scorching Ray)
--Empowered Spellshard, 3rd lvl (Fireball)

-Hat of Disguise (Lesser, as Disguise Self)
-Headband of Int +2, w/ Love stone (CHA +1) (Skill:Craft[Arms & Armor])
-Goggles of Night (60' Darkvision)
-Cloak of Protection +1 (Silver Rose Cloak)
-Arcanist's Gloves: 2/day (swift Action) +2 CL to 1st lvl spell cast
-Sleeves of Many Garments
-Belt of Dex +2
-Boots of Landing: Always land on feet, -2 dice of dmg from fall (NO dmg 20' or less)
-Brooch of Shielding (Auto-absorbs 100pts of Magic Missile)
-Armor Crystal: Iron Ward:Least DR1/- (On coat)
-Chronocharm: Uncaring Archmage: 1/Day, cast 3rd or lower spell of Full Round time as Standard action instead
-Ring of Wizardry 2 (doubles 2nd level spells slots)
-Ring of Mystic Fire: When casting spells with the fire descriptor, gain a +1 competence bonus to caster level. Also, the ring has three charges per day renewed each day at dawn. Spend charges to increase damage of next fire spell. (1: +2d6, 2: +3d6. 3: +4d6)
-Wizard's Bandolier
-Efficient Quiver
-Handy Haversack

Carried Magic Items:


*= carried on Wizard Bandolier
Scrolls: 1st lvl spells: Identify, True Strike, Charm Person, *Expeditious Retreat, *Endure Elements, *Prot/Evil, Summon Monster I, *Burning Hands, *Enlarge Person, Comprehend languages,
Scrolls: 2nd lvl spells: - *Scorching Ray, *Flaming Sphere, Locate Object, *Blur, *Resist Energy, *Glitterdust, *Summon Monster 2,
Scrolls: 3rd lvl spells: - *Fireball, *Summon Monster 3, *Dispel Magic, Fly, Prot/Energy
Scrolls: 4th lvl Spells: - Summon Monster IV, Fire Shield,
Scrolls: 5th lvl Spells:
Scrolls: 6th lvl Spells:

Efficient Quiver


-Slotted Staff (Quarterstaff, No '+' enhancements) Holds 1 wand & 1 Rod, counts as holding in your hand and can use as normal
-Justin's Blasting Rod +1 Fiery Rod
(+1 Bonus, gives +1 to first Dmg dice, & +1 to DC of Spell Cast)
(Fiery= makes all fire spells deal +1d6 Dmg)
-Lesser Rod- Selective
-Lesser Rod- Giant Summons, (Adds Simple Giant Template to Summons, as feat)
-Standard Rod- Extend
-Rod of Frost (3.x version)
-Wand of Lightning (on Bandolier, or in Spring loaded wrist sheath)
-Stone Wand of Haste
-Stone 'Focus' Wand from Xorn, (No details yet)
-1 Stone Musical instrument (some kind of wind instrument, difficult to play if not a Xorn) summons creature(s). From local environment instead of Conjuring from another place. (No details yet)
-+1 longsword,
-+1 longsword (Skull motif)
-Masterwork, Cold Iron Longsword
-Masterwork, Cold Iron Morningstar

Ioun Stones


-Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone-Prism (able to store 3 levels of spell energy, as Minor Ring of Spell Storing) (Currently Dispel Magic)
-Necromantic Ioun Stone- (Purple Pearl) Prot vs Neg Energy 10
-Amethyst Pyramid - +2 Competence bonus on K: Religion to ID undead & special abilities
-Drk Blue Rhomboid- +1 to Perception/Sense motive
-Dusty Rose Prism- +1 to Initiative
-Gold Nodule- +1 to Linguistics Checks (Language-Infernal)
-Incandescent Blue Sphere- +1 to WIS based skill (Perception)
-Magenta Prism- +2 to checks with ANY 1 skill you choose, can be changed 1/day
-Scarlet/Blue Sphere- +1 to 1 INT based skill (Spellcraft)
-Burnt/Gray/Any Shape- Ioun Torch-Continual Light

Carried Magic Items:


(*= on Wizard's Bandolier)
-Figurine of Wondrous Power-Bronze Griffon (Coat Pocket)
-2 Potion CLW
-2 Potion CMW*
-1 Healing Tile (CMW)*
-2 'Water Globe Bomb'*
-Ring of Force Shield +2 AC (Not worn)

Appearance & Mannerisms


Justin Case is a tall, thin man who always looks like he is on the verge of being very hungry. And he usually is. He dresses in heavy traveling clothes, as his chosen job tends to be hard on his wardrobe. He avoids the typical wizards' robes as impractical, (Unless he is working in his tiny lab, which is underground and therefore usually cold and clammy. He is convinced that this is the reason Wizards starting wearing robes to begin with.) He normally wears the typical Travelers heavy boots, pants and shirt, all in dark, earthy tones and colors. He almost always wears his long, heavy leather coat with hood, no matter the weather. He keeps his black hair trimmed to shoulder length, and his goatee trimmed neatly. When he thinks about it.

Justin Case believes in confronting a problem directly, preferably with an overabundance of flame spells. He is blunt, obnoxious, and offensive to his opponents. But this is usually on purpose to get people off their guard and get them to reveal something or do something stupid. He is brash, wise-cracking and hard-headed. He is nevertheless attractive to, and attracted TO, the ladies. He could probably be a real lady-killer if he tried. Unfortunately (or fortunately) he is usually too busy trying to pay his rent and keep the bad guys off his back to ever have more than short-term relationships. He is easily one of the smartest men you'll ever meet, but he knows this, and it makes him a little arrogant and a lot over-confident. He is unfortunately not quite as clever as he thinks he is.

The are many reasons that Justin specialized in Evocation spells. One is that he has a natural talent for it. He claims that he can feel the magic when he is casting, the fire in his blood singing. The reason that Necromancy is one of his opposition schools is that he cannot in good conscience cast a necromancy spell. You have to believe in what you are doing to work magic, and Justin feels that magic is the source of life, not death. The reason that Illusion is his other opposition school is that he basically stinks at it. Something about needing calmness and patience to craft a good illusion. Not Justin's strong suites.

Justin's Bound Item is a medallion, a necklace that was given to him by his parents when he went off to school. It is all he has left of his old world, and life.

Justin's usual plan when confronted with a problem, or villain, is to blast it until it stops moving. If the creature is immune to his spells, or to magic in general, (which seems to happen with disturbing regularity), Then he does his best to get to safety, usually summoning a creature to cover his escape, and figure out how to deal with it later. If given time to plan, he can be quite imaginative. And his plans usually involve at least 3 steps to them. 2 more than his opponents usually give him credit for.

Basic combat strategy is to cast defensive spells, (Mage Armor, Prot/Evil) time permitting. Test an opponent for possible weakness with a variety of Energy Rays, also time permitting. Then unleash a devastating barrage of his most powerful spells. If it's still standing, run. Fast. Conjuring a critter to cover his escape, time permitting. ;) He is clever enough to use the environment to his advantage when possible. (If the enemy is immune to his spells, the building he's standing in usually isn't.) His one major weakness is his concern and dedication to protecting the innocent. He has willingly walked headlong into many traps that he was aware of, simply because it was the only way he could think of to protect innocent lives.

Justin has defeated several opponents who were more powerful than him. But only after having time to study them for possible weaknesses and devise a strategy. And he always had the help of friends. And he is usually lucky.



Justin Case was a wizard in training in one of the most prestigious Wizards Universities on his home world. He was intelligent, good looking, and had potential. He was more than reasonably well-off from a respected family, and his career looked good, which attracted all sorts of 'friends'. In short he had everything that he thought he could want.
HE had two primary mentors at the University. Caldric was gruff, wizened older Wizard who tried to steer Justin right. He taught Justin that magic was the life-blood of the universe, that just like everything else there was a right and wrong way to use it. And that just because he COULD do something with magic didn't mean that he SHOULD. Caldric also hinted that the universe was far larger than Justin suspected, and tried to get him to investigate everything that he saw.
Althor was Justin's favorite teacher though. He was a powerful Sorcerer, and younger than most of the other instructors of the University. He had political aspirations and the contacts to help him reach his goals. He found a willing protege' in Justin, who had visions of wielding the power of politics in one hand and his spells in the other, all while living the good life easily provided to him by both.
But Power and politics don't mix, and Althor was no exception. He had dreams of power far greater than anyone suspected, and he had Charmed and Geased Justin and a few other students into helping him with a working of dark magics long forbidden. But Caldric was a former agent of the realm. He had long suspected Althor's diabolical leanings, and it was he who interrupted the ceremony and broke the Geas on the still-surviving students. From there it quickly degenerated into a firefight between a powerful but aging Wizard, and a powerful and angry Sorcerer, with a darkly swirling Gate to who-knew-where for a backdrop. Justin came to, his mind freed from Althor's enchantments, just in time to see Caldric's defenses crumble. With a cry of pain and rage, Justin unleashed his own spells upon Althor in a powerful barrage that no one had known Justin was capable of. Althor fell backwards in the unexpected assault, but this was the final straw for the unsupervised Gate, and it exploded into rainbows, noise and darkness.

Justin woke to find himself in Sigil, the city of doors. He has no idea if Althor and Caldric are dead, or alive, in Sigil like him, or whatever. No one he talked to seems to know anything about his home town, or country, or world. But they all assure him that if there is a way back, it is in Sigil.

Justin quickly discovered that no one gives anything for free in Sigil, and he arrived woefully unprepared for a journey. And while his marketable talents are undeniable, he unfortunately has a conscience, and casters seem to be a dime a dozen in this accursed city. He has managed to set himself up with a little shop where he peddles his talents as a Wizard for hire. He helps clients out with problems, from mystic guard duty to investigating strange robberies to helping find missing persons. He uses his meager income and his traveling jobs to explore this new world, and try to find a portal back to his home world.

On one of his extra-planar jobs, he took time for a side trip to rescue a damsel in distress and return her to her people. (A tribe of semi-nomadic dark skinned people who called themselves 'Varesians'.) The girls father was so grateful to Justin that he convinced the tribe to honor him with a tribal tattoo, which Justin reluctantly accepted. He has since gleefully discovered that it increases his already formidable evocation spells.

At this moment Justin is 'between jobs'. Which is a polite way of saying that his rent is due and his cupboard is bare. The (relatively) nice barkeep at his local pub has allowed Justin to stretch his credit about as far as he is going to. Justin wouldn't classify himself as 'Desperate', but he' s definitely looking for an opportunity to make a little money.



Murphenrietta 'Murphy' Cherrywood- Female Halfling Fighter (Paladin?) with the police force.
Murphy is a Sergeant assigned to (Basically) the same run-down area where Justin hangs his hat. Her squad gets all the 'weird' calls, (And for Sigil, THAT'S saying something!) She calls him in occasionally as a 'free-lance consultant' on a few cases when she can. And calls on him even more often when she can't. Justin always ends up helping her out. But according to his tally sheet, she owes him a lot more favors than he does her. She has never displayed any overtly Paladin-esque powers or abilities, but Justin once caught a glimpse of her with a true seeing spell active. She appeared as a tall, angelic being dressed in pure white bearing a blazing sword.
She is a shorter than average, but perfectly-proportioned attractive specimen of Halfling womanhood. She is blond, feisty and determined, and got to where she is by perseverance, hard work, and guts. She is VERY sensitive about her height, and brooks no wise-cracking about it. She is a good-natured soul, but is surrounded by constant strife and turmoil, and so seems to lack the general Hobbity happy-go-lucky attitude at first glance. She is bound and determined to do her duty and protect the persons of her neighborhood from danger. And goes to great lengths to fulfill what she sees as her duty. Both to her job and to her friends. Whether an intelligent person would or not.

Thomas Saunders - Human (?) (Emotional Vampire) Half-brother of Justin.
It turns out that Justin's father knew all about the Multiverse, and apparently Sigil, since that is where Justin found his shorter, and more attractive, but otherwise almost identical half-brother. Thomas was born into a family of 'emotional vampires' care of a seduction (possibly not entirely unwilling) of Justin's father. Children born of these unions do not always become vampires themselves, but Thomas did. The emotional vampires are not as physically strong and powerful as their more blood-thirsty cousins. (but can make themselves much faster and stronger than a normal humanoids for short periods of time), So they make up for this 'weakness' by being the masters of subtlety, trickery and charm. And they are not 'technically' undead. Although they share many of the same weaknesses, (holy symbols) but not all. They are not affected by sunlight, for example. They gain energy from draining their victims energy thru intimate contact. Usually (but necessarily) sexual. It is easier for an emotional vampire to avoid leaving victims if they are careful, since they leave no marks like the sucking of blood does, but they are just as capable of draining and killing their victims all the same.
Thomas is trying very hard to NOT kill anybody, because he has a girlfriend whom he truly loves, but he has to eat. And his helping of his half-brother out of tight spots usually puts a drain in his reserves, which makes him hungry,... He has already been kicked out of his family (officially, there is a lot of tricky, sneaky stuff going on) by his sister who now runs the 'family business'. And he has set himself up in a swanky neighborhood as a,...
Hair stylist. This allows him to engage in (mostly) safe intimate contact with willing females, providing both a steady diet, and a steady income of return customers who always come back because "NO one makes me feel like YOU do Thomas!"

Martin 'Hardcase' Hardisson - Human Paladin of (?)
Martin is a paladin with a special quest. Besides always doing good deeds, etc., etc., He is tasked with tracking down and recovering 30 cursed coins of his deities' vile opposite. His task is made more difficult in that these coins grant their bearers great and diverse powers. They are each individually inhabited by a outer planar being who grants the bearer great powers if they grant the being 'just a little more' control. Some are very attractive and sneakily manipulative, others are more bestial and tear down and destroy the minds of their bearers in order to have complete control. All are dangerous. In order to help with his quest he carries a magical holy sword that whose blade is created from a holy artifact of his faith. He usually works with 2 other paladins carrying similar swords. Paladins of their faith have been trying to complete this quest for decades. But every time it seems like it might finally be fulfilled, some dipstick takes out a captured coin 'Just to see if it can be used for good, how hard can it be?' And releases some of the captured coins back into the multiverse.
Martin is a devout and religious man with deep and great faith. He is always calm, even in the face of adversity, (sometimes he seems to be calmer as the situation worsens,) and sees every challenge as a chance to prove his faith in his deity well-placed. He is very preachy, always proclaiming the glory and joy of his deity, but never forceful or pushy about it. (He is very "If you live long enough, you will see that I am right, and you will thank me for telling you about it" as opposed to "If you do not agree with me you are DOOMED!") He met Justin entirely by accident during a battle with a coin-wielder, it happened to take place on the same block where Justin was having an 'intense negotiation' (A negotiation involving Evocation spells,) with representatives of a formidable crime boss. (See below) Martin helped Justin, Justin helped Martin, the two decided they had almost nothing in common, and have been fast friends ever since. When Martin wants help with the mystical side of a coin-wielder he calls Justin, and Justin calls his large, big-hearted friend when he needs a little muscle or a calmer head.

Marconious Antonius - Kobold Crime Lord (Actual class unknown)
'Marconi' is a short, stocky bad-@$$ who has managed to carve out a little niche of his own in the seamy underside of Sigil. Unlike most of his shorter brethren, he is extremely driven and focused. He is also deadly calm. Always. No matter what. If you ever see him lose his temper, something has gone very, VERY wrong, and it would probably be safer for you on another plane. ANY other plane. He does not like for his affairs to be brought to the attention of the authorities. He likes to take care of his business himself. Many people who have caused problems, either for him, or the locals or authorities have disappeared, never to be seen again. He met Justin when he asked Justin how much it would cost to hire him to NOT assist 'Murphy' in the solving of a particularly brutal killing, when one of the victims happened to work for 'Marconi'. Justin told him he couldn't afford him. Since then they have been back and forth, never friends, but having developed a grudging admiration and respect for each other. Despite the fact that whenever they cross paths, something of Marconi's suddenly becomes flammable,...
'Marconi' is driven by something, but no one knows what. While he is a despicable character, who promotes all of the worse vices you can imagine for the sake of making money, he is (apparently) not heartless. Many people who have fallen victim to the violence which accompanied his rise to power have found themselves the recipient of monetary gifts from strangers, or having difficulties with home or finances suddenly cleared of obstacles. In fact, the violent crime rate in his turf has actually decreased dramatically since he took over, as safe, prosperous citizens can more easily avail themselves of the entertainments he would rather be making money off of.
‘Marconi’ always dresses in suits that cost more than Justin could make in a month. A GOOD month. And he is always accompanied by various hirees and thugs (‘bodyguards’) But the one constant is his primary enforcer/bodyguard Horace.
Horace is a gargoyle that looks like he was carved from a statue of an ape. And acts about as smart. But he is unflinchingly loyal to the little kobold, obeys him without question, and would willingly sacrifice his life for his boss. Horace is usually dressed in similar style to his boss. But no matter how well-made or customized the suit is, it always looks just a size too small on the gargoyle.